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FREILOT Newsletter

The FREILOT pilot targets reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in urban freight transport. FREILOT is supported by the European Commission DG INFSO under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP)

The European ITS Congress took place in one of FREILOT’s pilot cities, Lyon, and under the theme “Intelligent mobility - ITS for sustainable transport of persons and goods in urban regions” – a perfect showcase for FREILOT!

FREILOT Newsletter

FREILOT at the European ITS Congress, Lyon, 6-9 June 2011

June 2011

An Agence France Presse photographer at the FREILOT simulator

Accordingly, and with several FREILOT partners having stands in the exhibition area, a large and successful effort to disseminate FREILOT was made.

allowing visitors and delegates to experience the FREILOT services and their benefits themselves. A specially produced poster advertised the FREILOT experience and paid due credit to the FREILOT partners making the experience possible.

ERTICO dedicated part of its stand to FREILOT, providing a prominent and visible presence at the Congress. The FREILOT simulator was at the front of the stand, with FREILOT personnel constantly at hand, FREILOT presentation on ERTICO iPads and FREILOT video shown at the ERTICO stand

The FREILOT poster advertising the simulator

The FREILOT simulator featured prominently on TLM’s (Télé Lyon Métropole) TV broadcast about the Lyon Congress, with a clear explanation of FREILOT given by ERTICO CFO Didier Gorteman, who was trying out the simulator at that moment! FREILOT is happy to confirm that interest in the simulator was very high, and sparked several opportunities for further contact.

FREILOT Newsletter - #4

Furthermore, the FREILOT promotional video was shown of the ERTICO stand, and ERTICO personnel were also on hand with the FREILOT presentation on iPads to explain the project. FREILOT was also well supported on the Grand Lyon, PEEK Traffic, SPIE and Renault Trucks stands, where the project could be explained from a varirty of perspectives.

2 June 2011

FREILOT at the SPIE stand

The FREILOT logo was printed on the floor of the exhibition area, allowing people to seamlessly experience FREILOT on all the stands!

FREILOT printed on the exhibition floor

Four special sessions and one technical paper were also made. Special sessions with FREILOT participation: • Urban Freight Logistics • Traffic management to reduce fuel use and CO2 emissions – applications and insights from field, • Validation and impact of ICT measures for energy efficiency & environment and • Eco-Driving: a key enabler for future clean and efficient mobility in Europe

FREILOT at the Grand Lyon stand

The FREILOT flier on the simulator

FREILOT at the Renault Trucks stand The FREILOT pilot is supported by the European Commission under the CIP Programme (Competitiveness and Innovation Programme).

FREILOT Zeljko Jeftic – Project Coordinator Tel: +32 (0)2 400 07 31 Email:

Zeljko Jeftic, FREILOT Project Coordinator, with Guillaume Vernet, Volvo Technology, in the FREILOT simulator and Massimo Marciani, FIT Consulting representing the City of Parma for urban freight distribution

FREILOT Newsletter June 2011  
FREILOT Newsletter June 2011  

FREILOT Newsletter June 2011