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Annu al Br a i n C ontes I don’t t know…

I will DEFINITELY win!

o I’m to ! … D O O G


h s o h G a n i M d n a a g a n u s Mat

“Contestants please be ready. The contest will start in 5 minutes.” The judge announced.

I don’t want to do this. I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING…

Hey look! I got 100% again! Straight A’s! The winner will HAVE to be me!

Haha! This is going to be TOO easy!

Today was the day of the Brain Contest. It was incredibly exciting for Lemon and Miss Brainy. Except for Marshmallow.

75th Annual Brain Contest!!! Welcome to the 75th Annual Brain Contest! Today we have three contestants- Lemon, Miss. Brainy, and Marshmallow.

We will start IMEDIATELY with the first question: What does “idk” mean?

And the contest begin! They started with the first question!

Both guesses were not

even close, and the two got really disappointed‌


Important Democratic kale?

International Destroying Kangaroos?

SCORE BOARD Lemon- 0 Miss Brainy- 0 Marshmallow-1

Surprisingly, Marshmallow got it right by not knowing anything!

I Don’t Know…

“One point for Marshmallow!” The judge said. Marshmallow wasn’t so sure what was happening…

Marshmallow, Don’t you have an answer? CORRECT! IDK stands for I don’t know!

Now Marshmallow was taking the lead. Both Lemon and Ms. Brainy were getting nervous.

You won’t get away with this Marshy, that 1st place is MINE‌

Now Marshmallow is taking the lead. We will move on to question No. 2. This question will be similar to question 1.

Question No. 2. What does しらない (shiranai) mean in English? Oh I learned this. It’s White wallpaper…

Wrong!!! Maybe… No white hair?

Could this be another chance for Marshmallow? Could he get it right AGAIN?

Marshmallow? Give it a try! Don’t be scared! What happened to the two smart-pants? They won every single

I don’t know…

Marshmallow was giving a honest answer. He really didn’t know!

Very good! Now we will move on to the LAST question for today…

Correct! Nice, Marshmallow!

Hey, Brainy… Let’s say I don’t know next.

OK, first, my name isn’t Brainy, it’s MISS brainy, understand? OK, and I’m going to I don’t know too…

Soon, Lemon thought it was time he gets a point. The only way was to be like Marshmallow and say “I DON”T KNOW”…

st a l he t T … a h w o W n d n A estion… an me qu “Het k n in s e ea is o m d ” is t h e i T n ? h s i l Eng utch… D

I don’t know!

Wrong! Let’s hear it from Marshmallow…

I don’t care… Can I go home now?

Correct! Marshmallow , how many languages do you know?

Lemon and Miss Brainy had no luck this time. Marshmallow didn’t see all of this coming. He wasn’t trying to win. He was just giving honest answers that he doesn’t know the answer. But what a miracle!


And the winner of the 75th Annual Brain Contest goes to… MARSHMALLOW!

Congratulatio ns! Thank you Lemon and Miss Brainy for entering today.

And the contest ended with Marshmallow leading the two smarties. Sadly, their plan wasn’t so successful. Next time, Marshy… REVENGE …

SCORE BOARD Lemon- 0 Miss Brainy- 0 Marshmallow- 3

If my ancestors were alive, they would KILL me. They won every Brain Contest! They couldn’t believe the ‘not knowing’ Marshmallow won the contest!

Remember, just because you’re not smart like others, you can win… Just like Me.. Hehe…

Ugh! I lost against a snack!

(Sigh)… Congratulati ons Marshy… (sigh)…

The Annual Brain Contest  

Annual brain contest

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