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BUILD 2.40.04

Features and Improvements

Build 2.40.04

New features:

Bug fixes:

(*) Support for 3ds Max 2014;

(*) VRayProxy: Objects pointing to vrmesh files without extension did not render;

(*) V-Ray RT: Support for MultiScatter instancing; (*) V-Ray RT: Support for Phoenix FD 2.1;

Modified features: (*) V-Ray: Changed default settings of VFB’s sRGB button, “Don’t affect colors” option and “Gamma” value to suit Linear Workflow from the start; (*) VRayCarPaint: Added support for displacement texture channel; (*) VRayHDRI: Made file open dialog to remember the last used file type filter; (*) VRayHDRI: The image file is now reloaded if it had been changed outside 3ds Max; (*) VRayMtl: Added Self-illumination slot; (*) Raw OpenEXR files now have ZIPS compression by default;


(*) V-Ray RT: Fixed crash when a texmap is attached to an disabled environment override slot; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed error during initialization when Auto update bitmaps is enabled; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed wrong DOF with physical camera; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed crash with materials with mapped IOR; (*) VRayIESLight: Fixed issue causing wrong override shape dimensions when loading, if the previous scene had different units setup; (*) VRayMultiSubTex: Fixed issue preventing drag and drop operations for subtex with index greater than 20; (*) VRayPTex: Fixed a crash at the end of a rendering; (*) V-Ray Light Lister: Fixed error in 3ds Max 2014;

V ray 3ds max build 2 40 04 changelog  
V ray 3ds max build 2 40 04 changelog