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Our Generation’s Future It’s obvious This generation Will have the best adults And not to mention Not to forget The best grandparents too The answers… easy And very true We are the ones who rule School is where we Show it off Prove that we Are off the top Parents should be realizing That their child is ‘mazin’ If you don’t trust me Don’t you worry There’s always something From me for you Something deadly For you to trust So sit down audience And hear what I mean Now let me start Let me explain Oh and just to caution I will be honest Never offensive I cross my heart My teacher’s jealous

I’m telling him this But I think It’s PERFECT So teacher Come close and listen I will persuade You will be persuaded These days Grandparents don’t play They aren’t fun As they were before And please remember This is a fact This isn’t an opinion This is a fact Then I think Are they getting too old? Or did they just Not spend their life? Well future kids Your grandparents Will never ever be like this But just to mention They may be saying A few words Words from addiction And words from habit I guess we used it all the time All the time in our life Those words For example Could be like BOSS And EPIC I’m very sure you know these words

And know that the words Are boss See? An unusual addiction! Moving on Moving on We have the drama Lots of drama We could be crowned As king and queen Drama Queen And drama King As far as I see We could change We could change The old generation Make it epic Make it boss Make it dramatic So the generation’s future Will be ruled By us…

The Devil And Angel The bottom side And the upper side I’m not sure where I want to die The angels are high The devils are low What other choice Can I blow? I don’t want two Above my head Circling like

Little kids Chasing each other To choose who I am Bad or good Bad or good As far as I see TV shows Always have A dark and glow The devil and angel They two will lose Don’t listen to them Don’t listen to them They’re both wrong No one’s right Follow one Of those brats And you’ll see what I mean The other one Will come again An angel crown A pitch fork in hand Not a single one Will make me look good Just bad Innocence is not allowed Because they circle Around Around Still playing tag All day All night I guess I should just let them go And take myself

Where I want to flow No red No white No more colors Representing them I guess I shouldn’t follow them I guess I should take my step And let the devil and angel Fight in peace As I run along With my very self

One Thing That Destroys Me That one thing One small little thing It destroys me It really does After all It is the one It is the one who Gives me luck But it’s not the luck That I expect It gives me very BAD LUCK That one little thing Changes everything Makes me fail It makes me stupid It pushes me down It knocks me off Off my skinny feet

It’s like a bomb With negativity Something that tries to slice it all I’m in a pot Boiled and steamed Burning and trying To find a way out I shouldn’t be defeated I should be winning But this time I couldn’t I was already losing That one thing is something Something I live in It breaks me into Millions of pieces Shatters me on the floor I think it’s time To spill it out It’s life that kills me It breaks me in half

The Baby-Sitter A weird name Isn’t it? Baby-sitter Baby-sitter Something unexpected Appears in my head While thinking Of this strange word Let me share What I see But please be aware Of one thing

My imagination Is quite weird Never typical Not right I see someone relaxing Pushing their bottom Against another But it isn’t an adult It’s not an elder Nor a ukulele player It is a child Younger than nine Someone relaxing Laying their bottom Against a baby A tiny one Don’t you see? It’s a baby-sitter And the job is obvious Get paid very well For sitting On babies How easy is it? A baby-sitter? Maybe I should volunteer What an excellent job It could break my boredom It really really could All I have to do is play And just keeping sitting On the child No, I am not abusing This is a fact Owners won’t know Parents won’t know

But they wouldn’t care Cause it is the truth How peaceful How delightful A new way For BABY-SITTING… For BABY-SITTING…

Apple Once it’s killed Dark stars Appear Millions of them In the white sky The ones you could Reach Reach and feel It’s never happy Always mad But some are kind and really nice Sweet and sour… I don’t know… Red ones are the ones, you know Ones that are very low Negative attitude Through everything Scared of dying? Bitten a piece? You know, you reds You could be just like your twin It eats a lot Very fat But the head is thin And very tall

How awkward Isn’t it? I guess the diet Only worked On the above Not the down I guess you’re scared For being trialed Trialed whether to squeeze the blood Your life is tragic Very much Maybe you don’t belong in there In the bowls That human put You and your best friends or twins The only place that you belong Is somewhere special? Part of me Yes it is I guess it is my stomach Yes And please don’t worry I promise there won’t be anything Where you drain down Unexpected Very expecting…

Smashing A lovey word SO tremendous An inside joke That is But maybe you would understand After I explain

First up are the princesses Bell and Cinderella And not to mention Not to forget Ariel the ginger So what they did is interesting Let’s talk about Bell The weird liquid color dress Is what she wears of all Just right before She sings her heart I think she just forgot Forgot some powder And eyeliner And lipstick, of course Because just when she turned her head I thought she was a granny A granny who was over aged A male grandpa, 70 With a grown mustache A hairy one Of course If you can’t picture all of this Then maybe I should say Say more details than you think And go further into the scene But I tell you Not delighting So maybe we should move on To Cindy The poor With her magic Meant to be She sways is her awkward dress With a face just unlike her

As I said Before with Bell It was highly messed up

Post-Its Humans murder The innocent paper The different Vibrant colors Watch it rip And end its life With pencil marks Remaining Could be Harry Potter With all the knots and notes Un-erased and dead


Poetry- MARCH

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