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{Music & Dance}

The Art Of Bharatanatyam Samyukta Rathna Venkatraman

Samyukta Venkatraman writes about the origins and the uniqueness of the classical dance form extremely close to her heart- Bharatanatyam.

Often in my moments of apparent profound thinking, I’ve caught myself wondering why Classical Arts are no longer patronized as they once were. It’s almost herculean to find a person to talk to about Bach or Syama Shastri or Sadir. On one of those rare occasions that I’d found another classical enthusiast I found myself answering the question. Furthermore at various concerts I’ve often heard people murmuring to themselves, “What a picturesque performance this is. He transcends all barriers. The music serenades me, the dance entrances me, I’m in raptures of delight over this performance but I wish I could understand what the artist was trying to convey.” It hit me right then. _______________________

Classical arts have become arcane in today’s day and age when everyone clamours for simplicity. __________________

sashay into music space and make away with the hearts of millions of people? They connected with the people. They brought lucidity and effortlessness to the forefront, searing the populace with raw emotion.

ful of people? At this point I do ask a question? Wasn’t Kathak viewed by the masses of the 18th century in all its glory? Is it the rampant western influence that has somehow mitigated the importance of Classical art? Is change truly good then, as we somehow relinquish the The Beatles throbbing, poignant emoThey wrote about love, or tions that pulsate through loss or separation. Each and the core of Classical arts to every one of us can relate to a fairly simple version of it? the pangs of lost love, of a gnawing desperation growing Will all attempts be futile at in us. Anyone today can hum rescuing this delicate form of worship? I do not know, and their tunes. Is that possible I cannot tell. However what with a Purvi Kalyani or a I can do is impart what little Varali? Why did Sanskrit and Latin lose their foothold? I know about this melodic ocean of knowledge. It was never made available to the masses. Today, in this ruthless age of the 21st Cen- Bharatanatyam is often called tury, numbers are everything. the 5th Veda. This should tell you the sheer importance Today, the classical arts still foster glowing embers, but it it carries in the heritage of seems to be dying out, slow- India. A form of dance that can today tell the tale of cenly, losing the fire to curling turies, it stands testament to wisps of smoke. _______________________ the power of divinity in art. It can tell you tales of being Sadly, the approbation subdued by masculine powof Classical arts is now ers; it can tell you the fables relegated to a handful of revival at the dainty hands of connoisseurs and of a woman named Rukmini Devi Arundale.

I heard a couple of rock songs. I watched a couple of aficionados who are videos of dancers from the sometimes accused of western contemporary style. being elitist and erIt hit me then. One doesn’t udite as they dismiss require a trained eye or ear to simply sit back and enjoy the pop culture. prowess of these performers. __________________ What made Vaudeville so Is it the labyrinth of techfamous? Why did the 1960s nique that has rendered it see the Beatles saunter and esoteric, salvaged by a hand-

Rukmini Devi Arundale

It is widely believed that the Natya Shastra written by Bharata Muni in the 4th Century gave rise to Bharatanatyam. Etymologically speaking, Bharatanatyam derives

its name from his name “Bharata”. Originally it was called Sadhir. Sadhir was a temple dance. Often, when one visits temples in South India, beautifully carved apsaras depicting Karanas (Postures in Movement) adorn the walls. These commemorate the existence and the glory of the temple dancers. These dancers were known as “Devadasis”. Devadasis literally mean the slaves (Dasis) of God. They offered their worship to the omnipresent deity through their material bodies. It revolves around the central idea that there is cosmic energy that encompasses the entire universe and exists within us. Nataraja (The God of Dance) is this manifestation of the cosmic energy that is considered the undercurrent of the existence of the universe. _______________________

Bharatanatyam has been a glorious combination of Scriptures, Music, Literature and Philosophy. The dancer in essence worships the Lord through her body and soul. __________________ The art was a path of worship, a way of life, and a guide to enlightenment for these Devadasis. However as Centuries rolled by, the word Devadasi came to be

synonymous with Prostitute. These women were beautiful, unmarried (they were married to Lord Nataraja) and were the very embodiment of grace. They were thus lured into performing in the Courts of Kings. Much like Kathak which was reduced to a court dance with the arrival of the Mughals (Kathak dancers began to be referred to as Tawaifs), the Devadasis were also


relegated to the title of court dancers and were later trapped into a world of sordid disgrace. The Devadasis and so subsequently Sadhir fell from grace. A divine form of worship that had been the magnificent crown jewel of Indian culture was now reduced to this. Women from respectable, high class families were forbidden from dancing. It was a dishonour. And so when Rukmini Devi Arundale swooped down to rescue this fallen maiden, the Gods smiled somewhere. Along with her husband George Arundale, Rukmini Devi Arundale revived Sadhir. She was the founder of the world famous Kalakshetra. Kalakshetra became the first legalized institution in India to promote art. Under its patronage, Bharatanatyam was once more placed on the pedestal that it once held. Bharatanatyam was revived,

respect and dignity was restored to her and under the patronage of true artisans she flourished with a new joie de vivre. Women and men from across the world, rushed to devour this beautiful art form. Today the luminaries of the dance field are all from this institution. Adapting the original Pandanallur style that Rukmini Devi learnt from Meenakshisundaram Pillai, the Kalakshetra style was brought forth which stands for the yin-yang combination of grace and poise as well as clean, straight and angular lines which closely resemble ballet. Rukmini Devi Arundale was a student of Ballet and therefore incorporated some of the techniques of ballet in this style. ______________________

Today, Bharatanatyam is noted by critics around the world as an art par excellence, it is performed across the world and is an embodiment of Indian tradition. __________________

Bharatanatyam is often touted as the visual embodiment of music (Sangeetham). Music is dance, and dance is music. One does not exist without the other and they are not offshoots or an ancillary trade of the other. The patron God of Bharatanatyam

and all other Indian classical dances is Lord Nataraja (Shiva). It is believed that when he danced the Ananda Tandava in the cosmic universe, a bell from his anklet got detached and flew up into the air. As it fell back, it hit various parts of His body, creating the sounds Thath – Dhing – Gi- Na- Thom, which Hindus believe is the creation of sound. These five syllables are today used in Sollukattus (A sequential recitation of syllables) in Bharatanatyam, which is an indefinable mix of Nritta and Natya. Nritta is pure dancing which involves complicated patterns of footwork and body movements. It encompasses the physical aspects of the Natya Shastra. Some of these facets areAdavus (body movements), Mandalas (Postures), Charis (gaits), Hastas (Hand gesture), and Karanas (Postures in movement). Dance pieces such as Jathiswaram, Alarippu and the Thillana are pure Nritta items. Natya is the expressional form of dancing. It mostly tells stories (Sanchari) as well as expatiates the meaning of the lyrics of the song on which the dancer is performing using Abhinaya. Examples of Natya pieces are Padams and Javalis. A combination of the two is known as Nritya. Dance pieces like Kauthvams (Poems) Shabdam (Lyrical ballads) and Varnams combine both these aspects. A Varanam is a blend

of pure dance (Nritta) performed with Jathis (Passage of Sollukattus) as well as a marvellous depiction of the lyrical content of the piece of music through the expressional, dramatic form of dancing. It’s also embellished with Sancharis. The Varnam is the longest piece in a dance concert. It’s the crown jewel of any Margam (Dance repertoire). _______________________

The glory of Bharatanatyam is in the essential core of its existence. It is almost a visual materialization of Bhavam, Ragam and Talam. Dance is the most ancient form of worship. It is a penance. _______________________

of literature and the picturesque view of a sculpture to present to the audience, a meditation, and a path to divinity. Bharatanatyam has the prowess to transcend all barriers and transport the audience into raptures of ecstasy. _______________________

The dancer has the power to open mundane minds to the majesty of the cosmos. The sonata of divinity exists in the depths of Bharatanatyam. When one delves into it, they can hear the crescendos of symphony in the silence; the symphony of the Gods. __________________

Bharatanatyam is not just a dance form or an art. It inWe dancers believe that stills in me the confidence Bharatanatyam is the celeand belief that in this world bration of the union of the fraught with peril, there is beauty of the material body with the spirit of the Cosmos. something that can be so sublime. The Dancer slowly blooms like a flower and offers herself At the end of this write up, only one thought plagues me. to the Lord. It’s a complete surrender to the divinity and Can something this holy, this surreal, this astoundingly the expanse of the Universe. beautiful an art die? Dance is truly the visual interpretation of art. It com- And the answer is a staunch bines the melodic delights of “No”. music, the philosophy in the § scriptures, the lyrical content and rich descriptive meaning

{creative writing}

The Girl Behind The Glass Door Rajitha Ksetty

She had always felt like an outsider, looking in on the countless moments that the people around her shared. She had only the pleasure to view from within her glass sanctuary. There in that instance, but not really. _______________________

She was the passerby on the street, looking around and smiling at these glimpses of the world and the people within it, but never truly being a part of it. __________________

She couldn’t pinpoint when it came to become so, or even when she came to the realisation that it had. It was always a silent truth, the one that haunted her on her lonely days but also provided solace on the laconic ones. And she had come to be okay with it. She supposed she was happy; she certainly had no reason to be perpetually sad. There had not been any worldly injustice done to her, neither had she been exposed to a situation grave enough to make her so. She had built herself that way, the reason for which never formed a conscious thought. She was nobody, and she knew it. Perhaps that was why she never found a reason to care for anyone. She never felt like she


on the roof anymore. She began to matter. Her opinions Her world was made up of began to matter. She began herself and her imagination, to want to experience various enough to entertain her and things. She began to want enough to comfort her. Yet to achieve the dreams she there was an ever present encased within those pages. clawing at the back of her She began to see the endless head. An itch that gnawed possibilities. She began to upon her late at night, when care – for the world and for she saw the world from her the people in it. roof top not alike an art lover Was that what she had been would a beautiful collage of missing all this while? She colours. What it must feel like had spoken and someone to be an actor in this worldly somewhere had heard. Maydrama and not an extra. be it was the inherent cravAnd so, she wrote. ing for company that wove a thread of people into her life. She captured her dreams and Maybe that was human nawishes between the ink of ture, to reach out to people in her pen and the sheet of her a hope that they feel the same page. They were a part of her and accept it in return. Mayand she cherished them. She be all one had to do was find remembers the first time her that someone who reaches words were read by another into the world in a similar voice; the first time they were way. nestled in the mind of another, creating an image not _______________________ unlike the one she conjured Each of us live in a when she penned them; the world solely ours, colfirst time they painted a smile liding with each other on another’s lips. _______________________ and forming bonds

Suddenly, people saw that change us and her. They glimpsed those around us in her cracks, her flaws, ways we don’t anticher thoughts and her ipate. Each of us is a voice. And though she somebody to someone. _______________________ felt exposed, people began to accept her. Eventually, she began to __________________ accept this. And somewhere Suddenly, she wasn’t the face

down that line, she found a key to the locks that chained

her in. She now saw a way out. Hesitation holds her hand in an iron grip. She had survived so long on this side. Unbeknownst to her, she became used to living her life like a caged bird – alone, but shielded. That was the life she knew. That was the life she was comfortable with. Courage escaped her as she contemplated her move. She had tasted what it felt like. Should she choose to stay inside, she feared driving herself to insanity with longing for it. For so long, desiring the unknown was an escape. Her own world she created to pass time by, to make things easier when the walls seemed to collapse. But that was all she had done- desire it. It was safe, easier. She knew not what lay behind the door. She saw the world through her glass window. Full of colourful opportunities yet darkened by a lingering shadow. What would she see – colour or a dark abyss? It was worth the risk, she decided. Through her fear, she finally unlocked the door, and stepped outside. §  

{creative writing}


Devdan Vaidyanathan In this reflective piece, Devdan questions the meaning of the words ‘normal’ & ‘special’ & their implications in society making for a haunting read!

His mother said that th e hands on the clocks w ere just that Just hands, nothing mor e, nothing less Just hands roaming ov er a vast expanse of 36 0 degrees, He couldn’t read the tim e. He always knew when to go to sleep on the w eekend And when to watch th at comedy show on TV And when to wash his hands before dinner But he couldn’t read th e time. I wondered then if he ha d a clock in his head A little part of his brain devoted to tracking the Passage of an invisible hand trickling along in some Dark corner of his cons ciousness as it tracked second By second to minutes to hours to days to twenty one years Of not being able to re ad the time. They said that with prac tice a normal kid can le arn to read The time off a clock in a year. It takes someone specia l to insert a clock inside their brain But it’s not because they can, it’s because they ha ve to. His mother told me to hug him, because appa rently Positive energy roamed the surface of his body and when You touched him it touc hed you, and when you hugged him It hugged you. He smile d then, teeth and facial hair and a bit Of tongue just for a mom ent creating a painting more poignant For its transience, I blin ked and the tongue was gone, the sun was Gone, the positive ener gy seemed to be back in control. They said that with tim e a normal kid can star t smiling Once they know it mea ns to be happy It takes someone specia l to smile because they don’t know What else to do with th e positive energy in them . I dreamed dreams of ab solute freedom I dreamed of wings, fli pping gravity and the w orld And its people, I dream ed of dreams only cont aining myself Screw the world and ev eryone in it. His mother said that he was already free. That it took Restrictions and boun daries and routines to get him to integrate Communicate and henc e, survive. The moment a normal kid receives its first inst ructions it struggles And chafes under restri ctions it understands no t, It takes someone specia l to accept that they sh all not understand, To trust that this is wha t normal people do.


My Mistress Goes By The Name Of Cinema Achyuth Sankar

Art is long and Time is fleeting, and in this short time, Achyuth Sankar examines his relationship with cinema - his favourite art form.

I wish I could go back in time and watch Short Term 12 for the first time. It is such a beautiful movie. I want to share my world of movies, bond over what I love about them. But you know what I realized? _______________________

Your relationship with art is the most personal relationship you’ll ever have. You cannot quantify it. __________________ You cannot put it in words (the fact that I’m trying to is a different matter entirely). You cannot share it no matter how bad you want to. Others may try to let you in on their relationship with art but then you end up forming your own relationship with it, based on your likes and dislikes and relatability, and everything else is blurred, sometimes incomprehensibly blurred and sometimes like pretty bokeh lights. But you can’t share art the way I want to. A relationship like that has room only for two people. Yourself, and that art. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll get used to the loneliness over here; then you’ll begin to cherish it. Because truly, it is yours and yours alone. Nobody knows or can understand what you have gained from art, or in what way you

relate to it, simply because they cannot have had the exact same life experiences as you have. It is probably the only one of a kind relationship in the world with no rivalries, no insecurities and no misunderstandings. That’s art for you, the one of a kind mistress that everybody can have for themselves. My mistress goes by the name of cinema. Cinema combines the best of all worlds. Sounds, images and stories. And what’s more? Being a medium where everything is right in front of your eyes, it has become an extremely accessible one at that. It really does have something for everyone. But at the end of the day, it is about storytellers, and the whole new different way in which they go about telling their story. I suppose all art revolves around stories. They all depict something. Literature depicts using words, paintings using static images, songs using music and lyrics, and movies using images and sound. Stories are something that have enamored people through countless centuries. Stories, in many ways, make us who we are. With that being said, I believe that nothing does stories better than movies do. Sight and sound mixed together, with real places, real people (and nowadays, computer generated places and people), with your

attention promptly directed to exact elements of the tale, what’s not to like? I have a special relationship with cinema.

__________________ In many ways, cinema to me is like a magic wand is to a wizard. A wand chooses a wizard, right? The same way, a movie presents itself to me at the exact right moment. It chooses when, where, and it chooses me. __________________ Sometimes I’d have a movie with me for quite some time, but never have the mood to see it, until one fine day I’m shuffling through my collection and randomly spot that same movie and decide to actually watch it at that moment, and it’d turn out that some very recent experience or conversation has made me relate to that movie and gain from it a lot more than I would have had I see it long ago. That is why I wrote above, that I may try to explain my relationship with movies, but the bond I form with them, nobody else can or will, and the same is applicable to every person who loves art. This factor makes

me love movies that much more, because it is almost as if it is waiting for the time when I need it the most, never expecting anything in return. Only, I want to give back. I want to make movies someday, with the hope that some human being in this planet is touched by it the same way I’ve been touched by many. The desire to give back, it is a strong thing. If I were winning an Oscar right now, I’d be thanking all the people who’ve aided me in my journey. But I’ve not won an Oscar, hell I have not even made a decent movie, but if I do, I’d go the Sidney Lumet way and say “I’d like to thank the movies”. Reading this so far, you might be wondering whether this write-up belongs in my diary or on Erudio. The reason I’m writing this is because not only do I want to tell everybody how much I love movies, but I want them to see the power movies have, the capacity they have to create love, and maybe if they do, they’ll find a whole new world in cinema.

importance, so much dramatic value, yet amidst the slow pace of life, and the mixture of so many unremarkable moments, the poignant moment gets sort of robbed of its significance, not to the person involved but to others who could be voyeurs. And wouldn’t you want to share those important moments with others? Wouldn’t it be sad if they can’t comprehend the absolute, stunning, clarity of that moment and what it means to you? And that is why I think cinema is so important.

there are so many things that happen that have so much



To finish a film with the rising crescendo of music, maybe a montage of the journey with allusions to all the emotions, epiphanies and experiences felt that have contributed to getting the hero where he is, and finally as the music falls to a dead halt and there is silence, a moment of __________________ clarity, of catharsis, ocBecause really, films curs. And so we show are what life needs. the world how poign__________________ ant some moments are in our lives. Life, as it is, seems boring. We strip the lives of the

characters bare, strip it of everything else and leave only this one basic story that’s being told, because great moments and bits of life deserve to be shown on their own, deserve to be not overshadowed by the otherwise prevalent monotony and repetition. They deserve to have their day. This is why cinema is so important. And I have a gnawing fear in me every time I watch a good movie. I don’t want it to end because the journey will be over. Sometimes I wonder if it is better to leave it unfinished. Nah. What is a movie without its climax? §

{Artist Of The Month}

Slap The Bull

A modern rock youth band from Chennai called ‘Slap The Bull’ has been making waves in the musical world lately. We thought we’d check them out & landed a very special interview with this five-membered band!

1. What was the inspiration behind the name?

Haha, if only we had a penny for every time someone asked us that! Well, in our starting stages as a band we had a LOT of ideas for band names. But the problem was it all sounded like those typical Rock/Metal band names that you would hear a 10 year old call his band and we really didn’t want to be that dull. So,we made sure the name of the band would be something different, something that people wouldn’t forget so easily, and maybe a pinch of humor to help it all along. And voila, Slap The Bull!

2. Tell us a little bit about each member of your team.

Jaison Titus: With his likes varying from all sorts of Pop to the likes of Green Day, his voice has been everything the band could’ve asked for in a singer, apart from being oh-so-punctual. Anuj Pant: A weird mix of seriousness and fun, with conversations that never run dry! But, when he gets behind that drum kit he’s in a world of his own always trying to get something new out of something old. Prathesh Prasad: It’s usually the drummer who wants to make and cover the heavy and hardcore songs, but in our band, we have an exception. He’s always looking for the ”HEAVY stuff ‘” in everything. Rohit Jacob: He’s this creative burst of joy, whether he’s composing the next song or altering the lyrics to another, he just doesn’t know when to stop. Karthik Rajan: The lead guitarist of the band, always adding the finishing touches to any song we make with a few licks and bends and whatever sounds dirty enough to get you excited(in the song!).

3. How would you classify your style of music?

A. We love the fact that we all like different genres and keeps us moving between genres as a band, but I’m sure we can put it all under Modern Rock.

4. Who are your musical Gods?

A. We don’t really idolize any band, but we’ve definitely picked out some brilliant artists for their particular talent like: Chad Kroeger’s voice, Clive Burr’s drums of hell, or Frusciante’s solos.

5. What is your dream live venue to play at? A. The Red Bull Tour Bus! It’s simply INSANE!

6. As a relatively new band, how have you planned your distribution strategy?

A. Well, first it was all about sharing on our Facebook page and forcing our friends to watch

it and do the same with their friends, which was probably the wrong way to do it. But now, we’re slowly branching out using Reverbnation, Soundcloud, and other places where we can just post our music and wait for the world to tune in and let our music talk for itself.

7. If you could give all your band members an alternative title, what would they be and why?

A. Rohit would probably be the ’Socialist’. He basically talks to people and gets stuff done. He connects the band to the people out there whether its through the lyrics or the Facebook posts. Karthik would be the ’Finisher’. You can give him a problem with a song or problem with how we approach our stage time, and he’s your man. He’ll get a cameo done in no time. Jaison would be ’Jughead’, from Archies. Never jams without food! And to top it off he TRIES to put on that ” I don’t care” attitude, but we all know he does, he REALLY does. Prathesh would be the ’chick’ of the band. Falls crazy for bands he likes and would honestly consider himself a groupie if he had the chance. Anuj would be the ‘Houdini’ of sorts. Just like that he disappears and one fine day he’ll pop up and go ”Hey machas, when do we jam!?”

8. Name one band you would love to open for.

A. Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Simple Plan, Iron Maiden, Three Days Grace, Nickelback. I’m sorry, we can’t choose just one!

9. How does music complement your current lifestyle?

A. Well, we’re all currently doing our Bachelors degree in Engineering, and we all know what that’s like. So to keep things short and sweet, music is where we vent it all out! Bad day? We go for a brutal jam, and all is suddenly forgiven.

10. What do you wish to express through your music?

A. Our songs are all real life scenarios, where each song is definitely a story you’ve already been a part of and you could probably relate to it. So basically, its your life, with a tune to it.

11. Which attribute of your band do you feel differentiates you from the current crop of bands? A. The NAME! I dare you to disagree! You can follow Slap The Bull on Facebook. Check out their most popular song here<<insert YouTube link>>


Formula 1 2014: Everythingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s changing! Amala Putrevu Amala Putrevu gives the readers of Erudio a fantastic prep-up for the forthcoming 2014 Formula 1 season, explaining its changes & the effects.

The year 2013 was a bittersweet one for Formula 1. From seeing Sebastian Vettel clinch the World Drivers’ Championship for a consecutive fourth time, to seeing racing veterans like Mark Webber and Felipe Massa sing their swan song in Brazil, it was a season that won’t be forgotten easily. We bid adieu to the 2.4 L V8 engines and heard their ‘screaming banshee’ sound for one last time. It was also the third edition of the Indian GP, which has been suspended 2014 onwards due to red tape. But it will be remembered for sealing Sebastian Vettel’s 2013 championship with a dramatic, unassailable 115 point lead.

Everything’s changing!

The 2.4 L V8 has been replaced by a 1.6 L V6 engine which will produce 750 bhp not counting the additional power added by the ERS unit. The exhaust note of V8 F1 cars have a much higher pitch than an I4 engine, because each of the cylinders of a four-stroke engine fires once for every two revolutions of the crankshaft. Thus an eight-cylinder engine turning 300 times per second will have an exhaust note of 1200 Hz. Only 100 kg of fuel [or 140

litres] can be carried in the race car, down from 2013’s 160 litres. The maximum rpm has also been brought down to 15000 from 18000.

gines are set to return, along with a wealth of complicated Energy Recovery Systems. The minimum weight for engines will rise from 95kg to 145 kg.

Looking at the year calendar, there are some significant 161bhp Power boost from changes to the itinerary of the ERS, up from 80bhp 33.3s Duration of boost avail- Formula 1 cavalcade. able, up from 6.7s • Indian GP has been 2MJ Maximum energy that discontinued for 2014 and can be harvested from ERS, will be continued in 2015 up from 400kJ • The Austrian GP at the 4MJ Maximum energy that Red Bull Ring in Spielberg can be used from ERS, up will be revived. The last F1 from 400kJ race here was in 2003. • The inaugural Russian The regulations refer to the GP will be held at the newly two devices as the ‘Motor constructed Sochi InternaGenerator Unit – Kinetic’ tional Street Circuit and ‘Motor Generator Unit • Due to low spectator – Heat’. The latter uses heat turnout, the Korean GP has energy from the turbo to been scrapped completely. generate electrical energy.

Energy Recovery Units

With two sources of recovered energy, the limit on the amount of power they can generate has been raised. _______________________

Apart from the calendar and technical changes, the FIA has also stipulated eight new sporting regulations, out of which, the ones with the Drivers will now get a most impact will be: bigger boost for longer, • The final race will offer which in addition to double points to the drivers the thrust from the to keep the championship fight alive for longer. turbo engines should • Drivers can only use make for quite a spec- 5 engines over the whole season [reduced from 8 last tacle. year]. __________________ • Penalties will be replaced by penalty points and Next year’s planned 48kg hike a total of 20 points would in the minimum weight limit amount to a driver’s ban. comes as turbocharged en• The pit lane speed limit

will be reduced to 80 km/h from 100 km/h, adding precious seconds to pit stops that will have a significant impact on pit strategies.


The ‘placement circus’ of drivers that happens after every season in Formula 1 is quite familiar. This year, Mark Webber and Felipe Massa have retired to make way for an upgrade for Daniel Ricciardo, the comeback of Kamui Kobayashi and rookies Marcus Ericsson [Caterham] and Daniil Kvyat [Toro Rosso]. Red Bull Engines: Renault 1. Sebastian Vettel 3. Daniel Ricciardo Test/reserve/third drivers Sebastien Buemi Antonio Felix da Costa Mercedes Engines: Mercedes 6. Nico Rosberg 44. Lewis Hamilton Test/reserve/third drivers To Be Considered Ferrari Engines: Ferrari 7. Kimi Raikkonen 14. Fernando Alonso Test/reserve/third drivers To Be Considered Lotus Engines: Renault 8. Romain Grosjean 13. Pastor Maldonado Test/reserve/third drivers To Be Considered

McLaren Engines: Mercedes 20. Kevin Magnussen 22. Jenson Button Test/reserve/third drivers To Be Considered Force India Engines: Mercedes 11. Sergio Perez 27. Nico Hulkenberg Test/reserve/third drivers To Be Considered Sauber Engines: Ferrari 21. Esteban Gutierrez 99. Adrian Sutil Test/reserve/third drivers Giedo van der Garde Sergey Sirotkin Toro Rosso Engines: Renault 25. Jean-Eric Vergne 26. Daniil Kvyat Test/reserve/third drivers To Be Considered Williams Engines: Mercedes 19. Felipe Massa 77. Valtteri Bottas Test/reserve/third drivers To Be Considered Marussia Engines: Ferrari 17. Jules Bianchi TBA. Max Chilton Test/reserve/third drivers To Be Considered Caterham Engines: Renault TBA. Kamui Kobayashi TBA. Marcus Ericsson Test/reserve/third drivers Alexander Rossi Robin Frijns The FIA also introduced

permanent car numbers for the drivers and most of them picked numbers which were of significance to them • Button picked 22, for 22 was the car number when he won the ’09 WDC. • Alonso picked 14, reminiscent of his car number in his days as a junior karter. • Both Bianchi and Bottas squabbled for 77 but the number was awarded to Bottas for finishing above Bianchi in the 2013 season .

What will it be like?

With less than 40 days to go for the Australian GP, F1 junkies world over are waiting for the car launches with bated breath. Since there is no reference point for this smaller engine, it will be hard to predict team performances pre-season, and it will be exciting to see how the season pans out. It will also be fun to see Vettel’s equation with Ricciardo, the Sochi street circuit, completely new race strategies and most importantly, the game of ‘fire and ice’ at Ferrari that was initiated by Kimi’s return to Formula 1. For a sport in which nothing in constant, it will be interesting to see how the sport changes with the aforementioned changes and how much of its essence can be kept intact.

2014, bring it on!


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2013 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Year That Was Priyanka Pimpale

Priyanka Pimpale sums up the year of 2013 in the most important facets- Entertainment, Fashion, Literature, Movies & most importantly, Food.

2013 was a…..breeze. That is the most apt word I could think of for describing 2013 (Don’t agree? Okay, tell me what you did in the obscure month of August?).


It’s Miley Cyrus! The rapid transformation of Hannah Montana to Miley Cyrus was a drama unfolding for the whole But then, isn’t that just what world to see. As Miley we say for every year? “Ah, it’s Cyrus did away with her new year, its 2011/2012/2013! gradually decreasing image What can you do, time flies”. of teen heart throb Hannah One moment you are curled Montana, she donned a new up on your sofa, waiting for avatar, that of an adult wild the ball to drop or partychild. Was she justified in ing away the previous year’s scaring her little fans? It’s for blues and the next moment, you to decide. Many actors the holiday season of Octosuch a Britney Spears came ber-November-December is out in support of her, saying upon us, and we are scurryit was just a phase and that ing around like Santa’s elves, the media should let her be. buying and organizing gifts There were some very pejorafor all our loved ones! tive comments against her as well. And her eyeball-grab_______________________ bing video for the single We undergo a panoply ‘Wrecking Ball’ surely cataof emotions during a pulted her in the unofficial list of the ‘Most Controversial year – no year can be Celebrities Ever’.

completely bad, there is a silver lining some- Fashion What about the Indian fashwhere. These emotions, these highs and ion scene – couture and street-wise? Street shopping lows make up your went from palazzo pants to year and become hall- cut-out dress and tees. Moustaches took over all accesmarks of nostalgia. sories, and owls held their __________________ stands in every second girl’s

If you share my sentiment that 2013 did in fact fly right past us, here is a list of things (each from one genre of news) that marked, bid adieu and lived through 2013- the year that was:

jewellery box. Neon swept over the whole fashion scene, as saris, kurtis, tops, jeans, leggings all adopted different shades of the eye-catching neon colour range. My advice: if neon is not your

thing, stay away from the streets for a while, its running loose out there! Couture fashion saw a range of rookie designers making their mark and veteran promoting ‘quirky’ fashions.


2013 was a year of sequels and trilogies. Also, Indian fiction rose and gathered legions of fan following, securing its position as a very popular genre of books. And by Indian fiction, I don’t mean reading an abridged version of the Mahabharata. I mean the different takes that different authors have written about the all-time favourites – Mahabharata and Ramayana. _______________________

The most awaited book of the impressive triad written by Amish Tripathi – The Oath of The Vayuputras – finally came out, and ended the Shiva trilogy on a befitting note. Jhumpa Lahiri’s Lowland evoked great reviews across the world, but that’s expected, no? __________________ There were a string of literature and book fests, which

saw the release of many new books, by small time and accomplished authors alike.


Aspiring cinema trade analyst and in-house critic, Achyuth Sankar says that 2013 was hitherto the best year for films. And boy, do I agree! The volume of movies released, back to back, jostling for the lucrative weekend spot and compelling us to give up the last vestiges of our pocket money brought tears to the eyes of true blue movie buffs.

such as Mamagoto coming in the picture, we aren’t far behind. Cooking requires a certain skill, an assortment of ingredients, blended in the perfect quantity to make a dish that will heighten your sense of smell and arrest your tastes. The new restaurants in and around Mumbai are doing precisely that! Certainly, this isn’t an exhaustive list. There are so many other events that coloured 2013, feel free to add it to your comments  

Miley Cyrus in 2013


A few notable movies, on the international scene were-12 Years A Slave, All Is Lost, American Hustle, Dallas Buyers, Club, Mud, Rush, Prisoners, Pacific Rim and Upstream Color. __________________

Neon Colours shone bright!

Bollywood threw some pleasant surprises with movies like The Lunchbox and The Ship of Theseus!


What we live for. Be it vada paav or salmon en-croute, Mumbai is climbing the charts as a global food hotspot. With new restaurants,

Oath of the Vayuputras


Aamchi Mumbai Meals- A Plethora Of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Must Havesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Henna Shah

Henna Shah, a true blue Mumbaikar, gives a detailed account of the eateries & restaurants that are a must-visit in The City Of Dreams- Mumbai.

‘Mumbai’ rightly referred to as the ‘City of Dreams.’ It is indeed one destination for all the gastronomic palates out there. This city has a wide variety of delicacies to offer. The unlimited assortment of viands can fit into the pockets of all, rich and poor alike. Each day thousands of new migrants move to this island city to earn their daily bread and I must say the bread is worth the effort! Right from the roadside sandwiches, to the Frankies, to the very well known Vada Pav, Mumbai has it all! The sandwiches here have a peculiar flavor second to none! The frankies are basically stuffed and rolled chappattis.

Vada Pav

And the world famous Vada Pav, is a potato cutlet accommodated into a piece of the local bread available here seasoned with various spreads or chutneys! Even when a group ofMumbaikars are relaxing on the Alps in Switzerland, their nostrils are sure to sniff the Vada Pav that a friend of theirs had packed from a local shanty and is secretly nibbling upon! The very famous Vada Pav shanty in Mumbai is in it’s suburbs, Vile Parle, to be specific opposite the commodious Mithibai College. The shanty proudly calls itself ‘Anand Vada Pav.’

Pav Bhaji

you actually happen to live Another dish that originated in this city you will discover a hundred more with an in a South Mumbai houseequally appealing experihold and which is internaence. Owing to the hot and tionally known is Pav Bhaji. It is again the Pav dipped into humid climate of the city, people often stop by to sip on a spicy red vegetable curry some juice and the juices at called the Bhaji with one of Bachelorrs, Charni Road are it’s predominant ingredients indeed very refreshing. Also as Potato. _______________________ the ones available at the Haji The Sardar Pav Bhaji at Ali Juice Centre are worth a try. Another very soughtMumbai Central is the after option to get rid of the King of all Pav Bhaji- scorching heat is to delve into some ice cream! walas.


Their Bhaji is simply finger licking with a layer of butter to tickle your taste buds. One would always find a huge queue outside this place to take home parcels of this yummy comestible irrespective of it being a weekday or the weekend! Then there is the jaw dropping Chowpatty Chaat! This is the best Chaat one can hop into in the whole of Mumbai, it is so famous that it finds its mention in many of our Bollywood numbers! There is also a Kebabs and Rolls place in the vicinity of The Taj at Colaba called Bademiyas. People often appreciate the Rolls that this place has to offer and it is in fact frequented by Audis and BMWs although it is a roadside eatery. Now that was a gist about the popular local food joints, if

The very ancient K Rustom’s Ice Creams is a quaint ice cream parlor owned by Parsis. It has been famous since a long time and is still thronged with people even after a Baskin Robbins Outlet was erected right opposite it! A few other desisugar delights would be available at Sweet Bengal shops offering Mishti dhoi, Sondesh, Rassogullas andMalpuas! The Mishti Dhoi in the earthen pot is the hottest selling item on their shelf! If one wants to enjoy the Indian cuisine but go to a comfortable place where one is pampered with the services of the waiter and has to abandon the philosophy of ‘Self Help is the Best Help!’ we have a few more places lined up. For the silk- stocking crowd Zaffran has an amazing variety of North Indian food. It has strategically posi-

tioned itself in South, North as well as Central Mumbai. For the slightly less aristocratic, Kailash Parbat has amazing North Indian edibles. It is this sixty-year-old chain and one of the few in Mumbai that proffers Sindhi cuisine. Majority of the people feelSindhi cuisine only has the Papad, but there is more to it, there is the typical Sindhi Kadhi, Seyal Mani (A concoction prepared out of bits of chappattis) and lots more. For a lighter repast, nothing can beat the South Indian cuisine at Café Madras, Matunga. The people in this area frequent this place for a wholesome breakfast. Now, if you’re in Mumbai, Maharashtra you just cannot miss out on theMaharashtrian Thali at Gajalee. This place is known for its seafood and has many outlets across the city. Now after this bit of the desi tadka, let’s move on to what Mumbai is otherwise known for. Its nightlife! It undoubtedly has the best nightlife in India! The night clubbers proclaim Aer, Worli on the thirty-second floor of Four Seasons Hotel to have acted as an icing on the cake of nightclubs!

Aer, Worli

There are also many other fine dining and casual dining restaurants offering more than you can shake a stick at!

There is the much in demand Indigo known for it’s superb European cuisine situated in Colaba. In the suburbs there is the Silver Beach Café that gives you a peaceful abode in the alleys of Juhu. There are also many other Mexican, American and Continental food joints, you name it and ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ has it all. For Chinese, Mainland China has itss name in lights for perfectly blending with the Indian palate. Mumbai has now also become the hub for Western desserts like cup cakes, macaroons, cheesecakes, puddings, soufflés, tiramisus, mousses, crepes and much more. Bandra is the fairyland of such fairytale desserts. It has all these off beat and out of the box places that allure the youth. Can you believe it; Bandra has a food joint selling Greek cuisine. Did you know that Gyros are a part of Greek cuisine? Visit the Greko restaurant in Bandra and you will know it all. Some of the other sugar coated havens here are Guilt Trip, Tart, Marie Antoinette Patisserie and Suzette’s Creperia and Café. So, we can all deduce now that whether you’re affluent or impoverished, stout or skinny, young or old, a food lover or finicky, Mumbai has to offer to you bread and water, bread and wine and definitely the bread of life! Come have a taste of Mumbai! §

Vada Pav!

Aer, Four Seasons, Worli

K Rustom’s Ice Cream, Churchgate

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