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We foster professional and human development, provide networking on the latest in your professional sector and areas of interest.

Job portal, advice, guidance, directory, master classes, online seminars, gatherings, lectures, social networks, videos, etc.

Join ESADE Alumni! Discover the benefits of belonging to a large global network of talent.

We offer a wide range of services that can help you develop your professional career, update your knowledge, by strengthening your contact network and benefiting from exclusive deals for members. We also consolidate the online services so you can access them from anywhere in the world. All about our services and activities for alumni.


Invigorate your career by making new professional contacts

Online services

Join clubs and chapters related to your sector or areas of interest.

Alumni directory. Search by name, programme, year, company, sector, location, etc. Find and contact former classmates and/or make new professional contacts.

members only

members only

Attend knowledge-update activities and build your network.

List of members signed up for events: Find out ahead of time who will be attending.

free members

/ open to non-members for a fee

members only

> International chapters in more than 30 countries > Regional clubs in various provinces of Spain > Function and sector-specific clubs on the Barcelona and Madrid campuses Catch up with your former classmates by attending class reunions or our Annual Conference, which is held in different cities around the world. Don’t miss out!

Social networks. Official groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. members only

Invite friends and professional contacts to come along free of charge. members only

Online profile. For better networking, keep your profile up-to-date and decide what information you want to make public in the directory. members only

Appointments. Share your professional achievements with other alumni. members only

Alumni email. Stay connected and access your account from anywhere in the world.



Participate in Alumni Giving Back and discover ways to express your solidarity ESADE Pro Bono Alumni Consultants: Donate your experience to a third-sector organisation by participating in a consulting project. Film Forum. A tool for reflection and social debate. Activities related to social issues.

Service available online members only

Resources centre: Here you will find information and resources related to the third sector as well as solidarity projects that may be of interest to you.


Stay up-to-date with alumni activities free members

/ open to non-members for a free

Refresh Programme: Master classes taught by ESADE faculty members. ESADE Alumni Evenings: Hear about the experiences of internationally renowned speakers. Women and Leadership Forum: Female executives discuss their challenges and achievements. Matins ESADE and Desayunos ESADE: Hear about the experiences of leading business owners, CEOs and directors. And other sessions... more than 900 events each year!

Access our services online if you can’t come in person Online seminars: Interactive sessions that you can follow from your computer or mobile device. members only

Subscription to activities: Receive videos, photos, presentations, etc., via email. members only

ESADE Alumni TV: Catch a glimpse of our activities, watch interviews with experts, and learn from alumni tutorials. members only

Clippings from the spanish media, organised by sectors and delivered daily via email. members only

Digital press library: ESADE Alumni magazine, directory of service providers, economic report, etc. members only

eInforma: Business databases. members only

ESADE’s documentation and information centres. ESADE Knowledge, ESADE Institutes, ESADEgeo book reviews, etc.


Enjoy the benefits of Career Services

If you are an entrepreneur or investor, at Alumni Entrepreneurship you will find

Job portal: Find the ideal job offer or candidate to meet your needs. members only

Orientation for entrepreneurs

/ available online

members only

Personalised professional guidance members only

Mentoring programme: Offer your experience as a mentor or learn from others as a mentee.

/ available online

Training sessions: Personal brand, job-search process, etc. members only

members only

/ available online

members only

members only

/ available online

/ available online

Last Thursdays. Learn from the experience of successful investors and entrepreneurs while you network.

/ available online

ESADE BAN Investment Forums. An investors’ networking where you can present or invest in projects.

Legal / employment guidance members only

/ available online

Training sessions: Business plans, financing investments, etc.

Career transition programme. For those who are unemployed or changing professions. members only

/ available online

Legal consulting services

Mentoring programme: Share your professional experience as a mentor or seek out guidance by signing up as a mentee. members only

/ available online

/ available online

Career Resource Center: Information, exercises and tutorials related to career management. members only

/ available online

Exclusive deals for members available online: Bulletin board. Exclusive offers posted by alumni. Post and offer and/or respond to a posting.

Exclusive deals. Discounts and special deals offered

to alumni by ESADE’s partners. Reduced fees for partners of members, unemployed alumni, retirees, etc.

Stay up-to-date with... “Today” Newsletter

“ON” Newsletter

Social networks


Biweekly calendar of events, organised geographically.

News, videos, services, articles of interest, etc.

The latest news about the alumni network’s services and activities.

Email messages segmented by sector and/or area of interest.

We share experiences and grow together T.: +34 935 530 217 F.: + 34 934 952 068

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Brochure ESADE Alumni  

We foster professional and human development, provide networking opportunities, and keep you up-to-date on the latest in your professional s...

Brochure ESADE Alumni  

We foster professional and human development, provide networking opportunities, and keep you up-to-date on the latest in your professional s...