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TIPS AND TRICKS From Kit and Kaboodle

Cool K-9 Evaporative Cooling Vest Thanks for ordering your Doggie Vest. Kit and Kaboodle, the primary testers in the Esafetystore Research and Development Department, are here to give you a few beagle tips on how to get the most out of your vest.

Hi, I’m Kaboodle. They call me Boo Boo.

How to Get The Most Out Of Your Cool K-9 Vest:

Kaboodle’s Canine Tip:

1. Put the vest into a bowl of cold water. Or maybe fill the sink and use that. It takes about 10-15 minutes to plump up (that’s the cooling crystals in the vest saturating). 2. One you take the vest out of the bowl, you can brush off some of the excess surface water, but keep in mind that plenty of water is still contained in those cooling crystals inside the vest. It’s the cooling crystals filled with water that keeps your doggie cool, so don’t try to wring the vest out. The more water in the cooling crystals, the longer the cooling effect will last. 3. The vest is made of a nylon material, so the excess water beads up on the nylon and the vest will feel wet at first. Personally (it’s Kaboodle talking), I get a little agitated when drops of water get on me, so I have my owner wipe the vest down with a dry cloth so it’s dry on the outside. The vest still feels nice and cool but those nasty drips are taken care of. 4. The vest fits perfectly and is very easy to put on (even on slightly, ahem, husky dogs like Kit). It’s kind of like a saddle. Just put that vest on your dog’s back and fasten hook-and-loop closures around the dog’s tummy and again around the neck. 5. The back of the vest is reflective, which is perfect for finding Kaboodle when she makes a late-night break for freedom after finding a way under the fence. A good dog like myself (Kit here) wouldn’t dream of trying such a thing. I may be chubby, but at least I’m obedient.

If you stick the soaked Vest in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, the excess water begins to evaporate, and it won’t feel so wet, but it will have super-cooling power! Also the outside of the Vest will be wet but the underside, the part next to my back will be drier. I don’t much care about a little wetness, it’s hot and my black saddle back really soaks up the sun. Besides that, I overheat pretty quickly and I don’t want to get heat exhaustion.

6. The Vest will stay hydrated for a few days and you can reactivate quickly. Better yet you can put in the refrigerator to keep cold for the next day. 7. Washing the Vest should be done by hand with a mild soap. Then just hang to dry. You can reuse thousands of times.

Hi, I’m Kit. They call me Kit Kit.

Let me say that my sister Boo and I LOVE THIS VEST! Official rating from R & D beagles Kit and Kaboodle….4 Paw Rating. Only because it’s hard to give 5 paws for anything except if it comes with a TREAT! (That and the fact that we don’t have 5 paws!)

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