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January 16-31, 2011 . volume 1 . issue 18



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FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK Dear Readers, With winter creeping at a rapid speed the city has witnessed some crazy chilly nights and not to forget the internal turmoils, sky rocketing prices and fluctuating economy. Despite this our city never complains!!! This fortnight a bunch of places in Hyderabad hosted some amazing parties. Our main focus this issue has been to capture the best for you. There are some booties for the babes in the fashion and beauty sections. Cardigan in vogue, solve your winter problems for dry skin and variety of eye makeups and lipsticks have been covered. The main feature section gives you some firsthand information on the omnipresent Saree. Check our various divas adorning this femine piece and flaunting their ethnic side. Viewpoint article takes you into the always changing world of social networking. Know your details on Facebook privacy and how to create an account in Twitter. Our Piece of Life article throws some light on why we audiences love to watch chat shows especially Karan Johar’s. Why we enjoy the sacarstic remarks, unnecessary comments and the rapid fire questions. This issue a new section called book synopsis gives you first hyand glimpse of India’s first Mills and Boons book “The Love Asana.” A must read for all human beings that somewhere down the lane believe in the emotion called love. And lastly forget the expensive laptop blings and welcome the Microsoft surface with a bow in our gadgets section. THREE THINGS I’VE LEARNT THIS FORTNIGHT Despite all the hoopla around IPL matches, India is one cricket crazy nation and definitely has a huge connection of enjoyment but only when the right players join the right teams. The richest man this season is the man who owns a crude oil company or an onion farm. No pun intended!!! If you want a party done right, sometimes you gotta take the initiative and do it yourself. Be the host with the most. Get ready to somersault with delight as Valentines Day is just a month far. Next issue we promise to bring in loads of stuff to help you get the big day right!!!


Esam Ahmed Bilgrami Editor & Publisher


JANUARY 16-31, 2011 | VOL 1 ISSUE 18

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Siblings work hard


It might appear as though they do nothing but party, pose on the red carpet and give magazine interviews, but Kourtney Kardashian wants to make it clear: she and sister Kim Kardashian work hard. “We were shocked at how much harder it was to open a store in New York as compared to Los Angeles and Miami. We are on the same block as mega successful stores like Chanel so we really had our work cut out for us. It was a lot more detail and worry than we ever imagined” she said. What will be the highlights of this totally unscripted, brutally honest look at running a business? “What hassles we went through to get the store open and how amazing it looks now,” Kourtney teases. Naturally, storylines involving the gals going out in New York City was doing the buzz, as Kourtney concluded: “We had a blast. It also gave Kim and I the chance to spend a lot of time together like we did growing up.”


Jealous of Snooki


Snooki has apparently made an enemy out of Paris Hilton, simply by virtue of getting so much attention. The ho-tel heiress feels she’s losing relevance. “It’s kind of sad,” a Hilton insider said. “Paris is so yesterday’s news. It infuriates her that Snooki is a sensation. She’s moaning how she feels washed up.” “She calls Snooki a ‘little troll’ and mocks her whenever her name comes up. Paris is furious that she’s been replaced by a new generation of reality stars.” Is Paris really that shocked? She herself only became famous for giving Rick Salomon oral and hand relief on video, and leveraged that into A-list status. It had to run its course at some point, given that no talent or redeeming qualities exist to bolster her celebrity. As for the Jersey Shore star, she’s just getting started - and would love to break into Hollywood. “Hell, yeah. I would love to act, I love The Office. I love stuff that’s like comical and I feel like I have that natural comical side to me where I can just go into a room and just act” she said.


MJ Being Murdered


Members of Michael Jackson’s family say the singer predicted his own death shortly before he died, becoming increasingly fearful that he’d be murdered. His incredibly valuable Sony catalog was behind that paranoia. The comments from his family are in response to speculation that Dr. Conrad Murray will argue in court that Michael Jackson killed himself accidentally. Murray stands accused of involuntary manslaughter for drugging MJ with Propofol. His defense may well argue that Jackson gave himself the final dose. A rep for MJ’s family says the Jacksons are “absolutely mortified” by any implication along those lines, insisting “Michael did NOT kill himself.” The rep adds, “What is incredibly ironic is that Michael told his mother shortly before he died that he thought someone was going to kill him.” The family is also concerned that video surveillance of Michael’s last living moments - crucial evidence in Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial - is still missing. 6 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011




going to file divorce


A few days ago there was news in one of the leading tabloids that Karisma and Sanjay’s marriage is going through a rocky patch. Now, the news is that Karisma will be filing for divorce. Babita and Randhir’s elder daughter, Karisma, is ready to contemplate divorce after her irreconcilable differences with her husband. Something has led to a quasi-separation between the pair. A close source revealed, “If she has not yet filed it, it would be any time now. Karisma has decided that she cannot be with Sanjay anymore. She is not in the mood to take him back. It is just a matter of time before the lawyers will be appointed to do the needful. The time has come for Karisma to emerge from a bad marriage. She is terribly distraught and much stressed. She has devoted a lot of her time in this relationship. She reconciled with Sanjay hoping that things will sort out.”


Shakira was my inspiration


Katrina Kaif says she got her inspiration from pop icon Shakira for her sizzling item song ‘Shiela Ki Jawani’ for her latest film Tees Maar Khan. When reporters pestered with questions about her resemblance to pop icon Shakira, and she politely said that she can only dream of comparisons. She says, “I can only dream of such comparisons. To be very frank, I drew inspiration from her. If my dance in the song ‘Shiela Ki Jawani’ reminds the viewers of Shakira, it is a huge reward for me.” She added, “We have worked hard for this song. But the credit goes to Farah and her conceptualization of the song. She is a brilliant choreographer.” My role is of an aspiring actress, she is not very aggressive as it looked in the song. She is very naive and sweet. She is the girlfriend of Akshay in this film. Its’ a fun character” she added



not giving up acting

Marriage may or may not fit in the next five years, but Vidya is not going to give up acting for anyone or anything and she also thinks that life has been good ever since she has turned 30. She says, “Acting is a part of who I am. I don’t think I will ever give it up. I think women should work at every age. It is fantastic! And this is happening in every profession. I recently met a girl at a store who got back to work just after two months of delivering a child, this is known as dedication. But yes, in our profession in the earlier days, the instant you get married, you are ceased to be an object of desire, which is why most of the actresses have retired. Today, no longer! I guess this is all got to do with the fact and attitude that today if someone is with someone, it will never stop you from desiring them!” JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 7



THE SUPER HIT Combo is back


NTR Jr. and Rajamouli are superstars in their respective jobs. When they come together box office would be shaken by collections. They have done three films together to date and all of them are super hits. Now the sensational combo is back. But not for a film though. Rajamouli and NTR Jr. teamed up for an ad film. NTR has recently signed an agreement with Navaratan cool talcum powder to endorse their brand in Andhra Pradesh. The first ad film for them was directed by Rajamouli. This ad film was shot lavishly and at par with Rajamouli’s movie standards. NTR is happy to work under Rajamouli again. Their fans are dying to see them do a feature film and let’s hope it happens soon.


Favour with gratitude


Actress Samantha clarifies that she is only playing a guest role in Gautam Menon thriller flick. It was reported by the media that Samantha is doing one of the leads along with Sameera Reddy in this film. But Samantha said that she is doing a guest role in Telugu version as a token of gratitude. Samantha has made it to the A list of Tollywood heroines thanks to Ye Maya Chesave. Hence, the damsel is grateful to Gautam Menon and doing this guest character on his request. Sameera Reddy, Samantha Starring Gautam Menon Directorial Venture ‘Erra Gulabilu’ is all set to Release on January 26th. Erra Gulabilu is a true thriller film which is also simultaneously being made in Tamil as Nadunisi Naaygal (Midnight Dogs). This is the first Indian film with a Dogma 95 technique (a film movement with its commandments for filmmaking that condemn the usage of light, props and tripods). The promos have already raised the curiosity level of the cinema lovers.

PLANNING MOVIES with utmost care


Mega power star Ram Charan, who is disappointed with his previous film Orange’s box office fate, is now taking utmost care to get his next project right. Ram Charan’s next film is Merupu opposite Magadheera co-star Kajal Agarwal which will be directed by Dharani, who earlier directed Bangaram starring Pawan Kalyan. Merupu was actually launched many months ago but the shooting was stopped due to lack of proper script. Ram Charan moved onto finish Orange and Dharani started to rework on Merupu script. If the buzz is to be believed, Merupu subject is now completely changed and is a brand new one. Therefore, it will be restarted all over again. Ram Charan is taking special care to see that Merupu lives up to its title and turns out to be a minimum guarantee film at the box office.

8 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011





Quits 20-20 matches

Distraught after the humiliating Ashes loss to England, Australia’s Twenty20 captain Michael Clarke quit cricket’s shortest format to revive his batting which was a major disappointment during the doomed campaign. Clarke, who could not make much of an impact with his bat during the series and was criticized for being too slow in scoring, said he would look to regain the lost form by giving up Twenty20. “I’m retiring from international T20 cricket and looking back on this series my Test cricket isn’t where I want it at the moment, So I guess that gives me the opportunity now to focus wholly and solely on Test and one-day cricket and to use that time to play more domestic and first-class cricket for NSW and become a better Test player. I’ve always said Test cricket is the ultimate for me and this gives me that opportunity. My T20 performances haven’t been that great so it made my decision easier, but my main focus is to firstly become a better Test cricketer and also to help the team as the vice-captain, do whatever I can to help this team turn it around” Clarke said.

DESIRES THE Massive home support


Indian Formula One driver Narain Karthikeyan says he is hoping to receive a similar level of boisterous support lavished upon the national cricket team at the inaugural Indian Grand Prix in October. Karthikeyan, India’s first Formula One driver who last competed in 2005 for Jordan, announced his comeback after signing a deal with the struggling HRT team for a season and expects his home race to be the highlight of the campaign. “I’ve been through a lot in my career but to be a part of the first-ever Indian Grand Prix will a special moment for me. I’ve always seen cricketers playing in front of home fans and how pumped up the support gets them. To experience over 100,000 fans cheering for me will be a surreal experience. It will also be a great moment for Indian fans who will have a home driver and home team (Force India) to cheer for” he exclaimed. “The chance to race in the Indian Grand Prix will be great moment and is alone worth a return to F1. The closest I’ve come to experiencing home support was in the A1 series’ race in Durban, where there is a large Indian diaspora,” the 33-year-old added.



Australian open

Former world number one Ana Ivanovic is doubtful for this month’s Australian Open after suffering a stomach injury at the Hopman Cup mixed team event. The Serb had a scan on the injury and the results showed a “significant strain”, according to tournament director Paul McNamee. With the first grand slam event of the year beginning on Jan. 17, world number 17 Ivanovic now faces a race against time to be fit to play. Ivanovic is now likely to pull out of the event in Sydney next week but McNamee said he did not know whether she would be able to play in Melbourne. Under the Hopman Cup rules, Serbia will not be allowed to bring in a replacement for the final, so Belgium, who finished second in their group, will advance in their place. JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 9



Aamir Baig and wife Farha celebrated the “Bismillah” ceremony of daughter Dainia at Grand Gardens. The intimate ceremony was held to mark the beginning of a child’s learning about Islam. Guests prayed that Dainia’s knowledge increases with her growing and caught up with friends over some delicacies.


Arif A Sattar

Anjan kumar Yadav


Zubair with sons Mustafa & Madani


Aamir & Farha


Khader, A.K. Khan, Junaid & Esa


With Pomp Rashid & Hamed Pretty 10 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

Md Junaid and Haneefa married at a royal ceremony at Le Palais Royal. The evening was graced by friends and family and also a string of politicians, industrialists and administration officers. The decorations were grand and the food royal. Spotted Md Esa, Zubair, Kadir, Commissioner A.K. Khan, DCP Madhusudan Reddy, ACP Ismael, Mukesh, Md Aref, Md Shafeeq and DY Mayor Jaffer Hussain among others.



The Khwaish exhibition held at Taj Krishna was a popular one with the ladies of the social circuit. Designer clothing, exquisite jewellery, fashionable accessories, decorative items, stylish bags and elegant shoes were put up for sale. The two day exhibition saw ladies indulging in some retail therapy just after the new year and many walked out happy with their filled bags of goodies.

Auspicous ceremony

Levi’s Store

Charan signing autographs






15 lucky people who shopped at Levi’s stores got an opportunity to meet actor Ram Charan Tej at Levi’s store in Jubilee Hills. The lucky winners were selected from a lucky draw and got a chance to meet and hang out with the Orange star. The actor after speaking about his latest film ORANGE, mingled with the lucky winners, gave away autographed Levi’s merchandise, posed for photographs, exchanged gifts, signed autographs and shared some personal style tips. Speaking on the occasion the debonair actor said “It’s great to meet my admirers and people who have stood by me. The Orange movie apparel collection by Levi’s brand is wonderful, stylish and exudes a style statement reflective of the spirit of today’s youth.” JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 11


TYING THE Sacred Knot

A fairytale wedding was witnessed admist the growing cold as Kamesh Yalamarty’s (Managing Director- Sujana Towers) daughter Aishwarya married Sai Vikas, son of Yellajaganaddha Rao at Grand Ball Room, Taj Krishna. The young couple was blessed by the gracious presence of eminent personalities like Rosaiah, former Chief Minister, Y S Chowdhary, Chairman, Sujana Group and Kalyan Ram. The venue was adorned with traditional flowers and guests raved about the delicious spread of cuisine. The couple has various other grand ceremonies and a weeklong celebration before exchanging garlands and binding themselves in the lock of marriage.

Sunil Shetty on mic

Sai Vikas & Aishwarya

Netsurf Team


Newly wed and their parents 12 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

Kalyan Ram

Celebrated international singer and songwriter, Bryan Adams is all set to enthrall Indian audiences for the 4th time with his heart-warming, husky yet mellow voice early next year. He will be performing in Hyderabad on February 16, 2011. Apart from Hyderabad, he will deliver power-packed performances in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi on February 12, 13 and 15 respectively. Fans going to see the concerts can expect to hear him perform some of his legendary rock-n-roll numbers including “Summer Of 69”, “Run To You”, “18 Till I Die” and “Everything I Do”, as well as songs from his latest album Bare Bones which is an inspired collection of minimally arranged hits culled from Bryan Adams’ impressive body of work spanning over three decades. In a specially recorded video message for the Indian audience, Bryan Adams, who has won the 15-Grammy awards in his music career said, “Namaste India, Hi, This is Bryan Adams and I am looking forward to coming back to India with my band. We always get a great welcome, the people are great and so is the food. I love Indian food. See you next February.” Actor Sunil Shetty was seen at the press meet.


TATA DOCOMO Felicitates Winners

Winners of the exciting ‘Nagavalli’ movie contest were felicitated at the famous Ramanaidu studio by Tata Docomo. Apart from meeting their matinee idol Superstar Venkatesh and all the 25 winners got autographed CD’s of the movie. The contest gave the brands subscribers an opportunity to meet stars of the movie, win costumes of the stars and a chance to win 500 autographed CDs.

IAS Rajeshwar Tiwari with participants

Venkatesh with winners

The new boats

CONFERENCE FOR Growth in the city

The 54th All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology being hosted by the Obstetrics and Gynaecologists Society of Hyderabad (OGSH) was formally inaugurated by Shri Gulab Nabi Azad, Hon’ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India at HICC. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of AP, Shri Kiran Kumar Reddy; Governor of Tripura, Dr. D.Y. Patel; Member of Parliament, Shri Asaddudin Owaisi; Minister for Health, Medical & Family Welfare Govt. of AP, Dr. D.L. Ravindra Reddy were the Guests of honour on the occasion. A Souvenir was released to mark the conference.


The YCH has recently procured another 9 Optimist Class boats for children. 80 percent of medal winners at the Beijing Olympics learned their sailing in the Optimist and it is the world’s most popular boat for children with a population of more than 500 thousand. Over 150,000 kids in over 100 countries sail the Optimist. India has two of its young sailors KC Ganapathy (14) and Zephra Currimbhoy (14) representing the country at the Gaungzhou Asian Games 2010 making them India’s youngest ever Asian Games participants. Shri. Rajeshwar Tiwari, IAS, Metropolitan Commissioner launched the boats. Speaking on the occasion she said the project to clean Hussain sagar will be in place by March 2011. As part of this two sewage plants of 30MLD capacity are being installed at Picket and Khairtabad flyover to filter sewage, Tertiary treatment plants to ensure nil pollutants and five Divergent structures to divert rest of the water to Amberpet STP and left into the Musi River. The total cost of this project is Rs 310 crores. JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 13


On deprived children Balakalakaar, the two month long project and the world’s largest art workshop for underprivileged children of the city was a runaway success. Started in the year 2005 by AIESEC Hyderabad, Balakalakaar impacted the lives of 250 children. As the years progressed, so did the impact. In 2009 the lives of 5000 children were impacted. Today, it is taken up as a National Project of AIESEC India. 15000 children from the various NGO’s came together under one roof and had complete fun. Various entertainments activities were organized and monitored by 1000 volunteers. All the children were given a chance to paint and the best paintings chosen from among them were awarded. Dance performances also were applauded and appreciated.

Scene from Zoo story


Round & Round & Round

Smiling faces

Rituraj Sapkota, Aloke Gupta & Feroze Khan


Picture perfect

14 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011


Group’s Annual Festival A festival of plays which was a final staging of Sifar’s productions this year was staged for the Hyderabad audience. Hinglish comedy like the “Manoranjan Tax-Free”, based on Chandrashekhar Phansalkar’s Marathi play drew houseful audiences. This play peeps into the dark world of four blind men, who brighten their lives with sheer imagination. There was a Hindi monologue titled “Round & Round & Round” which is based on Nirmal Varma’s Dedh Inch Upar and “Sense” which is about a young artist who got shunned by the, so called cultured society, as they found the expression in his art blasphemous. The final play Zoo Story details what happens when a stranger enters the life of another stranger and their lives change forever. The festival ended on a high note as everyone acknowledged their acting skills.



Girl Child Campaign Pharma Major, Lupin Ltd and Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Socities of India jointly announced the launch of “Save the Girl Child Campaingn.” Actress Mahima Chaudhry glowing with motherhood was seen with her baby girl Aryana and spoke largely about female infanticide. Studies revealed astonishing number of 7, 50,000 girls are aborted every year in India. The joint initiative seeks to reach out to doctors and urge them to pledge to end discrimination against the girl child.

Performing the blind dance

Mahima & Aryana Indulging in a game of Snake & Ladders


Sonata watches from the house of TATA, launched its new collection inspired by the much awaited Telugu movie from Walt Disney Pictures “Anaganaga- O- Dheerudu”. Star cast of the movie actress Shruti Hassan and child artist Harshita unveiled the Sonata collection. The exquisite watches are beautifully crafted in line with the splendor of the movie. They reflect the attitude of the key characters and is positioned as a brand for go-getters and winners. The watches will soon be available in authorized dealer showrooms and is aggressively priced at Rs. 695 onwards.

Audiences enjoying the programme

ARTHASHASTRA Commerce Carnival

A.R.Srinivasan, Shruthi Hassan & Harshita

St. Francis College premises at Begumpet was filled with students from various colleges, all gathered to participate in their annual festival Arthashastra. Competitions, fun activities and hilarious dancing were enjoyed by everyone. Emcee Sunny created a lively ambience and encouraged students to participate and give their best. The fest witnessed various competitions – like Mock Stock Exchange, Ad-Mad, JAM and Blind Dancing. JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 15



Nothing compares to the traditional Indian attire- the saree. Apparently complicated, it so subtly defines the beauty of a woman, bringing out her grace and elegance. Umpteen weaves and motifs along with trendy blouses are all your women needs. So, go ahead and gift her one along with this informative lowdown. DIFFERENT TYPES OF DRAPPING BENGALI BABE Curvy ones can carry off the Bengali style with panache. The drape starts from the right centre of your back and goes round towards left and ends in front. Five to seven pleats tucked in the front and pallu comes from the behind and rest on the left shoulder. Everyday wearing is a mess, its suits better on grand occasions. GUJRATI FLAIR This version of draping, commonly known as the seedha pallu way, is also found in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar. Instead of opening to the left, the pleats are tucked so that they open to the right. Then, the pallu is taken to the back and brought over the right shoulder and then spread across the chest. MAHARASHTRIAN MULGHI It’s called the Kacha style. This easy to wear style was seen in the movie Kaminey. Priyanka Chopra danced to the tunes of popular song wearing this saree style. The center pleat is drawn through the legs to make an almost genie pants look! SOUTH INDIAN ELEGANCE The elegant Kerala Mundu A two piece sari with a beautiful tribal elegance. It is worn many ways in Kerala, from the formal style depicted in this section to the most delightful combinations of batiks on the bottom and an old stained hand loomed towel. The delightful Tamil Pinkosu Pinkosu means “pleats on the back”. The sari drape is incredibly elegant and adding a lilt to the hips and has a flattened front line. Traditionally worn without a petticoat, it is cool and comfortable in the humid heat.

Maharashtrian style Ready for Durg

a Puja

Straight from Gujrat

Malyalam Manorama

Ready for Phere

Iyer Bride

TRADITIONAL JEWELLERY Chokers, Uncut diamonds, Kundans and Gold are the foundation of Indian jewellery. Designs hold close resemblances with mangoes and peacocks. Frangipani flowers, motifs and platinum are soon replacing the traditional ones of stones, rubies and copper mixed gold. 16 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011


BLOUSE BONANZA Chic Cholis Try a bold and sleek look with a noodle straps and embellishments if you are slim. Opt for cap-sleeves if you are top heavy. Glitzy Straps A noodle strap blouse never fails to impress. A transparent chiffon saree paired with a seethrough spaghetti blouse or perhaps an offshoulder one will be a killer for a cocktail party.

Dori with pot neck Incredible tube


Haute Halters Flaunt your tattoos or a polished back with these sensational blouses. Backless halter neck blouse are the pick this season. They need not be in Lycra, chiffon blouses look great too. Make them prettier with lace and or ruffles. Not so Traditional Tubes Dress like a deity in a strapless blouse with a back knot. Try one with gathers in front. A tube top blouse is perfect for an evening gathering. Noodle strap


Uber sex y Choli

Fancy Classics If you want to stick to your old blouse, embroider it to make it fancy. Try one with embroidery on the back rather than the neck and sleeves.

SAREE GYAAN The word saree is a derivative of the prakrit word Sattika. This glamorous, yet demure outfit first originated in southern India and today has gained enough popularity to symbolize itself as an Indian heritage and legacy. West Bengal has its famous cotton tangails and dhaniakhalis along with Murshidabad and baluchori silks. The specialty of Orissa lies in their ikkat, sambhalpuri and kotki saris. The kanjeevaram silks of southern India is a must have for every Indian woman. However, the most expensive of all Indian sarees is the benarasi which is woven in silk with golden or silver threads. This extravagant saree is woven in Benares in Uttar Pradesh. Brown or Dark skin color women should normally buy dark colors – like green, maroon or dark pink etc. Georgette, Chiffon or Chignon saree is for the women on heavier side. Heavy Mysore Silk saree look beautiful and it tends to look slimmer. Small borders or no borders sarees are for the shorter women. As big borders make one looks shorter, they should definitely avoid big borders.


Ethnically Modern Attractive Halters Mix N Match

Traditionally Modified

Hot, Hot, Hot

JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 17



Matrimony is an exceptional bond and people discover the beauty and the strength that lies within when they experience it. From being childhood friends to a charming couple, life has shown them fleeting images of all dimensions, but long enough to sustain for ever and day. Navdeep and Sonali Ahuja have been married for 6 years now and are having a fabulous life with all the joy, success, sensation and time they can ask for! Know more about how they set about this beautiful journey as a compatible pair while they have a tete-a-tete with Bhuvana Balaji. “We have been friends since childhood. So our marriage was fixed as we had liked each other for quite sometime,” says Sonali, flashing a radiant smile when asked about how it all began for them. Talking a little more about himself, Navdeep says, “We both did our MBA from the UK in finance and management. We had a courtship period of 2 years since we did our PGs at different times. I run the Panache DJ School. I strongly believe in the 3 Es – Events, Entertainment and Education.” Sonali is into retail management. “Yuva by Neeru’s is what I do…I handle it with my co-sister and my brother-in-law. We have expanded quite a bit in these three years. Now we even have our own flagship store which we started recently. I am glad we came up with this idea as it’s working really well for us so far.” Talking about the times spent together Sonali says that they are not done having fun yet. “Travelling is a passion for both of us; we plan international and national trips every now and then. We always keep looking forward to packing our bags and I am glad we share the same amount of enthusiasm when it comes to seeing the world. We have been to Mauritius, Dubai, Belfast, Dublin, Australia, Switzerland and many other places in India too. She is a very good travel planner. I decide the destination and she does the rest of the job and does it amazingly well too,” Navdeep quips enthusiastically and recollects memories as they talk casually about the different places they have been to. “I plan the trips generally; I do go to him when I need to get cheques signed though,” Sonali adds with a smirk. As they came to discussing how life so far has been together, Sonali concedes that it has been a very fascinating experience actually. “Initially, we were just like close friends, never felt that we are husband and wife. We are now adjusting a lot more and it’s going great for us,” Navdeep adds as 18 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011


he gives her a warm-hearted smile. Being in this relationship has been easy and smooth going for them considering that their temperaments are pretty contrasting and there a visible line of distinction. Navdeep says he is really pleased the way everything is working out given their characters. “When it comes to nature, we are pretty opposite. I am more of a reserved person with a casual attitude while she is more bubbly, outgoing and sociable.” “We kinda complement each other. In our case, the theory of opposites has been cent per cent true!” Sonali adds as she beams. Navdeep also exclaims that she definitely is romantic. “She loves the whole Bollywoodish set up like gardens and dinners.” Sonali blushes and remarks that he is very adoring too and adds, “He is always a fun person to be with...I completely love his sense of humour.” “For me, romance has never been just the mushy part, I think romance and humour go hand-in-hand and it has worked very well for me,” Navdeep grins. When asked as to what would be the most defining moment, Navdeep responded saying, “Well, it would definitely be the moment I realized that I started to like her…the funny part is that we never used to like each other when we were kids…we had a lot of differences but the law of attraction worked for us! I started liking her gradually because the way we think matched; our subjects of interest are very similar and we had a lot of things to discuss in common. When I told her first that I like her, she was completely surprised and taken aback.” They both chuckle as they bring to mind that cherished moment. While casually chatting and discussing life, Navdeep reveals, “We both love travelling; she is pretty hard working and is an entrepreneur. Yuva especially is her brainchild. Both of us are activity oriented people. We don’t like to just sit around; we

keep moving on to do something new all the time. We do love partying, but we are not really club hoppers. We have also been educated to the same level and in the same subject so we gel well when it comes to business and family. Professional life has never caused a problem for us as we understand what the other is going through.” Talking about the good times they spent together, Navdeep instantly recollected the time spent in UK. “During the courtship period, when she was in the UK and I had gone over regarding work, we met up quite a lot. That was the most romantic period of our relationship I would say because we had maintain a long distance relationship after our engagement and it was really great to meet up.” Sonali smilingly added, “According to me, all the time I spend with him is always interesting and very much fun, because the chemistry and compatibility is such. But yeah, I agree with him, the courtship period was amazing. We had lots of fun; it was almost always like a date.” “We live in a joint family, which is a lot of fun and it’s also sometimes easy to divide responsibilities. Me and my co-sister totally get along and have a great time together. Even his mom has been a great support, touch wood, but till date I don’t have a single mother-in-law story. The bonding has been excellent JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 19


Who remembers birthdays and important occasions? since I have already known the family for long. It is four generations living together at our place and it had been great so far!” Sonali says she is glad to be here after coming from a nuclear family. While discussing the gifts and the special things they have exchanged so far, Navdeep says, “I bought her a lot of gifts when she was in the UK. Greetings, e-cards and I used to pick the gifts up myself, shop online and get them delivered.” Sonali responds saying, “We still do pick up stuff for each other. He is a very tech savvy person; so I generally buy him gadgets, phones, watches and whatever I think will look good on him. She got me a limited edition laptop during our first year of marriage.” Sonali says that dancing has always been her passion. “I love dancing. When I was young, I learnt classical dance and even salsa for a while. So I like going to parties and clubs because I love hitting the floor. I am also an avid reader; I read fictional books and business related ones. I get totally immersed once I start reading a book and thus you can never see me getting bored. And of course; the work I do is my biggest passion. These two or three things keep me busy all the time.” While Navdeep instantly responds that he is not at all into reading, talking about his diversion activities, he adds saying, “I am more of an outdoorsy person. I love sports and travelling and adventures. I play cricket and tennis a lot during my free time. Also being into music; I am learning the keyboard and tabla. It relieves me of all the tension and the DJ school of course is a great way of bringing my passion into work. My main focus is education and I am glad that what I am doing is producing and training a lot of talent in this industry. I also have an interest towards interior designing, so I keep picking up stuff for home. I can call it my passion.” “Till date, us together, has been very interesting, we just look forward to having more fun and having a beautiful life ahead,” remarks Sonali with a stunningly gorgeous smile and surely Navdeep agrees with her on it! We wish you achieve all you aim for, pull off your plans with amazingly spirited zeal, share your joy and always stay in pursuit for more HAPPYness and good times together! 20 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

Sonali : Me Navdeep: Sonali It has been the girls for eternity now! J

Who is better at planning and keeping surprises? Sonali : Both Navdeep: Me This deserves a mention of the fantabulous surprise date Navdeep planned for on their anniversary! :D

What is Sonali’s all time favourite movie? Sonali : Twilight Navdeep: Sound of Music Sonali, would you like to change your pick?! ;) Surely, both must be her favs!

Which one of you is more responsible? Sonali : He Navdeep: Both Responsible or not… Fun is what everyone looks for!

Who generally makes up when you have a fight? Sonali : He Navdeep: Me The guy again! Good going Navdeep!



A weekend to while away and don’t know what to do. Catch up with a movie in your nearest cinema halls. Before you head for a day of fun, butter popcorns and visual treat to those tired eyes, read on our verdict on this fortnights latest movie. Vidya Balan stunned us during the start of the year last year with Ishqiya and she starts this year with NO ONE KILLED JESSICA stunning the same way. My mind was all set for this movie, I thought I would go and have a good one and come back, but I must say I am stunned with the movie, loved it completely. Most storytellers entertain, a few enlighten and some fit into categories that do really well in all the aspects and Rajkumar Gupta the director of this movie falls into those. This movie Is too strong with its own hard hitting story line but then it doesn’t loose on its cinematic value one bit A few monsoons ago, Rajkumar Santoshi’s HALLA BOL commenced with a shootout sequence at a party. Of course, HALLA BOL wasn’t about this incident alone, it was just a tiny segment in the narrative. NO ONE KILLED JESSICA focuses on this true-life incident [with no deviations] and its strength lies in the fact that it sucks you into the world of dirty politics and power games as soon as it unfolds and explores into the real world of Jessica. I had a lot of expectations from the director Rajkumar Gupta as his directorial debut AAMIR was a masterpiece. And I can whole heartedly say that he has not let down my expectation one bit instead he has increased my expectation towards him. If we look at AAMIR and NO ONE KILLED JESSICA the two common things is the fine work of art in terms of portraying each character with so much realness in it that you will hardly notice it’s a fiction. 1999, NEW DELHI, the year which saw cricket world cup and kargil war where we saw INDIA getting united and fighting for a cause, this was also the year from where JESSICA killing episode took off, JESSICA-a young attracting model trying her hand at bartending for a day at a lavish party with 300 page3 people. JESSICA’s killing happened only because she refused to serve a drink to a young guy the culprit Manish[Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub], son of a prominent politician, inebriated by a deadly cocktail of alcohol and a sense of entitlement, pulls the trigger in a fit of rage. With the 300 p3p’s being all eye witness to the whole crime Manish was supposed to have nailed down and punished, but this did not happen, all the potential eye witness out of the 300 people turn out to be only 7 who are later on influenced for money and by the power of the culprits dad, that he is let free which is where we see JESSICA’s sister SABRINA LAL(vidya balan) who tries fighting for her sisters murder and nailing down the criminal but this does not happen. This is the point where MEERA (back with a bang RANI MUKHERJEE) comes into picture, she plays a role of a strong journalist who comes out in open to nail down the criminals Manish and his Dad along with all the eye witnesses accepting what they saw in a sting operation she does on them and helps SABRINA LAL to win the case towards the end. The 3 main characters of the movie, Vidya Balan as Sabrina Lal is amazing and does her role to perfection, Rani mukherjee playing the role of journalist has a minor role in the movie but she lets her presence feel with a bang. This is the new Rani which has emerged breaking her genre of sweet romantic movie and the third character JESSICA played by MYRA, a new entrant into Bollywood is stylishly beautiful and does her role perfectly. All said and done about the movie, the movie deserves applause only because the director has made the characters look so much realistic that this movie is a fine piece of art where I feel the director does justice with the real story and cinema, having the perfect balance.

This one is strongly recommended, do not miss this one, would give it 8.5/10. Go for this!!! JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 21


MAANTA DEWAN The Go Getter What’s Maanta Dewan all about? Full of positivity!!! Extremely dedicated & hardworking, willing to learn, take on new challenges in life and very adaptable to changes. There is much more to me, than what you can see.

How modeling fascinated you? I started modeling when I was 2 years and now I’ve resumed it. Being photogenic, confident & camera friendly is a great attribute. I was always fascinated by the glamour & glitz, & of course the big colorful hoardings, fashion editorials, glossy magazines & much more and today that deep hidden desire is coming true which is, like they say - “dreams do come true, if one believes” & this is just the beginning. Are you brand conscious? Yes, I do believe in quality, but it’s not necessary that only branded stuff provide that. When it comes to clothing, its comfort first for me. Overall personality, confidence & the attitude of a person is anyday better than a branded tag. What’s your take on fitness and your diet? I’m a complete foodie & love eating. In fact my college friends titled me “miss hungry” and as far as fitness is concerned, I love dancing, walking, exercising. A balance in life is the key to keep fit. What’s your ambition in life? Being ambitious & a workaholic are in my blood. I do what I love & love what I do. Being passionate about my work is vital for me, as I am committed, focused and put my heart and soul into it!!! What are your hobbies? Creativity is something I just can’t get enough off. I enjoy art, painting, sketching, dancing & listening to music. I can dance for hours in my room. I’m a trained Indian classical dancer (bharatnatyam & folk) for 13 years & enjoy western & Bollywood too. Also like reading, meeting & observing people. Were you a good student? Yes, I was & at times I was just not good, but outstanding and was thrown out of the classroom. (reports laughing) But jokes apart, I still feel I’m a student as I love to learn, be it from any source or medium. For me, learning is a never ending process & I’m a student for life. What are your future plans? Plenty!!! I do dream & plan a lot, but also believe in executing them step by step. Doing prints and commercials is definitely something I want to continue doing and gradually venture into acting as well. It’s very important to choose the right kind of assignments. I’ll be travelling to Hyderabad very soon for a grand show & meeting people of the South industry & have some more things lined up!!! (Explains winking and with fingers crossed) If given a chance who would you like to share the space with for a photoshoot? Many!!! But if I had to choose one it would be my all time favourite- Shahid Kapoor. I adore his dancing skills & look. What is your philosophy in life? If I put on my thinking cap, I can be very philosophical, & probably could write a book or two on this subject. But to keep it short & sweet (like me), I’d say “Thoughts become things. So, believe in God and yourself!”

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CLAMAFOUGING So, the winters are making you feel extra cold? If that is true then all you need is some comfortable, saasy and stylish cardigans to wrap you in some heat. If you are looking for more options to throw over your shoulders, we reccommend you to check this collection of 15 cardigans, that will add a spot of intrigue to your chilly weather outfit.




Peepers & Puckers With a host of beauty and make up products flocking the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right colour for your eyes and lips. Here are some of the best colours for this season

The best lipstick to use for our lips depends, again, on the tone of our skin. You may also want to pick a lipstick for daytime use and another one for nighttime use. To further define the lips, apply a lip liner that matches the color of your lipstick. Lip liners also help keep the color of the lips from bleeding. Another tip to try is to use a lip brush instead of applying the lipstick directly on the lips. This would keep the lipstick from smearing and the color from bleeding as well. Fair-skinned women would look great with lips touched with pinks, peaches and mauves. Lipsticks with gold, pink with a touch of gold, peach and light to medium brown best complement olive-skinned women. Dark-skinned women should go for lipsticks shaded bronze, medium browns, brick browns, berries and burgundy.

24 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011


The trick with eye makeup is putting on a neutral base either taupe, beige, light brown or ivory over the lid before applying any color. After the base is in place, accent color using shadows and eyeliners should then be applied to define the eyes. The accent color should match or be complementary to the color of your eyes. For women with blue eyes, blues and slate grays are good accent colors, while medium brown is the perfect shade for the mascara. For women with green eyes, greens and plums for accent colors and plum for the mascara. For women with brown eyes, greens, bronzes and golds for accent colors, while blue for the mascara.

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There’s nothing worse than dry, itchy skin. Dry skin can happen any time during the year, but is most prevalent in winter. Find out why your skin tends to be dry in winter and how to solve dry hands, feet, body, face and lips year-round. In winter, low temperatures, low humidity and strong, harsh winds deplete skin of its natural lipid layer, which keeps the skin from drying out. The dry air from furnaces and other heating sources also suck the moisture out of skin. To keep skin soft and supple, your goal is not to add moisture to skin, but to keep moisture in. These 7 tips show you how to do this.

Keep Water Lukewarm, Not Hot Hot water robs skin of moisture causing dry skin, so it’s best to shower in lukewarm water. If you can’t bear this rule try to keep your showers short and try showering only once per day. This also means skipping hot tubs. The hot temperature, combined with drying chemicals, is torture on dry skin. The same rule applies to hand-washing: Wash hands in lukewarm, never hot, water. If your skin turns red, the water is simply too hot.

Moisturize After Showers or Hand Washing Moisturizer is the key to soft, supple skin. Apply product when skin is slightly damp. For best effect, pat skin dry instead of rubbing with your towel before application. Simply massage coconut oil all over the body, this will get rid of dry, itchy skin and the oil isn’t sticky like lotion tends to be. Also if required rub olive oil or sesame oil and leave them overnight to moisturize the skin while your sleeping..

Exfoliate on a Weekly or Semi-Weekly Basis


Moisturizer is much more effective on properly exfoliated skin. Use a salt or sugar scrub in the shower and exfoliate your face with a mild scrub made for the face. It’s best to scrub skin when it’s dry, apply scrub to dry skin before you turn on the water (mix with lotion if it’s not moist enough). Massage the scrub into skin for a few minutes for best results. You can also dry brush skin before a shower with a body brush to remove flaky skin (it’s more effective than brushing wet skin).

Invest in a Humidifier Ever notice how older people in desert climates look like leather? The moisture in the air is actually good for skin. If you live in a low-humidity climate or you are around furnaces in the winter, invest in a humidifier. Your skin needs more than 30 percent humidity to stay properly moisturized. A room heated by a furnace can have as little as 10 percent moisture. In the winter, consider sleeping with a humidifier in your bedroom. Keep doors closed so the moist air doesn’t escape the room.

Skip the Drying Soaps Soaps can be drying. Stick with a creamy moisturizing cleanser that contains glycerin or petroleum jelly. Skip the bubble bath, which can contain harsh foaming ingredients and opt for bath oils or oatmeal scrubs, which are great for soothing itchy skin.

Baby Your Hands & Feet Hands and feet can suffer terribly from dry, itchy skin. Put on moisturizer and gloves BEFORE you head outdoors in the winter, and consider lathering up your feet in thick moisturizer and sleeping in cotton socks at night. Cover feet in a thick moisturizer, then pull on a pair of socks for a couple hours. Try to sit or lie down while the moisturizer soaks in or risk sliding into a full split and pulling your groin muscles.

Stay Hydrated but Don’t Go Overboard Many people believe if they drink more water, they’ll hydrate skin. This is a myth because you simply cannot moisturize skin from the inside out. Dehydration does affect skin, but a normally hydrated person isn’t going to see major benefits by drinking even more water. So, don’t expect bottled water to save you from dry skin and the winter itch. JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 27


Placed Abroad

Studying abroad may be that defining moment in your education that will change your life. It can be an enriching and eyeopening adventure, where learning extends to the world beyond the classroom walls nothing will be quite the same after you have studied abroad. SWAPNA BALAJI guides you to make your stay abroad a comfortable one. Study abroad and your perspectives will be global, your attitudes will be international and you will have memories that you will carry forever. Your resume will be more attractive, in some cases your language proficiency will be advanced, and you will have developed lifelong friendships. In addition, you will find that living and studying or working in another country can develop important transnational competencies that can be of interest to future employers. Students who return from a study abroad program often see it as an experience which matured them personally and intellectually. They praise being exposed to new ways of thinking and living, which encourages growth and independence. For many students, going abroad to study is the first time they have really been away from ‘home,’ from familiar surroundings of the USA, as well as from friends and family. This is seldom an easy experience, but it is universally praised as worthwhile, often even life-transforming. After immersing themselves in a new culture, mastering the challenges of learning in a new and different academic environment, and experiencing the many highs and lows of being a ‘foreigner,’ students typically return home with increased self-confidence and justifiable pride in what they have achieved. It also can enhance your employment prospects, especially in the fields of business, international affairs, and government service. Employers increasingly seek graduates who have studied abroad. They know that students who have successfully completed a study abroad program are likely to possess international knowledge and often second-language skills. Such students are also likely to have other transnational competencies that graduate and professional schools and employers value just as highly: cross-cultural communication skills, analytical skills, an understanding of and familiarity with local customs and cultural contexts, flexibility, resilience, and the ability to adapt to new circumstances and deal constructively with differences.

28 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

And what’s more, with the right kind of planning and guidance, you can study abroad at very low costs and even free on a scholarship. Application process makes the vital difference and is the most important criteria. The application process for studying abroad is time consuming and requires applicants to start preparing well in advance of their anticipated start date. It is very important to begin the admission process early because in many cases application deadlines are far in advance of the start of the semester (sometimes as many as ten months). You also need to allow time for scheduling any standardized tests needed for admission and then having the results of these tests sent to schools. There is no uniform worldwide application system. Each college or university establishes its own unique policies.

The 6 basic steps for applying abroad are: •

Identifying country, universities and the course of your interest

Request universities for application forms

Taking various required tests

Arranging and preparing Essays and recommendation letters

Completing and Sending Application forms along with required documents

Reporting various test scores to the universities

SPECIAL STORY and recommendation letters.

Whom should I meet with before I go

How do I find the program? Visit your study abroad office! Your first consultation should be with your study abroad coordinator at your campus. Some colleges may have a designated faculty or administrator who performs this function. Other colleges have full-blown study abroad offices with advisors specializing in regional destinations. Chances are your university has the best programs for you. By going on a study abroad program developed at your school, you are more likely to be able to utilize your financial aid and receive credit for the experience. Your study abroad advisor is the most experienced international education counselor for your needs; they can assess your desires and know the limitations or regulations of your college. If you can’t find the right program on your campus or if your school allows you to participate in external programs then you should conduct an internet search Once you have decided on the universities to apply to, you have to start filling up the application forms. The forms will ask for your personal details, academic record, official transcripts, various essays, personal achievements, extra curricular activities

Study abroad advisor - She/He can tell you what you need to know and who you need to see. Their job is to make sure you are prepared for your experience and that you will gain the most from your study abroad program. These administrators are often underpaid and overworked, but they remain in this field because of their love or commitment to international education. They probably won’t tell you exactly where to go, its up to you to do the research. They also won’t apply for your passport for you; however, if you can’t figure out how to get a passport you probably shouldn’t be leaving home anyway. Academic advisor — many universities provide an academic contract, which is your insurance as to the credit you’ll receive upon return form overseas. Your academic advisor can tell you what type of credit you’re likely to receive and how it will fit into your overall degree. Financial aid advisor - You will need to work closely with this administrator unless mom and dad will be funding for you. Most study abroad participants utilize some form of financial aid for their experience. The most common aid used for study abroad is student loans. Unless one has a scholarship or their own funds to pay for their studies abroad it may not be possible to go overseas for studies as the cost of study in foreign countries especially for international students is very high. Most countries subsidize the fees for their citizens. However international students get no such benefit and are required to pay full fees. While some students from affluent families, may have the required funds to study abroad. The majority of students dream of working their way through the education system.


One of the requirements of getting a student visa is to show that the prospective student has the funds to pay for their education and stay abroad. While limited work is allowed for student visa holders in foreign countries there are rules and regulations that need to be followed.

What else do I need to do? Get a passport - You can apply for a passport at post offices, and county and municipal offices. Apply several months before you leave, especially if you need visas from foreign embassies. As soon as you receive your passport, make a copy of the front page that has all your identification information, and keep it in a separate place from your passport. If your passport is lost or stolen, the copy will make it easier to get a new one. Get a visa - Do some research and find out if your country of destination requires a visa. If so what kind of visa will you need? Sixty percent of the world’s countries require visas for any length of stay. If you travel, you may need visas for other countries. Apply early for visas. processing time varies widely.

Don’t try for a student visa just for the sake of traveling to a foreign country. There are quite a few people who are adamant on going abroad and when all other avenues of getting a visa fail, they turn to a student visa as a ticket out of India. What lies ahead may be problems that will cost them dearly in money and perhaps problems with the law.

When dealing with agents to help you get an immigrant or student visa caution is advised.

Get your shots - The center for disease control offers the most up-to-date information regarding vaccinations and shots. You should also consult your doctor.

Select courses that will actually benefit you and check the schools thoroughly before selecting one.

Consider a phone card - Do a little research and find out how you’ll be communicating with your people back home. Phone cards are great but they don’t always work. It is recommended that the e-kit which combines voice mail, e-mail and phone card with conversions at the cheapest rates. Get insured - Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance. Your coverage should include medical evacuation and repatriation. Develop a budget - Consider the in-country costs before you go. You should develop a budget and live by it. Consider the costs of optional excursions, gifts, school supplies, internet access, in-country transportation and general living costs. Many a student, has lost their mind at the night clubs in Athens or Bangkok and have spent their semester budgets their first week abroad.

Just because a school has a fancy name or a foreign address does not mean its great. Be an informed consumer, time spent investigating before laying down your money will help you not only save money but will help your career by steering you to the school and course that is right for you. Don’t be talked into applying for courses that are not of interest to you and will do nothing for your career. Accepting courses that are presently available with the idea of changing your course of study later is a long shot that is not easy to do for foreign students. 30 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

Learn about your destination - You’re going to experience culture shock, no matter how cool you are, regardless of how diverse you are, and with no regard to your language ability you will have culture shock. One of the ways to have a better experience is to have realistic expectations. Read everything you can about your future home. Pack light - You won’t need make-up in Nepal, your blow dryer won’t work in Madrid, you’ll probably never use your baseball glove in Botswana, and you can buy cheap sweaters in Ecuador. Pack light! Research your destination in advance, find out what kind of items you must bring and find out what items you can purchase cheaply there Be sure to pack your patience and flexibility along side the sunscreen and camera. Have the time of your life... see the world!









1. Piped lamp shade on a brass and glass base embellished with crystal. 2. Original italian metallic fluted base with a modern lamp shade. 3. Leathered square lamp base with unique shaped base. 4. Italian ceramic unique double layered fabric and metallic lamp shade. 5. Teak wood lamp base in pewter finish from the exquisito collection with hand embroidered cord and appliquĂŠ work. 6. Coutureed embroidered lamp shade atop a cut glass base in silver finish. 7. Black italian modern lamp. 8. A play of golden circles with a unique elongated shade. 9. Coutureed embroidered lamp shade atop a cut glass base in antique gold finish. 10. Cylindrical lamp shade on a simple base.

The maspter pieces unique collection of inhouse and italian lamps in a variety of materials and combinations for bases and shades from their exquisito , ultimo, and southbay luxury collections.




Available at Masterpieces JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 31

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By Milan Vohra

The first ever Mills & Boon book by an Indian author. Vivan Parasher wants revenge! Having left his young sister behind in India in order to pursue a scholarship in the US, and build their life back to the luxury it was before their father deserted them, Vivan is devastated to learn that she has taken her own life. Pregnant and alone Sonia couldn’t go on any longer – and when Vivan finds her diary and learns that she was seduced and left by Deepak Dewan he makes a promise to ensure Deepak suffers as Vivan and poor Sonia did. So Vivan, now one of the youngest billionaires under 30, finally has his plan in place. Deepak’s advertising company is struggling in the recession and a contract from Vivan’s hugely successful Fitness Fanatics brand would change his destiny. Vivan intends to throw him a lifeline and then watch him fall…yet even that doesn’t seem quite enough! Then he finds out about Pari… Sweet, innocent Pari is Deepak’s sister. She runs a yoga studio in a run down area of Delhi and has only just rebuilt her life having escaped from her violent father and then a disastrous affair with a man she didn’t realise was married – a man who led her to believe she didn’t have want it took to please a man. When Vivan pays a visit to Pari’s yoga studio he intends to draw her into the plan, but he isn’t ready for the burning, sizzling attraction between them from the moment they lay eyes on one another. The chemistry reaches such dizzying heights that when Vivan gives Pari a lift home she finds she has to stop herself before she does anything stupid – like kiss him! - and tells him she can never see him again. It’s only then that he reveals his true identity as the man her brother is relying on. When Vivan refuses to take Deepak’s pitch the next day, Pari can’t help but wonder if it was her fault. So she goes to see Vivan personally. Vivan has her right where he wants her! He offers her an ultimatum. He will pay the huge debt that Deepak, and his pregnant wife, have accrued if Pari gives herself to him for his pleasure. Pari is astounded – no way! But that’s not all, because when Vivan wants something he wants it totally. Some recent tabloid articles have painted him as a playboy and subsequently his business has suffered – a wife would rectify his public image. And sweet Pari is the perfect candidate. He knows he can use her and discard her because that’s what she did in the past – rumour has it that after ending her affair with a married man she blackmailed him for money.

clared that he will not touch her sexually until she gives herself to him. Nervously walking into his room she finds him fresh from the shower, dressed only in a towel. He naughtily says he will only undo the sari if he can search for his name in the henna. The seductive ritual takes place and Pari finds herself arching towards her husband. Asking him to take her to bed. The next morning Vivan has to leave her. She was far more innocent in bed than a conniving gold-digger should be. It’s the first time that he wonders if he may have made an error. Strangely as they live together as man and wife Pari and Vivan begin to grow quite comfortable, enjoying one another’s company. And Vivan even asks Pari to help with the Fitness Fanatics’ launch where she impresses him with her business acumen and yoga skills. But when Pari goes to a huge amount of trouble for a Diwali celebration Vivan is furious. Not only does the festival remind him of his late sister, he feels that Pari is taking the marriage too seriously. But against his better judgment he actually finds that he enjoys the evening and is left puzzled by his own emotions. When finally the truth comes out about the marriage sham and Vivan’s need for revenge, it seems that so much more is now at stake. And when Vivan learns the truth about Pari and the affair in the past he realises he forced an innocent woman into marriage…but also fell in love with her. Pari can’t believe her brother Deepak would have been so cruel to Vivan’s sister but then Deepak admits that he was going through a dark time and he did end their relationship when she got too clingy – trapping him like the brutal father he’d just run away from. He can only beg forgiveness.

Pari, in debt to her darling brother Deepak after he helped her rebuild her life when she first arrived in Delhi, can’t refuse Vivan’s offer. She wants Deepak to be happy. As the wedding approaches and Pari is dressed in a traditional sari, her hands hennaed (with Vivan’s name hidden in the design, much to her reluctance) she finds herself strangely excited as well as nervous. The tension between her and Vivan is palpable and as he presses the rouge into her hairline she feels suddenly like this wedding is more sacred than the sham it seems on paper. And as she watches Vivan interact with his childhood cleaning woman she sees a much softer, kinder side to him.

Pari is devastated – feeling used by the man she had begun to fall in love with and let down by her brother. She finds solace on her own in her yoga studio, where finally Vivan tracks her down. He is a wreck of a man – desperate for her forgiveness because he has realised how much he loves her. He has forgiven Deepak because, whilst in the past he may have been wrong, in the present he helped poor Pari when she had been hurt. Vivan begs Pari to take him back and find it in her heart to learn to love him. But Pari doesn’t need to learn – she loves him already.

On the wedding night, alone in her separate bedroom, Pari finds she can not undo all the safety pins on her sari – she needs help! The only one who can help her is Vivan, who has already de-

To find out what happen’s next, just grab a copy of this interesting writers book. The climax has all the elements of suspense in it. HAPPY READING!!!

34 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

Epilogue shows them in London with pregnant PARI!!!


FUR PILLOW uidence Parents G Required Fur is a luxury that has a timeless appeal no matter whether it’s fake or real. The plushy texture of fur creates a comfortable and cozy feeling. This fur-pillow project will have your decor looking like a million bucks, and it doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or a great grandma, it will fit into most any style of decorating. The cost of this fur pillow depends on if you choose a fake or real fur and newly purchased or recycled. Whichever option you choose will result in a beautiful and glamorous product that is quick to assemble. INSTRUCTIONS •

Cut two 15-inch squares of fur fabric. Cut the fur from the back, inserting the tip of the scissors under the backing. Cut the backing, not the fur.

Match the squares with the grain of the fabric going in the same direction. With the right sides together, push the fur at the edge of the squares to the inside layered squares. Pin the squares of fur together.

Sew a half-inch seam allowance on three sides of the pinned fur squares.

Sew the fourth side with a half-inch seam allowance, leaving a 10-inch opening in the middle of the seam. Back stitch both sides of the opening to prevent it from ripping while stuffing with the pillow insert.

Clip the bulk from all four corners of the fur pillow squares.

Turn the sewn fur pillow squares right side out. Using you fingers, push the corners out so they form sharp points.

Stuff the pillow insert into the fur-pillow cover. Work the corners of the insert into the corners of the fur-pillow cover. Add extra stuffing into the corners to better form, and fill them out.

Pin the opening of the fur-pillow cover closed.

Whip stitch the opening using the carpet thread. Whip stitching the opening closed may seem odd, but because of the bulk of the fur, it gives the best results. It will provide a sturdier closure, and the fur will camouflage the thread.

Comb the seams of the fur pillow to pull the fur that is caught in the seams. Fluff and pick the fur in the seams until the seams are no longer noticeable. JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 35



The first thing to consider is that rabbits have a long life span, so be prepared to care for your pet rabbit through the long term. They are also unique creatures, who form tight bonds with their families. They also require some routine vet care from a good rabbit vet, and are not low maintenance pets.

PLAYING WITH BUNNIES good condition and help prevents hairballs.

CHOOSING A RABBIT A fairly quick look at potential pet rabbit will help you sort out if there are any obvious signs of illness or other issues. While there are no guarantees, avoiding rabbits that have common signs of health problems can save you a lot of heartache in the future RABBIT CAGE Cages that are spacious enough, easy to clean, and easy to for your rabbit to get in and out of, will make sharing your home with a rabbit so much easier but is no substitute for exercise and social time out of the cage FEEDING THE BUNNIES Even the best quality rabbit pellet is not adequate on its own as a diet for pet rabbits. Plenty of fresh grass hay is very important in a rabbit’s diet, as are fresh greens and vegetables RABBIT HEALTH You should try to find a knowledgeable rabbit vet, to spay or neuter your rabbit and to call on if your rabbit develops health problems. In some parts of the world, rabbits are vaccinated as well, so find a vet and check with them about a preventative health plan for your rabbit GROOMING Rabbits are typically fastidiously clean animals, and spend a good deal of time grooming them. While this means they usually do not need baths, regular brushing helps keep their coat in 36 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

BRUSHING If you have a short haired rabbit, it is a good idea to brush them at least once a week. When they are shedding more frequent brushing is recommended. During the heavy part of a shed, daily brushing is ideal. Keep in mind that rabbit skin is quite fragile, so be gentle and use a brush designed for rabbits REMOVING MATTED HAIR If your rabbit does develop mats in its coat, never try to trim them out with scissors as it is very easy to accidentally cut into the skin doing this. Gradually work out the mat by gently separating and combing hair out of the mat a tiny bit at a time, being careful not to pull on the skin BATH AND PERSONAL CARE Rabbits do not need baths and generally find them very stressful. If absolutely necessary it is better to just do a “spot cleaning” of the area that is dirty rather than subjecting a rabbit to the stress of bathing. If it is absolutely necessary to bathe your rabbit, keep in mind that it takes rabbit fur a long time to dry and it is a good idea to use a blow dryer (on a warm, never hot, setting) to speed the process. NAIL TRIMS Regular nail trims should also be part of the grooming routine. Check the nails once a week when grooming and trim them whenever they get a bit long

Hail Hail The stars are here to stay!!!

Have you been watching the Karan Johar talk show??? The contraversies, slinging bad mud on each other habit, scandals, shocking comments, double shocking discoveries and sizzling chemistries. Ufffff...... arghhhhh..... gosh..... hmmmmm..... so what is your reaction to these chat shows. Deepa S K finds out why we like to watch these talkshows that claim to interview stars but in actual have dollops of drama in them.

JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 37

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. -Bill Vaughan. I love this quote. Somehow this quote applies to all of us at all milliseconds of life. I say milliseconds for the only reason, because most of love to gaze at the other side of the field which is always greener. Now, are you an optimist or a pessimist? Human nature has 4 C’s- Compare, Contrast, Complain and Comment. So much so that the 4 C’s have become a subject or critics’ and a platform of discussion, one such being the new season of Koffee with Karan. Now we know and we love K Jo not just for the amazing director he is but also for the ability he has to handle emotional scenes with such intensive outbursts. He is what I call the ‘Napoleon of the tear saga’. He can make the most solid and grilling guy break down in tears not just that, he is also successful in making them weep. Now who say’s men don’t cry! He proved it wrong! Way to go my Man… after all as we all know you are ‘the Man’. Anyways, getting back to his show, his latest season sounds promising to all my C’s. Literally, K Jo just cajoled his guests in all its literal sense talking out their minds. Now we all know citizens of the film fraternity talk their mind out, but the real talk happens else where and this is something K Jo has succeeded in getting-‘the real meat’ out. People who have watched the shows will agree to me. This season has rather taken the shape of a very well sender and messenger platform, where we hear Big B sending a message to SRK asking him to ‘kindly’ acknowledge his messages. And goes on to talk how prompt Bhajji and Tendulkar are in replying back to his messages! This is fine, but the talk begins to get interesting when his daughter points out his nature of getting all worked up. It’s cute to see how Big B becomes defensive and disagrees it all. This only shows no matter how big a star you are, you are someone’s partner and parent. Thankfully! He sounded normal. But tables and ears turn when we have a Bebo questioning Piggy Chops, “So where does she get her accent from?” Forward to the next episode, Piggy Chops answers, “The same place where her boyfriend get’s it from”. (OOO…. Did the former touch a nerve or the latter just ripped it off). It’s fun to see the cat fight (You know the better word for it) when it goes on screen. We all love to hear and see dirty. The next awaited questions are about Botox and who slept with whom and how ‘reliable and long and strong’ is your relationship.(What were you hinting at Chaifffu!!!) And then we have the pretty pretty girls advising on who should be considered hot and who should endorse ‘maybe’ a condom ad. The never stoppable ‘gyaan’ session seems to have found its microphone and ground in the K Jo talk show. And the kind of questions that he asks is smart enough to cause a volcano fight against a tornado. Like, rate according to acting or rate according to looks. So Mr K Jo you think we don’t get the point what you are trying to make – a definite distinction between who the guest thinks should be away from them and who should not. And yet the biggies of the film fraternity claim that ‘they are all equals’. So when someone states dialogues like, “My name is not Khan”, what does the audience get to understand or is this dialogue rather necessary for making a statement. Well, then common, like I stated we all love the ‘mirch masala kahaani’ of apna heroes and the heroines.

38 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

It’s fascinating enough-the glam world with all the history of ‘pati, patni aur woh’ plus the break up’s and the public spite, still people love them. It’s quite a curious case, with all the fame and the infamous things that they do which the media loves to slash them around, yet we sit glued in front of the television to watch them talk and breathe the normal life which we think is bigger than life. (Count me in as well). Such talk shows sometimes I feel are ‘chatt patta’ and better than our normal masala mix movies. You don’t agree! Well, at the beginning we have the normal conversation, then we have the controversies, then we have the blame game, beech main rona dhona and then a video of ‘how much we love you’- a happy ending. Doesn’t it sound like a typical Bollywood commercial? So, K Jo literally weaves stories and may be gets his ideas from this show. (Now I begin to wonder which talk series did the inception of ‘Dostana’ take place???) This reminds me of the talk show by the white virtuous beauty Simi Garewal. With her élan and grace, she is quite a talented lady who laughs and wipes their tear in the most Jane Austin period style. I can’t remember a single guest who did not shed a tear on her show. So were they being really them or were they just being reel. Common, I’m not being a cold heart or maybe I am, but they seem to be so much in character (blame the profession) but somehow whatever they say or do is either looked upon like a scorn or with perpetual truth (I definitely come in the former and you? May be that’s one of the reason why we want to know more and more of them, to draw a thin line between the real and the reel. Their life being curse in a disguise appeals to the aam janta so much that we worship them and take them to the pedestal of God’s. At some point of time we feel we own them, and yet we love them and we hate them. Maybe it is this very paradoxical connection that keeps such talk shows very much in demand and the TRP’s high. We are a consumer society and we love commercial stuff and anything that is larger than life. So it’s like the bigger the star get’s the desire to know more about them becomes bigger. After all we have the right of information….but at the cost of their privacy? The stars almost scream and beg for a personal life, but when they come on such shows and propel about themselves and their normal lives people long to know more and there are some who stalk. So who exactly is responsible for such frenzy, I guess… they themselves or may be the common public who worship them or the stories that make them legends. In spite of the fact that most of the characters they adorn are fiction yet we choose to believe that they do the impossible-we beat our fist in the air when they bash the goons, clap when they sing and dance, silently weep (applied to both men and women) when they are in pain and hurt and can never accept the fact that they can ever DIE. Our love for them is never ceasing entwined in conditional clauses when it comes to their personal lives. So much so that we form fan groups , chat rooms and even organisations charitable and non charitable ones, how could I forget- we even build holy shrines for them. The thirst to know more about them seems unquenchable. And so like we are aware of the theory of demand and supply, as long as there is a supply of such demi god’s, so long the demand for information about them will remain. Therefore, all I can say is Hail the ‘star’ talk shows…. They are all here to stay! JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 39


k o o b Twit

alakrishnan By Ashwin B

Facebook. Twitter. MySpace. Mix them up and what do you have? MyTwitFace. Yes, the joke is old but it’s also on us. Mark Zuckerberg and his team at Facebook have done what nobody thought possible: they’ve created a social network that not only lasted in popularity for more than a few years, but the damn thing keeps picking up the pace! In an age where technological developments come to us in droves and expire faster than week-old milk left to marinate in raw egg yolks under the hot summer sun, Facebook has notched itself a position at the top of the social network game and is increasing its revenue and profit with every passing year. But growth is not always good, and change for change’s sake never is. Facebook seems to have run out of worthwhile advancements, and it’s starting to show. Unfortunately, the Facebook team has decided to change the profile yet again. This time, several changes have been implemented to deliver a more visually-oriented design. With too much emphasis on photos, anyone can see your recently tagged photos unless you choose to hide them totally. Also, Facebook has decided that your wall will now be infested with blurbs of what your commented or wrote on someone’s wall. Not only do your friends know whose statuses you’ve been commenting 40 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

on, they can now see what you wrote. This makes life oh-somuch easier for the ubiquitous Facebook creep (a.k.a. the virtual stalker).

VIEW POINT Furthermore, Facebook has now entered a transitional phase. A Unfortunately, the Facebook team has decided to change the profile yet again. This time, several changes have been implemented to deliver a more visually-oriented design. With too much emphasis on photos, anyone can see your recently tagged photos unless you choose to hide them totally. Also, Facebook has decided that your wall will now be infested with blurbs of what your commented or wrote on someone’s wall. Not only do your friends know whose statuses you’ve been commenting on, they can now see what you wrote. This makes life oh-so-much easier for the ubiquitous Facebook creep (a.k.a. the virtual stalker).

Furthermore, Facebook has now entered a transitional phase. A year or two ago, there was a wave of the older generation joining Facebook: evidence of the stranglehold this social networking website had on society. Nobody could resist. Look at the usage today and it has decreased; while advertising revenue is up thanks to the sheer volume of users, registration and log-in rates have dropped in 2010. One could argue that registration numbers are down because so many are already on the site, and while that may be true it also means that the scope for growth has died down considerably. Several people – and I count myself among them – now use Facebook solely as a means of keeping in touch with friends in distant places, logging in occasionally for a bit of self-promotion and to share good news. The problem is that Facebook has become less social and more of a “click-here-click-thereincrease-our-revenue” ordeal. The quiz applications have become notoriously annoying and infested with spyware; the fun and novelty factor has worn itself out with virtually all our reallife contacts on the network; and Farmville has gone just one step too far. Another pet peeve many people have is that Facebook has destroyed an institution they hold dear: friendship. Every day I get friend requests from people who have spread rumours about me, people who haven’t spoken to me in years and will never say hello if I add them, and people I just plain don’t know. Call me anti-social, but having 500 friends is not a bragging point.

I’m much happier with my 98 friends to whom I talk regularly, both on Facebook and in real life (a concept Facebook seems to want to destroy).

And then there’s Twitter, the most annoying blue bird in the world to some and the centre of the universe to others. Twitter is special, because the site’s servers are down more often than they are up. Truth be told, Twitter is just an alternative to Facebook. Unless you’re a celebrity or someone famous, your Twitter followers most likely don’t care what you have to say; they’re just hoping you’ll follow them so they can brag about how many people hang on their every word to their friends. Twitter can be explained psychologically, of course. People have a constant need to be the centre of attention; it is human nature to want to be adored, admired, and listened to. The most difficult part of a conversation is not thinking of what to say, but rather listening to what the other person has to say. Humans are egoistical creatures, and Twitter is there to satisfy that need. Celebrities of course are the best example of egos in action, and depend on their fans to help maintain their celebrity status. Normal people with everyday jobs, on the other hand, are all competing for attention on Twitter. As with a room chock full of narcissists, everyone is talking and few are listening. However, Twitter is not all bad. Certain educated high-profile figures are known to post intellectually sound thoughts on their Twitters, often having discussions with their followers on the topic. News channels and other informative sources provide live feeds through Twitter, and the increased application compatibility with the newest breed of smartphones is allowing more people to stay up to date on current events. If all else fails, one can always follow Kanye West for laughs or spam hate tweets to Justin Bieber.

JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 41



un ni B

Top 10 Songs to groove your senses this season


h or aC Milgaye C


onn ha


42 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

Uff Teri Ada - K


Sheila Ki Jawa


an no



-T E



hi Mitthi Bol Mitt -A l a G IS




invayi - B vayi A AN Ain D


Pardah Pardah - ON CE





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Ka Jhatka , La Zor

ga a

2010 wasn’t a year when one evidenced a flurry of blockbuster soundtracks. A few albums did very well, quite a lot didn’t and then there were a few which did make an impression but just about.

Paisa Paisa - DE





Compiling a list of the top 10 dance songs of this season is a herculean task, with the sheer number of dance songs released every year, narrowing lists down to just the top 10 dance songs can be difficult. Every artist worth his or her salt, who has redefined dance music, makes an appearance on this list with some of their best work, according to us. While these top dance songs may not be necessarily a favorite with everyone, these songs have had a huge crowd dancing the night away to their tunes. These songs are a definite on most lists of best dance songs ever.

aam Hui






A Day from her Diary...


By Bhuvana Balaji

ing model, the The highly flourish ding sm ile and an one wit h an astoun all in a person — r ve lo l a im an incredible ude coup led wit h it tt a t h g ri e th as who h ina Miss em F o tw h rt o w is beauty, which rances on a whole ea pp a h ut o S ia d In hments — it’s is pl m co ac er h ot long list of the dam s el in a is e er H . h g in S Sad hna u lip rendezvous wit h T JANUARY 16-31, 01-15, 2011 TULIP 43


! Toiling Hard

; e any activity a position to tim in t I t no Bu . am g I tin fluctua at work, vari able and “When I am ry ve g e in in rd ut co ro ial ac ake my e very essent the shoots m and that is th ng ki ming smile. or co w el in w d re anting an ch take pleasu en ry ve a ith w na says to me,” Sadh

travagance! e star ts at Free time ex e time, her routin and a face ur is le g rin du d ys of f an s of juice

as On her da ning with a gl casu9 in the mor ade as she chats for ge an or around 8 or r he on ps nd si ou na ar dh pack to escort. Sabits and activities. “I generally lazethe daily ups ha us r sc he di t d ally abou newspaper an n talk to TV, read the is amazing ; I ca d da ith a while, watch w l ve le rt fo m d. My co dates with da ything.” an t him abou

ven Green H(e)a

I ts whenever water the pl an as t ea tr I make sure I re t grea I believe it’s a ’s am at home. with my Dog g in ay pl time e th g I al so spend on am ly ch settle cozi es ey r puppies, whi he d ly an quips excited pots,” Sadhna . Well, we will gs do ns mentio widen as she soon. that part very surely get to

ak! l, take a bre d my Have a mea with dad an ve my lunch

ha e noon. I “I generally ound 12 in th ar re he ew m online, brother at so a book or I go ith w n w do le and many then sit sett g fashion , diet in rd ga re s addictsearch for tip of course I am nd A f. uf st it’s highly other random remarks that na dh Sa .” ok af ternoons ed to Facebo sleep in the t n’ es do e instead, important sh sometimes. So r he on ll to ch as it takes a ing activities; whi e st re te in r he ot in at sh she indulges r basketball th her passion fo al so includes the evenings. pl ays during

gime Traditional re

s into a lot of , but my dad’ k ea fr ss ne ins fit a t mewhere,” gr “I am no got into me so ne s. ge na at sa th aa d her daily Yoga, an up to star t with ts t ge ou e ab sh es as . She go Sadhna like daughter er e th th fa e at lik d y, Must sa out an hour an cercises for ab . the regular ex d rejuvenated is all fresh an end of it, she

Daisy, the p artner-in-cri

me! “I am a huge fan of animals . Ca ts and dogs espe I spend a lot ci ally, of time with my dogs in th pl ay with them e evening. I , take them fo r a walk, the not com plete day is just without them . D ai sy is just co adorable and mpletely she is an aw esome hangou for me,” Sadh t partner na smiles he r brig htest sm fondly pl ays ile as she with Daisy fo r a while. 44 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011



She loves the colour PINK which is very evident from the colour of her wallet, phone and laptop.


She makes friends pretty quickly but fails to keep in touch with them most of the time, she sheepishly admits.


She loves listening to old Hindi songs which is her constant companion when it’s peaceful and quiet.


She won the title Miss Perfect 10 in Femina Miss India South top 5 in 2008.


She prefers arranged marriage over love marriage.

Family time , serene go through! Sadhna ta

lk s about the bonding she shares her family as with she says with a radiant smile spending tim : “I love e with my fam ily; it is the on that has kept ly thing me in Hyderab ad not really a party person, in for so long. I am the sense; pa are a very casu rtie al af fair in my lifesty le. So I wou s rather spend ld my day of f at home with fa friends.” mily and

ment! Defining mo

t fining momen s been the de ha t ha w ep to “S as s saying, When asked omptly replie pr e I sh as r, fa er of my care of her life so the best part en ; k be ee s W ha Fashion tember 2010 in the Lakme p m ra e n th k io al sh w out fa was called to ost talked ab ggest and m bi e e went for th sh is at ch th whi lant ly ha nc no ys sa e e Sh ” . And now, sh event in Indi a. t didn’t qualify bu o ag ly s gh ar hi ye in the it a couple of s her progress r it, which show fo d lle ca as w for. she has opted competitive career

Pictures from her album

Reminiscence, craziness and more! As she recalls her most cherished and close-to-heart moments, she says, “I always will cherish my school days. When I was in my 10th and 11th, my friends and me used to bunk school, go to internet cafes, which was a very new and emerging trend at that point of time. We found it very fascinating and we used to meddle with messengers and browse stuff which was really exciting at that point of time.” And then she recollects other memories as she gives her broadest ever smile which says it all. School days are always nostalgic, hard to be forgotten memories and treasured by all. JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 45



The dynamic and exciting latin dance full of exotic music and flavours is fast catching rythm with our city. TULIP gives you a take on this fun, different and rapidly becoming the next fitness sensation dance form.

What Is Zumba? Zumba is a popular fitness program inspired by Latin dance. The word “Zumba” comes from a Colombian word that means to move fast and have fun, which is just how people describe the routine. Using upbeat Latin music together with cardiovascular exercise, Zumba is aerobic dancing that is lots of fun and easy to learn. Zumba means ‘moving fast and having fun’. It is a combination of fitness- and dance moves on swinging latin music. Salsa, Flamenco and Merengue, everything is possible. Even Hip Hop Zumba is now popular! Every Zumba lesson is one big party, you don’t even notice you are actually working out and losing weight, it’s just like going to the club! No hard choreography’s, its there for everybody who loves swinging on music! Zumba lessons are already available in India and even in Hyderabad the craze is getting over it and it is growing each day.

Is Zumba Good for Weight Loss? Zumba seems to be an optimal fitness choice, mixing cardio intervals with resistance training. Many experts believe that an interval/resistance combination maximizes caloric output, fat burning, and total body toning. Zumba mixes effective body sculpting movements with easy-to-follow, fun dance steps. People seem to forget about working out during a Zumba session, allowing them to exercise longer, and burn more calories. The Zumba dance workout has been developed in such a way 46 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

that fast, punchy songs are followed by slower, rhythmical ones thus alternating the intensity of the workout from high to medium throughout. This system not only gives its participants an interval in which to get their breath back but also introduces a type of training known as high intensity interval training. It has long been accepted that aerobic exercise is that which burns fat the most effectively. Simplified, aerobic exercise is any exercise which will make you out of breath over a sustained period thus allowing your body to start drawing on fat reserves within the body. Short, sharp bursts of exercise (anaerobic) are commonly used for strength training. There is now some evidence to suggest that high intensity interval training may actually be the most effective training system for fat burning and therefore weight loss. The Zumba workout it would appear, is an effective exercise programmer for both cardiovascular fitness and its many benefits as well as being a way to lose weight. In these areas it perhaps offers no greater benefits than many other aerobic workouts but there is no doubt that it introduces a greater fun factor than many other alternatives thus encouraging many people to participate. Zumba dance workout classes are springing up everywhere as many previously exercise shy people take it up. Should you be unable to find any nearby classes then DVDs are available for guided home workouts.


Physical Benefits Zumba can keep you in shape, since you burn so many energy in a given session. Each class lasts roughly 1 hour each. Some say that you could burn a minimum of 470 calories in a single session. You only have to do the workout 2 to three times per week to stay fit and lean. Zumba may improve your motor management and performance. As you go on working towards the moves, you get to have more control over your muscles and get on the groove easily. Zumba Gold, specifically, enhances the vary of motion of exercisers, in addition to their overall bone density, energy and flexibility. Zumba is sweet for people of all ages. Even the elderly can achieve bodily benefits so they keep sturdy and supple even of their later years. If you want to get rid of the additional fats and stay match for life, you possibly can depend on the program because it helps you constantly expend energy and fats even whilst you’re at relaxation by boosting your metabolism. Studying the brand new moves and steps additionally boosts your cognitive function. You get to extend focus and concentration. You may additionally find that you change into able to doing pain-free actions for the lengthy term.

Psychological Advantages While you’re match or exercising, the physique releases hormones that make you are feeling good. As an impact, you acquire increased shallowness and confidence. You get an general feeling of wellness. Your quality of life additionally improves and turns into empowered. Leisure becomes enhanced which takes away lots of anxiety, melancholy and stress. There are more opportunities for social interaction. The routine can also be very fun so you don’t get the sensation that all the pieces becomes redundant. Zumba eases boredom by incorporating different tunes, steps and dances. You’ll be able to follow the program for the long term and reap the advantages of feeling good about yourself. It is usually good to use Zumba together with different forms of exercises like weight training. You stay motivated due to the improved self-satisfaction

Looking for some popular pop music to do your Zumba routines, these are our favorite 10 songs: 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Telephone – Lady Gaga Spice up Your LIfe – Spice Girls Let’s Get Loud – Jennifer Lopez Hips don’t Lie – Shakira Beyonce – Single Ladies Gasolina – Daddy Jankee Boom Boom Pow Pitbull – I know you want me Waka Waka – Shakira Caipirinha

What’s a Zumba Class Like? A typical Zumba session lasts about an hour and incorporates several dance styles, including cumbia, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, mambo, rumba, flamenco, and calypso and Salsaton. The Latin music includes both fast and slow rhythms, allowing for a great cardio workout as well as body sculpting exercises.

Zumba Lesson During the warming up you immediately get hyped by the stimulating Latin Dance music. Up tempo and slow rhythms interchange each other, interval training is proven to be the best way to effectively lose weight! It’s like being in sunny Colombia when you are dancing! Zumba is addictive and you want more each time. Every lesson brings an unforgettable workout. You want to get your next work out as soon as possible!

History of Zumba Fitness trainer, Alberto “Beto” Perez, first stumbled upon the concept of Latin inspired fitness in his native country of Colombia in the mid ‘90s. One day, he arrived at class without his aerobics music. His only option was to grab the tapes he had in his car; his favorite Latin salsa and merengue music. From this last-minute improvisation was born a revolutionary fitness program – Zumba. The class soon became the most popular at his fitness facililty and in 1999, after his success in Colombia, Beto brought the class to the United States. JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 47


The Road Not Taken Motorcycles are beautiful things. Two wheels they may be, but those two wheels and what lies between them determines so much more than just how fast the thing can go. Ashwin Balakrishnan says sleek sports bikes, chromed-out cruisers, and massive tourers are the big favorites among the “wish-I-had-one” crowd, but the volume sellers for any big company are almost always the street and dirt bikes. Smaller in engine capacity, dirt bikes can handle both tar and dirt roads but fare better on the latter. Joined by their four-wheeled cousins, the ATVs, dirt bikes make for an affordable option for some unconventional fun.

48 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

Honda CRF450R Whether for motocross or exploring the woods, Honda dirt bikes have always been among the best. The CRF450R is Honda’s premium off-road two-wheeler and rightfully stands tall as the most versatile and capable dirt bike in the global market. This is thanks to the 450cc fuel-injected and liquid-cooled engine which churns out power at a freaky rate. The throttle for the 2011 model has been revamped and the ECU of the fuel-injection system has been remapped to provide more grunt in the low end and mid-range spectrum. This gives the rider better traction and control at lower engine speeds. Given the fact that off-road riding is usually done at a modest RPM and speed, this could not be a better boon. The 2011 CRF450R also has a new suspension system to help move over harsher bumps and ditches.


KTM 450 EXC Want a competition-capable yet street-legal and dirt-friendly bike for all your needs? Look no further than Austrian manufacturer KTM’s 450 EXC. Chock full of legal performance components that provide the full potential of the 450cc engine, the 450 EXC also has world-class suspension and traction systems to put it forth as a contender for the title of world’s best off-road motorcycle. The 2011 model of the EXC has a single-cylinder engine which is liquid-cooled and fuel-injected (bog standard in the global two-wheeler industry nowadays). KTM is also famous for its partnership with Red Bull Racing, giving it further credibility as a serious motorsports performance marque.

Kawasaki KX450F Kwackers are famous for being screaming, raging demons with far too much power and a dangerously steep power output curve: exactly what any sports-oriented biker wants. The 450cc premium off-road variant, the KX450F, comes back in its 2011 avatar with a liquid-cooled and fuel-injected fourvalve single cylinder engine. Front and rear suspensions carry the Uni-Trak linkage system with Kayaba shocks. When suspension is as vital as it is in off-road motorcycling, it’s good to know that one is in good hands with Kawasaki’s award-winning and industry-leading Uni-Trak suspension system. The engine is not as crisp or refined as a Honda or Yamaha, but offers much more power delivery at lower revolutions. The 120/80 studded rear tyre provides more than enough support for even the roughest, most gravel-infested trails.

JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 49


Kawasaki KFX450R ATVs are usually bulky tools employed by forest rangers to traverse harsh terrain, hence the name ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle). Take one look at the premium Kwacker sports ATV and all those stereotypes go out the window. With aggressively-sculpted plastics and mean-looking dual xenon headlights, this monster is an eye-catcher. A 449cc liquid-cooled and fuel-injected single cylinder core holds enough power to propel you up a rocky hill or across an uneven valley. Dirt roads, forest trails, and cross-country dashes across grassy fields will be nothing but miles on the odometer with the KFX450R at your disposal. Fitting snow tyres would even make the vehicle capable during winter in colder climates; the lack of a windscreen or provision to install one is a deterrent however. Regardless, it would be quite the trip to take this beast on the roads and enjoy the

Yamaha Grizzly 450 EPS The Grizzly has the most distinct looks of any ATV currently in production. Massive and imposing, the stature of the Grizzly EPS hides the relatively small engine quite well. Like all premium off-road vehicles, this ATV holds a 450cc liquid-cooled and fuelinjected engine. Fitted with electronic power steering (EPS) for the 2011 model, the Grizzly comes with a lighter engine and chassis which make for easier times getting out of ditches and other sticky situations one might encounter in the woods. Handling is light and this translates to a low-impact ride and added confidence; the ergonomics and switchgear require little time to get adjusted to. The highlight of this ATV, however, remains the Hummer-like front design and intimidating headlights. 50 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011




By Dipika Pillay

If you thought North-West frontier food is all about heavy on the stomach dishes brimming with thick cream, dollops of clarified butter and tantalizing masalas then you are in for a surprise, as KHAANSAAB will prove you wrong- in the authentic way!!!

The entrance of this 160 seater restaurant located at GVKOne welcomes you with its golden age appeal. A 100 year old ‘Kanchiveram Pattu Saree’ with tatters to prove its bona fide is adorned on the door and framed with glass. The life size replica of an elephant denotes royalty. STARTERS Try and keep off the cheese sticks, chutneys and condiments even though they are delicious and be prepared for an orgy of kebabs. Start off your gastronomic experience with ‘Baluchistani Kebab’- cooked on the bone until the meat is meltingly tender, the chilli level is perfect with a rich masala. Lahori Seekh- minced chicken cooked in tandoor and brushed with fresh butter alongside fragrant masalas is delicious. The ‘dahi ke galouti’ melts in the mouth and is an excellent option for vegetarian starters. A must try starter is their ‘ghosh ke gappe’- a large pani puri filled minced mutton masala and various chutneys. It’s unique, creative and yummy. Modern recipe like the tandoori broccoli was an absolute surprise. MAIN COURSE The ‘murgh ki tehri’- boneless pieces of chicken in almond paste, yoghurt and aromatic spices was perfect for mopping up with fluffy ‘Lucknowi paratha.’ The wide spread of breads like murani paratha, warg ke parathe and kazmi naan were flaky, sinfully oily and flavoured in layers. Their biryanis from Awadhi cuisine are a good mix of spices and rice unlike our Hyderabaadi one. Dal Khansaab and Sarson Kaa saag deserves a special mention for its right mix of lentils, seasoning and cream.

DESERRT There is no room for dessert after onslaught but in case you want to then try the Phaldari Jamun ke sheek. Juicy gulab jamuns skewered and char grilled with fresh fruits and dripped with honey. It’s plump, crunchy, sticky, gooey and wickedly sweet!!! Also the Makhani ki Terni- a pudding made a la frontier style with lots of almonds, hint of saffron and fresh cream is rich and worth a treat. All in all it’s an exciting, fresh, vibrant and royal experience to dine out here. It’s the kind of place where you can enjoy a quite dinner or an uninterrupted meeting. The ambience allows you to take a break from the outside world with a touch of indulgence. The service is attentive and warm plus it’s the budget is easy on the pocket.

JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 51



By Hassan Ali

Ever imagined discussing your presentation on a surface table, we gave you insight about the ipad, galaxy tab but now it’s time for us to give you something you which is beyond imagination, it’s called Microsoft Surface, it is a multi touch computer. There is no need of a mouse. With finger touch we can operate this computer. It is fully touch screen and at a time 4 or 5 persons can operate this computer at a time which is amazing.


SUBSCRIPTION Fill in the form and send in your D.D and Cheques to

BILGRAMI MEDIA PVT. LTD., # 1-8-308/2/2, 4th Floor, Near Mody Ford Showroom, Patigadda Road, Begumpet, Secunderabad - 500016. A.P - INDIA.

It’s a new 40 inch full hd screen which is just 4 inch thin and is multi user multi touch multi tasking computer which allows 4-5 people use the computer at one time. You thought multi tasking is what you get from the computers, then this gadget goes many steps ahead and gives u multiple user doing multiple task at one time. This one is better than the previous surface, which has a rich visual experience as it’s a large HD screen display is amazing which draws people in. It’s got a PixelSense, which sees and responds to touch and real world objects.


It’s got a touch enabled screen start to finish runs on windows 7 which makes it look very stylish with the themes and the Microsoft surface 2.0 software gives it an edge from what it was earlier which makes it so simple for a user to use it without keyboard or mouse. This one has new quick control buttons which allows you for basic settings like volume, brightness and input source. Easier remote administration. Power shell scripts are easy to use and create, so Surface can be deployed in an enterprise setting.


Streamlined development for touch. The Microsoft Surface 2.0 platform makes development easier with applications that run on Microsoft Windows 7 touch devices and with enhanced capabilities on the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface.




TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. All fields in the subscription order format are compulsory. 2. Bilgrami Media Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to cancel or close the subscription offer without prior notice. 3. Bilgrami Media Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible for postal and courier delays delivery failures. 52 or JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP

This one is surely to attract everybody’s eyeballs and more than this gadget will make all your life very easy at work and also at home where you can watch movies in HD making the movie experience awesome, this device is an office device with lot of awesome multimedia applications This device is priced at a very high side at around 3, 50,000 rupees. I rate this one 5 on 5, nothing is better than this!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year



Road No. 12, Next to Landmark, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Restaurant No: 2 3333 786 Off: 2 3333 356,




l l l

Enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine The decor draws inspiration from the traditional Chinese house Private dinning room for the Family & Friend Best place in town for private parties A friendly ambience and authentic chinese food make this a place well worth visiting (Times Food Guide 2010) JANUARY DECEMBER16-31, 1-15, 2010 2011 TULIP 53


SWITCH PARTY The Switch party at Novotel Shamshabad had DJ Tejas and VJ Sunny Bunny entertaining the crowd admist midnight fireworks and flair acts.

PRETTY LEGS AT HAMPSHIRE The Hampshire Plaza Hotel has a fashion show with scintillating dance performances and melodious singing to ring in the New Year celebration. Guests were raving to the foot tapping music and binged over yummy spread of food. Youngsters flocked to the dance section and grooved to some music.

24x7 help line No. 9885858585

Showroom: 3-6-327 & 328, Doshi Chambers, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad - 500 029 Tel : 91-40-4477-9999/6678-1414: Fax: +91-40-2322-8391 Workshop : B-4, IDA -Uppal, Hyderabad 500 039. Phones : 91- 40 -27200126, 27200127, 27200137 Fax : 91 -40-27200139



Bhargavi & Geeta

Nazeer & Arban

Friends forever

Esha & Manognya


PARTIES @ B&C, LIQUIDS, TOUCH, 10D & SPOIL This fortnight the pubs brought down the house with their best music. Club scenarios came down alive with techno music and pumped music in full volume. Hyderabaadis proved that sleep is for infants as they let down there hair and danced the night away having a blast. Socialites were seen pub hopping and unwinding with friends and family.


Nikki & Divya

George & Samantha

Shriya & Priya

Reena & Nikita









Bunty & Shama

Sneha Vineet


DJ Amit




ishna Bhupal tied the knot with Dia Mehta, daught er of a di amond tyco on, he flew hi s entire gues ts from Hyderabad to the venue in 4 chat tered pl anes. Venu e was Mumba Cooperage gr i’s ound, the sam e pl ace where Ambani marrie Anil d Tina Munim . Guests enjo the ultimate yed royal treatmen t at Taj Palace where a total of 20 0 rooms and 40 0 cars were booked . On the gues t list were Av Minister Praful iation Patel, industri alist Anil Am and many min bani isters along w ith the Bachan Kapoors, Raju s, s and Reddys . The big fat In wedding can’ di an t get any mor e ex travagan this and you t then gotta be one luck y person Bhupal’s list of on friends to ge t invited to su magnificent w ch a edding!!!

Arshada & Kaushik




N-GRILL PARTY The party at n-grill was a favourite with majority of our socialites. All of them caught up over the music, food and company

A TOAST TO A GLORIOUS 2011 A first-class celebration to ring in the new year was seen at Ista Hotel. Guests tuned into foot tapping music from DJ Piyush to celebrate the wonderful New Year’s Eve and to welcome the Year 2011 with a bang. There was scrumptious spread of food at the hotel premises along with overnight stay and spa packages for the tired ones.

58 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011


TULIP in association with PARIS DE SALO N presents FL AUNT OF THE ISSUE If you are at your fashio nable best then our len ses wil l sho ot you. Go by the wo picture will be publi she rds as one d every for tnight in thi s section. If your pictur you get an amazing cha e is publi shed here the nce to get a free facia n l or ha *Fl aunters please collec 59 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

t the vouchers from the

ir cut from Paris De


By E.Narsing Ra




TULIP office JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 59

FORTNIGHTLY DIARIES Food festivals, Upcoming Events and What’s New in Town, all this and lots more..... Your guide to the city happenings. Royal Awadhi Experience at the Great Kabab Factory Till Jan 30th Choose from a wide variety such as, Hussaini boti, tawa machhli and anari chaamp kebab, amongst others. In the main course there is Lucknowi biryani, warqui paratha, moong gosht, kairi ki dal, gosht rizala, dum ka murg et al. Typical Awadhi sweets like sheermal and phirni can be savored amongst the regular spread. Contact- 40208282

Snacks & Desserts Buffet at Sweet Nirvana 4:00 PM Onwards till Jan 31st Sweet Nirvana has a daily ‘Snacks & Desserts Buffet’ with a delicious spread of snacks, pastries, desserts plus lemonade, priced at Rs.199 inclusive of taxes. It also has ‘Make your own Sunday Brunch’ where you can select from a huge set list of dishes. This also includes made to order omelettes and waffles, every Sunday at Rs.450 + taxes. Contact- 4241 4343

ARMY Day at Arena, Taj Deccan. From Jan 15 th- 23rd Taj Deccan salutes the spirit of the armed forces of our nation on the occasion of ARMY day on 15th January. A weeklong celebration awaits all defence officers. Officers can avail 30% flat discount on all Food & Beverages offerings. Contact- 6652 3939

Carlsberg Sunday Brunch at The Square, Hotel Novotel Every Sunday till Jan 31st Come and experience The Sunday Brunch with a twist! - Carving Carlsberg pot roast of beef with mashed potato - Carlsberg and lemon grass poached fish with green pepper beer mayonnaise - Carlsberg dim sum with scallion ginger dip –and Carlsberg drunken barbeque chicken. Contact- 66824422

American Breakfast at Ruci & Idoni Every Sunday, 9:00 AM Onwards till Jan 31st. An All American 5 Course Breakfast with Tea/Coffee and Juice included free. Priced just at Rs. 299 only. From delicious muffins to warm pancakes and syrup to fresh waffles and more. Contact- 6535 5018

Sunday Brunch @ Little Italy Till Jan 31st Little Italy’s Sunday Brunch for Rs. 650 will give u a taste of some of the finest cuisines across the world, such as Italian, Mexican, Mongolian, Thai & Lebanese with unlimited Cocktails, Beers & Juices. The Buffet Spread consists of unlimited freshly made starters, varieties of nutritious soups, live salad bar and live pizza and pasta counter. Contact23558001 Lunch and Dinner Buffet at Nautanki Gali Everyday till Jan 31st Nautanki Gali offers you one of the largest buffet spreads in town, for lunch @ Rs.199/-! Contact- 789 301 0000

Slam Jam Nights at Xtreme Sports Bar Every Sunday - 8:00 PM Onwards till Wednesday Jan 26th Extreme Sports Bar has organized Karaoke Nights every Sunday this month. So all you shower singers come belt your favourites out. Contact- 98499 94747 Trunch @ Waterside Cafe Sundays 9:30 AM Onwards till Jan 31st. Taj Banjara brings to you every Sunday a smorgasbord of treats from around the world with unlimited wines and spirits! Do try the ‘Burmese Khowsey’, ‘The singapore Bao’ and much more only at ‘The Waterside Cafe’. Contact66663939

Family Sunday Brunch @ The Park Every Sunday - 12:00 PM Onwards till Jan 31st enjoy your Sundays with a sumptuous spread to a host of activities along with DJ Murthy. Their Chefs await you with culinary delights. From painting, pottery, pool to fooseball and fun rides -- Do it all! Contact- 44990000


ADD A LISTING To add a listing in a particular section send in your entries to 1-8308/2/2, 4th floor, Near Modi Ford Showroom, Begumpet, 500016 Secunderabad



Price : 7,000 for 1year Cheque in favour of Bilgrami Media Pvt. Ltd.




Banjara Hills King Koti -

Road No.2 Banjara Hills Tel : 2354 2422/33




Road No.1 Banjara Hills

Dilsukhnagar. Tel : 6666 6669

Tel : 6625 9907/6625 9908


Bottles & Chimneys

Somajiguda - Tel : 4004 0666 Secunderabad - Tel : 6638 4666 Dilsukhnagar - Tel : 6675 5575

HOTELS Taj Krishna

Road No. 1 Banjara Hills Tel : 6666 2323/6629 2323



Begumpet Tel : 2776 6464




Taj Deccan

Road No. 1 Banjara Hills Tel : 6652 3939


Taj Banjara

Road No. 1 Banjara Hills Tel : 6676 9999


Hitech City, Madhapur Tel : 6767 6767/6767 6828


Gachibowli Tel : 2250 8888/4450 8716


Shamshabad - 406 62 500 00 Hitech City - 6682 4422



ITC Kakatiya



Tel : 2340 0132/4001 8183


Tank Bund Tel : 6652 2999/2752 2999

The Park

Somajiguda Tel : 2345 6789/4433 0116





Chirag Ali Lane, Abids Tel : 2320 3314

JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 61


Tarot Reading by Suhasini (March 21 - April 20) (Ambitious and Creative) This month the tarot card “The magician” indicates a good fortune and increased joy in human relationships example emotions, dreams, relationships, love, family, goods and services. That means greater intuition, more energy input into your home and family creating a beautiful home and falling in love may be even with a true soul mate to change your heart and face more glowing than ever says the tarot card “The lovers”. Karmic Tip – There is no substitute for love. Changing thoughts is the essence of true love.

(May 22 - June 21) (Double Thing Happening) This month the tarot card indicates that you will hit the existential “Jackpot” that is what life is all about. Happiness and spiritual bliss- they are all your rewards only. No matter how meaningless some of the stuff you’ve pursued is, keep doing the right thing for good fortune. Now remember to keep those you love close to you and hold each other. Its holding that has made you achieve so much on a cold night, seeing your garden grow says the tarot card “The ten of cups”.

(April 21 - May 21) (Loving and Full of Wisdom) This month the tarot card “The Change” indicates like mindedness, easy decisions and planning for the future together. This is a joyful loving card that indicates that relationships will run smoothly, a great deal of joy, loving unions, peace and harmony in the relationship. On the material side there may be talk of a promotion at work and also be doing deal of opening your new venture or project to be focused further with wonderful results says the tarot card “The Hierophant” Karmic Tip – Take guidance- your heart, your decisions and judgement will be accurate.

(June 22 - July 22) (Power of Love Symbolizes Life) This month the tarot card “The Judgement” accompanies a self-made windfall! This kind of good fortune is deserved by you and you are in a position to be comfortable to prove your business. It’s the end of the past actions and workings of the destiny which no one can completely understand. Since the power of fate has exceeded it rightly proves that “Life is a lottery” says the tarot card “The Wheel of Fortune”. Karmic Tip – Where there is a will, there is a way.

Karmic Tip – Remain focused on your primary goal.

(July 23 - Aug. 23) (Divinity and Humility) This month the tarot card “Ace of coins” indicates thoughts of financial blessings and angel of heavens is sending plenty of growth. Positive energy and also revival of health is on the cards. Take a walk in the woods and turn your face to the sun this will help you stay calm. The conscious magic also provides the power and energy to change your life, says the tarot card (The Sun) Karmic Tip – “Life is complex, yet so simple”

62 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011

(Aug. 24 - Sep. 23) (Knowledge and Understanding) This month the tarot card – “The Hermit” is truly auspicious to you with thoughts of financial blessings. It reveals that the universe advises to withdraw all worldly matters in order to reflect and know your true self. Be sure you are steering in the direction in which you wish to protect against negative people and stay focused on your dreams and goals, says the tarot card “The Chariot”.

Karmic Tip – Life is a blessed gift, take care.

Suhasini is the multitasking queen of astrology. She is an expert tarot card reader who covers palmistry, nadi astrology and counseling. She excels in scientific astrology & can be contacted on, E-mail: or 09393026634, 09290425451

(Sep. 24 - Oct. 23) (Unfolding of Live Leads to Unity) This month the tarot card “The Strength” says nostalgia may rave you in its sticky grid. Remember you are not only the one with red muscles on the score card of life. Improve yourself in the present moment. But you may be going through break-ups and relationship not working. This applies to job or high hopes, takes time to shake off those thoughts. Take a break and go elsewhere change yourself for past mistakes, says the tarot card – “The Judgement”. Karmic Tip – Love is the only jewel that shines in your heart.

(Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) (Any kind of Force is in dual aspect) This month the tarot card – “The World” confirms that “As you sow, shall you reap”. It is essential to mould yourself to circumstances and, benefit the balance between your professional and personal life. Make sure that you have analyzed it carefully and considered any risk that may be burdens on your shoulders, and then you can take deal, says the tarot card “The Fool”. Karmic Tip – Life seems to be as beautiful as your thoughts will.

(Nov. 23 - Dec. 21) (Idealism and Noble Aspirations) This month the tarot card – “The Star” represents the Angel God who is very powerful and bestows luck on you. Be assured that you are surrounded by exceptionally good angels who are protecting and guiding you when you walk on the difficult path. Good luck and fulfillment will follow you everywhere. Your karma life path is good with more comforts, luxuries, increase in salary and status – says the tarot card “The Moon”.

This month the tarot card “The Six of Pentacles “signifies a very special message- hold on and do not give up now. Have faith in heavenly guidance and divine magic. Don’t just sit and wait for things to happen, take actions and make the change you can see. Overcome addictions with a strong will and a positive frame of mind. Visualize your dreams and wish for them to come true – says the tarot card “The Bondage”

Karmic Tip – Goodness is the ultimate gem that is more valuable in your karmic deeds.

Karmic Tip – Learn to be confident to take firm decisions.

(Jan. 21 - Feb. 18)

(Feb. 19 - March. 20) (Struggle Leads to Success)

(Promotion of Communication) This month the tarot card “The Temperance” confirms the symbol of serenity, companionship and love- forgiveness. “See” the privileges you enjoy in your life and learn to realize losses in your life, like lost time, lost money or relationship. On the financial front, good news will soon be heard. All ill effects will be warded off soon. A dashing, magnetic and powerful, fame and prosperity will soon enter your life says the tarot card – “The King of Wands”. Karmic Tip – Be grateful to whatever God has blessed you.

(Dec. 22 - Jan. 20) (Numerous Goals to be Conquered)

This month the tarot card – “The Judgement” confirms that balance is the key to happiness. Make a to-do list and complete the task schedule. You have the ability to transform ordinary projects into extremely beneficial ones. The search is over as the answers lies within you. Put aside laziness and distractions. In depth research and information will help you to surge successfully, says the tarot card – “Three of Cups”. Karmic Tip – Confidence is the master key to success. JANUARY 16-31, 2011 TULIP 63



JUMBLE WORDS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


SOLUTION: SUDOKU : January 01-15, ISSUE-17

64 TULIP JANUARY 16-31, 2011


Re-arrange the following alphabets:


Solutions will be published in the next Issue.5


Begums Skin & Hair Care beauty parlour offers you all beauty services at very reasonable prices. We offer services such as Anti Ageing Treatments, Bleaching, Bridal Make Up, Eye Brow Treatment, Facials, Skin Lifting & Toning, Manicure, Mehndi Application, Mole Removal, Pedicure, Pigmentation, Skin Polishing, Under Eye Treatment, Unwanted Hair Removal, Waxing, Wrinkle Uplifting Treatment. We also specialize in hair styling and various hair treatments.

Treatment/ Therapies Dandruff Treatment Hair-falling Treatment Hair Growth Inhibitor Herbal Rejuvenation Therapy Hypno Therapy Pranic Healing Facials Anti-aging facials Fruit facials Vegetable Facials Bridal Facials Herbal Facials Golden facial Medicated Facial Mini Face Lift Normal Facial Massage Eye Massage Full Body Massage Head & Scalp Massage Hot Oil Massage Oil Massage

Chirag Ali Lane , Abids, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500001 India Contact us at


Other Services Body & Breast Firming Ear Piercing Pedicure Upper Lip Chin Under arms Hair removal Hair styles Blow dry Mehendi Henna Hair cuttings

RNI NO.: APENG/2010/33719


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