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Make A Living And See The United States All At The Same Time Are you antsy to get out there and travel? Here are the top 5 ways to see the U.S. while earning money, by having normally reliable work and an income as a truck owner operator or as a selfemployed travel writer: Becoming A Travel Agent While it's somewhat of a shrinking job market in the world of travel websites designed for discounts straight to the public without a middleman like the travel agent, it still offers a viable living for those who know how to package tours, arrange details, and do all the extras that a professional can add to planning travel arrangements. A Travel Writer The Internet, again, has changed the field of this occupation. A forum has been given to anyone who would like to tap out a travelogue, due to the drop in print publishing and the explosion of websites, blogs and online articles, although finding places to get paid for writing up the highs and lows of one's last visit to Denver remains a challenge. The reason there are very few well-paid positions for the career, though, have to do directly with social value; the need for good writers who can explain the beauties of other lands and cultures, and offer useful advice for the travels of others, is recognized, but only a small fraction of the need in society for long haul truckers, for instance. Being A Tour Guide Or Cruise Ship Staff The job market is open to those who have a talent or skill to share, from a strong knowledge of a culture that'll be of value to others, to kitchen skills. As cruising turns into a more affordable and enjoyable method for travelers to see the world, cruise ship jobs are growing worldwide. While the work may seem, at first glance, to be more enjoyable than some jobs, don't be misled by the locale on a cruise ship at sea in beautiful locations. While everyone around you is having a great vacation, you will be going to work every single day. But with the right attitude and some skills that will serve the shipboard life, you may find touring or cruising to be the life for you. Being A Flight Attendant Or Crew Although no experience is needed for an attendant position, the right customer service experience will be helpful to get the job. The demands of frequent travel tend to be a deterrent to some, as again, you are working to serve others who are traveling for fun or for business, and the time you have to visit or sightsee in the destinations to which you fly isn't necessarily as much as you would like, but among the benefits of the job are discounted travel when you are not on the job. A Truck Owner Operator The biggest job market out of all the others, because, in truth, anything you buy comes to the store on a truck. There are a couple things that will be required for you to handle heavy loads and semiMercer Transportation

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Make A Living And See The United States All At The Same Time truck on conditions from highways in adverse weather to city streets where you reach the destination cargo dock, such as a certain level of training and experience, along with a commercial driver's license, however the training and wheel-time you need to grasp this job are as close as the local community college. Some major trucking companies offer on-the-job training to help you get started. Jobs are available whatever your skills, interest and abilities are, from a truck owner operator to a cruise ship kitchen employee or entertainer that will offer you a way to see the world and make some money. If you find the right door and go through it, the whole world is open to you! To secure a variety of work options you're sure to enjoy, consult Mercer Transportation regarding truck driving owner operator jobs. For more information on Mercer Transportation, go to their website at

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Make A Living And See The United States All At The Same Time