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Caring with music.

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The Shuttle Shuffle Festival is in support of the CIC Piece Project.

Everyone’s involvement, from the festival committee, to the bands playing, are doing so on a voluntary basis for this fantastic cause. The wealth of knowledge and experience between all the committee and event organisers combined can only be described as a musical and cultural fountain of creativity. The Yorkshire Gig Guide, The Topic Folk Club, Eclectic Rhythm, Factory St. Studios and Piece Project are the mountains that the creative water runs through feeding this unique and creative fountain.

A community interest company (CIC) is a new type of company introduced by the UK government in 2005. It’s designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the good of the public. 1

Piece Project’s mission is to encourage music to be made and shared for all to enjoy. “I feel challenged as a musician as I was given the role of leadership as one of the few with an earpiece.” Piece Project has been established to help develop music and arts related activities that support social, creative and economic development. The organisation aims to create life enhancing music experiences to the community and widen participation in the most disadvantaged communities. Piece Project is developing to become a regional music and arts educational CIC which can provide subsidised rehearsal space for musicians, offer training, educational support packages, mentoring, industry workshops, work placements, advice, guidance and exciting educational music projects for all. Objectives: 1) To identify needs and opportunities for music related projects that will support community development and regeneration. 2) To develop projects that widen participation in music for the most disadvantaged communities and individuals. 3) To promote music as a tool for community development, community cohesion and regeneration.

What does Piece Project currently deliver:

1) Piece Project hosts an established Jam Session for all ages and abilities which offers a safe and supportive environment for people to meet others; collaborate and improvise. 2) Piece Project and Factory St. Studios partner with Yorkshire Gig Guide to offer Open Mic Nights for young people and adults which offer safe and supportive performance opportunities. 3) Work with young people aged 7 – 24 running Band Club, regular supportive workshops for young people on the Autism Spectrum, Aspergers and SocialEmotional Delays. The project aims to develop greater emotional literacy, improve confidence, health and well-being. 4) Bradford’s Music and Arts Festival The Shuttle Shuffle for the local community.

Who are we? Piece Project is run by a committee made up of people with interests in music, dj’s, youth workers, mental health/disabilities professionals and representatives from community based grass roots music organisations. All are interested in community development and regeneration. 2

Factory St. Studios Factory St. Studios is a professional recording studio facility in Bradford, the only one of its kind in Yorkshire. Opened by CEO UK Music, Feargal Sharkey in 2009 the music hub has seven large Rehearsal Rooms, Analogue and Pro Tools Digital Recording Studio, Instrument and Equipment Repair Service, Party Venue with Licensed Bar, Pool Table, Vintage Pin-Ball Machine and Free Parking. Before or after rehearsals you’re welcome to use the hub area, have a coffee, play 8 ball, and meet other musicians. We’re open most nights until 10pm, so you’re welcome to drop in even if you are not rehearsing that night.

“The best rehearsal space we have ever had in the many many years of work in this industry” Shawn from the The Big Picture “Wow! – I’ve only ever seen facilities like this in London” Feargal Sharkey, CEO UK Music 3

Eclectic Rhythm Eclectic Rhythm offer a complete range of website and graphic design services. We specialise in logo design, branding and identity, promotional material and web design and work for a diverse range of clients in Yorkshire and throughout the UK. At Eclectic Rhythm we have a love for bespoke and original clothing. We work with a range of illustrators and designers in order to produce unique men’s t-shirts. All our men’s tees are hand printed on 100% organic cotton using environmentally friendly processes and are all in a limited edition of 250. Design is our passion Music is our life.


Yorkshire Gig Guide Supporting grass roots music and musical endeavours in Yorkshire and publishers of the renowned and long standing Yorkshire Gig Guide. The Yorkshire Gig Guide provides gig and event listings for cities and towns throughout Yorkshire, UK with directions to live music venues and much more.


Topic Folk Club The Topic Folk Club was founded in 1956 by Alex Eaton, once he had left the local Young Communist League choir and some friends. It was the height of the Cold War, with Suez and the Hungarian Uprising dominating the headlines. From its very beginnings as a fairly informal opportunity for like-minded youths to get together and talk politics and sing. Up to its current policy of around two-thirds guest acts, The Topic was always and remains now a weekly club. The Topic continues to present artists from the locality, the UK, and the rest of the world in its quest to provide top-quality live acoustic music in a concert setting in Bradford.


The Festival... 2 Days 3 Stages Over 40 bands Live Recording Live Art Print Stalls Short Films & Motion Graphics Photography Contemporary Furniture Seminars & Workshops Activities For All Ages & More... Click to visit: 7

The Venue... Factory St. Studios Unit 9Â Factory Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD4 9NW

Size - 10,000 ft2 Festival Floor Plan (not to accurate scale)

Motion Graphics & Short Film


Sponsorship Packages We need to raise at least £2500 to make this festival possible and that means that any takings on the day can be donated to Piece Project. If you help us raise the money that will make this fantastic music and arts festival happen, this is how we will promote and advertise your business in return:

4 Sponsors - £500 1. A banner up inside and outside the festival (designed and printed by Eclectic Rhythm) 2. A page on our website dedicated to you. 3. Regular posts on all our social networking sites. 4. A ‘thank you’ email to all our contacts. 5. Full page in the festival programme. 6. Advertising on Yorkshire Gig Guide website. 7. Your own flyers and business cards placed in the promotional packs that will be given out on each day of the festival.

Main Sponsor - £1000 1. Mentions on BCB radio and from the local press that is covering the festival. 2. A banner up inside and outside the festival (designed and printed by Eclectic Rhythm) 3. 1 day’s graphic design work from Eclectic Rhythm for free – click below to visit their website: 4. A page on our website dedicated to you. 5. Regular posts on all our social networking sites. 6. Logo and website on all print based promotional material that is still to be printed. 7. A ‘thank you’ email to all our contacts.

As Many As Possible £200 1. A banner up inside or outside the festival (designed by Eclectic Rhythm). 2. An advertisment on our website home page linking to your website or social media pages. 3. A thank you post on all our social networking sites. 4. Half page in the festival programme. 5. Your own flyers and business cards placed in the promotional packs that will be given out on each day of the festival.

As Many As Possible £50

8. Full page in the festival programme.

1. A thank you post on all our social networking sites.

9. Advertising on Yorkshire Gig Guide website.

2. An advertisement in the festival programme.

10. Your own flyers and business cards placed in the promotional packs that will be given out on each day of the festival.

3. Your own flyers and business cards placed in the promotional packs that will be given out on each day of the festival.


Social Media Reach Facebook Followers 87 Website (hits per month) 230 Facebook Followers 839 Twitter Followers 1,001 Website (hits per month) 750 Facebook Followers 725 Website (hits per month) 600

Facebook Followers Fan Page - 85 Profile Page - 760 Twitter Followers 42 Website (hits per month) 450 Facebook Followers Fan Page - 4,105 Average weekly reach - 42,000 Group - 1,202 Twitter Followers 702 Website (hits per month) 3,400 Facebook Followers 1,000 Website (hits per month) 530

Latest Shuttle Shuffle Fetival Facebook Statistics


Musicians and Artists Total_75+ Combined Facebook Followers Average (200 each) 15,000 Combined Twitter Followers Average (100 each) 7,500 Combined Website Hits per Month - Average (70 each) 5,250


TOTALS Facebook Followers 23,803 Twitter Followers 9,970 Total Website Hits per Month 11,210


Print Based Promotion

Media Coverage

Flyers 5000 (5000 already printed)

Radio BCB (Bradford)

A3 Posters 100 (50 already printed)

Newspaper Telegraph & Argus

Festival Programmes 1,000

Estimated Festival Turnout Public 700 Musicians, artists, volunteers, organisers 350 Total 1,050



It is impossible to pin down a demographic that all our marketing will reach. Each of the committee member’s, works with a range of ages, business and cultures. This makes it ideal for your business to reach a varied and large audience largely in the Yorkshire area.

Everyone who is involved in The Shuttle Shuffle Festival has a passion for what Piece Project are trying to do for our local communities and the benefits and changes that music can bring to people’s lives. This passion that is within everyone who is involved in the festival means we can guarantee that they will do everything they can to promote the festival through all their available channels. Help us make a difference to people within your community and promote your business at the same time.


600 Bradford Musicians Performance at The Royal Albert Hall We took 9 young people from the local community to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Music for Youth commissioned composer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Broughton to create a

genre-defying, educationally and artistically inspiring piece that reflected the multitude of cultures represented in Bradford and the surrounding area. There are four sections to Strength in Numbers. All of the themes were inspired by the individual characters in this huge band and in each rhythm and scale you will hear the unique fusion that is this group of young people on stage together just for today. To enjoy the ‘jaw dropping performance ‘ of the Vivendi Bradford Massed Ensemble at Schools Prom 2012 at the Royal Albert Hall please click on the link below:

“ I hope for the future to continue with my music, widen my knowledge and gain more experience, similarly building my confidence. Hopefully to perform at similar events, even repeat this project again if given the opportunity.”

“ Playing in this group has developed my ensemble skills”

The musicians took part in a series of rehearsals with other musicians from across the district involving Bradford Music and Arts Service, secondary school, 3 music services and community organisations.

Artistic Director/Conductor: Joe Broughton Violin: Paloma Trigas Percussion: Tom Chapman


Help us make a difference to communities in your area.

Contact Us To Help: 01274 682 125 Piece Project Unit 9 Factory Street Bradford West Yorkshire BD4 9NW

Caring with music.

“I very much enjoyed the performance at the Royal Albert Hall, it’s a prestigious venue and a chance to play there is rare.”


The Shuttle Shuffle Festival Sponsorship Guide