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Online Students - 2,85,819 Online Institutions – 358 Banking Transactions - 20,00,000 + Online Forms - 15,00,000 +

Background The Affiliated Institutes, Enrolled Students and Departmental heads and Faculty members demand various information and services during their life cycle in the Institution. To provide interactive communication and latest information to the Institutions, Students, HODs and Faculties in transparent and efficient mode, Using the latest Information Communication Technology, an idea of deploying an Interactive and Self service e-Governance Platform is proposed.


Institute Management Affiliation/ Admissions Fees Management

Training & Placement

Staff & Academics Monitoring

Centralize E-Governance Platform

Student Services & Monitoring

Library Management

Examination Management

Objectives - eGov  Step towards making a near to Paper Less & Cash Less


 To have a Self Sustainable & Self Driven system in place  To establish transparency with security and efficiency among

the stakeholders of the institution using the Centralize web based e-governance platform under the ownership of Institute.

 To deliver all the Services in Online mode directly to the

Institute HODs and Student’s Online Accounts.

 Establish the 24X7 work culture.

Objectives- eGov  Minimize / Removing the Human interface.  Launch a Convenience web portal, where the latest

information related to any Institution’s profile, student profile, examination details, results, credentials, university circulars and orders, online syllabus etc can be published easily.

 Publish the authentic information of each department /

section of the institution on e-Governance Portal.

 To get all the Fees through Online Banking & Payment

Gateway directly to the Institute accounts without the hassles of DD/Cheque or Cash handling.

 Implementation of SMART STUDENT cards in Campus

Institution’s Portal  Online Self Service Account  Online Application Forms  Admissions  Examination  Degree etc  Online delivery of all latest orders, circulars, Notices, Amendments  Communication Through Email  Dedicated web site for each Department to publish Authentic    

information on Portal – managed by HODs Events information Centralize Faculty Profile Database Internet Banking and Payment Gateway Services Alumni Students Database

Student’s Service  Online Database of Students – Unique Identification  Online Self Service Account  Online Application Forms  Academics  Examination

 Online Mark sheet and Results  Publication of all results through Email and SMS  E-Library Accessibility  Authentic CV publication from central server of each student for Training and    

Placement Services Online delivery of all latest orders, circulars, Notices, Amendments Individual Photo based Smart Cards to connect to the system, an to store all data in digital format Internet Banking and Payment Gateway Services Online receipts


Industry's Services  Publish their vacancies on the platform  Centralised Search on database of students  Provide information of various events and workshops

organized for students and faculties.  Publish the e-contents under e-library  Promotional material for the benefit of students and faculties

Parent’s / Guardian's Services  Remotely monitor the progress of students  Communicate directly with university & institutions  Make the online payments of Fees  Get the online transaction receipts  Suggestion / Feedback section

Government Services  Centralise MIS & Reporting System for monitoring    

purposes. Communication with the sections of university Exchange of data with university Statistical information from database Access to the orders and circulars of the university

Application Architecture

Client Browser’s

ISP Internet

Page Request Web Server (IIS) Application Server Presentation Layer Business Logic Layer Data Access Layer

Report Server

Database Server

Database Backup Server

Solution Overview Students Portal Shared & Secure Services University Portal E-Gov Platform Shared Services Distributed managed core dept / section services

Institution Portal Communication Portal Secured Services Centrally managed Institutions Services

Centrally Hosted Platform Team and portal site provisioning and operations

Customized Web Application

Windows Server based Services

Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 Microsoft Windows Server 2008

University Management System - eCampus  

Student Life Cycle Management System to get the desired services form the university in an interactive mode, where the student can apply onl...

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