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01 September

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Mark Your Calendar! Sept. 19 – Half-day Sept. 20 – No School Sept. 28– ESACC Car & Bike Show Oct. 11 – Early Release: ESHS Homecoming Oct. 24 – Half-day/ParentTeacher Conferences Oct. 25 – No School Nov. 27-29 – No School Dec. 23-Jan. 3—No School

Front page photos: Top: AM students pose for a quick picture with Mike Anderson, Mr. Hart, and Dr. Lake Right: Chris Parson, ESHS senior and first year auto tech student, and David

Chuck Anderson Ford: Partner in Education Mike Anderson helped get ESACC Automotive Technology students excited to start the school year. Mr. Anderson, owner of Chuck Anderson Ford, provided a new Ford Fusion for students to look at. Morning Auto Tech students were able to have an informal question and answer session with Mr. Anderson. Darren Hart, ESACC’s new Auto Tech instructor, brings over 30 years of industry experience and connections to the classroom. One of those connections happen to be with Chuck Anderson Ford. Mr. Hart was able to coordinate efforts to showcase the 2013 Ford Fusion. Students were able to examine the extensive technology of the Ford Fusion and that it takes a professional technician to diagnose/service the automo-

Greetings From Dr. Lake As I begin my second year as ESACC director it is very exciting to see where we are heading. Our teachers are starting off with an incredible focus and we have already completed a building wide celebration to kick off SkillsUSA. I will mention a few changes for the 2013-14 school year. Our biggest news is we have been chosen to be a Technical Center That Work (TCTW) school. We will receive a five year grant that will ensure ESACC has the best professional development, curriculum, and programs possible. We are increasing our focus on math this year as our data shows us we have room to grow. We believe every student should leave our school understanding basic math and algebra skills. We have started our weekly whole school math activities and are finding new ways to teach it within our programs. We have added Jennifer Cogburn, a long time educator with math coach experience, to aid us in our efforts. SkillsUSA, our student organization that reaches across all programs, continues to build on its success each year. Last year ESACC sent over 60 students to state competition and 11 students qualified for national competition. We have brought home a 1st place national winner two years in a row. Quite an accomplishment! There are a few new faces at our school this year. Darren Hart, our new Automotive Instructor, has over 30 years of industry experience and brings great ideas for his program. Jennifer Trusty, our Career Exploration Para-Professional, brings a unique skill-set to our school as she is completing her student teaching and teaching degree. Teresa Berry has moved from Business to Adult Education and she is already manag-

Students Participate in Safety Course The start of the school year also brings a review of safety and the use of various tools and equipment. These include hand tools, power tools, ladders and scaffolding. Mr. Barnes teaches a 10-hour OSHA authorized construction safety course that allows all students in Construction Technology, Electrical Trades, and HVAC, to obtain a 10 hour safety card. This is a five-day training that covers a variety of safety topics. Brian Smith, Builders’ Association OSHA Liaison, kickedoff the training with an overview of on the-job safety. Upon completion of the training, students will have an industry recognized credential verifying they have been trained in a variety of safety areas. It is a lifetime credential and is required by more and more contractors on jobsites. This training gives the students an advantage when they are looking into employment because the employer does not have to take the time or money to train them before they can start to work. Above: Once students felt comfortable with correct harness protection procedures, the "HARNESS CHALLENGE" began. Students competed for fastest harness and Wes Derrow, Lawson senior, took home the gold in the morning session with a time of 31.3 seconds! Right: Morning students participate in teambuilding activities to jumpstart


SkillsUSA SkillsUSA is the career and technical student organization for students in career centers around the nation. Recently, the national SkillsUSA convention was held in Kansas City. SkillsUSA provides opportunities for students to learn more about their trade, take on leadership roles, and develop into successful and employable young adults. ESACC’s SkillsUSA membership drive is in full swing. The Excelsior Springs Area Career Center has been the most successful and active SkillsUSA Chapter in the state of Missouri five years running. We have more students compete at district, state, and national levels than any other career center in the state of Missouri! ESACC SkillsUSA advisors planned teambuilding activities to kick-off the SkillsUSA membership drive. Students participated in a variety of activities and were able to work together and overcome challenges as one unit. ESACC local membership dues are $15 and include a SkillsUSA/Career Center T-shirt. All students at ESACC are highly encouraged to join SkillsUSA. Competitive events and Leadership Conference opportunities, in addition to the classroom SkillsUSA-related activities, add to the quality education students receive. Already, our Northwest District Leadership Conference is scheduled for October 14. ESACC will take members to Platte City to participate in this event. District level competitive events will take place in early

Career Exploration Career Exploration students have been learning that safety and math are important in all career areas. Students have been working with fractions; adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing them and using the tape measure in the shop. They will be expected to properly calculate lengths of boards needed, measure, and cut boards in the shop. Students have also been learning about shop safety and hand tool safety. Students were split into groups, and each group had the responsibility of researching given hand tools and presenting the use, care, and safety of each tool to the class.

Students have also learned the importance of writing good directions. They were given the task of writing directions to make a paper airplane with no pictures. It was very interesting when they traded papers to make the air planes and no one had specified what size or type of paper to use. It was hard to fold in corners with paper cut in circles or very small pieces of paper. After follow-

Students see how well their paper airplanes

Sneakernet News This year in Computer Technology, students will be enrolled in Cisco Academy’s Information Technology Essentials I, or ITE 1. The Cisco Academy’s curriculum is online, therefore, there is no physical textbook (and hasn’t been for several years). Textbooks are available, however, and that information is provided in the class syllabus. Summative chapter tests and semester exams are also online. Cisco requires that each be proctored in the classroom. The curriculum and hands-on experiences are designed to prepare students for the CompTIA A+ certification exams 220-801 and 220-802. The A+ certification is an industry recognized credential that is a starting point for a career in IT. Any class work or homework assignments will be done using Microsoft Office applications or similar products such as OpenOffice or Google Docs. All class work and homework will be assigned to them through Edmodo, a secure online classroom social network and management system for teachers, students, and even parents.

Left: Mr. Smarker models some troubleshooting tips, thinking logically, learning how to use outside resources, and trying to narrow down the problem.

During the first semester, students will cover the introduction to the personal computer, lab procedures and tool use, computer assembly, preventive maintenance, operating systems, and networks. The second semester will consist of laptops, mobile devices, printers and scanners, security, professionalism in the IT industry, and advanced troubleshooting.

Students that complete assignments and assessments on-time will be given opportunities to apply the skills they’ve learned on computers brought in by members of the community. Students must exhibit professionalism when communicating with customers, follow procedures for tracking work performed



Electrical Trades Get Their Motors Running!

Above: Logan Stump works on constructing his electrical motor. Right: Jared Raffel,

The start of the new school year has brought excitement and new experiences to the Electrical Trades classroom. During the first days of class, Electrical Trades students manufactured their own small electric motor using a 1.5 volt AA battery, some magnetic coil wire, a few paper clips, and a magnet. After several meticulous minutes crafting their electric motor, some of them came to life. Once the first motors started spinning, others soon followed. Eventually, after some tweaking and adjustment, all of the motors worked flawlessly. Magnetism is at the core of electrical theory, and constructing an electric motor teaches them the laws of magnetism at work. The Electrical Trades class is excited to boast five SkillsUSA State Champions in Electrical Construction Wiring over the past six years! We have also had state champions in Residential Systems Installation and Maintenance, Teamworks, and Sustainability Solutions. In 2013, we achieved the pinnacle of SkillsUSA competi-

Carpentry/Construction Tech CCT is excited to be in talks with the City of Excelsior Springs in hopes to help the city build a storage building for the city’s animal control center. The students would be involved in the layout and construction of the building. This would be an excellent opportunity for the students to apply the concepts they will be learning in class.

Students will get the opportunity to work with residential and commercial construction throughout the year doing a variety of projects. Above: CCT students work on building training stations for the HVAC program. Right: Trevor Pennington reviews his


English Curriculum at ESACC English IV is in its third year at the Career Center. All students attending ESACC complete English lessons that are related to their skill area and/or the workplace. Samplings of some of the lessons covered in this class include creating a resume, creating a digital portfolio, and writing a letter of inquiry. Students that successfully complete the coursework earn one-half of an English credit. All incoming students will take the COMPASS test at the beginning of September. This test is very similar to the ACT and is used by community colleges for enrollment into their programs. Students will be tested in the areas of reading, writing, and math and will find out if they are college ready in those areas. Please encourage your child to do the best they can on this test.

Keeping it Cool ~ HVAC Happenings HVAC students have been getting familiar with the tools used for bending and shaping copper tubing. These are essential skills used in the field when installing a refrigeration or air conditioning unit. Once they master these skills, they will use them to build their own refrigeration trainer. The refrigeration trainer will be used to practice electrical wiring and refrigerant charging techniques. HVAC is also eagerly awaiting the arrival of three simulated installation stations being built by the Carpentry/Construction Technology class. The stations were made possible by a donation from LBA Heating & Cooling owners Bill and Laura Anderson.

Auto Tech Welcomes New Instructor

Brandon McKinney and Cody Stanfill prac-

Darren Hart, former owner of Hart’s Auto LLC of Liberty, MO, has recently come onboard to ESACC as the new automotive technology instructor. He brings over 30 years of automotive experience to the classroom. Mr. Hart is an ASE Master Certified Technician and an Accredited Automotive Manager of the Automotive Management Institute. Mr. Hart brings his knowledge, expertise, and years of continuing education of the current day automobile to the students that attend the Career Center. He is excited to help the students become a success in the automotive industry or just be wiser owner/operators of today’s technically advanced automobiles. Mr. Hart is committed to the technical instruction of our future technicians and industry personnel. Mr. Hart shared, “Twenty years ago almost anyone could repair their car. It wasn’t rocket science, you were just a mechanic. Today it’s changed, it is rocket science. Not only do you have to be a scientist you have to be a true professional, a technician, a master of many skills: mechanical, mathemat-

EMT & Fire Fighter I & II EMT students have been learning about the history of the EMS system, how state laws and regulations set their “Scope of Practice”, and the attributes of a good EMT. They are also learning about EMT safety and all the different levels involved. Students are identifying what normal vital signs are, practicing correct procedures for taking vitals and performing patient assessments on mock victims. EMT students have a large amount of material to cover and skills to master during this program in order to be prepared for state certification in April. It’s essential that students are here each day and put forth 100% effort to be successful.

Below: Fire students’ first day

Firefighter I & II students have also been examining the history of fire service. Students have been outfitted with all their fire gear and selfcontained breathing apparatus (SCBA). SCBA packs contain compressed air, which allows fire-fighters to breathe while working a fire. Students have been practicing safety procedures and guidelines at the fire station, on the scene, and on route. Due to the demands of the job, firefighters must be in shape. Captain Potter has scheduled PT (physical training) days for Tuesdays and Thursdays. As in EMT, Fire


Health Services Health Services students started off the year with class orientation consisting of getting familiar with the Career Center student handbook, participating in a building tour, and discussing class expectations. After orientation, students began learning about the health care system, professionalism and job-seeking skills, legal and ethical issues, communication skills, and how to care for different types of patient and residents. There is much to learn and the students are well on their way to gaining the knowledge and skills need to pass the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification test in April. Thank you to all who attended the ESACC annual Open House! It was a fun night and the students were proud to show off their classroom and lab. Colorful collaborative poster projects were displayed in the hall for our visitors to see. A lot of questions were asked and clarifications given on the certification process, career opportunities and the clinical experience. As most of you know, Mrs. Ballinger, ESACC Health Services instructor, has been out on medical leave. We are excited to announce that Mrs. Ballinger is in the recovery process and feeling better each day. Both students and staff are looking forward to welcoming her back to the classroom this month. If all goes well, Mrs. Ballinger should be back with us by late September.

Online Communications ESACC is online in a variety of locations: School website: Facebook: Find us at Excelsior Springs Area Career Center Twitter: Career Center- @cc_ESSD Dr. Lake- @DrChrisLake Adult Education- @ESACC Adult Ed Mr. Baldwin- @ESACCHVAC Ms. Ballinger- @SherryBallinger Mr. Barnes- @ConstTechESACC

Looking ahead: NTHS Right: 2012-2013 EMT students pause for a quick picture after participating in the NTHS induction


NTHS is a career and technical student organization that encourages higher scholastic achievement, cultivates a desire for personal excellence, and helps top students find success in today’s competitive workplace ( In order to be nominated for NTHS, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and have good citizenship. NTHS membership is $25. NTHS membership drive will begin in late September. Students will be notified if they meet requirements to become NTHS members. If they choose to join, ESACC NTHS members will plan and participate in two social awareness/community services campaigns throughout the year (one per semester). NTHS members will also be responsible for creating and promoting the ESACC yearbook. Active NTHS members will be eligible for the NTHS scholarship awarded at the awards ceremony in May.

Adult and Community Education Hello, Excelsior Springs and Neighboring Communities! Our new Adult and Community Education Coordinator, Teresa Berry, encourages everyone to browse our fall 2013 catalog for a variety of classes and to watch for our next catalog distribution in early January of 2014. Help us make our program the best it can be by letting us know what kinds of community and adult education classes would appeal to you. Our goal is to enrich lives and careers for members of our community. To find out our current list of classes, you can visit our Web site by: (1) going to the Excelsior Springs School District Website,, (2) selecting the Community tab, and (3) then selecting Adult Education.

We currently offer computer applications classes such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Introduction to Computers. Golf, astronomy, international dance, Spanish, Obamacare, ABC’s of Medicare, visual journaling, writing, and interviewing are a few of the opportunities we offer to learn and enrich.

In addition to our general community and adult enrichment courses, we are proud to offer top-notch training in areas of Emergency Medical Services and Firefighting. Many individuals launch new careers starting with Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B) classes and continue on into other areas of emergency medical careers. Our Firefighter I & II course prepares our students for employment with fire and safety agencies. Once these EMS and Fire students become certified they can continue with additional classes to enhance and build their career. Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A) are offered classes as well. Other related classes include CPR, and Medical Terminology.

Parent-Teacher Conferences Thursday, Oct. 24 ANNUAL ASBESTOS NOTIFICATION Excelsior Springs School District, 300 W. Broadway, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

In accordance with EPA regulations, all school buildings have been inspected for materials which contain asbestos and an Asbestos Management Plan has been developed and adopted. Please refer to the Inspection/Management Plan in each building to determine the type of asbestos-containing materials found in the buildings, if any.

Copies of the Inspection/Management Plan are on file in each building. This document complies with the AHERA mandated requirements for asbestos materials in schools, including results of inspections, the schedule for periodic surveillance every six months, the schedule for certified reinspection every three years and the schedule of response actions and post-response actions if any friable asbestos containing material was found. Friable (crumbled by hand pressure) asbestos containing materials (ACM) may cause health problems; therefore, it is very important to avoid disturbing friable ACM. With the adoption of the AHERA Inspections/Management Plan,


Counselor’s Corner As Career Services Coordinator for ESACC, I’m excited to start my second year in this position. There are a variety of responsibilities tied to my position, and one of those is to provide students with resources needed to be successful in their post-secondary endeavors. There are a variety of activities scheduled throughout the year to ensure students are prepared for life after high school. During the month of September, I will be meeting with ESACC seniors to discuss post-secondary opportunities. This is a chance for students to examine their career and personal goals and consider resources available to reach those goals. Once senior checks are complete, I will start meeting with juniors to begin the discussion of post-secondary options. We will also be inviting college representatives to be available at Parent-Teacher Conferences October 24. Students will be able to interact with different college representatives to discuss post-secondary options. Mock Interviews are tentatively scheduled for January 16, 2013. This is a very exciting event designed to give students an opportunity to practice professionalism in a real-world setting. Individuals from business and industry are invited to take on the role of an interviewer in one of our eight trade areas. Students will be given a job description, interview tips, and résumé writing assistance to prepare for the event. We will also be holding our 2nd Annual College and Career Fair February 21, 2013. Last year was the first year for this event, and it was very successful! Students were able to make some connections and gain valuable information for post-secondary preparation.

ESACC 2nd Annual Car & Bike Show Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013 11:00a.m. - 3:00p.m. An interactive experience with food and fun for everyone!

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