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A walk is nice, until it starts to storm..... We were again in the mountains of Cortina. Lots of exciting things happen in these terrific mountains. Cascading waterfalls, majestic vistas, all calm my spirit. I am so excited to go to the waterfalls. I thought to my self. Time to go" my aunt said so I sprinted to the car. My brother and my older cousin were arguing about some boring math stuff, while I was bored to death looking out of the car window... I was thinking IDIOTS! We finally arrived to the marvelous waterfall of cortina. " Wait a minute" I said " Where are the waterfalls? "Mom did you go some where else"? "No" she said "We will have to walk a long way." "OH NO!" I wined one thing I hate is to walk especially thinking how long will we have to walk! So we started walking through the woods talking. Then finally I saw the beautiful water fall, the waterfall was full of colors. The cool part was that we had to walk behind it to go to the other side, it was super slippery. I took a big step and slipped, but luckily there was the iron string that I had a good grip on. We passed the water fall and proceeded along the walk. The sky was literally black so we decided to go back to the car, but we couldn't go back the same way so we had to proceed. All of a sudden there was the terrifying thunder storm noise that told us there was a big storm coming. We started to run but we all stopped when we saw that there was a place where we had to climb down with the iron string, but the storm had already started so it was super super slippery, it was my turn to climb down, I was half way until both my feet slipped of the rock. Right at that moment I thought am I gonna die? Am I gonna survive? But as soon as I was about to fall on the rocks I felt a hand catching me back and put me down on the floor. I felt the fear going away from me, it was dad saving my live. Every one asked if I was ok and I said "Yes but I would of died

if dad didn't grab me." Now lightning was striking on the rocks, it was getting to dangerous so we stopped in a cave that was near us to eat lunch.It was scary watch all that lightning, it was like being a documentary of lightnings. I cep thinking are we gonna make it? For how long will we have to stay here? Those thoughts were stock in my head. The lightning finally stopped and we got to go back to the car. We got to the passage that led to the parking place. On the way home they all talked about that experience, while I was thinking about how I was about to die and my dad saved me. We were eight in all, my aunt my uncle,mom,dad, my biggest cousin with his brother and me and my brother. Then my aunt gave us some grate news she said, " Guys when you get back home you can do the jacuzzi! They had a big one at home. I will never forget that experience!

The Storm Story  
The Storm Story  

A walk is nice until it starts to storm.....