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Vice Ganda’s Own Show

Televiewers join the count down to “100 Days to Heaven” The Coney Reyes/Xyriel Manabat’s “100 Days to Heaven” continues to dominate the ratings chart since its pilot episode last May. The show even topped the global trending topics of microblogging site Twitter after its initial showing. Many televiewers continue to count the days still needed for the lead character’s soul to be saved. The lead is played by Connie Reyes, a very mean woman who died and was given a chance to undo the wrong doings that she has done in her lifetime within 100 days. The twist is she was sent down to earth as a little girl played by Xyriel Manabat. This intriguing twist is what makes televiewers glued to the boob tube everyday. How can a little girl successfully accomplish an almost impossible feat in just a hundred days? Others in the cast of the primetime hit are Jodi Sta. Maria, Dominic Ochoa, Valerie Concepcion, Smokey Manaloto and Louise Abuel.

The New “Pinoy Got Talent Season 2” Winner

“I Dare You: The Kapamilya Exchange” The Newest ABS-CBN Realiserye For the first time, ABS-CBN brings together a fresh new set of hosts for its newest reality-TV series. They are Iya Villania, Jericho Rosales and Melai Cantiveros and their brand new program is entitled, “I Dare You: The Kapamilya Exchange”. The title itself explains the concept of the show. Several Kapamilya stars are challenged to exchange place with ordinary people. That means that they will shed off their “star” status and live the life of an ordinary person and do what that person does in his/her daily life. “I Dare You: The Kapamilya Exchange” proves to be a test to the real personality of the Kapamilya star, his/her courage, ability and perseverance. The fans will discover who their idols really are once they accept and accomplish this challenge which will be covered, unrehearsed and unscripted. The three hosts are excited as they cover the goings on and give encouragement to their challenged “kapamilya”.

Dubbed as the one and only “Male Diva” or “The Man with a Golden Female Voice”, Marcelito Pomoy, was proclaimed as the grand winner of the “Pinoy Got Talent Season 2” in a special finale show at the Araneta Coliseum last June. Receiving a top score of 19.56% of the text votes, Marcelito bested 13 other grand finalists of the hit talent search program. He wowed the audience with his solo rendition of the Andrea Boccelli-Celine Dion duet, “The Prayer”. Even the judges, Kris Aquino, Ai-Ai delas Alas and Freddie Garcia, gave him a standing ovation. Marcelito Pomoy, 27, hails from Cavite City. He is happy that now their family which was separated by poverty can now be together. When asked, he said that despite his ability to sing with a female voice, he is not gay. Second and third placers in PGT 2 are the tap dancing duo, “Happy Feet” and the daring tumbling dancers, “Freestylers Dance Crew”, respectively.

Kris is Back The “Queen of All Media”, Kris Aquino can not stay away from the medium she has dominated for over a decade. She is back to spice up the mornings of stay-at-home viewers in “Kris TV”. The veteran TV host was in a self-imposed hiatus from TV in order to avoid criticisms that might negatively affect his brother, President Noynoy Aquino. Kris is known to give her honest-to-goodness opinion on various matters when asked, which at times, could be misunderstood or misinterpreted by others. “Kris TV” has an open format that showcases hot topics, Pinoy trends, practical home solutions, celebrity conversations, music, family and relationship stories. The show is very wholesome and informative with a vast scope from affordable beauty and fashion tips, to cooking, business, relationship and love advice, family and parenting, homemaking, health and fitness tips and practically everything under the sun.

Looks like the clamor for the brand of comedy and performance of Vice Ganda (Jose Mari Viceral in real life) has reached the ears of the big wigs of the Kapamilya Network so they gave him his own show, “Gandang Gabi, Vice”. Very witty and highly creative, Vice doesn’t want his jokes and antics in the noontime program, “It’s Showtime”, be repeated in his nighttime show. That way, his fans will enjoy fresh gags each time they watch him. Vice Ganda’s style is to make fun not only of his guests and audience, but also of himself and everybody. Yes Vice just wanna have fun and laugh it all out in the spirit of fun. “Gandang Gabi, Vice” is amusing to watch, very free-wheeling and spontaneous as only a man with wit and glib like Vice could offer. Yet, in brief serious moments, Vice is also capable of giving sound advice and view points. Vice Ganda exudes an air of honesty and confidence which is very important for stand-up comics.

Never before has a Pinoy real TV produced a massive following for a “love team” of unknown and unheard of personalities. The first Pinoy Big Brother housemate that made it big outside is Sam Milby. The man is handsome and talented, of course, many would admire him.

“The Adventures of Pureza, Queen of the Riles”

A Melason First Movie

What happened to Melisa “Melai” Cantiveros and Jason Francisco is some sort of a puzzle. The viewers of the real TV series became so enamored with the couple they got to know only through the show. The man is so handsome while the girl is … less than so-so … so to speak. While the show is still on-going their new league of fans already refer to their tandem as “Melason”, (and yes, they actually have fans even then). For Melai and Jason, joining show business became a natural course. And, finally … the first ever movie to feature Melason as lead stars . . .

Rayver & Cristine, Reel and Real Partners Often embroiled in controversial issues, Christine Reyes seems to be typecast in portraying women with intriguing past or ill reputations. Well, that’s what adds sizzle to Christine’s “hot” persona, like her latest teleserye entitled “Reputasyon”. The new telenovela pairs her, for the first time, with her present real boyfriend, Rayver Cruz. Rayver doesn’t mind the talk that he was just the third choice for the role. Talk says that the first choice was Derek Ramsay who can’t accept it because of his busy schedule. Then, it was offered to Jake Cuenca who also declined the project. Rayver is just so happy to finally get out of his “bagets” image and play a more mature role. “Reputasyon” will also prove if the Christine and Rayver as a reel love team would click to the audience. Rayver often appear together with Christine in “ASAP Rocks” but he looks forward to working with her in a more serious project. He finds Christine to be a very professional actress.

“The Adventures of Pureza, Queen of the Riles”. Melai plays the lead role as Pura, an industrious big sister who sells taho in the morning, balut at night and tahong by mid-day and do a lot of other jobs on the side just to make life livable. She is also a woman who, despite her limitations, dreams of becoming a famous model. Pura through some twists of fate is able to fulfill her dream. Jason who plays Ruben, Pura’s friend and boyfriend joins Pura in her many hilarious adventures while pursuing and living out her dream. Also in the cast of “The Adventures of Pureza, Queen of the Riles” are Martin Del Rosario, Bianca Manalo, Bekimon, Nico Antonio, Joem Bascon, Ms. Gina Pareno and other surprise guests! Produced by Star Cinema and Sinescreen, the comedy movie is directed by Soxie Topacio.

Entertainment Buzz August 2011