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MĂœGE ERTÄ°LAV personel information

language skills

computer skills

nationality : Turkis h p lace of birth : Soma - Manisa d ate of birth : 27/05/1989

english italian

Adobe P hotoshop Illustrator Light Room Rhinoceros Keyshot Autocad Google Sketchup M odo Microsoft Office

: advanced : intermediate

experience 2012 March, Istanbul/Turkey - 5 days Workshop by Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Arts named ‘more than design’ for Istanbul Design Bien nial with Jörg M en nickheim 2011 November, Eskişehir/Turkey - Worked as Decoration Designer at 5. PALTO Film Festival of Anadolu University 2011 September, Kortrijk/Belguim - 5 days Summer School Creative Prototyping Skills Training of HOWEST University with Zigzag, Pili Pili, Materialise 2011 July, Istanbul/Turkey - 6 weeks Internshi p at R&D of SUNNY Electronics 2011 March, Istabul/Turkey - 1 day Workshop named ‘arabesque grotesque’ with Ali Bakova 2010 September, Milano/Italy - 3 weeks Workshop named ‘in touch’ with Luca Buttafava & Alessandro Confalonieri 2010 June, Izmir/Turkey - 5 weeks Internshi p at IKEA Communication and Interior Design Department 2010 April, Eskişehir/Trukey - 2 days Workshop named ‘accessory design with acrylic’ with Sadi Tekin 2009 April, Eskişehir/Turkey - 2 days Workshop named ‘creativity princi ples’ with Hakan Gencol 2008 June, Eskişehir/Turkey - 3 weeks Internshi p at Anadolu University’s Plaster-M etal-Wood Factories education & training 2007- Anadolu University School of Industrial Arts - Industrial Design, Eskişehir/Turkey 2011 Nuova Accademia di Belli Arti Milano - Product Design, Italya ( Erasmus ) 2009 Brighton St. Giles International Language School, England ( 3 months ) 2007 Izmir Kız High School 2003 Soma Madenciler Primary School awards & certificates 2011 Packaging Manufacturers Association - Student Package Design Competition, Honorable M ention 2011 Packaging Manufacturers Association - Student Package Design Competition, Certificate

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small appliances : TOASTER. bench




Appearance of the acrylic parts on the bike frame in the daylight

Each acrylic part has its own LED at the both ends. LED is hidden in the body. Lights can just be seen on the acrylic parts. top view cutaway. resistor mushroom led

Vacuum mold carbon fiber frame

Every road has its own story with the lights by the vehicles except bicycles. To make their lights strong, to make them a part of the story‘be visible, be safe’ has its own clever light.

from the symmetry axis. Though its production method, It gives the opportunity to make the groove to seat the acrylic part on the frame.

acrylic part

cable to the dynamo

Appearance of the acrylic parts on the bike frame in the night

Photoluminescence parts on the handlebar and the back side of the saddle becomes strongly marked.



'More Than Design' was a workshop as part of Istanbul Design Biennial. The workshop focused on Şişhane district which has a small-scale production network. Working on a small-scale production district gives an opportunity to produce easily and quickly an individual product range. Related to the workshop, the design objects will be developed for the exact locations in around the Galata, Tunel and Şişhane squares which is close to the District. Tunel Passage where we were on, used to have dynamic, cosy, lively, friendly atmosphere with full of lights instead of today's empty and out of decoration aspect before a few neighbors started to complain about the over planting and the over illumination. To remove the cause of complaint, municipal directed to the owners to take off the plants, lights. Bringing back to the passage the nature/jungle that was taken away. Creating a lighting installation hanging from the ceiling which is made by wireframes fixing each other like tree branches. When it's dark, wires' shadows reflect to the walls. Beside, the whole shape is clear half-sphere with a random and free wire ending. The shell is related with the architectural aspect: half sphere corresponds the arcs in the entrance.


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Technical Drawing.

IDEA: Differentiated by the needs of lighting such as reading light, dim light etc. To give direction to the light, the lambshade part is composed of six modules which allows movements on the lambshade. To move the modules together, it got shaped onto one another. Thereby, either up or down, the light can be directed. Bowtie-shaped geometry of the

Materials and Techniques.

modules manually change the

Modules:Steaming wooden layers and molding them layer by layer with glue

direction of the light easily.

Body: Steel body shaping with turning machine.

To make a quick model, a widest installation pipe was used to make the modules. The body was made by wood with turning machine.

Problem: the closing way of the

IDEA: Through the direction of movement up and down

products on the market cause

applies equal pressure to each point of filling used;

of flooding ingredients.

prevents the ingretients flood.

two seperate resistance to prevent loos of energy



25 2500.00

first position

12 1700.00

second position

10 1261.19

placement position

gaps where the nicks enter in

nicks in the middle of the body

on/off buttons

adjustable upper parts by thickness of the toast handle to lower the upper parts

lock buttons to stabilize the upper parts

easily removable grill plates

The physical effects of the love can be described by 'butterflies in the stomach'. These kind of momentary feelings such as sitting on one-leg-short chair happens in our daily lifes. To make the people feel on that way, like they are flutter, i made a bench for two. Bottom surface has 3 degree angles from both sides and in the 3

middle surface touches the ground which really hard to notice.If only one sits, the bench moves aside of the weight. If two sit, the bench can/cant be balanced. This dilemma also express the idea that love is not always for two.

The aim was to make a bug by using old stuff which is bought from a scrap dealer. All the parts are made from a typewriter except its head. The head is made from an oil can.

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with pantone gum; Creat your own colour catalog, Barter the extra colour tones you have, or give your friends’ missing colour tones as a gift, use them as a sample.

Triple Gum Package.

colour box

gum aroma brand

colour code


colour tone code

Single Gum Package.

rolling paper of the gum

2011 Packaging Manufacturers Association Student Package Design Competition Honorable M ention


Triple gum package packed with three tones of a colour randomly

chew the gum and blow up.

take off the sticker on the rollin paper...

stick it to the specified areo on the cardboard package. (!!!mind the codes!!!)

!!! mind the codes !!!

starts forming a colour catalogue.

hmm...what is missing...??

fill the missing colours one by one

take off the discrete parts,

from the market.

get rid off them.

completed colour catalogue.

the catalogue of Pantona Green M is ready. .

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accessory: FURRYPILLAR

INSPIRATION. caterpillar furry skin differentiated epidermis 11 nodes lithe movement


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