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Feb. 16- Half-day/ParentTeacher Conferences, 12:00p.m.-6:00p.m. Feb. 17- No School/SkillsUSA District Competition Feb. 20 - No School Mar. 20 - Mar. 24– No School Apr.4 - ESACC ACT Bootcamp: Junior Prep Apr. 18 - EMT & Fire Science Public Education Night, 6:00p.m. May 1 - Awards Ceremony, 6:00p.m.

Front Page Photos AM group (top) and PM group (right) of students “called back” for second interview.

Right: Amyah Hoffman participates in second round interview.

All seniors at Excelsior Springs Area Career Center recently had the opportunity to put their interviewing skills to use during an interview with a representative from their career and technical area. Interested juniors were also given the opportunity, but the mock interview was a requirement for seniors as part of their English IV grade. With this opportunity came the chance to practice dressing professionally and to practice responding to interview questions. Interviewers went on to give students feedback in these areas as well as feedback on resumes, professionalism, and exhibiting confidence. The top student from each program area was "called back" for a second interview. This interview required students to interview with a panel of three representatives from business and industry. A big congratulations to the top interviewers pictured above who included: AM Students--Alexis Regan, Gannon Boone, Kasey Ewers, Drew Shook, Amyah Hoffman, Jayson Singletary, Justin Gannon, Jacob Brown, Braden Moser; and PM Students--Amena Almarzouk, Erik Schultz, Cecilia Durando, Broghan Monoghan, Cedric Bunyan, Dakota Rimmer, Jada Watson, and Antonio Northcutt. Braden Moser and Cecilia Durando will represent ESACC at District SkillsUSA competition in the job interview contest on February 17. For five years now, representatives from students’ program areas have been invited in to interview the students. This practice serves students better because they have individuals that ask industry specific questions along with the general interviewing questions. Even if high school students do not have much job experience, they need to be prepared to answer interview questions. This opportunity gave students the chance to see how they would perform in a real interview without an actual job on the line. This was a great opportunity for students to not only get some interview practice in but to also make contacts with business members in their field. Access all photos from Round 1 and Round 2 by visiting ESACC’s Facebook page.

It’s that time of year when students start planning courses for the 2016-2017 school year. Students who would like to apply for admission to year two of their current program will need to complete an “intent to return” form. Students can see Mrs. Smith for more information on this form or access the form online at Current ESACC students who would like to apply for entrance into a different program will need to complete the "application for admission." Non-Career Center students interested in a program at the Career Center are encouraged to shadow the program(s) they are interested in. Students should talk to their counselors about setting up a shadow. To apply for admission, students need to complete the “application for admission”. This application can be found in the high school counseling office or online at

For the third consecutive year, ESACC provided ACT prep to its sending schools. Students had the opportunity to participate in a full-day bootcamp. Stacy Holtzclaw, ESACC English IV Instructor, and ESACC Math Instructor, Jenny Cogburn facilitated the events. The first bootcamp for this school year was held on November 21, 2016, and the second bootcamp was held on January 31, 2017. Students were exposed to general test taking tips with an emphasis on reading, English, and math strategies. ESACC Career Services Coordinator, Liz Smith, shared, “We have two amazing ACT resources at the Career Center and I’m excited that we’re able to reach out to our eight high schools. There is so much emphasis placed on the ACT exam and this bootcamp is a great opportunity for students to get the tools needed to be successful! This event is open to any high school student who attends one of our eight sending schools.” ESACC is holding a junior prep ACT Bootcamp on April 4. This bootcamp will focus on preparing for the ACT test that will be administered state-wide on April 19. Juniors will be able to register for the April 4th ACT Bootcamp in March by visiting


Carpentry students are putting finishing touches on the May Street project house. Students are learning about interior trim options and how to install them correctly. They are also learning how accuracy of measurements and accuracy of cuts is very important in making the interior trim look professional. Students are doing an outstanding job and we are very excited to get the project finished. The house is projected to be finished in February. Carpentry students will then work on small residential projects through the remainder of the school year.

Automotive Technology students are focusing on post-secondary opportunities. For senior students, those decisions are right around the corner. For junior students, they are able to pick up some valuable information and start the planning process. Career readiness is a major focus and AutoTech has three students participating in internships with employers from the area. Another big focus has been post-secondary education. AutoTech has hosted several guest speakers to share post-secondary opportunities. Ranken College shared information about their Toyota T-ten program. Metropolitan Community College, Longview campus, informed students about certificates and degrees available and their partnerships with General Motors and Ford. Foley equipment, the local Caterpillar dealer will speak with students about careers and the Caterpillar Think Big program at State Technical College. The students have many scholarship and employment opportunities in the industry. They will have several decisions to make in the coming months and hopefully we have given them the tools and knowledge to be successful in their careers after high school or their next step at the college level.

HVAC students started off the semester at the project house working to get the plumbing and HVAC completed. The outdoor unit at the house has been set and all of the faucets for the sinks installed. Once flooring is installed, the toilets will be set. After interior paint is finished, the registers, return grills, and thermostats will be installed. While Carpentry students install flooring and finish painting, HVAC students will be working on building refrigeration trainers in the HVAC lab. This will allow students to practice brazing, swaging and flaring skills. They will also learn many skills working with refrigeration tools and equipment. Students will also start EPA certification training in February; this certification will help them to prepare for a job in the HVAC field. This semester we are excited to have three students out on internship with Climate Control in Liberty, MO. Two of them are training for service positions and one is training for an install position. Internships provide students exposure and experience in the field.


Nursing clinicals are about to begin. Clinical rotation/training begins on February 13. This year, students will be housed at Excelsior Springs Convalescent Center, Cameron VA and Excelsior Springs Rehabilitation Center for clinical training. Students are required to complete 100 hours of on the job training and complete competencies during this rotation. Clinical training will conclude on April 28. Once all requirements of the Department of Health and Senior Services are satisfied, students will be able to take the State of Missouri certification test. After students successfully complete the certification process they are placed on the Missouri State Registry as Certified Nurse Assistants and are employable. Students complete this program college and career ready. It brings great joy to me to watch the students develop the skills they will utilize in their lifetime to provide patient care.

Animation and Media I students have kicked off what will be a busy semester with Photography, Videography, Animation, and Modeling all to cover this semester. The students have a general understanding of how the software works for each program that we will use, so now we get to dive deeper into the material. We are currently working on our Using Photography for Social Change unit where students have been tasked with finding a problem within their school or community and taking photographs to draw attention to the issue in a positive manner in order to ultimately find a solution.


Students are working on some really big ideas in our local and surrounding communities such as reducing food waste at their schools, supporting the homeless, reducing disrespect in the high school, reducing the amount of time spent out of class, creating entertainment or social events in Lawson, increasing use of creative rooms in Liberty High School, increasing enrollment at Orrick High School, extending class periods in Kearney High Schools, drawing investors to The Royal Hotel auction, and reforming Eagle Hour at Liberty North. They have interviewed both city and school leaders in their own communities in order to find these issues and have even followed up with other parties that are involved with the issues that they have chosen. These students will create solutions to draw attention to these issues, which will hopefully bring the positive change that many of these issues need; they will create a 6-photo essay, at least 1 poster, and a 1-minute video as products to bring about this social change. They will then present these items to the community and school leaders they originally talked to and measure the progress of their change over the next three months. Animation and Media II finished up their first semester and completed several real-world projects for different companies and organizations. We have two students in Animation and Media II, and these students are essentially completing an in-house internship of a strand of our Animation and Media I class that they were most interested in. We have one student that is interning in Photography and another that is doing her internship in Videography. They have completed projects for companies and organizations like the ESMS Learning Commons, YMCA Challenger organization, Excelsior Springs Career Center, and have already been contacted by other community businesses and organizations for this semester. They are really looking to get out into the community in the second semester to complete projects, so if you know of any business or organization that could benefit from photography, videography, or video production or more specifically taking photos of events or for other marketing materials, creating video advertisements, or documenting or highlighting company or organization events, contact Mr. Ganzer at

A variety of activities will keep Electrical Trades students busy until the end of the school year. The top priority will be continuing work on the single family home located in town on May Street. Leading edge technologies installed in the home include energy saving LED lighting, USB charging ports in all rooms of the home, and phantom load disconnect features for devices and appliances that consume electricity when they are actually turned off. This is an exciting opportunity for students to get wiring experience in real world conditions. We are one of three career centers in the state of Missouri that has a full size home to work on, and we value the opportunities it allows to gain the experience for wiring according to NEC code. We will be finishing up the trim out detail in the upcoming weeks to make the house come alive! Congratulations are in order for three senior students that applied for the Lineman’s program at the Business and Technology Center of Metropolitan Community College of KC. This is an extremely competitive class to get into, and we are very proud of their accomplishment! Garrett Siegel, Chris Banes and Brandon Sharp will be starting the program this fall. Best wishes for their success!

Students are currently working on developing a plan for after high school which they will turn into an essay. All students will research what they are interested in: a job, a college, or the military. Students who are entering the workforce need to research that career path to find out what companies have positions available, what the average starting salary is, and what advancements can be made in that field. Students who are going on to college need to understand college terminology (what is a B.A., what is a credit hour, etc.) and they need to find a college or university that offers that degree. Another important question for these students is “How much will this cost me?” Students entering the military must find out what branch of service is the best fit for them as well as what military occupational specialty they want to pursue and what ASVAB score do they need to go into that area. Some classes have already began researching and I love all the good questions that I am getting from the students. This research is helping them to visualize their future and the written essay will help them to solidify what they want to do upon graduation. I’m looking forward to seeing all the successes that this group of students will accomplish!


The second semester is young and Computer Technology has had some changes take place. One student became PC Pro certified with the TestOut curriculum. He has since started the Network Pro curriculum and is making tremendous progress. Another student who earned his A+ certification through CompTIA during the summer began an internship with the Kearney School District and has been learning valuable technical aspects of IT such as how to set up Active Directory and group policies. As for the remainder of the students, storage devices have been the recent focus. There has been a lot of attention given to optical drives, magnetic drives, and solid state media. We’re getting ready to apply what they’re learning about RAID arrays (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) where computers can have multiple drives installed and configured to act as one drive, or one drive with an automatic backup drive. There are a few varieties of configurations that they will be investigating. SkillsUSA competitions are ramping up. There are four students participating in the IT Services competition where they can apply skills they’ve learned, and hopefully figure out some that haven’t been covered yet, but they could be tested on. Of the four, the reigning Missouri champion, Braden Moser, is looking to defend his title, but the other three competitors would like to be the next state champion and get a taste of what it is like to go to the national competitions in June 2017. Cross your fingers! DON’T FORGET ABOUT ITworks! One thing we would like to see more of, though, are computers that need to be cleaned up or repaired. That’s why this class exists! Student-apprentices would be able to provide a free evaluation of your computer and offer advice on how to proceed with any work that may need to be done. Any maintenance or repair work done at ITworks! (our student-created computer repair business) would be completed for a nominal flat rate of only $20.00. If any parts are needed to repair the computer, apprentices would provide recommendations of what to purchase and the owner of the computer would have to decide whether or not to proceed. Installing, configuring, and testing purchased parts will be covered by the flat rate fee. So, save yourself the hassle of seeking repair work at an overpriced computer shop and give these students a chance to learn on real world applications. I’m sure you’ll be impressed with their “techspertise”!

Career Exploration students kicked off second semester in construction technology. They designed and built scaled model sheds out of balsa wood. With the knowledge they learned from the models the students are now working in teams to building actual walls to make a 4’ by 6’ mini room. Each team’s room will either have a window or door on one wall. When the rooms are complete they will be used by the students for the Electrical unit. They will be wiring outlets, switches and lights and aking a connection with the power to show that all components work.

ESACC Awards Ceremony 6

Monday, May 1, 2017, 6:00 p.m.

Parent-Teacher Conferences Thursday, Feb. 16, 12:00p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Students have completed the medical and trauma modules of their book. They have been busy practicing the skills, such as splinting broken bones, using the KED for patients in car accidents, using the long backboard, learning how to apply traction splints, bleeding control along with many other injuries and skills. Students have learned how to treat things such as heart attacks, seizures, diabetic issues, respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and delivering babies. The next thing we will work on is neonates and pediatric issues along with geriatric and special needs. They continue to practice their medical and trauma assessments to better recognize injuries and illnesses.

Fire students are preparing for the chapter they have been waiting control! They have been building on subjects such as fire behavior and ventilation and hose operations and fire streams and we are ready for fire control. They have been learning the difference between subjects like solid bore nozzles vs. fog stream nozzles and how they produce different water patterns. We have combined topics such as ladder operations and fire streams. Students have also been learning how to do building inspections and building pre-planning to help us get familiar with the buildings in our area of coverage and to look for hazards and code violations. Several students competed in Northwest District SkillsUSA on February 10. in the firefighter competition. This event was housed at Hillyard Technical Center in St. Joe, MO. Winners will be announced on Friday, February 17, at the awards ceremony held at Grand River Technical Center. First and second place will be invited to compete at state competition in Jefferson City.

Join us on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. EMT and Fire students will be hosting an education night for the all sending school communities. Students will share tips for how to handle different emergency situations that the general public could be faced with along with other safety topics. Students will present on the importance of knowing CPR and basic first aid as well as in-home child safety. EMT and Fire students have been researching and planning and are excited to share this information with the public. Please RSVP by visiting and clicking on the link under “Public Education Night�.


If you are looking for opportunities for a new career, fun and enrichment or gaining skills to advance in the workforce, the Excelsior Springs Area Career Center Adult and Community Education offers affordable educational options for adults in the local and surrounding areas. If you don’t have a copy of the 2017 Winter/Spring, it is currently available on the Adult Education website: Check out what we have to offer before it’s too late. This course schedule offers a variety of classes for fun and enrichment such as astronomy, essential oils, natural remedies, American Sign Language, babysitting, a history trip, and more. Computer applications classes such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher along with introductory courses for using the internet, basic computer use, and organizing computers are also offered each semester.

In addition to the classes for fun and enrichment, the adult programs include classes with certificates and credentials for career development. These include Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B), Paramedic, Firefighter I & II and Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). Upon successful completion of these courses, students can test at state and national levels to become licensed in these fields. Firefighting I/II and EMT-Basic classes start in mid-March this semester. New ideas for classes are always welcome. For anyone interested in proposing and teaching a course, please contact the Adult and Community office at 816.630.9240 or email

Over the past five years, college and career representatives have been invited in to share post-secondary opportunities with students at ESACC. This year, students were able to network with twenty-two representatives from the postsecondary industry. Students were able to ask reps a variety of questions and seek out valuable information to help them with their postsecondary planning. Mr. Barnes, Carpentry and Construction Trades teacher, shared, “This is a great opportunity for students to gather information to help map out their future. There were a variety of reps available for students to meet with. I always enjoy seeing our students interact in such a professional manner!” Each year the event has grown. It is exciting to see students networking and gathering information on postsecondary opportunities.

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