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4 Information Right Now! was a European campaign, launched on 17th April 2012 and implemented by the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency – ERYICA in partnership with the Council of Europe. The campaign aimed to raise awareness among young people, decision makers and media on the special role of youth information with regard to young people’s access to rights and – eventually – on the access to information as a right in itself for all young people. Respect for democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms implies the right of all young people to have access to complete, objective, understandable and reliable information on all their questions and needs. This right to information has been recognised in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and

in the Recommendations N° (90) 7 and CM/Rec (2010) 8 on Youth Information, as well as by the European Commission White Paper on Youth (2001). The campaign objectives were: 1. To make young people understand they have the right to information. 2. To make young people understand they have a right to information and move them to find it in the Youth Information Centre. 3. Together with young people, ask decision makers to guarantee their right to information. On a decentralised level, the campaign consisted of over 120 activities of different scope and scale in 29 Council of Europe member countries, organised by local Youth Information Centres and Youth Workers, and tailored to the respective target audiences – reaching over 35 000 young people between

5 April and December 2012. The activities listed above as well as the Facebook page, the Facebook photo competition and the website were coordinated centrally by ERYICA.

competition theme received the opportunity to go on a trip to the European Youth Centres of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and Budapest.

The Facebook photo competition was launched on 16th May, the same day as the Pan-European Campaign Action Day that consisted of simultaneous events related to the Information Right Now! campaign across Europe. Young people were asked to visualise the theme ‘Young People Are Asking’ and over 100 entries were successfully submitted until the end of the competition on 31st August. Out of these, every two weeks a winner was chosen who had received the largest likes in votes by the public, and every month the winner who had submitted the best picture matching a subtheme – that was democratically decided on by the Youth Ambassadors – was also awarded with a prize. The overall winners by number of votes and by picture best reflecting the

In the campaign, a group of young people, coming from different countries was created to jointly reflect on the reality of young people and the situation of Youth Information in their local realities. The so-called Youth Ambassadors had an important role in spreading the message for youths’ right to information as well as using their capacities to contribute to society’s development. They were the Campaign’s spokespeople who were actively advocating for the right to information among youngsters, decision-makers and media. By enhancing open attitudes towards different cultural experiences, they were also strengthening the cooperation between youngsters coming from different parts of Europe.

The main event was the training session with all the Youth Ambassadors, which took place in May 2012. The aim was an exchange of experiences and training in advocacy for Youth Information. Short video testimonials were produced for the purpose of the Campaign. Two of the ambassadors were selected to go to the Council of Europe Ministerial Conference in St. Petersburg in September. The Youth Ambassadors were also involved throughout the Campaign by the ERYICA member organisations by participating in Campaign events in their own or other countries. These activities could also be debates or even advocacy meetings to stress the European dimension of the campaign. Profile of the Youth Ambassadors: • 24 participants, aged 18-24 • nominated upon principles of equal opportunities and non-discrimination

6 • • • • • •

had a positive experience of using Youth Information for their own development strongly motivated to advocate for Youth Information working level of English trained during training session in May acted as spokespersons for young people’s right to quality information actively participated in campaign activities

The Youth Ambassadors‘ profiles can be found on the Information Right Now! homepage. As the idea for the campaign was also born in the light of the 9th Conference of Ministers of the Council of Europe, themed ‘Young people’s access to rights: development of innovative youth policies’, it was also the logical choice for the unveiling of the photo exhibition of the achievements of Information Right Now! across Europe. The exhibition displayed a selection of pictures that were taken in dozens of countries

where events and activities in the framework of the campaign were held. Furthermore, a small ‘best-of’ selection represented the variety of pictures that were submitted in the Facebook Photo Competition. The overall competition theme was ‘Young People Are Asking’ and the visualisation of this slogan is just as multifaceted as young people’s questions which require a competent, quick and professional answer. The exhibition was disseminated as a ‘doit-yourself’ travelling exhibition from St. Petersburg across Europe, including stops at the European Youth Centres of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and Budapest. Considering that Youth Information is both an essential right and a prerequisite for young people’s access to their rights, Information Right Now! was not only a highly valuable tool to contribute to the success of the Conference

of Ministers and the follow-up processes in the member states, but also benefitted ERYICA’s membership and the Council of Europe member states by underlining the relevance of the every-day work Youth Information workers do. Most importantly, it brought to the forefront that Youth Information is much more than an asset on top of other youth work activities. It is an essential tool in enabling young people to access their rights and thus the access to information needs to be acknowledged as a right in itself. Information Right Now!


general campaign activities

pan-european campaign action day

during the campaign, over 120 activities took place in 29 countries. these events were as big as a conference for hundreds of people or as simple as raising awareness by including the campaign on an info-day leaflet. find below a selection of events that happened throughout the year across europe.

general campaign activities



Austria Bundesnetzwerk Österreichische Jugendinfos Pan-European Campaign Action Day – Flashmob, May 2012, Graz

Umbrella Flashmob in Graz – 14th May Young people gathered on Karmeliterplatz in Graz and created a question mark using umbrellas as symbol for shelter that young people need and that quality information can be a part of. The action took place in Graz on Monday, 14.5.2012 at 18:30 on Karmeliterplatz. Motto of the event: Gut beschirmt durchs Leben! Campaign Presentation at the National Council for Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Austria – 15th May Bundesnetzwerk Österreichische Jugendinfos took the campaign as a welcome opportunity to apply for membership in the National Council for the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Austria. On 15th May they presented their organisation,

youth information and the campaign at their General Assembly. They hope to join forces with the partners of that network for information and promotion on the access of children and young people to their rights. Facebook Page Information – jetzt erst Recht! and Photo Competition Junge Leute fragen In addition to launching the European Photo Competition on 16th of May, also the launch of an Austrian competition took place. Young people were asked to send their personal question mark – anything goes as long as the symbol is on the photo! The competition was held on the Austrian national Facebook page for the campaign, which was also launched on that day and developed with discussion and quizzes. The most liked Austrian entries of every month was uploaded to the European competition.




Infomaton – 17th April-31st December In the ‘infomaton’ young people could enter the cabin and answer, facing a video camera, to few questions in link with their right to information and their usual practice to find information. The infomaton was on display and open to the public in places such as train stations, streets, festivals, etc.


A local tv reportage was aired about the launch of this event on 17th April 2012, including an occasion to speak about ERYICA.

Training Weekend for Youth Advisors – 5th-6th May On the 5th and 6th of May 2012, In Petto organised a training weekend for all the Youth Advisors of the region Flanders. This weekends’ goal was to show appreciation to all the Youth Advisors, still active and connected to a Youth Advice Center. In Petto supports these Youth Advice Centers in order to promote the project Youth Advisors which they created more than 20 years ago. Youth Advisors are youngsters who help and support other young people. The youth advisors project combines elements of two existing methods. On the one hand, young people are given an active role as ‘switchboards’ for their peers. They are the link between the

youth worker and those asking for information or assistance. As such, they introduce a new form of outreaching social work. On the other hand, youth advisors receive extra tools to inform and support their peers. The use of young people in social care, education and prevention is called the methodology of peer education. Because of the campaign Information Right Now!, In Petto wanted to do something with the Youth Advisors to show how important Youth Information is. On the last day of the weekend, all the Youth Advisors gathered together to make a picture in the shape of a question mark. In total 35 Youth Advisors took part in the weekend.


croatia Conference on Information Right Now! and Signing of the European Youth Information Charter – 17th April On 17th April the campaign ‘Information Right Now! - Young People Are AskingI’ officially started in Croatia with a Conference organized by the Association of Youth Information Centers in Croatia and the Ministry of Welfare and Youth. The Conference ‘Information Right Now! - Young People Are Asking’ was held in the Croatian Parliament and during the event the Croatian Government’s Vice President and Minister of Welfare and Youth Milanka Opačić and ERYICA’s Director Davide Capecchi signed the European Youth Information Charter. With this the Republic of Croatia became the thirtieth signatory of the European countries that have already supported this key document

for the work in the area of youth information. The conference was attended by parliament representatives, representatives of state and public bodies and institutions, municipal representatives and non-governmental organizations. Youth Information Fair VuMi In order to raise the quality of youth information PRONI Centre for social education within the project Youth Information Centre Vukovar, organised the third Youth Informaton fair in Vukovar called ‘VuMI’. The goal of the fair is to raise the level of Youth Information about opportunities and choices that are offered, the way how to participate in those opportunities and choices, and to point out to the public the need and benefit of mutual cooperation in the community. By organizing ‘VuMI’ PRONI Centre gives its contribution to the celebration of European




Youth Information Day which is celebrated in European Union for more than 25 years. The fair was, due to the bad weather conditions, held on 30th of April (instead of 17th of April) with the participation of 15 different exhibitors from the city of Vukovar.


In the centre of this year’s ‘VuMI’ was the promotion of the European campaign on informing young people entitled ‘Information Right Now!’, which is coordinated and organised at the European level by ERYICA in collaboration with the Council of Europe. The campaign began on 17th of April and lasts until 31st of December of 2012. Its goal is to raise awareness about the importance of quality information for

young people, focusing on the right of youth to access quality information. On 17th April 2012, the Minister for Social Policy and Youth signed the European Charter of Youth Information, thereby supporting the implementation of the campaign in the Republic of Croatia and expressed his support for informing young people. Campaign Info Counter on Europe Day The Youth Information Centre Vukovar organised in the city the promotion of the ‘Information Right Now! – Young People Are Asking’ campaign to mark Europe week within the ‘EU street jam’ activities. The activity was

held on 9th of May of 2012 from 10:00h until 13:00h. Among the activities, apart from the campaign, there was a promotion of other activities for young people from the city and from the countryside. ‘EU street jam’ had 20 organizations and institutions participating and 200 visitors.


Cyprus Youth Board of Cyprus Treasure Hunt, May 2012, Larnaca

3 treasure hunts took place: • Larnaca Treasure Hunt – Saturday 12/05/12 Larnaca Youth Information Center • Limassol Treasure Hunt – Saturday 26/05/12 Multifunctional Youth Centre in Limassol • Agros Village Treasure Hunt – Sunday, 5/08/12 The event in Larnaca was attended by 15 youth groups (5-7 persons per group). The groups were going through questions and puzzles of the game in order to learn more about their city and its hidden treasures. Other goals were for young people to learn about the opportunities that are available to them and in addition to spend a pleasant afternoon with other peers. Treasure Hunts – 12th May-5th August Treasure hunts were initiated in cooperation with the National Agency of the Youth in Action programme. The purpose of the events was to disseminate information through questions and riddles etc. – so, learn by having fun. Campaign t-shirts were printed for this activity.

The game included a wide range of questions about Youth, the Youth Information Centre and Larnaca, Cyprus‘ political situation, the history of Cyprus as well as the Cypriot Presidency and the Information Right Now! campaign. This year, the treasure hunt included team sports

13 which were mainly aimed for the cooperation between players of each team. The winner team, ‘The Rebels’ were offered a prize of 500 Euros, while there was a draw with gifts for the other participants. Youth Center of Larnaca would like to express special thanks to its sponsors, to the International Centre for Sports Research and Development for the excellent preparation of the hunt as well as to the Volunteers of the Youth Center for their valuable help. The event ended with the renewal of appointments of all for the fourth treasure hunt that will hopefully take place next year.



czech republic

Facebook Game – 17th April Every week NIDM posted a photograph of the interior or exterior of one of the 17 regional youth information centres on Facebook, and people had to try and find out which centre it was. The game was launched on 17th April and small prizes were awarded.


Young People Are Asking for Love, future, dreams. – Stefano

Geocaching Game – Summer Holidays Around 200 ‘Infocaches’ were hidden all around the Czech Republic over the summer holidays – the Infocaches contained questions but also

information about the Information Right Now! campaign, as well as Youth Information Centres. The topics could be found on the websites of the Youth Information Centres. Whoever found 5 Infocaches and answered the questions on them had a chance to win a free return bus ticket to every European destination an international bus company is offering. The runner-up received a digital photo camera. NIDM also had another special prize (digital camera) for the person who found and answered the most Infocaches.


finland Campaign Launch Week – 16th-20th April Nationwide The campaign was launched nationally at Youth Workers Cruise on 17th-18th April. There was an info stand about the campaign where Koordinaatti gave out some material and marketed the campaign to youth workers and decision makers. People were very interested and the feedback overall was very positive. There was a video camera spot where people could express their thoughts about young people’s rights to information. Several comments were posted on the Finnish Facebook page. Kokkola On the launch week of the campaign there were some trainees and volunteer workers giving out flyers of the campaign and Youth Information service in a local shopping centre. The campaign and the YI service were also

promoted at an event for over 18 years old. Alavieska A campaign event in Youth House Viri (campaign bulletins, information about mobility and internationality) was organised by the Youth Information and Counselling service of Oulu South area and the youth services of Alavieska. Haapajärvi A campaign event in the Youth House (campaign bulletins, information about mobility and internationality) was organised by the Youth Information and Counselling service of Oulu South area. Ranua Information Right Now! – day was organised in Youth House Monkkari (survey with special prizes, a chance to make a campaign badge, etc.)




Campaign Launch at Youth Workers‘ Cruise Event – 17th-18th April On the National Allianssi Cruise around 1500 youth workers gather every second year. The cruise is full of mini-seminars, presentations and info spots for youth workers and is organised by the Youth Cooperation Allianssi. Koordinaatti organised the launch of the campaing during the cruise. Information about the campaign was distributed at the info spot. Photos and interviews from the cruise were posted on the Campaign‘s Finnish Facebook page


Media coverage of the campaign launch: The national press release was noticed on many web pages. It was published in Youth Information and Counselling online services,

but also for example in the page of Ministry of Education and Culture, Finnish society on Media Education and Finnish Youth Cooperation – Allianssi. The campaign was also the theme of the April issue of the online magazine for Youth Information and Counselling Services on Nationwide 17th April: issue 3/2012 of Nuorisotyö (= Youth Work) magazine was published on the national Youth Workers Cruise. An ad of the campaign and an ad of Koordinaatti centre were included in it. The ad of the campaign was on the back cover so it received a lot of visibility. Nuorisotyö magazine is a national magazine about youth

work for youth workers, teachers and other actors in the youth field, and it is published by the Finnish Youth Co-operation – Allianssi. Oulu South area (Oulu South is a network between subregions in the southern part of Northern Ostrobothnia). 16th April: The campaign was one topic in Yle radio’s local channel Central Ostrobotnia (Yle is Finland’s national public service broadcasting company). 16th April: The campaign was one topic among others on Radio Pooki. 18th April: an article about the campaign in the newspaper Kalajokilaakso was published.


finland Where is my future? – María

Espoo 17th April: an article in the online paper Länsiväylä was published. Information Stand at Local Rally Event – 15th May On Tuesday, 15th May an information stand of the campaign was put up at a local rally event in Nykarleby. They also organised a question mark photo shoot. Campaign Ad in Curly Magazine On 15th May, the new issue of Curly magazine was published. It included an ad of the campaign and a column written by a 19-yearold girl. The column was also published for example on the Finnish campaign Facebook page as well. Curly is a national magazine for

young people, made by young people. It’s distribution is 12 000 copies. Curly is distributed free of charge to schools around Finland, to subscribers and the libraries of city of Helsinki. Hobby Days at Oulunsalo – 5th May ‘Hobby days’ at Oulunsalo House: the campaign was presented at an info stand with the Youth Information and Counselling service. Europe Day Event In Raahe – 8th May A Europe Day event was organised by the local Youth Information and Counselling Service Nasta in Raahe, Finland. An info stand with information about the campaign, posters and a chance to make campaign badges was put up.

Question Mark Photo Shoot and Film Ticket Raffle – 16h-31st May The Youth Information and Counselling Point yESBOx in Espoo was encouraging young people to take question mark photos before the summer holidays. They had a photo exhibition on their own Facebook page and the pictures also participated in the European-wide photo competition. The YI service raffled film tickets among those who submitted photos. National Bulletin – 27th September A National Bulletin was sent out by Koordinaattii to its members and stakeholders, informing them about the Information Right Now! campaign.




Video Series CIDJ conducted a series of videos with young people who explain their experience in getting information from the youth information centres. Videos are available on YouTube


France CIDJ – Centre d‘information et de documentation jeunesse CIDJ Youth Centre, 2012, Paris



Germany IJAB - Fachstelle fĂźr Internationale Jugendarbeit der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V. Youth Information Network Campaign Question Mark, 2012, Germany

Do Youth use Information or we simply see it upside down? – Teodora

Question Mark of German Youth Information Services The German Youth Information Services joined forces to make a statement for the right of young people to information by creating a virtual, common question mark.




Luxembourg CIJ – Centre Information pour Jeunes Pan-European Campaign Action Day – Postcard Campaign, May 2012, Luxembourg


Post-Card Campaign As part of Pan-European Action Day for the European Information Right Now! campaign, the Luxembourgish Youth Information Centre CIJ distributed postcards to young people in the streets of Luxembourg City, and Eschsur-Alzette (with the support of PIJ Esch). The purpose of this action was to enable young

people to ask questions on topics that interest them by sending these free postcards to the Youth Information Centre. Answers to questions on completed and returned postcards were published on CIJ’s homepage on 30th May.


Malta Youth Information Malta Youth Ambassador Training Session, May 2012, Marsaxlokk

We work for the people... – Hristina

21 Youth Ambassadors Training Session Young people aged 18 to 23 years coming from 13 different countries came together to jointly reflect on the reality of young people and the situation of youth information in their local realities. The final goal was to have them acquire knowledge, abilities and skills in order to become young ambassadors and spokespersons for the Campaign on youth’s right to information. The training which was funded by the Youth in Action Programme took place in Marsaxlokk Youth Activity Centre, Malta, and was facilitated by trainers from the ERYICA membership, namely Julie Menšík Čákiová from NIDM, Czech Republic, Matjaz Medvesek from MISSS, Slovenia and Pepe Herrera from Solna Unginfo, Sweden.



macedonia f.y.r.o.


Meetings with the Presidents oft he Municipality Councils – 17th April On April 17 2012, marking the European Day of Youth Information, the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA along with the Youth Information and Counseling Center INFO SEGA organized a meeting for youth with the President of the Council from Municipality of Prilep in the great hall of the library ‘Borka Taleski’, Prilep starting and officially launched the European campaign Information Right Now!. About fifty young people have met the President of the Council of the Municipality of Prilep, Mrs. Gordana Miceska, and representatives of the Commission for Social Activities and Children’s Rights, as key institutions within the decision-making at the local level. The purpose of this meeting was to inform young people about the work of the municipal council, to meet with the President of the Council and to get to know what their role is in decision-making.

At the meeting young people could also openly ask about what concerns them, meet the President of the Council and discuss how young people can reach out easier to institutions, e.g.: Does the institution have an open day for citizens and specifically young people?; Do all the activities carried out concern young people? What are the most common topics of the activities? How can young people contribute to the work of the municipal council? etc. The aim of the campaign Information Right Now! is to raise awareness among the young population in the Republic of Macedonia to seek information from state institutions, and ask for better quality of information because ‘timely information is more valuable than anything’. On the occasion of this day the campaign was supported by the member organizations of SEGA: Youth Council Prilep, Ohrid Youth Council,


macedonia f.y.r.o.

We look around to find interesting things... including information. – Simona

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Coalition of youth organizations SEGA International Youth Day – Flash Mob, August 2012, Prilep

Youth Club Stip YMKA – Bitola Youth Forum – Bitola, Centre for Sustainable Community Development – Debar, Multicultural – Tetovo, Centre for Education and Development – Tearce which also held meetings with the presidents of youth councils in each of the aforementioned municipalities. Europe Day Workshop – 9th May INFO SEGA marked 9th of May, The Europe Day through the workshop ‘Let’s learn to Europe!’ The purpose of this event was for youth to learn about the institutions and bodies in charge of Europe and the European Union and about

implementing policies across Europe. They also learned more about the functioning of these institutions and bodies in European countries as they guarantee the right of youth information. This workshop included 20 young high school students from all secondary municipal high schools in Prilep. Humanitarian Activity – 1st June On 7th of June 2012, in the Center for Social Work in Prilep, representatives from the youth organization of Gorce Petrov high school and representatives from the Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA organized a humanitarian



macedonia f.y.r.o. action for donated clothes to help four socially disadvantaged families. This event was organized in good cooperation with the Center for Social Work and their role in this event was to find four socially disadvantaged families which were in need of help. Also, the representatives from youth organizations had a chance to meet social workers from this institution, to discuss with them and to learn what kind of services for youth they are offering. In this activity the Youth Information and Counseling Center INFO SEGA also contributed with a donation of clothes by young people. The action for collecting clothes was held in the high school Gorce Petrov in Prilep, where high school students donated clothes for all ages to help socially disadvantaged families.


Summer Fest Info Days – 12th-13th July On 12 and 13 July 2012, in the center of Prilep

during biggest Balkan Beer Fest, the Youth Information and Counselling Centre INFO SEGA held Info Days with the Youth Ambassadors of Information Right Now! Campaign. The purpose of this event was to promote the Facebook Photo Competition and services that INFO SEGA provides for youth. At the INFO SEGA stands young people had an opportunity through promotional material and direct contact with the team to inform themselves about the services of INFO SEGA and receive details about the Campaign. In order to achieve greater visibility of the Campaign and the Facebook Photo Competition, the Youth Ambassadors Daniel Ivanovski and Bisera Todoroska were on site and directly informed the young people about the Campaign. The stands were visited by over 1 000 young

people from all over Macedonia and the Balkans. International Youth Day – 12th August The Youth Information and Counseling Center INFO SEGA and Youth Council Prilep, the Youth Club of Red Cross – Prilep, Orientation club ‘Zlatovrv’ – Prilep, the women handball club ‘Filip 107’, the Club of Young Folk Dancers ‘Mominok’ and local youth organizations from Prilep, in cooperation with the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, celebrated the International Youth Day – under the motto ‘Young People Are Asking’ through unique Flash Mob action. A group of 60 young people together with the FYROM Youth Ambassadors Bisera and Daniel, formed a question mark in the city center of Prilep as a symbol of the European Campaign Information Right Now! – Young People Are Asking! and to represent all

macedonia f.y.r.o. questions concerning youth all around Europe symbolically. ‘The goal of the campaign is to encourage young people to ask and to be informed, to learn that timely information is in order to serve better social life, whether that information is for education, sports, participation in the NGO sector, the culture etc... Timely and correct information is the best guide to what is desired for. So we did this big question mark to encourage and raise awareness among young people’ – said Zoran Ilieski from SEGA. As a result of this activity a short film was created in order to spread the message ‘Young People Are Asking’, which was broadcasted in the media and was also made available on INFO SEGA‘s websites and as well on the website of the Information Right Now! The teams of ‘Speak Freely’ and the local

Young People Are Asking!! We must help our planet, if we want to live more. We have to love it – Χριστίνα television ‘TV Channel Vision’ helped in making the video. This event was also supported by the youth online radio ‘Pulse’. Youth Event Knowledge and Sport among Young People – 30th June On 30th June, 2012, at the Park Mogila in Prilep, the sport and music youth event was held under the motto ‘Knowledge and Sport among Young People’, organized by the Youth Information and Counseling Centre INFO SEGA in cooperation with the Youth Council Prilep and the Youth Multicultural Community, supported and financed by the Local Municipality of Prilep. The happening offered to young people good music and the opportunity to participate in different tournaments in football, basketball, volleyball and badminton. The event aimed to encourage young people to do sports and to promote a healthy lifestyle.


This event was a great chance to promote Youth Information and the Information Right Now! Campaign and Facebook Photo Competition as well. INFO SEGA made a special poster and flyers for this event for the visibility and promotion of the IRN campaign. The happening was covered by local media and over 3 000 people visited the event. Youth from Prilep Met the Assistants of the Project Open Office for Communication with Citizens – 2nd November Youth Information and Counselling Center INFO SEGA organized a meeting for 30 high school students from Prilep to meet the representatives of the project ‘Open Office for communication with citizens’ and learn more about the work of this office. The purpose of this event was to bring to the forefront young people’s right to ask and



macedonia f.y.r.o.


receive information. High school students met with the assistants of the project ‘Open Office for communication with citizens’, and through the presentation and discussion were informed about the services and work on this project.

Right Now! – Young People Are Asking were held at the Youth Information and Counseling Center INFO SEGA. Young people were informed about the campaign and also got to be familiar with the services of INFO SEGA.

The high school students had the opportunity to openly ask and talk to the assistants about their daily work, how they are assisting and helping citizens, working hours of the office, support for youth initiatives, the ways how youth can easier reach out to the institutions, what their experience is so far to help young people, the ways in which they can reach them, the needs of young people and how they could contribute to the project work, etc.

The event aimed at making young people more familiar with the campaign goals, events and activities that INFO SEGA has conducted. Visitors also had the opportunity to meet young volunteers from INFO SEGA who were directly involved in this Campaign and shared their positive experience.

Open Info Days about Information Right Now! – 14th-16th November From 14 to 16 November 2012 Open Info Days about the European campaign Information

Over 30 young people visited YIC INFO SEGA during the Open Info Days.



Montenegro Forum Mladi I Neformalna Edukacija (Forum MNE) Pan-European Campaign Action Day – Theatre Event, May 2012, Podgorica

Campaign Launch in Montenegro – 23rd March An initial meeting with a presentation of the campaign to the potential partners took place on 23rd March. The partners of the campaign who confirmed their participation in the campaign were:

• • •

Employment Bureau – Centre for information and professional counselling, IOM – International Organization for migration, University of Montenegro – Office for International Cooperation, Ministry for Information Society, Gymnasium ‘Slobodan Škerović’, NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, NGO Kompas, Student Parliament of UDG faculty. A press release and media announcement were sent out on 17th April. Six media (TV stations, radios and daily press) covered the launching of the campaign in Montenegro:

two TV interviews in the popular TV shows on public stations, radio and television of Montenegro – ‘Montenegro unplug’ and TV Vijesti – ‘Colours of the Morning’, in the daily newspaper Pobjeda, on the portals Vijesti, Café del Montenegro, Vijesti News Montenegro, Analitika, and on sites of the partners in the campaign.

Young People Are Asking in an Online Survey – 23rd April From 23rd April 2012 onwards, an online form called ‘Young People Are Asking!’ was published in which young people have the possibility to ask questions within 15 different areas: education, health, job and money, independent life, rights and laws, support in period of crisis, safe internet use, activism and youth participation in decision-making processes, leisure time/hobby, documentation and procedures, family, travelling, European Union,



montenegro rights of consumers, environment, culture. As a part of this activity one focus group was realized with a group of students from the faculty for Political Sciences, Department for Social Work. The students had a chance to ask questions from different areas. 12 students participated in the focus group.


National Campaign Facebook Page – 28th May The Youth Ambassador for Montenegro, Mirha Tahirović, student on the Faculty of Political Sciences and participant of the international training for Youth Ambassadors in Malta, officially became the Youth Ambassador for Montenegro. After the training, the main activities of the Youth Ambassador were defined. The first activity was creating the Facebook page of the Information Right Now! campaign for Montenegro. One of the tasks of the Ambassador is following the activities

on the page, its updating and promotion, and in that way promotion of the Campaign. Besides the online promotion, the Ambassador promotes the campaign among university students and youth in direct communication, through events and individual meetings. 16th May was the starting day for the Photo Competition. Most of the activities were happening on the Facebook page created and updated by the Youth Ambassador. The Facebook page of the Campaign for Montenegro was the central page of the Photo Competition promotion, as well as of the whole Campaign in Montenegro. Training in Youth Information – 5th-6th July The training on Youth Information, realized in Podgorica, in Centre for Information and Professional Counselling (CIPS), gathered the representatives of the NGOs and the institutions

from 6 towns (Podgorica, Nikšić, Herceg Novi, Risan, Bar and Berane). 12 persons participated: 2 persons/volunteers – the organization Green Home, 1 person/volunteer – the organization Juventas, 1 person/volunteer – the organization Infomladi Montenegro, 1 person/volunteer – the organization Svetionik from Bar, 3 employed persons in CIPS – from 3 towns, 2 persons from Youth Counselling in Hospital centres (Podgorica, Herceg Novi), 1 person/ pedagogue – High School ‘Slobodan Škerović’ Podgorica, 1 person/teacher – Primary school ‘Veljko Drobnjaković’ in Risan. The aim of the training was raising awareness of the participants on the importance of quality Youth Information and fostering cooperation among relevant youth services.

the netherlands

29 The Netherlands Stichting JONG Rotterdam Pan-European Campaign Action Day – Guerilla Signpost, May 2012, Rotterdam

Youth Information Fairs in Rotterdam – 5th May-1st July 5th May 2012: The Youth Information Fair in Rotterdam took place during the National Liberation Day Festival. The festival offered a great programme full of debates, workshops, children’s activities and plenty of music.

I love you Democracy, but you’re as absent. – Christina

27th May 2012: The Youth Information Fair in Rotterdam took place during the Dunya Festival. The Dunya Festival is a hip and trendy music event with music, contemporary poetry and literature. Each of the five stages showed

performances from all over the world in the Park near the Euromast. JIP Rotterdam took pictures for the campaign with the theme: ‘Young People Are Asking’. 1st July 2012: The Youth Information Fair in Rotterdam took place during the Metropolis Music Festival. Metropolis is the place to be for national and international upcoming talent to show the world that they are future stars! JIP Rotterdam also took pictures during all event for the Campaign with the theme: ‘Young People Are Asking’.




Meetings with the Presidents oft he Municipality Councils – 17th April Eurodesk Poland Competition and Promotion Activities Eurodesk Poland conducted competitions via a special application on their homepage and the Eurodesk Facebook fanpage. Every week at the same hour they asked a question and once a month a monthly task was announced. The tasks and questions were about youth issues and one of them was youth information – it was the topic of May. The competition’s questions were about the goals of the Information Right Now! campaign and youth information systems in Europe.


As part of the monthly task related to youth

information, the participants of the competition were asked to speak with at least 15 peers and fill in questionnaires about youth information needs and requirements. There were prizes for winners, of course. Eurodesk Poland also created its own survey on youth information needs, the results of which will be used in their lobbing activities on bringing youth information to Poland. Eurodesk Poland also promotes the Information Right Now! campaign and events on their own web site and on the Eurodesk Poland Facebook fanpage. On the occasion of the project Eurodesk Poland prepared a special publication and in which you


poland Perfect way to find the information you need – just talk with other people... – Hristina can also read about ERYICA and Information Right Now!. There is also an interview with Davide Capecchi, Director of ERYICA, in the quarterly ‘Europa dla aktywnych’ (Europe for Active People) which has 7000 issues per edition Eurodesk Campaign Workshops There were workshops conducted by Eurodesk relays in more than 20 Polish cities, for youth aged 17-25. The workshops’ target were not only to inform, but also activate youngsters, show them what they can do at local, regional and European level and how to do it. During the workshops the Eurodesk Poland relays promoted youth information and the Information Right Now! campaign.

Other topics of the month in this project were: unemployment, solidarity between generations, non-formal education, structured dialogue, language diversity. Eurodesk Poland has more than 1050 Facebook fans. Most of them are youth and youth organizations who hopefully, by taking part in the competitions, forward the Eurodesk Poland messages. The project is also promoted via web page and newsletters, so the message goes to another few thousands subscribers. As young people increasingly see the value of youth information systems, Eurodesk Poland hopes that some of them will demand and help to create such a system in Poland.




Press Conference about Campaign Launch in Ljubljana – 17th April Informacija – pravica mladih! is the campaign slogan localized in Slovenian language.

Quality Online Youth Information do exist, but the Chaos of the Net makes me feel totally confused! – Teodora


Activities started with the press conference in Center Evropa Ljubljana, a Conference center for European Policies and Projects. The conference was organized by MISSS in cooperation with the National Youth Council and the Government Communication Office.


spain Centralised Campaign Activities On 17th April, the Spanish network celebrates the launch of the Information Right Now! campaign and European Youth Information day with many different activities across the country. INJUVE will: • • • •

Spain INJUVE - Instituto de la Juventud Youth Information Day, April 2012, Spain

Send out 30 000 emails about the Information Right Now! campaign Disseminate a special youth information guide Issue an official press release from the Director General of INJUVE Produce a publication of the pocket guide on youth information, including its history and statements regarding youth information in Europe Produce a compilation of the main publications on youth information and youth issues Have an Open Day at the Information Centre INJUVE in Madrid

Media coverage of the different activities related to the Information Right Now! campaign as well as the European Information Day

Youth Information Day in Various Spanish Cities and Regions – 17th April Ceuta: Youth Information Points at different educational centers, neighborhoods, associations, and other are putting up information panels devoted to the European Youth Information Day. The information was disseminated through the social networks of the Information Right Now! campaign on the right to Youth Information, as well as the services offered at the Youth House. An information booth was placed in the Ravelin to mark that day and encourage young people through various activities. A photography




If you will not do it now, when you are gonna travel – discover and have fun? – Deniz

contest ‘Information available to the Youth’ aimed to capture in a creative way which information services and activities are provided for young people in the region.

The government of the autonomous region of Castilla La Mancha issued a newsletter about the IRN campaign and the Youth Information Day.

Furthermore, a survey on youth information was conducted by the young correspondents Youth House at Stan.

Galicia: In Galicia, conferences were held on the occasion of the Information Right Now! campaign and the European Youth Information Day:

Castilla la Mancha: The Youth Information Centre of the Albacete City Council celebrated European Youth Information Day with various activities and actions such as information services (ICJ, Eurodesk, Europe Direct, European Volunteering Service, ...), or the mounting of a giant jigsaw puzzle of Europe. The C.I.J. belongs to the Eurodesk and Europe Direct.

Conferences: ‘Youth rights to information and participation’. Place: Galician Network of Youth Centres in Noia, Betanzos, Curtis and Pontedeume. Participants: Young people over 14 years old. Conference: ‘Youth rights to information: Specialized youth participation and


information-through the DXXV’. Place: Galician Coordinating Centre of Youth Information, in Santiago de Compostela. Balearic Islands: Xarxa Infojove of the Balearic Islands celebrated the day with a series of activities: Xarxa Infojove Awards: awarded to the youth information worker of the year, to the best project and to the best collaborating entities. Xarxa Infojove met with youth information workers and youth politicians to present the campaign Information Right Now! The Spanish version of the campaign manual was given to the youth workers and politicians; furthermore, the training activities for this year were presented to the network. After the official part



of the festivities, the youth information workers had lunch together. Andalucia: A public announcement of the Information Right Now! Campaign and a special ‘boletín’ of Diputación de Córdoba (Andalucía) were issued on 17th April. Basque Country: The Youth Information Services in the Basque Country celebrated with various activities the European Youth Information Day and the launch of the Information Right Now! Campaign. The Coordinating Centre promoted the event through their websites, social networking and youth newsletter. In Bizkaia a project

presentation of activities for the year took place and ‘A SMART BOX’ was drawn among the young participants. In Gipuzkoa the celebration was spread through media, social networks and in addition to the blog and website and The network of youth information and documentation Euskadi contributed actively to #informationrightnow becoming a trending topic. Furthermore, some services spread the message further via press coverage in many local newspapers and information tables were placed in the street to publicize the service and youth information closer to the street (music atmosphere). In Donostia the Youth Information Office handed out raffle tickets for a musical event

among all people who visited the Youth Information Office, or subscribed to the weekly digital newsletter. Eurodesk Assembly in Mollina Eurodesk Network and Red Sij Network (Injuve Spain) took a question mark photograph in an environment of working groups of improving the youth information in Europe at the Eurodesk Assembly in May 2012. The meeting was held in Mollina (Málaga), and was attended by more than 30 people from all over Spain. The intention of the photo is to represent a nod to the people of Eurodesk working in the Internet-Sikh Injuve ERYICA Spain.




Street Art and Youth Event in Solna – 9th May On the same day, a presentation of the Campaign in the Town Hall for politicians, multiplayers and media took place and at Solna Youth Centre a Street Art and Youth Event was organised for young people to learn about the Information Right Now! campaign. Solna Youth Festival – 14th-16th May Information and promotion activities for the Campaign were organised during the festival in Solna.


Swedish Eurodesk Network Conference – 20th June An updating about the Information Right Now! campaign and coordination of activities

took place at the Swedish Eurodesk network conference. The network members were truly interested about the development of the Campaign and especially impressed with the Youth Ambassadors. The Swedish Eurodesk network will try to reproduce the Youth Ambassadors concept on a national level. The idea is to gather 40 young people (2 from each local Eurodesk office) and offer the possibility to get more knowledge, skills and contacts, in order to promote youth information in general and the Swedish Eurodesk network in particular.

uk wales


Signing of European Youth Information Charter & Question Corner – 17th April CLIC was coordinating Wales’ part in celebrating European Youth Information Day and the launch of the Information Right Now! campaign. CLIC celebrated European Youth Information Day by holding an event entitled CLIC: Information Right Now on Tuesday 17th April at the Welsh Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay.

Wales ProMo-Cymru Youth Information Day – Signing of European Youth Information Charter, April 2012, Cardiff

At the event, CLIC signed the ERYICA European Youth Information Charter on behalf of the Welsh Government. Deputy Minister for Skills, Mr Jeff Cuthbert AM, was the guest-of-honour for the day.

He said: ‘Young people need accurate, up to date and accessible information to make informed decisions in their lives. I am therefore delighted that CLIC on behalf of the Welsh Government has signed the European Youth Information Charter which will put in place minimum standards and quality measures in the provision of information for young people.’ The event was entertaining as well as educational, with performances by young Welsh acts such as Cathays Bboys and The Kix and a range of creative workshops and information sessions.


on 16th may 2012, a series of concerted actions regarding the information right now! campaign took place in dozens of countries. a common date was chosen to increase awareness of the campaign, to showcase the variety of issues the campaign deals with and give a deeper understanding of the different realities youth information workers operate in. find below a selection of activities from pan-european campaign action day.

pan-european campaign action day


Information is the help that youth people need to face the challenges of the everyday life. – Ana Patricia


Salzburg Goes Question Mark – 16th May On the European Action Day of the campaign the YIC Salzburg was decorated with big question marks and QR-codes leading to Austria‘s national facebook-site Information – jetzt erst Recht! to raise awareness for the right of young people to good quality information.




Belgium FIJWB – Fédération Infor Jeunes Wallonie-Bruxelles Pan-European Campaign Action Day – Street Theatre Event, May 2012, Namur

Humour Meets Youth Information – 16th May This May 16, around 12:30, a dozen actors and actresses and DJs were in Place d’Armes in Namur to interpret, in an exaggerated and humorous manner, young people seeking information. They resonated with young passers-by to find together a place that would contain all the documentation and information answering their questions.


At the foot of the Belfry, young people were invited to form a giant question mark to mark the occasion with a photo to show their support for the European campaign in 2012 Information Right Now!. On this occasion the Federation Infor Jeunes also launched the European photo competition ‘L’information: les jeunes y ont droit!’


croatia Never snub someone into silence. Just ask and find out. – Tugba Croatia AYICC – Zajednica informativnih centara za mlade u Hrvatskoj. Pan-European Campaign Action Day – Info Zone, May 2012, Split

Youth Information Fairs in Zagreb and in Osijek (‘iMOS’) were organised on the occasion of the Pan-European Campaign Action Day in Croatia in order to inform the public about the benefits of youth information and its importance in enabling young people to access their rights.




The Youth Information Centres in Cyprus organized the following events for the PanEuropean Campaign Action Day on 16th of May 2012: The participants in the workshops of Limassol’s and Pafos’ Multifunctional Youth Centres created question marks under the guidance of the art teachers.


In Limassol, young people used recycled materials to create a question mark. They used paper boxes, which they painted and on which they wrote down their questions. Most of the

participants were children and some of their questions were existential while others were more straight-forward. For example: ‘Why are there not enough recycle bins?’, ‘Why are there hooligans?’, ‘Why are there trees?’, ‘How many years did God live?’. In Pafos, young people created several banners with big question marks. There were also volunteers who informed young people through educational games about their rights based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

czech republic

Czech Republic NIDM – Narodni Institut deti a mládeze Pan-European Campaign Action Day – Street Happening, May 2012, Prague

prepared, as well as free colour sprays for young artists and of course a DJ with hip hop and rap music during the day.

The main attraction at the ‘Street Happening’ in Prague for young people was the mobile ‘bouldering wall’ with a big question mark on the top – young people could climb up and stick their questions on the question mark. A jumping castle for smaller children as well as other activities awaited the public together with an information stand, of course! The Youth Information Centre in Ivancice were organising a grafiti jam on Pan-European Campaign Action Day. A special wall was

The Youth Information Centre in city Prostějov organised an activity for Pan-European Campaign Action Day where they sent out a template of paper cubes to different organizations (school, youth clubs, leisure time centres, etc.) in their city, and asked young people, to make a cube and write the questions they have on them. Every 5th person who brought cube with a question to their Youth Information Centre received a 4GB flash disk with information materials for free. On 16th of May, young people built several question marks with these cubes. They are going to use the cubes also in other activities of the Youth Information Centre. Youth information workers tried to answer some questions relevant to their work, and they will also put all questions and answers online.

43 Hodina H, in cooperation with the Youth information Centre Pelhrimov, organised a campaign event in the streets of Pelhrimov with the information stand at the square on 16th May 2012. There were information stands placed in the schools and at the same time there were workshops to the topic of youth information in the other cities in the Vysocina region. The volunteers and young people were giving to the young people information leaflets, informed about European Day of Youth Information and the Information Right Now! campaign, about the youth information system, as well as information and services in the Youth Information Centers. They also tried to get attention with the mottos written on big transport signs and other dynamic activities in the framework of the campaign. This event was held in Pelhrimov, Humpolec, Moravske Budejovice and also in Jihlava.



finland Finland Koordinaatti – Development Centre of Youth Information and Counselling Work Pan-European Campaign Action Day – Children’s Meeting, May 2012, Oulu

The Pan European event in Oulu took place at the occasion of the annual meeting for children and young people will be organised by the city of Oulu. In the meeting, young people and children came together to discuss and make decisions on different kinds of matters to develop and improve their surroundings. Koordinaatti centre presented the campaign at the meeting and also organised a question mark photo shoot with the children and young people. One of the Information Right Now! Youth Ambassadors of Finland presented the Campaign to the audience. In Raahe, the Campaign was visible continuously in youth houses and young people could make Campaign badges there. On 16th May, young people were forming a question mark for the Pan-European Event.


In Espoo city, young people could come to the YI point yESBOx and take their own question mark photo.


italy A newspaper article describes the action taken in Tremoli, Italy, on occasion of Pan-European Campaign Action Day: • Termoli’s folklore steps completely neglected • The students of the Boccardi school have made a human question mark to underline the problem

it had been up until last year). If renovation measures are not taken in due time, it will not be ready for the summer season which is rapidly approaching. The Folklore steps situated in a marvellous setting near the Ancient Borgo and Port are one of the icons of the Termolisian summer and at the moment they are lying in a heap of ruins.

TERMOLI. A huge human question mark ‘tattooed’ by Boccardi high school students: the folklore steps. ‘Why has the main symbol of the Termolisian summer season been completely neglected? Why has nothing been done to renovate and preserve this historic landmark in Termoli’? This is the issue that the students wanted to point out in making their huge human question mark on the steps. This place has been ignored and put aside for too many months and so this state of neglect will prevent it from being used as a stage for open-air performances during summer (as

The students have underlined the problem, getting their inspiration from an international competition proposed by the Council of Europe inviting groups of young people to join together and ‘tattoo’ a huge question mark in those places that need to be called to the attention of local authorities. ‘We, as students at the Boccardi school’, declares Valentina Nuozzi ‘have accepted the challenge with utmost enthusiasm. Obviously, the main aim of this competition and the choice of creating a human question mark



italy has its motivation in the question we should ask ourselves concerning Termoli: ‘Why hasn’t anyone taken care of repairing the Folklore steps which suffered the damages caused by the heavy rain and snow, which took place in the previous months. Why are they doing nothing?’ The initiative has produced a lot of enthusiasm among the students and it has allowed them to focus their attention on the places surrounding them that need renovation work. ‘We had also thought of taking photos of different neglected or poorly maintained places in the town, places such as the town swimming pool, the park and the coach terminal’, continues Valentina. ‘Even the promenade along the beach should be made more attractive for us as young people’.


It’s worth mentioning that Boccardi High School is also a member of the National Network of State Schools ‘Education to Europe’ and has

taken part in many international competitions. They are also cooperating with AIM Association who has proposed this last competition. ‘This was a simple, straightforward, pacific gesture to communicate first of all to the citizens and then to the local authorities, in charge of youth matters, that information must be accessible to everyone. The generation gap does not frighten us, above all it is interesting to remind our readers that the year 2012 is dedicated to ‘Active Aging and Solidarity Between Generations’, Valentina adds. ‘We sincerely hope that someone will listen to our new generation, because the European theme of this year aims at focusing the attention on the fact that every age range is not in competition with one another. It was marvellous to act together and to communicate deep concepts concerning Termoli using only the image of the human question mark without the utterance of any words’.

macedonia f.y.r.o.

47 INFO SEGA realized the Pan-European activity ‘Design Question Marks with Youth’ within the campaign Information Right Now! On 16th May, the designing of question marks with young people was organized by the Youth Information and Counseling Centre INFO SEGA in collaboration with the elementary school Blaze Koneski in Prilep. At the elementary school Blaze Koneski 60 primary school students were included who prepared in a creative and original way a big question mark with smaller pieces of the question marks where they asked questions of their interest. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness of young people for the right to information and in a symbolic way to explain the question marks which were intended to symbolize all the issues that youth have in Europe today.



macedonia f.y.r.o. This event was followed by the media and the fact that many young people next day visited the Youth Information and Counselling Centre INFO SEGA speaks for the interest that was caused by the general public and youth. The Centre for Education and Development in Tearce also supported this Pan-European activity within the Campaign. The event was held in the secondary school in Municipality of Tearce, where young people creatively prepared a question mark and had an opportunity to write questions concerning youth in three different languages (Macedonian, Albanian and English). 25 young students and volunteers who exhibited CED question mark in the centre of Tearce participated in this event.


The Youth Council of Ohrid, conducted four activities, where they encouraged young people to creatively come up with answer to the questions: Which kind of information is

often lacking for young people in the town? What information do they want to receive from local governments? Four meetings were organised with youth representatives from primary schools, youth representatives youth from high schools, unemployed youth and members of the Youth Parliament in Ohrid. Every participant was given two sheets where they could write their responses. The notes of the respondents for information lacking in general in the city were illustrated with different question marks in different colours, while the notes for information that young people want to receive from local government were single-coloured and illustrated with a t-shirt on which a question mark was set. The sheets with the questions were glued and published on the walls in the halls in buildings where workshops were

organised (in primary and high school, in the offices of Youth Parliament and in the office of the Youth Council) so everybody could read what was written and discuss the question regarding information that is often lacking for young people in Ohrid. Also the Youth Club, Shtip supported the PanEuropean activity. In the center of Shtip, an Info Day was held by setting up a stand where young people had an opportunity to learn more about the European campaign and had the opportunity to write down questions of their interest. The event was covered by local television and lasted two hours. Young people were asking different questions and expressed interest in different topics.


We need to be informed about enything! We are the Future... We will be able to build a safe future? – Pall


The theater event ‘Lets Be Equality’ was organised by Forum MNE and the new youth organizations Vive l’art, UM RAE and Mladi Boke zajedno. Eleven young participants were up on stage. They used the occasion to build a question mark, representing all questions from young people in Montenegro.


the netherlands

Sense of chaotic answers. Urge to know. Hope of choosing the right one. – Brigita



On 16th of May, JIP Rotterdam designed a question mark with young people, who are students at the Albeda College in Rotterdam. DNMAC Young Broadcasting interviewed the youngsters about their right on Information. Furthermore, a Guerilla Action for Pan-European Campaign Action Day was organised: JIP Rotterdam designed and installed a new traffic sign, leading the way to the Youth Information Centre.


In a world where we have so many directions so may choices we become transparent and the question remains: Where do I belong? – Ioana


On Pan-European Action Day MISSS successfully conducted an Information Right Now! campaign event on youth’s right to information in cooperation with young people. Young people formed a question mark with their bodies in the middle of Prešeren Square in Ljubljana.

Slovenia MISSS - Mladinsko Informativno Svetovalno Sredisce Slovenije Pan-European Campaign Action Day – Youth Market, May 2012, Ljubljana

The Campaign was also accounted next day in the Youth Market 2012. It was introduced to Mr. Žiga Turk, Slovenian minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and Mr. Peter Debeljak, Director of Office for Youth.



Spain University of Youth and Development Participants of the 13th University of Youth and Development, September 2012, Mollina


Pan-European Campaign Action Day was celebrated also in two locations on Mallorca. Youth politicians, general directors and the major of the village, some youth information workers and 100 young people from the different schools of Felanitx in Mallorca gathered fort he occasion. The Youth Information Center of Palma, called Palmajove, showed the youth from Ramon Llull Institut and posed for a question mark picture.




Young dancers performed a short choreography in central locations in Stockholm, ending the dance forming a question mark. A video oft he activity can be found online.

Sweden Solna UngInfo Pan-European Campaign Action Day – Dance Performance, May 2012, Stockholm

The answer you need is hidden in your question. – Tamas



over 100 pictures were entered in the information right now! facebook photo competition between 17th may and 31st august 2012, all under the theme and slogan of the campaign: young people are asking. those pictures were taken and submitted by young people themselves, and sometimes accompanied by a few words.

facebook photo competition: how to!


The task was to enter the competition by submitting a picture a young person took to the online Facebook application that fit the competition theme “Young People Are Asking”, and more specifically matched one of the monthly themes such as ““The Dangers of Having No Youth Information Opposed to Having Youth Information”, “Where Can I Find the Right Information”, “Quality Online Youth Information and the Chaos of the Net” and “Young People Are Asking for Love, future, dreams.”. Great prizes were awarded to the best entries:

Category 1: Winner by the number of votes. The overall winner of the competition in that category was the picture with the highest number of votes until the end of the competition on 31st August. The prize consisted of a trip to the European Youth Centre Budapest (travel plus two nights accommodation for one or two persons). Furthermore, every two weeks one winner with the highest hike in number of votes in that time frame was rewarded with an Amazon voucher worth 100,- €.

Category 2: Winner by decision of a jury consisting of the Youth Ambassadors and ERYICA (50/50 power division) for the best picture portraying the overall theme of the Competition. The winner received as a prize a trip to the European Youth Centre Strasbourg (travel plus nights accommodation for one or two persons). The jury also decided on the special theme of the month and the respective winners received an InterRail Global Pass.

56 The youth is the most wonderful time of life that God has left it to people. – Claudiu Petre

The information is important, because it is like an open door. And I think all of us can find the right information when they communicate with other people. The net world is not enough, the news on TV, too - the perfect way to find the right information is to talk with other person. – Hristina Hristova

57 What youth information means for me? That’s a big chance! It’s really simple to make dreams come true, only need to find a right information in the chaos of Net.... and take the opportunity which the information gives you. It seems to be hard, but you just need to be patient and keep in mind what you really want to get.... – Joanna Mądra

I don’t always win a photo competition, but when I do, I get the most awesome prize. – Mathias Fontain

58 Young Information is important for youth because its an effective way to provide the necessary information to the young generation. – Stefano Endrizzi

Regarding the youth information, I consider it as eye opening, because it creates citizens with visions and values. It helps us to make informed decisions and to express freely our opinion. – Teodora Koleva

– Beatriz Martínez Martínez

59 Young people are our future and there is no future without them. – Tomislav Šantek

Informing young people is very important. Information is the initiator of each activity. In vain the work and effort if there is no specific information at specific times. – Vaso Knezevic



Conclusions & Results The Campaign, with its broad success by terms of activities and involved public, users and opinion makers, showed a great deal of interest on enhancing, expanding and spreading youth information as a mayor transversal policy tool, particularly needed in times of crises to support young people in their - now more than ever difficult decision processes. This is particularly needed in a ever-changing and more and more complex society that offers an increasing range of opportunities for studying, working, leaving and building one’s personality and life.

To match these increasing compelling need ERYICA, the Council of Europe and youth information and European counselling structures committed to prepare, as a follow-up of the Campaign, a kit on how to better inform young people on their rights and to use it to support them in their challenge of building a better future for themselves and to better find their righteous role in the society.

For any questions, please contact: Council of Europe Youth Policy Division Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation F - 67075 Strasbourg Cedex ERYICA asbl L - 1616 Luxembourg designed by Ismet Lisica

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