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ProBax Seating An Opportunity in Entertainment

NuBax – Setting New Seating Standards •

NuBax owns all IP rights to ProBax - an affordable seating technology which delivers increased comfort and health benefits yet uses only conventional materials and production techniques

ProBax requires no changes to the seat frame or design and can be fitted as a simple foam change from existing suppliers

The technology has Aviation, Transport and Static Seating applications and is sold under license for a royalty – NuBax does NOT manufacture seats or components

Licensees of ProBax report increased market share, greater resilience to competition and a growing customer appreciation of affordable design led ergonomics

Static Seating Division

ProBax technology now available in: Conference & Banqueting Seating Office & Boardroom Seating Reception Area & Breakout Seating Healthcare Seating Cinemas and Theatres Corporate Auditoriums & Convention Centers

• End Customers include – IBM, Peabody Hotels, Westin, Hyatt, InterContinental, University Lecture halls, ODEON cinemas, SofiTel Group, MCNT, Palladium and other London West End and Broadway theatre groups, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital,

Static Seating/Auditorium •

IBM Auditorium Bedfont Lakes Heathrow

17 theatres in UK including Palladium, Fortune, Lyceum, Lyric and Comedy Store Theatres, RADA, Inst. Cont. Arts.

August Wilson Theatre – Broadway

32 ODEON & UCI Cinemas – UK, Eire, Spain, Italy, Austria and Germany

Madrid University Lecture Theatres

Nordisk Cinemas and University Halls in Scandinavia

New York Met Opera House??????

Common Seating Fallacies

• •

“More foam equals more comfort…” “Soft cushions offer greater comfort…”

“The best seats have mechanisms and devices built in…”

“Ergonomic seats need functionality…”

“Ergonomics is expensive…”

“Comfort is expected so you can’t charge more for it…”

So what are the truths about seating ?

The Key to Comfortable Seats is Correct Seated Posture •

Encouraging the pelvis to hold the correct position prevents slumped posture by promoting correct spinal curvature

Correct posture reduces pressure on the discs and reduces muscle fatigue

Lower back and neck pain are reduced and bodily functions such as blood flow and lung function are improved

Kyphotic “C” Curvature

Lordotic “S” Curvature

The Problem

• Most seats allow the pelvis to rotate backwards, inducing a “C” shaped curve of the spine and creating back pain •

This slumped position can bring about: – – – – – –

decreased blood flow through the body onset of posture related issues muscle cramps poorer lung function increased fidgeting Incorrect viewing eye-line

• Fidgeting ripples across any auditorium causing disruption to any viewing and causes seat bases to dish-out and need replacing quicker • A slumped seating position creates a reduced feeling of space between seat rows

The Problem – Reduced blood flow & lung function

The major blood vessels of the body include the aorta, the femoral and brachial veins and arteries

These vessels run through the mid-thorax, shoulders and groin and the centres of these vessels are constricted when seated in a slumped posture • Correct posture reduces this pressure, allowing the vessels to open and facilitates improved blood flow from the lower limbs • Lung function is also improved by opening the chest area leading to greater oxygenation of the blood

The Benefits of ProBax

• Medically proven increase in blood flow reduces muscle cramps & fatigue • Improved lung function helps increase concentration and alertness levels •

Improved posture reduces back, neck and shoulder pain and corrects eye-line

Reduced fidgeting results in less distraction within the venue and longer cushion life

• Ergonomic seating awards offers USP for lead customers • Increased perception of space between rows

The Acid Test

Six questions that are the clue to long term seating comfort:

In which seat did you feel most supported?

Which seat allowed your shoulders go back naturally?

In which seat did your posture feel more upright?

Which seat offered most overall contact for your back?

In which seat did your chest feel more open when taking a deep breath?

Overall, which was the more comfortable seat?

ProBax Seat Comfort Research

Overall, which was the more comfortable seat? 90% 80%




Percentage of People





60% 50% 40% 30% 20%

16% 10% 0%




15% 11%

ProBax Auditorium Seating - Blood Flow Research

16.6% 30% Average Improvement in Maximum Venous Outflow

J Senkowsky MD (Vascular Surgeon)

On all the seats tested in the Entertainment Sector to date, ProBax modified seats have shown improved MVO of between 5 and 40%

ProBax Technology - Implementation

• •

Foam-based technology for new and existing seats Applied within the base cushion and can be used with all existing upholstery, foams and for all customer types

Seat design, aesthetics and functionality uncompromised

Increased cushion life improves long term satisfaction

Can be applied to new seats, replacement seats or even just as a refurbished base cushion to existing seats

Licensing model means no disruption to customer supply chain ProBax logo allows cross marketing opportunities

ProBax Summary • USP • Improved customer experience • Differentiation from competition • Ergonomic profile • Win-win deal buyer and customers alike • Industry leading profile • Design led affordable ergonomics • On-going relationship

Company History •

R&D began during the 1990’s, the first patents were filed in 2003 and NuBax Limited was formed in 2004

Technology benefits were validated in large scale trials and protected via a worldwide patent portfolio and global branding

Production feasibility was established for all target markets, manufacturing processes and materials – Cold Pour / Moulded & Cut Foam (PUR), DAX etc.

The technology first launched with Lotus Cars 2005 and is now available in all three target markets - Transport, Static Seating and Aviation

Additional growth investment secured from private Investors and TAG Group.

Transport Division

ProBax launched in the 2006MY Lotus road vehicles

Used in 2006 ALMS Championship, 2008 Brit Car British GT Series, Formula 1 and US Sports car Vintage Racing Team

Winner of Frost & Sullivan 2007 Emerging Company of the Year Award in the European Automotive Seating Technology Market

Currently working with two US based global automotive OEMs

Available in HAGIE wheeled crop-sprayers

After market seats for Kenworth & Peterbilt trucks

Aviation Division

Supplying the Corporate Jet Market via North American refurbishment centres

Pilot seats in testing with FAA in the US. Preliminary results “highly positive”

Prototype development projects on-going for commercial and military aircraft

Announcement imminent from major N American Corporate Jet Manufacturer


presentation of Probax for comfortable chairs

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