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Annual Report 2011

Bringing intelligence into mobility for people and goods across Europe

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Bringing intelligence into mobility

e p o r u E S T I O ERTIC

A European transport system that is safer, more efficient, more sustainable and more secure than today

Working together on research, development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services

ITS solutions reduce congestion and accidents whilst establishing more secure transport networks and diminishing their impact on the environment. ERTICO supports the collaboration of all stakeholders to drive forward deployment. ERTICO’s Partners are committed to working towards the introduction of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services to the market.

ERTICO is a public-private, multi-sector partnership with around 100 Partners including service providers, suppliers, traffic and transport industry, mobile network operators, vehicle manufacturers, public authorities, users and research institutes. ERTICO’s activities are financed by annual fees from its Partners and through project funding from others, including the European Commission. ERTICO was set up in 1991 at the initiative of leading members of European industry, Ministries of Transport and the European Commission.

Our ultimate aim is the safe, secure, clean, efficient and comfortable mobility of people and goods in Europe and beyond. Bringing “Intelligence into Mobility” through cooperation with all stakeholders ERTICO promotes awareness of ITS benefits amongst decision-makers, opinion leaders and the general public through a variety of activities including Congresses and European showcase events.

ERTICO initiates and contributes to research, development and deployment projects in addition to providing a platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas on increasing the benefits and marketability of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS).

Working for a common vision for “Intelligent Mobility” Towards zero accidents, towards zero delays, with reduced impact on the environment and with fully informed people. Where services are affordable and seamless, privacy is respected and security is provided.


The ERTICO office – a team dedicated to the ERTICO Partnership supporting the successful cooperation between public and private ITS stakeholders, bringing intelligence into mobility.


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mermeyer, Cha ir m a

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t r o p e R ’s n a m Chair

As Chairman of the ERTICO Supervisory Board since 2009, I am delighted to introduce the Annual Report for 2011. 2011 was a very important year for the ERTICO Partnership, marking 20 years of cooperation between key stakeholders, both public and private, to drive forward the deployment of ITS and work towards achieving our common goals of a transport system that is safer, more efficient, more sustainable and more secure than ever before. In this light, I would like to thank each and every Partner for their contribution to achieving these goals. I am pleased to note that the ERTICO Partnership had a very successful year in 2011 in terms of its activities. With four new Partners joining, nine new ECfunded projects starting, in addition to six proposals accepted for 2012, the successful launch of the Sector Platforms, increasing international cooperation activities and the growth of the i-Mobility Network, to mention but a few, ERTICO recognises the need to support ITS applications from conception to deployment via

projects, standardisation, certification and deployment platforms and is providing an ever increasing number of opportunities for its Partners to push forward the deployment of ITS. Furthermore, the ERTICO Statutes were amended and approved during 2011 to better reflect ERTICO’s activities today. The Congresses are also of key importance, facilitating cross-sector cooperation and providing platforms for learning, discussion, promotion and dissemination as well as potential business opportunities. The 8th European ITS Congress, held in Lyon in June and the 18th World ITS Congress, in Orlando in October were both highly successful events, attracting large numbers of visitors from across the world, enabling them to share information on best practices used in their regions. The upcoming ITS World Congress in Vienna in October promises to be another stimulating event and will incorporate the Ministerial Round Table, bringing together Ministers from across the globe to discuss current ITS issues and declare their support for global ITS development. In addition, throughout 2011 and continuing into 2012, ERTICO fostered the cooperation between the Public Authorities, National ITS Associations and the European Commission in the context of reporting on national ITS activities and the exchange of information relating to the ITS Directive. This is an extremely important initiative as the ITS Directive should provide the necessary impetus for the deployment of ITS services ready for market. In addition as a member of the ITS Advisory Group, I am able to support this work directly.

The Supervisory Board continued to guide the activities of the Partnership, meeting three times during 2011. I very much appreciate the support from all Supervisory Board members and would like to thank them for their ongoing commitment to ERTICO. I would also like to thank the Strategy Committee, the Finance & Administration Group and the Chairman’s Advisory Committee for their contributions throughout the year. Thank you also to the ERTICO team for their continued dedication to achieving the Partnership’s goals and for their hard work and commitment. The ERTICO Partnership supports the cooperation of all its Partners to bring intelligence into mobility and we must continue to foster this cooperation to ensure we achieve our common vision. After 3 years of Chairmanship, according to the Statutes, the General Assembly will elect a new Chairman whom I wish all success. My main priority was to evolve the Partnership towards stronger focus on deployment of ITS and to make the organisation more transparent and supportive for its Partners. I am grateful to my colleagues in the Supervisory Board, the ERTICO Partners and the ERTICO team that we have made major progress on this evolution in the context of the ERTICO projects and overall activities. On several occasions and events I had the chance to represent the ERTICO Partnership and learnt that it is highly appreciated and respected. The newly implemented ERTICO Sector Platforms and future activities on certification will also have a very important impact on progressing deployment of ITS. The new Chairman will certainly develop and pursue his own priorities and I will give my whole support as Past Chairman.


CEO’s Report

New projects A number of new projects started in all four sectors of SafeMobility, CooperativeMobility, EcoMobility and InfoMobility. Deployment activities include pilots for eCall as well as for cooperative system applications, optimisation of urban multi-modal transport and mobility, development of ICT to support more efficient multi-modal goods transport and passenger mobility as well as a new support action for a transport ICT European large scale action (ELSA). These activities, amongst others are highlighted under the Activities section of this Annual Report. Deployment Platforms TISA continues to support the maintenance and development of standardised technologies leading to economic implementation and rapid market acceptance across a wide range of travel information services and products. The ADASIS Forum works towards encouraging the automotive industry to exploit its results and accelerate market introduction. Task Forces/Initiatives The Task Force on ITS for ElectroMobility, established in 2011 has identified and prioritised 10 major applications and services in addition to developing proposals

for an ITS roadmap for ElectroMobility and an implementation workplan for the ERTICO Partnership. In addition, a Task Force on Safe and Secure Truck Parking was initiated early in 2012. The first outcome of this Task Force work is the mapping of existing activities in this field and identification of short/medium term tasks where the Task Force should contribute. Other initiatives started include the development of a certification process to support the coordination of multiple certification activities and work to support the standardisation needs of the Partners. Sector Platforms Successes The eight Sector Platforms were successfully launched during 2011, providing Partners with the opportunity to discuss issues within their Sector, identify specific focus areas as well as to work with other Sectors. All Sectors met a number of times throughout the year with active participation from the Partners. For many of the Sector Platforms, their priorities focus around the issues surrounding eCall whilst the Public Authorities worked together with the Network of National ITS Associations in support of reporting activities for the ITS Directive. Network of National ITS Association Activities The Network of National ITS Associations successfully supporting ITS deployment throughout Europe through the sharing of information, networking and European or national project participation has also had a busy year, holding meetings and workshops in both Brussels and Poland. In addition, the Network actively supported the ITS Congresses, hosting special sessions and through the participation of some of its members in the Exhibitions. Network members also participated in collaborative projects such as P3ITS and HeERO.

ITS Congresses The 8th European ITS Congress took place in Lyon in June, attracting over 1800 participants from 46 countries. The 18th ITS World Congress was held in Orlando in October with 7000 attendees from over 60 countries. Both events were highly successful and enabled visitors to share information and best practices used in the deployment of ITS. International Cooperation ERTICO has further strengthened its links with the international ITS community, through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Russia, directly resulting in the establishment of a working group on eCall/ERA GLONASS involving a number of ERTICO Partners. A Memorandum of Understanding was also signed with ITS China, providing a framework towards cooperation in the field of ITS along with many new opportunities for ERTICO Partners. i-Mobility Network The i-Mobility Network has grown with around 450 companies and 700 subscribers connected to each other. The i-Mobility Network Plus membership was launched in 2011 giving members further opportunities to attend ERTICO Fora, host webinars and use the Platform as a marketing tool, promoting their products and services to the ITS Community.


2011 marked 20 years of the ERTICO Partnership, working together to make mobility smarter, cleaner and safer through the deployment of ITS. Under the leadership of the ERTICO Supervisory Board and with the guidance of the Strategy Committee this 20th anniversary year has been an extremely positive one for the ERTICO Partnership with many new initiatives launched and strong commitment from the Partners. I want to thank all ERTICO Partners for their commitment and engagement to the ERTICO Partnership. In return, the ERTICO team will continue to do its utmost to facilitate Partnership activities in the pursuit of ITS development and deployment.

nn ma r e

Meyer, CEO, E


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Supervisory Board & Related Committees ERTICO – ITS Europe Supervisory Board – elected 7 June 2011 ERTICO Supervisory Board members are elected by the ERTICO Partners at the annual General Assembly. Supervisory Board Chairman Gunter Zimmermeyer (Robert Bosch) Vice Chair Jean Mesqui (ASFA) The five ERTICO sectors are represented on the Supervisory Board with the following number of seats: Industry (6); Infrastructure Operators (3); Public Authorities (3); Users (2) and Others (1) To ensure continuity, the ERTICO Partners aim to have the same Board members, Chairman and President & Spokesman elected for a period of three years, even if there is a statutory election every year.

Members Industry


Hauke Jürgensen, CEO Intelligent Transport Systems, Siemens

Grill Johann, Director of Consumer Protection & Public Policy, ADAC

According to the Statutes, the role of the Supervisory Board includes:

Klaus Kompass, Vice President Vehicle Safety, BMW Group

Nadal Miquel, Director, RACC

»» Establishing strategic guidelines for the CEO

Malin Persson, President & CEO, Volvo Technology Corporation

Michael Nielsen, General Delegate (IRU)

»» Approving the annual budget and work plan »» Approving new Partners or resignations »» Appointing the CEO »» Establishing the agenda for the annual General Assembly During 2011, the Supervisory Board met 3 times under the chairmanship of Gunter Zimmermeyer.

Christian Rousseau, Director Mobility & Transport Policy, Renault Giles Shrimpton, Managing Director - Automotive, Member of Executive Committee, TomTom Gunter Zimmermeyer, Senior Advisor, Robert Bosch GmbH (Chairman) Infrastructure Operators Martial Chevreuil, Vice President ITS & Innovative Services, Egis Samuel Loyson, Director - Connected Car & Transportation, Orange Business Services Jean Mesqui, Executive Director, ASFA (Vice Chairman) Public Authorities Jordan Giddings, Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser, UK Department for Transport Evelinde Grassegger, Head of Unit Mobility & Transport Technology, Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology Dean Herenda, Secretary Head of Road Tolling & ITS, Slovenian Ministry of Transport


President & Spokesman (ex-officio) Monica Sundström (Swedish Transport Administration) The ERTICO CEO is an ex-officio member of the Supervisory Board Secretary Ivan Hodac (ACEA) Chairman of Finance & Administration Group Dean Herenda (Slovenian Ministry of Transport) Chairman of Strategy Committee Michael Niedenthal (VDA)


Chairman’s Advisory Committee The Chairman’s Advisory Committee prepares the agenda and decisions of the Supervisory Board. The Committee also deals with the tasks of remuneration and nomination and any issue the Chairman wishes to address.

Members »» Chairman Supervisory Board »» Vice Chairman Supervisory Board »» Chair Finance & Administration Group

Members »» Angelos Amditis, ICCS »» Luisa Andreone, CRF »» Filip Ballegeer, TomTom »» Peter Biesenbach, Robert Bosch GmbH »» Annie Canel, ASFA »» Laurent Colpier, Volvo Group »» Josef Czako, Kapsch TrafficCom AG »» Anders Fagerholt, Ericsson AB »» Frank Försterling, Continental Automotive GmbH »» Gino Franco, Mizar Automazione - Swarco Group »» Frank Hagemeier, TNO Mobility

»» President & Spokesman

»» Richard Harris, Xerox

»» ERTICO Chief Executive Officer

»» Jean-Michel Henchoz, DENSO Europe BV »» Frank Köster, DLR

Strategy Committee The Strategy Committee advises the Supervisory Board on issues of strategic importance including but not limited to: »» Focus areas/priorities of activities

»» Thomas Kusche, WDR »» Mari-Louise Lundgren, Swedish Transport Administration »» Tapani Mäkinen, VTT »» Michael Niedenthal,VDA (Chairman) »» Michael Ortgiese, PTV

»» Structure and composition of the membership

»» Lluis Puerto, RACC

»» Formulation of joint positions on ITS

»» Francisco Sanchez, CTAG

»» Deployment of ITS related products and services

»» Hans-Joachim Schade, Siemens AG

The Strategy Committee Chairman and members are confirmed on an annual basis by the Supervisory Board after recommendation of the Chairman’s Advisory Committee. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the Chair of the Finance & Administration Group are ex-officio members of the Strategy Committee. Supervisory Board members

»» Bruno Simon, Nokia

are also invited to attend meetings.

»» Theo Quick, Logica

»» Joachim Scholten, BMW Group »» Eskil Sturesson, ACEA »» Marcel Visser, Cinterion a Gemalto Company »» Andrew Winder, Egis

Finance & Administration Group The Finance and Administration Group reports to the Supervisory Board. It is made up of Dean Herenda, Chair of the Finance & Administration Group, Hermann Meyer, Chief Executive Officer, Didier Gorteman, Chief Financial Officer and the Statutory ERTICO Auditor, Damien Petit. The Group oversees the ERTICO accounts, budget & membership evolution, the preparation of the financial reports for the General Assembly and Supervisory Board, and all administrative & ISO procedures.

Highlights 2011 ITS World Congress, Orlando

The “passing of the Globe” ceremony at the 2011 Orlando 18th ITS World Congress. Third from left, Ingolf Schädler, BMVIT waits next to Hermann Meyer, ERTICO CEO, who is handed the globe from Scott Belcher, CEO ITS America.

Opening of the Congress exhibition.

Visitors from Turkey

Turkish delegation visiting ERTICO to discuss cooperation.

FREILOT - Freight project of the year, Spain

(Net)working at the ERTICO stand. FREILOT continues to impress... Julio Garcia Ramon, president of ITS Spain hands award to Asier Abaunza, deputy councillor for traffic and circulation, City of Bilbao



TISA and EasyWay sign a Memorandum of Understanding From left to right Amaury Cornelis, ERTICO, Reiner Dรถlger, Coordinator ESG DATEX II, Ronald Adams,EasyWay, Jonathan Burr, TISA President, Josef Kaltwasser, AlbrechtConsult and Bev Marks, TISA, Above photo: Ronald Adams and Jonathan Burr

Green driving debate, Lyon

Debating the ins and outs of green driving. From left to right; Gary Bridgeman, IRU, Chris Reeve, MIRA, Sten Forseke, LeanHaulageโ„ข, Mikael Sรถderman, VOLVO, Luisa Andreone, CRF, and David Sanchez from CTAG

ITS European Congress, Lyon

The ERTICO stand at the Lyon Congress, with FREILOT and eCoMove simulator on the right.

Networking at the Lyon Congress. ERTCO Chairman Gunter Zimmermeyer (centre), ERTICO President and Spokesman Monica Sundstorm (right), with European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas

Highlights 2011

ITS for urban mobility Forum

Identifying the drivers of ITS deployment in urban areas.

ITS for ElectroMobility Forum

Panel discussions Examing how ITS can help the uptake of ElectroMobility


Questions from the audience.

ecoDriver Kick-off, Aachen

“Family photograph” at the kick-off meeting in IKA.

Hermann Meyer, ERTICO CEO and Wu Zhongze, Chairman of ITS China sign Memorandum during the 18th World Congress, Orlando

Full speed ahead for Sino-European cooperation. (ERTICO - ITS Europe and ITS China members)


World Standards Day iMobility Support Awards

Hermann Meyer, ERTICO CEO, takes the floor at the World Standards Day, Brussels

Interoperability Testing Event

The iMobility Support Awards, recognising achievement in ITS. From left to right; -Gert Blom, City of Helmond, Silvia-Adriana ナ「icトブ, Member of European Parliament, Francisco Ferreira, European Commission, Joachim Scholten, BMW and Bastiaan Krosse, TNO.

Instant Mobility Workshop

ITS engineers gathered to test the interoperability of their Cooperative Systems implementations. Stakeholders Workshop at the ERTICO offices

The large audience who attended the public workshop, organised to present the outcomes of the interoperability event.

Activities Strengthening cooperation. Working with our Partners to facilitate the deployment of key ITS applications.



In 2011, the ERTICO - ITS Europe Partnership delivered valuable and concrete results and achieved significant progress in the development and the deployment of key ITS applications in Europe. Based on successful progress of the eCoMove Integrated Project, ITS for energy efficiency is gaining momentum within the ERTICO Partnership with two new projects addressing the role of ITS for eco-driving (e.g. ECOeffect and ecoDriver) and the development in the AMITRAN project of a harmonised assessment methodology for ITS measures. In parallel, the ERTICO Partnership is exploring new generations of transport solutions, first with the use of future internet for smart, efficient and green mobility in the context of the InstantMobility project and the potential of a transport European Large Scale Action to accelerate innovation and implementation cycles in transport through the SATIE support action. Within European Field Operational Test (FOT) activities, the next phase of European FOT activities on cooperative systems started in early 2011 with the launch of the DRIVE C2X project. The EuroFOT project has made very good progress in establishing a comprehensive, technical, and socio-economic assessment programme for evaluating in real traffic conditions, the impact of eight technically mature advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), using multiple fleets of vehicles, including passenger cars and trucks. In parallel the ERTICO-coordinated FOT-Net support action is continuing to play a strategic role as the networking platform gathering together national, European and international FOT organisers. Following the R&D stage, pilot projects are essential to stimulate innovation and to foster a first implementation of mature systems and services with the involvement of all service chain actors such as the vehicle industry, service providers, fleet operators and public authorities. ERTICO is highly committed in pilot projects such as FREILOT, In-Time and

COSMO in the field of energy efficiency of road transport in urban areas, and with respect to safety the HeERO pilot addressing deployment of pan-European eCall in 8 Member States. During 2011 ERTICO has continued to be active in international ITS cooperation, including demonstration projects such as VIAJEO and STADIUM, active participation at the Challenge Bibendum in Berlin, eCall ERA GLONASS Working Group, launch of EUTRAIN project and the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with ITS China. These constitute an excellent opportunity to address global issues such as urban mobility and eCall with stakeholders from Europe and emerging countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). The ERTICO Partnership is fully committed to the next steps towards deployment with the preparation of necessary standards in close cooperation with European Standardisation Organisations, the establishment of a new deployment platform exploiting ROSATTE results through eMaPS support action and the necessity to prepare a suitable certification framework for ITS services. The ERTICO Partnership has also been very active in supporting standardisation activities by renewing the ETSI Memorandum of Understanding and by the decision of ERTICO to become the Belgian expert representative for ISO / CEN. In parallel, ERTICO with its Partners has initiated conformance testing activities and future ITS certification in close cooperation with cooperative system, eCall and TISA stakeholder groups.

and industry stakeholders to support the EC in the development of specifications according to the EC ITS Directive. At the same time, the ERTICO Task Force on ITS for Electromobility has been very productive with support to the successful SMARTCEM project proposal and the development of an ITS priority list. The next step is the development of a roadmap and associated ERTICO Partnership Workplan that will be issued by mid 2012. The transparent process for new activity development has ensured effective Partner participation in our different activities, and throughout 2011 we have benefited from our Partners’ expertise in working together to fulfil ERTICO’s strategic goals. We would like to thank our Partners for their support and strong contribution to our activities over the year. We look forward to continuing our cooperation in 2012, to shaping the future together and to presenting activity results at the 19th ITS World Congress in Vienna in 2012. In addition, ERTICO’s strong working relationship with the European Commission brought successful results during 2011. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ERTICO team in Brussels for their professionalism and dedication that has made possible the many achievements mentioned above. In the following section, we summarise ERTICO’s achievements over the past year in the various activities within the areas of SafeMobility, CooperativeMobility, EcoMobility and InfoMobility, including international cooperation.

The ADASIS Forum made very important progress in 2011 in bringing ADASIS specifications Version2 to the market. The first 100% compliant commercial products are planned to be launched early 2012. The ERTICO Task Force on Safe and Secure truck parking was established end of 2011 with the objective to bring together public

Vincent Blervaque, Director of Development & Deployment


SafeMobility EuroFOT The euroFOT Integrated Project (May 2008 – June 2012) brings together a comprehensive group of Field Operational Test (FOT) experts to test intelligent vehicle systems across Europe with real drivers on real roads. Over the course of 12 months, around 1000 cars and trucks equipped with different intelligent driver assistance technologies were deployed on European roads across France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom and The Netherlands. The ERTICO-coordinated FOT operations lasted until end 2011. Some of the operation sites (Ford, CEESAR and MAN) decided to continue the FOT operation in order to maximise the amount of the collected data. The results of this project are expected to greatly contribute to support the decision-making process to accelerate the deployment of these emerging vehicle technologies on the market. The findings will be unveiled at a final event which will be held in Brussels on 26-27 June 2012. FOT-Net The second phase of FOT-Net started in January 2011, aiming to bring together European and international stakeholders in a strategic networking platform to present results of FOTs, identify and discuss common working items and promote a joint approach for FOTs using the FESTA methodology as a basis. In 2011, FOT-Net organised two stakeholder workshops in Brussels, two seminars and an international FOT workshop at the ITS World Congress in Orlando, USA. As part of the awareness raising activities, two newsletters and a “Guide to dissemination for FOT projects in Europe” were published. The online FOT Wiki Catalogue section has been reinforced with new information. New sections were added: Tools for FOTs and the FESTA Handbook.

An important achievement has been the revision of the FESTA methodology, now adapted to FOTs on ADAS, Nomadic devices, Cooperative systems, and for Naturalistic Driving Studies. To promote the revised FESTA Handbook a workshop and three webinars were organised. In addition FOT-Net has developed tools to analyse stakeholder needs in order to proceed with a consultation in 2012. The objective is to collect stakeholders’ views, evaluate these and subsequently propose deployment strategies. ROSATTE / eMaPS In December 2011, the ROSATTE project was concluded. It demonstrated an efficient and quality ensured data supply chain from public authorities to commercial map providers with regards to safety related road content. ROSATTE recommended establishing an implementation platform to work together with all European Member States to implement a common solution across Europe. As a consequence, ERTICO initiated the eSafety Digital Maps Public Private Partnership Support Action (eMaPS) together with five Member States. The project revived the Digital Map Working Group in the iMobility Forum and is preparing the establishment of the ROSATTE Implementation Platform. The project should be completed in March 2013. ERTRAC / SAFIER ERTRAC is the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council, established to mobilise all stakeholders, develop a shared vision and ensure the timely, co-ordinated and efficient application of research resources to meet the continuing challenges of road transport and European competitiveness. ERTICO is a member of the steering group and is active in three of the four working groups (Urban Mobility, Long distance transport and Road traffic safety). During 2011, ERTICO contributed to the update of the research roadmaps from the Strategic Research Agenda. SAFIER is a project financed

by DG RTD to support ERTRAC activities. iMobility Forum and iCar Support The Intelligent Car Support project supports the activities of the iMobility Forum (formerly eSafety Forum), its Working Groups and Task Forces. In October 2011, iCar Support organised the inaugural iMobility Forum Plenary meeting together with the iMobility awards ceremony. Indeed, the Forum decided to change name and shift its focus on smart and clean mobility in addition to road safety. iCar Support assisted Steering Group and Working Groups Chairs to revise the 22 recommendations in line with the change of focus. The new set of objectives with a time horizon up to 2020 is now guiding the work of the Forum to implement its overall vision, “Safe, smart and clean mobility with zero accidents, zero delays.” In May 2011, the iMobility Forum published its position paper on “ICT for Mobility and Transport Research and Innovation in the Common Strategic Framework”, assessing the current research work on mobility and transport and exploring the vital role such research will play in the future. iCar Support contributed to standardisation monitoring: the Standardisation team has participated in more than 23 meetings in 2011 to monitor and support the Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) activity, developing an ITS Standardisation Handbook giving an overview of this relatively complex area. iCar Support maintains the information exchange between the Forum and the national activities: the 2nd Observers’ meeting presented the national activities linked to the Forum and gave national views on the implementation of the 22 Forum Recommendations at national level. iCar Support supported the organisation of the 6th meeting of the European eCall


Implementation Platform (EeIP). iCar Support promoted the iMobility Forum and EeIP at CEBIT in March 2011 and also at the ITS Europe Congress in Lyon in June 2011. DRIVE C2X The Integrated Project DRIVE C2X (DRIVing implementation and Evaluation of C2X communication technology in Europe) started in January 2011. Its objectives are to create a harmonised Europe-wide testing environment for cooperative systems, to coordinate the tests carried out in parallel throughout the DRIVE C2X community, to evaluate cooperative systems benefits and finally to promote cooperative driving. ERTICO’s role is to achieve the validation of the reference cooperative ITS implementation on the system test site at TNO in Helmond (NL) and to coordinate its deployment on the six functional test sites, where FOT operations will be performed to collect the needed data for evaluation of cooperative driving. In 2011 ERTICO led the work to prepare the system test site and coordinate the functional test site adaptation. HeERO The ERTICO-coordinated pilot HeERO Harmonised eCall European Pilot – prepares, carries-out and coordinates eCall predeployment pilots at the European level at nine Member State pilot sites. The project works actively with the approved standards bodies who have defined eCall to ensure that the standards are fit for purpose. The overall project objective is to support in the preparation for the mandated deployment of eCall in Europe for new type approved vehicles by ensuring that the necessary infrastructure and technology is available to make Pan-European eCall based on 112 a reality in Europe. The project started in January 2011 with a focus on state-of-the-art, implementation and testing of the European eCall agreed

standards. Currently the project is actively testing eCall technology in the pilot sites to ensure that the timescale for the mandated deployment of eCall can be met. This is achieved by identifying infrastructure upgrades, as well as identifying potential value-added services. A second phase of deployment is being planned with six additional Member States. 79GHz The 79 GHz support action was launched by Robert Bosch in July 2011, with the aim of establishing an international platform to define, organise, coordinate and manage the worldwide activities of all the 79 GHz stakeholders. The 79 GHz automotive frequency band, once available worldwide, will promote and accelerate the transition from the currently used 24 GHz band, which is an intermediate regulatory solution, to the 79 GHz band. The 79 GHz project will concentrate individual efforts of companies throughout Europe, and thus speed up the negotiation process with national and international bodies, resulting in a much faster global rulemaking process. A core objective of the project is discussing and negotiating with national administrations and important organisations outside of Europe to initiate or accelerate the rulemaking process. Certification In 2011, ERTICO and several Partners evaluated the need to support certification. Different use cases were studied: eCall, TMC and TPEG cooperative systems. ERTICO identified that all use cases share a similar approach and understand the importance to define a common generic certification framework to lead all the certification processes. An ERTICO initiative was launched to support this activity. Among others, ERTICO joined ETSI to foster interoperability by organising interoperability test events for ITS.

For more information on SafeMobility activities, please contact:

Dr Maxime Flament, Head of Sector, SafeMobility +32 (0)2 400 07 35,


CooperativeMobility CityLog The CityLog European project, launched on January 1st 2010, aims to increase the sustainability and efficiency of urban delivery of goods through an adaptive and integrated mission management and innovative vehicle and transport solutions. The innovative approach of CityLog should lead to decreasing the number and optimising the use of delivery trucks in urban areas, while offering customers improved quality of service. With CityLog, freight would be moved from distribution hubs to the city centre by a “freight bus”, able to carry several load units that would be transferred to city vans for the “last mile” delivery. A concept for these innovative and compact load units is the “bento box”, a sort of mobile packing station. During the project’s second year the system development was completed and first trials began. In 2011 ERTICO activities mainly focused on dissemination with the preparation of newsletters, webinars, workshops and congress sessions. COMeSafety2 The COMeSafety2 project, begun in January 2011, continues the work of the original COMeSafety project that finished in December 2009. This three-year support action assists the coordination of R&D and related activities towards the realisation of cooperative systems on European roads. The consortium includes ERTICO Partners BMW (the coordinator), Volvo Technology, Renault and CRF, as well as ERTICO itself. The project helps coordinate European cooperative system standards development at ETSI and CEN under the EC ITS standardisation mandate, as well as supporting harmonisation with global standards in ISO, ITU etc. It also promotes international and intercontinental synergies of cooperative system FOTs in cooperation with the FOT-net project.

In 2011 COMeSafety2 has supported the mutual validation and exploitation of programme results under the EUUS cooperation agreement by active participation in the EU-US Task Force and in the organisation of international workshops. The project is producing a concept for a multimodal framework architecture for cooperative systems deployment, and will also update the European ITS Communications Architecture compiled by the original COMeSafety project. SATIE The SATIE support action ( is preparing the way for the successful launch of a European Large Scale Action (“ELSA”) to accelerate the deployment of ICT for sustainable, safe and efficient mobility and transport. It will provide assistance to EC and national programme managers and to potential ELSA participants before such an initiative begins, and is exploring the key elements of an ELSA before compiling guidelines for the design, construction and operation of an ELSA, in the form of an “ELSA Handbook”. Launched in September 2011, the SATIE team has drafted a preliminary concept and presented this in Spring 2012 at a stakeholder workshop in Athens. For 2012, the next steps are to identify potential existing ITS test-beds and innovation incubators that could become part of a future ELSA. Also the different types of ICT measures that could be deployed in an ELSA will be explored, as well as scenarios for the organisation & deployment of an ELSA. All ERTICO Partners are invited to contribute to the definition of a potential ELSA, and to express their interest to participate once it would be launched.

types of innovative application: - Personal travel companion - Smart city logistics - Transport infrastructure as a service. In the first year ERTICO has led the definition and analysis of the use case scenarios, and the definition of user needs and system requirements. In 2012, the applications will be specified and software will be developed for a number of conceptual prototypes, that will be demonstrated at the ITS World Congress in Vienna. ERTICO Partners participating include Nokia, Swarco, Volvo, CRF, Orange, Telecom Italia, Norwegian Road Administration, IFSTTAR, TNO, DLR and VTT. Cooperative Mobility Alliance Following successful conclusion of the first wave of cooperative systems R&D, ERTICO has started preparing a multisector alliance of actors committed to the deployment of cooperative systems for transport and mobility. Building on a core of ERTICO Partners already involved in cooperative mobility policies, products and services, the Alliance focuses on those areas where consensus and coordination are needed to advance deployment. Work continued in 2011 to define requirements and specifications for a harmonised roadside unit for cooperative systems in Europe, and on alternative business and organisational models for cooperative mobility deployment. For more information on CooperativeMobility activities, please contact:

Instant Mobility The Instant Mobility project, that started in April 2011, is exploring how Future Internet technologies can transform urban mobility, focusing on three

Paul Kompfner, Head of Sector, CooperativeMobility +32 (0)2 400 07 32,


InfoMobility TISA The Traveller Information Services Association (TISA), launched in 2007 is a not-for-profit company (ASBL under Belgian law), hosted by ERTICO. TISA was established to ensure an international framework for market-driven, coordinated, proactive implementation of traffic and travel information services and products based on existing standards such as RDS-TMC and TPEG. It also works towards the development and deployment of future standards and services. With over 100 members from across the traffic information value chain, TISA is recognised as the worldwide key organisation representing the interests of this industry sector. GSC The GSC project (March 2009 – June 2011) successfully went beyond the demonstration of the technical feasibility of the ‘multiple services platform’ into analysis and recommendations with respect to the feasibility of market deployment. The project identified how standardisation and certification mechanisms can provide the basis for the trust-relationship between different business entities in a horizontal mass market. According to the European model for tolling (EETS) the European Toll Service Provider (ETSP) will be held responsible for the correct collection of all required toll charging data and the risk of malfunctioning end-user equipment or interference between the toll application and other ITS services has to be controlled. As a consequence, the main challenge in establishing a mass market of GNSS-enabled converged services that run on the same piece of equipment lies in the control and assurance that can be provided to the service operators and aggregators, more specifically to the ETSP and the toll charger.



The P3ITS project (January 2010 – June 2011) initiated a dialogue between procurement experts, agencies and industry professionals from the ITS sector, building a network of procurers and industry experts as consultation partners. The procurement of cooperative systems by public authorities is considered critical for the timely availability and deployment of these services. In 2011 the project developed the P3ITS Handbook for the public authorities to understand the underlying questions behind Precommercial public procurement and is considered a detailed introduction to PCP.

The STADIUM project (May 2009 – April 2013) aims to improve the performance of transport systems made available to a wide and differentiated range of users in the framework of large events hosted by big cities. The term “performance” used here covers several dimensions, including the efficiency of the transport services (frequency, punctuality, reliability etc.), their comfort, affordability and ease of use, their safety and security, as well as their impact on the broader community of involved citizens in areas such as congestion, air quality, accident risk which affect both users and non-users of transport services.

VIAJEO The VIAJEO project (September 2009 – August 2012) has developed and will demonstrate and validate an open platform which will be able to: support the transport operations, planning and a wide range of traveller information services; deliver dynamic information independent from language to improve their provision of transport information and traveller services through integrated traffic data collection and management; deliver a solution that enables cross-modal journey planning, dynamic route guidance, effective payment access and improved personal mobility, etc. and provide standardised interfaces to connect a variety of entities needed for the mobility services. The open platform will facilitate the integration of components for data management allowing integration of European and local components as most convenient in Athens, São Paulo, Beijing and Shanghai. The demonstration cities in Europe, China and Brazil, chosen as national role models, will allow the results of successful demonstrations to be extended to other cities in these countries and also potentially to other countries in the respective continents.

EUTRAIN The EUTRAIN project (October 2011 – September 2013) aims to establish – through international cooperation in transport research – the free circulation of specialised knowledge, experience and know-how in facing transport problems and challenges and create through collaboration the conditions for more “breakthrough” research and achievements. EUTRAIN can both help in strengthening European Transport Area (ERA-T) as well as boost Europe’s competitiveness in the global economy. For more information on InfoMobility activities, please contact:

Vincent Blervaque, Acting Head of Sector, InfoMobility +32 (0)2 400 07 24,


EcoMobility FREILOT The FREILOT pilot (April 2009 – September 2012) focuses on reducing energy consumption of goods delivery vehicles in urban areas. The specific energy consumption of urban goods transport depends on many factors; vehicle performance, driver behaviour, urban geography and the road network, traffic control strategies and performance, weight of the vehicle and its load to name but a few. Clearly no realistic single measure can address all these aspects and lead to a significant increase in energy efficiency. FREILOT implements ITS services to address these aspects in an integrated way. The projects pilots these services in four European cities under oneyear of real, operational driving. In 2011 the main highlight has been the continued operation of the piloted services. Vast amount of data has been collected from more than 100 trucks, fire engines and ambulances. Preliminary results indicate good level of fuel savings but further analysis is needed before results can be published. Three other highlights from this year are: • PEEK Traffic commercialising FREILOT cooperative service Energy Efficient Intersection Control and the cooperative road side unit. This is the first commercial, cooperative product on the European market aimed at public road authorities and fleet operators • City of Bilbao receiving national award for the Freight Project of The Year 2011 in Spain for their work in FREILOT • City of Helmond, represented by Gert Blom, receiving iMobility award for Excellence in Policy Making. The award was received for turning ambitious policy goals into pioneering deployment of cooperative mobility technology in Europe. Mr. Blom’s work in FREILOT has contributed to this award

IN-TIME In-Time (April 2009 – March 2012) will pilot and validate an innovative panEuropean approach to Real Time Traffic and Travel Information (RTTI) services. The reliable and real-time delivery of these services to the individual traveller and to traffic management centres is likely to drastically reduce energy consumption in urban areas, across different modes of transport. The traveller is expected to change his/her travel behaviour according to the information he/she receives, opting for the most efficient and quickest modes for his/her travel journey. The role of the In-Time project is to deliver a standardised interface for the various stakeholders involved to implement these RTTI services, to issue recommendations and to study the user acceptance, the market potential and the societal benefits that these services can bring. Pilots have been set up in six European cities: Vienna, Brno, Bucharest, Oslo, Munich, and Florence. In 2011, project partners have: • Launched the In-Time test phase with real life users • Started gathering the necessary data for evaluation • Started preparing for the hand-over to Co-Cities, the follow-up project eCoMove The eCoMove project (April 2010 - March 2013) is an integrated project that develops, trials and validates a number of “Green ITS” technologies and applications which are based on Cooperative Systems (vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to infrastructure communication). eCoMove solutions mainly focus on reducing inefficiencies while driving or managing the traffic. Key eCoMove objectives are to develop and validate applications: • To improve private and professional

drivers’ eco-performance during the trip, including also pre- and post-trip analysis • To optimise truck ecoNavigation and logistics planning for goods delivery • To support energy-efficient strategies for traffic distribution and intersections control When combined, these mainly independent but integrated applications can potentially deliver up to 20% overall fuel savings and CO2 emissions reduction. In 2011, eCoMove partners successfully: • Finalised its architecture and specifications • Refined its validation strategy and assessment baseline • Developed core components such as ecoMessages, ecoMap, ecoModels, etc • Started applications software implementation • Conducted preliminary driving simulator studies (ecoHMI strategies, driver behaviour and acceptance) • Finalised its ecoHMI concepts After the development phase, in 2012 eCoMove will enter its verification and validation phase. COSMO COSMO is a 32 Months Pilot project (November 2010 - June 2013) with the objective to demonstrate that combination of advanced cooperative services lead to efficiency in terms of fuel and energy consumption contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint. The principal focus of COSMO is in the area of environmentally sustainable traffic management. The project will set-up Pilots with services and applications in the following areas: • Environmentally sensitive traffic control strategies • Eco-driving for private vehicle and for public transport


• Multimodal real-time information systems designed to maximize energy efficiency • Advanced energy efficient technologies integrated in roadside equipment In 2011 the project has: • Developed a detailed Validation Plan to measure the impact of the range of traffic management applications • Successfully completed the first installation and data collection session on the Austrian test site between September 22nd and October 6th 2011 • Launched its website COSMO is now installing the other test sites and entering the demonstration phase. ECOSTAND The ECOSTAND project (November 2010 October 2013) supports cooperation between the European Union (EU), Japan and the United States (US), in developing a standard international methodology for determining the impacts of Intelligent Transport Systems on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. ECOSTAND provides a platform for the continuation and expansion of the EU-US collaboration, and effectively replaces the European Commission (EC)-METI (Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) Task Force. The project facilitates the exchange of information and provides expert knowledge during symposia organised in the three regions (Vienna, June 2011 and Orlando, October 2011), which will culminate in the production of a joint technical report including recommendations for future research and roadmaps for future ITS implementation and policy decisions. ECOSTAND will present and discuss the first results of their work at the ITS World Congress in Vienna in October 2012. ecoDriver ecoDriver (October 2011 – September 2015; budget: 14,5 M€) targets a 20% reduction

of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in road transport by encouraging the adoption of green driving behaviour. Drivers will receive eco-driving recommendations and feedback adapted to them and to their vehicle characteristics. A range of driving profiles, powertrains (conventional, hybrid, electrical) and vehicles types (passenger cars, vans, trucks, buses) will be tested in order to optimise the driver powertrain environment feedback loop. The ultimate goal is to deliver the most appropriate eco-driving advice or feedback for any given situation. Amitran The Amitran project (November 2011 – April 2014; budget 2,6 M€) will define a reference methodology to assess the impact of intelligent transport systems on CO2 emissions. The methodology shall be used as a reference by future projects and covers both passenger and freight transport through a comprehensive well-to-wheel approach. Although the focus is road transport, other modes like rail and shipping will be addressed through interfaces to these modes.

The energy-efficient driving schemes and train-the-trainer modules deliver the means for the target markets to supply ECO-driver training. ECOeffect will help vehicle fleets save fuel, time and money – drivers will be less stressed, less tired and more productive. The project aims to equip training providers to deliver high quality ecodriving training; to provide knowledge and expertise to market eco-driving to transport operators; to promote the integration of ECO-driving into professional driver qualification and certification. During 2011 the work has focused on: • Developing a comprehensive set of training material • Preparing dissemination material and • Starting preparation for demo tours ADASIS Forum

• Establish a generic scaling up methodology

Set up in 2002, the ADASIS Forum is an industry platform where vehicle manufacturers, ADAS suppliers, navigation system suppliers and map data providers cooperate on the development and the implementation of the ADAS Horizon concept. The Forum made very important progress in 2011 in bringing ADASIS specifications Version 2 to the market. This success attracted seven new members in 2011. First 100% compliant commercial products are planned to be launched in 2012 which will also be the Forum’s 10th anniversary.

• Validate the proposed methodology and its implementation using data available from other projects or studies

For more information on EcoMobility activities, please contact:

Specifically, Amitran aims to • Develop a CO2 assessment methodology for ICT measures including multimodal passenger and freight transport • Design open interfaces for models and simulation tools implementing the project’s methodology

• Produce an online checklist and handbook to be used as a reference ECOeffect ECOeffect is a focused training initiative to deliver measurable benefits to the trucking, freight and haulage communities through theoretical and practical courses.

Jean-Charles Pandazis, Head of Sector, EcoMobility +32 (0)2 400 07 14,

ITS Network

The Network currently consists of 27 member organisations. ITS Austria ITS Belgium ITS Bulgaria ITS Croatia ITS Czech Republic ITS Denmark ITS Finland ITS France ITS Hellas ITS Hungary ITS Ireland ITS Lithuania ITS Network Germany ITS Norway ITS Polska ITS Portugal ITS Romania ITS Russia (including ATT Russia) ITS Slovenia ITS Spain ITS Sweden ITS Switzerland ITS United Kingdom ITS&S Polish Association of Transport Telematics MLC ITS Euskadi TTS Italia

The Network of National ITS Associations, hosted by ERTICO – ITS Europe, was established to ensure the transfer of ITS knowledge to all players at the local and national level, including small and medium sized organisations. Officially launched in 2004, it now has 27 members.

Russia as well as receiving an update on recent developments in potential project proposals, information on local events organised by Network members, and the strong presence of the ITS Nationals at the ITS Europe Congress in Lyon, France, and the ITS World Congress in Orlando, USA.

2011 was an eventful year for the Network with meetings held in Brussels and Poland along with support for both the European and World Congresses and work undertaken to support the ITS Directive.

ITS Polska hosted the second Network meeting of the year along with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways and support from the Polish Association of Transport Telematics. The Network workshop comprised “a university on wheels” where a series of presentations on ITS issues concerning Poland were given during the coach transfer from Warsaw to Łódź and included a technical visit to Poland’s first Motorway Management Centre, in Stryków. The Network Plenary meeting on the second day, held at the Factory Museum at Łódź’s Manufaktura Centre was attended by twelve National ITS Associations and ITS Lithuania as an observer, where they discussed the latest issues including the Network involvement in Congresses such as the upcoming ITS World Congress in Vienna and future national activities as well as current projects with Network involvement. In addition, Mr Meyer, CEO of ERTICO presented a number of ERTICO initiatives and opportunities for closer collaboration.

The first meeting in 2011 took place in Brussels and comprised both a Workshop and plenary meeting. The Workshop explored possible opportunities for the Network to support the ITS Directive and enabled participants to learn more about and provide input into the development of a template for national reporting on the ITS Directive. On the second day participants attended the Network Plenary meeting, where representatives from sixteen National ITS Associations were present, in addition to representatives from the Turkish Ministry of Transport attending as observers. Participants heard presentations from three newly-approved members of the Network; ITS Ireland, ITS Bulgaria and ITS

For more information, please contact: Anna Limbrey, Network Coordinator +32 (0)2 400 07 19,

Jennie Martin Chairman of Network


s e s s e r g n o C S IT

The Congresses are of key importance, facilitating cross-sector cooperation and providing platforms for learning, discussion, promotion and dissemination as well as potential business opportunities. Sharing knowledge and best practices within the ITS community is seen as vital for the development and deployment of ITS technologies. European and World Congresses provide the ideal opportunity for all ITS stakeholders to come together to share their knowledge and thus, advance ITS further. In addition, support from governments, industry, public sector and the European Commission have helped to ensure their success. ERTICO – ITS Europe, ITS America and ITS Japan work closely together to prepare the annual ITS World Congress and Exhibition which takes place in a different region each year on a rotational basis, thus being held in Europe every third year. In addition, European ITS Congresses are organised by ERTICO in the years when there is no ITS World Congress taking place in Europe. The 8th European Congress, “ITS for sustainable transport of persons and goods in urban regions”, took place in Lyon in June. A highly successful event, it attracted over 1800 participants from 46 countries. Organised around eight different themes, attendees were able to experience stimulating executive, special and technical sessions as well as visit over 100 exhibits to learn more about latest ITS developments. Orlando hosted the 18th World ITS Congress in October. Entitled, “Keeping the economy moving”, the event was visited by 7000 attendees from over 60 countries. In addition to the 4 plenary and 282 educational sessions, participants were able to visit over 200 exhibits and physical demonstrations, thus sharing information and best practices being used in the deployment of ITS.

The next World Congress will take place in Vienna, 22-26 October 2012. With its focus on, “Smarter on the way”, this event promises to provide a demonstration programme of cutting edge solutions on both the public road and in a closed demo area and parking zone, in addition to the many stimulating sessions on offer and innovative solutions which will be on show in the exhibition area. Ministers from across the World will also come together to discuss current ITS issues and declare their ongoing commitment to support ITS in the future. Dublin will host the 9th European Congress on 4-7 June 2013 with the theme “ITS: Real Solutions for Real Needs”. In addition to local Ministerial support the Irish will be hosting the Presidency of the European Council at this time. The message of solving real problems and delivering value for money in today’s challenging economic environment will be reflected in the programme. Tokyo will be the venue for the 20th World Congress, 14-18 October 2013 where Next-generation ITS will address a variety of traffic-related issues, including the environment, energy, safety, and traffic congestion under the theme “Open ITS to the Next”.

For more information on ITS Congresses, please consult the ERTICO website: congresses/its_congresses or contact

Didier Gorteman Director Congresses +32 (0)2 400 07 21

Valérie Mindlin Congress Manager +32 (0)2 400 07 82

Pamela Valente Congress Programme Assistant +32 (0)2 400 07 85

European ITS Congresses 2013 Dublin, Ireland (4 – 7 June) ITS World Congresses 2012 Vienna, Austria (22 – 26 October) 2013 Tokyo, Japan (14 – 18 October)

Finances Continued Growth. Financial stability guaranteed by stable membership growth and development of new activities in line with Partner priorities.


The ERTICO – ITS Europe Finance & Administration Group reports to the Supervisory Board and comprises Dean Herenda, Chair of the Finance & Administration Group, Hermann Meyer, Chief Executive Officer and Didier Gorteman, Chief Financial Officer. The Finance & Administration Group has analysed the 2011 accounts and confirms that ERTICO is in a sound financial position with all 2011 costs in line with decisions from the ERTICO Supervisory Board. The statutory auditor’s report for 2011 verifies that the internal financial control is in order. The ERTICO Partnership, comprising key stakeholders from both the public and private sector is seen as the European organisation for ITS. Together with its strong links to the European Commission, the ERTICO Partnership is driving the development and deployment of ITS. Consequently, maintaining an active Partnership and encouraging the participation of every Partner in ERTICO activities is a primary objective of the ERTICO management. The stability of the membership and membership fees has resulted in financial stability. 55% of the ERTICO budget in 2011 was secured by membership fees, the development of new ERTICO activities related to Partners’ priorities and interests and revenues generated from the ITS Congress licence and other activities.

This has enabled ERTICO to participate in EC-funded projects and has guaranteed the continuity of its work programme. ERTICO was subjected to a VAT check in March 2012. Nothing was rejected by the Belgian authorities. ERTICO also carried out a successful external audit of its ISO Certificate ISO 9001:2008 on 29th April 2011 and 27th March 2012. Finally, the Finance & Administration Group would like to thank the team in Brussels for their dedication and commitment, making possible the 2011 achievements. For more information on the ERTICO finances, please contact:

Didier Gorteman, Chief Financial Officer +32 (0) 2 400 07 21,

Shainoor Noorali, Head of Finance and Administration +32 (0) 2 400 07 23,


Balance Sheet Assets Fixed assets have increased by 35,329€ mainly due to the investment on data equipment & IT servers, giving a total of fixed assets of 336,234€. Amounts due by trade debtors have slightly increased representing 2,738,135€ compared to 2,734,331€ in 2010. An extra amount of 1,421,570€ resulting from the balance between the pre-financing of EC projects and the revenue generated by these projects during the years has been placed, as last year, in advance received on contracts in progress in the Liabilities part of the Balance Sheet, for the closing of the accounts, and as requested by the statutory auditor. Consequently, only the positive amounts appear in the assets. The 2012 membership fees that have been invoiced at the date of 31 December 2011 represent 2,100,000€. Other trade debts amount to 83,798€ and are mainly composed of VAT that needs to be recuperated.

An amount of 138,337€ has been placed as other investments and deposits. This represents the bank guarantee for the office rent, which is placed in a deposit account to avoid costs related to bank guarantees. This deposit has generated 1,742€ in interests in 2011, after pre-paid tax. At the closure of 2011 accounts, it can be noted that the cash at the bank has increased by 408,057€. This is due, to the pre-financing received in 2011 for EC projects. As decided since 2009, at the end of last year and in order to bring more transparency to ERTICO’s own patrimony, an amount of 2,461,000€ has been placed in a trust third account. This amount represents all advance payments from the European Commission that have been received by ERTICO as Project Coordinator for Project Consortia members. This amount should not be considered as belonging to ERTICO and therefore, in accordance with the statutory auditor, has been placed in the Rights and Commitments accounts of the Balance Sheet instead of in the Assets. This amount will, at a later date, be transferred to the Consortia members in 2012, based on the decision of the Steering Committee of each respective project.

ERTICO’s own cash flow represented 2,159,492€ at the end of the year and has generated an interest of 28,290€, against 14,920€ in 2010. Deferred charges and accrued income amount to 222,158€. This amount is mainly composed of deferred charges and concerns the costs for Congresses of 176,200€, which were generated in 2010 and 2011 but relate to the upcoming World Congress, which will take place in Vienna on 22-26 October 2012. In the light of the above statements, at the closure of the year, the total assets have increased by 495,165€ and amounted to 5,678,154€.


Balance Sheet Assets (Belgian presentation in €) Assets FIXED ASSETS INTANGIBLE ASSETS TANGIBLE ASSETS Furniture and vehicles Leasing and other similar rights Other tangible assets FINANCIAL ASSETS



336,233.97 62,984.00 273,249.97 233,978.23 39,271.74

300,904.68 19,200.00 281,704.68 236,208.15 45,496.53

0.00 0.00

0.00 0.00

Amounts receivable and cash guarantees



5,341,919.72 0.00

4,882,083.79 0.00

2,821,932.94 2,738,135.07 83,797.87 138,337.08 138,337.08 2,159,492.13 222,157.57

2,832,951.62 2,734,331.43 98,620.19 136,595.49 136,595.49 1,751,435.60 161,101.08




Balance Sheet Liabilities Capital and reserves amounted to 457,063€. The capital has been adapted to the level of the Shareholders on 31 December 2011. The provisions for liabilities and charges have increased by 31,450€. The provision of 10,500€ made in 2010 for the staff departures and pre-pension payments has been written off. In accordance with the precaution principle adopted since 2006 and in agreement with the Auditors, a provision representing 2% of the total annual contribution of the EC, amounting to 41,950€ has been made. Therefore, the total provisions of the year amount to 31,450€, with a total of 161,950€ at the end of the year.

Trade debts have decreased by 59,017€, mainly due to the payment of suppliers at the end of the year. It should be noted that an invoice of 22,510€ has been taken into account as received by a supplier but has been contested. Advance payments have increased by 334,678€ and amount to 1,700,877€. As mentioned above, this can be explained largely by the transfer of an amount of 1,421,570€, resulting from the balance between the pre-financing and advance payments of EC projects and the revenue generated by these projects. Taxes, remuneration and social security debts have decreased by 81,007€ in comparison with 2010.

Other debts, composed of amounts due to Consortia members, have decreased by 97,746€. This is essentially due to the fact that ERTICO has transferred advance payments to EC Consortia partners. As explained above, an amount of 2,461,000€ has been placed in trust accounts in view of bringing more transparency to ERTICO’s patrimony. This amount is also not a liability related to ERTICO and has been placed in the Rights and Commitments accounts. The 2012 Membership fees which were invoiced in 2011 (2,100,000€) have been placed as deferred income. In the light of the above statements, at the closure of the year, the total liabilities have increased by 495,165€ and amounted to 5,678,154€.


Balance Sheet Liabilities (Belgian presentation in â‚Ź) Liabilities




CREDITORS AMOUNTS PAYABLE AFTER MORE THAN ONE YEAR Financial debts Credit institutions AMOUNTS PAYABLE WITHIN ONE YEAR Financial debts Credit institutions Trade debts Suppliers Advances received on contracts in progress Taxes, remuneration and social security Taxes Remuneration and social security Other amounts payable ACCRUED CHARGES AND DEFERRED INCOME



457,063.22 60,140.00 180,420.00 120,280.00 20,088.00 20,088.00 376,835.22

434,068.34 58,900.00 176,700.00 117,800.00 20,088.00 20,088.00 355,080.34

161,949.83 161,949.83 161,949.83

130,500.00 130,500.00 130,500.00

5,059,140.64 0.00 0.00

4,618,420.13 0.00 0.00


0.00 2,890,328.06 0.00


2,793,420.13 0.00 0.00

510,776.76 510,776.76

569,793.51 569,793.51 1,366,199.79 246,508.74

1,700,877.48 165,501.94 60,911.36 104,590.58

73,501.84 173,006.90 513,171.88 2,168,812.58

610,918.09 1,825,000.00




Profit and Loss Account The profit and loss account shows a turnover of 5,126,812€ for the 2011 financial year, of which 2,232,000€ are Membership fees, 2,097,492€ concern revenue generated by EC projects, 470,990€ come from Congress licence revenue and 326,330€ from TISA. Other operating income amounts to 289,132€ and comes mainly from revenue generated by fora and the re-invoicing of costs related to the congresses organisation. The operating income represents a total of 5,415,944€. The operating charges amount to 5,381,861€: 3,388,517€ for services and miscellaneous goods, 1,818,556€ for remuneration and social security costs, 118,849€ in depreciation.

As explained before, the provision for liabilities and charges represent 31,450€.

Although the number of shareholders at the end of 2011 is higher than 2010.

Other operating charges relating to local taxes, amount to 24,489€.

Due to the fact that the legal reserve is higher than 10% of the capital, it is not necessary to supplement the legal reserve. Consequently, it is proposed to carry forward the net profit of 21,755€.

These represent an operating profit of 34,083€. Taking into account the financial income and charges and extraordinary incomes, the profit for the year before taxation is 55,283€. At the date of closing the accounts, a charge of 34,029€ has been taken into consideration as income tax for the 2011 financial year. An amount of 500€ has been refunded by the Belgian tax authorities as an adjustment for 2009 revenue. This results in a net profit of 21,755€ for the year, which is available for appropriation.

Taking into account the net result of the year and the resulting profits from previous years, the profit to be carried forward stands at 376,835€. All the costs mentioned in this report are consistent with the decisions taken by the Supervisory Board during the year.


Profit & Loss Account (Belgian presentation in â‚Ź) 2011 OPERATING INCOME Turnover work and contracts in progress Other operating income

OPERATING CHARGES Services and other goods Remuneration, social security costs and pensions

progress and trade debtors Other provision for liabilities & charges Other operating charges


5,415,943.57 5,126,811.95


5,035,856.06 4,960,274.52


-5,381,860.97 3,388,517.20 1,818,556.02

-4,978,363.29 3,231,089.59 1,732,143.57





31,449.83 24,488.55

-10,500.00 26,457.40





34,488.96 28,289.59 6,199.37

18,584.44 14,919.97 3,664.47

-13,288.36 -3,091.81 -10,196.55

-7,406.09 -2,719.83 -4,686.26




12,858.57 12,858.57





-33,528.32 -34,028.51 500.19

-54,331.07 -54,925.37 594.30







Income from current assets

FINANCIAL CHARGES Interest and other debt charges




Extraordinary depreciation of and extraordinary amounts Other extraordinary charges

PROFITS FOR THE PERIOD BEFORE TAXES INCOME TAXES Income taxes Adjustment of income taxes and write-back of tax provisions


Appropriation Account (Belgian presentation in €) 2011 PROFIT TO BE APPROPRIATED



376,835.22 21,754.88 355,080.34

355,080.34 27,198.62 327,881.72



376,835.22 376,835.22

355,080.34 355,080.34

To legal reserve


*NOTE* Extract from the statutory 2011 audit report In our opinion, the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2011 give a true and fair view of the company’s assets and liabilities, its financial position and the results of its operations in accordance with the financial reporting framework applicable in Belgium. CDP PETIT & CO sprl Statutory Auditor, represented by Damien Petit.


s n o i t a c i n u m Com

Communication is a key part of ERTICO’s success. Maintaining ERTICO’s corporate brand and ensuring coherence through ERTICO’s diverse initiatives and activities is vital to ensure that a clear and positive message is transmitted to ITS stakeholders. 2011 saw ERTICO maintain its high standard in communication and dissemination whilst broadening and deepening its activities and tools. ERTICO has increased its expertise in audiovisual communications. 2011 saw ERTICO make its first podcasts, allowing ERTICO Partners and stakeholders to express their thoughts on the issues of the day. ERTICO’s in-house video editing capability has also been strengthened, and the 2011 ITS Video Competition, culminating in the European ITS Congress in Lyon, underlined the power of this medium as a communication tool. Promotional videos were produced for the ITS European Congress, for EU co-funded projects - and for Christmas. ERTICO has also increased its Web 2.0 presence, via Twitter, webinars, surveys and podcasts, as well as the live streaming of the Forum “ITS for Urban Mobility”, not to mention the i-Mobility Network, with 700 individuals from 450 companies actively taking part. The i-mobility Network library continues to grow, providing a valuable ITS resource for the ERTICO Partnership.

Traditional media have not been forgotten. ERTICO continues to produce high quality print publications, from project flyers, Congress leaflets, the ERTICO newsletter, as well as a diverse array of posters, flags, banners… In the first half of 2012 the ERTICO newsletter has been further developed and divided into two: the ERTICO eMagazine and the i-Mobility Network Newsletter. The Communication department have taken ownership of the eMagazine putting focus on key issues / activities for the ERTICO Partnership of the month. Two successful Fora were held in 2011, showing the value of the ERTICO Partnership in addressing significant ITS issues. An important aspect of the ERTICO Fora is the build-up and follow-up activities, including ERTICO thematic papers to set the scene, recording the event, follow-up webinars and reports. The communication department supports other ERTICO departments in their communication and dissemination activities, and as such is active in EU co-funded projects and deployment platforms, European and World Congresses as well as corporate communications and the i-Mobility Network. For more information, please contact:

Rasmus Lindholm Head of Partnership Services & Communications, +32 (0) 2 400 07 39

Henry Wasung, Communication Manager, +32 (0)2 400 07 40

Partners One Common Vision. Bringing together the skills, interests and expertise of around 100 Partners.



Marking ERTICO’s 20th anniversary, 2011 was an extremely positive one for the ERTICO Partnership, with many new initiatives launched and very strong commitment from all Partners. The ERTICO Partnership is driven by its Partners and as such, ERTICO strives to understand Partners needs and expectations as well as to providing high value activities for the Partnership. Partner cooperation is vital to ensure efficient deployment of ITS Systems and Services. The Sector Platforms, successfully launched in 2011, provide a space where Partners can openly discuss important issues within the different sectors, identify specific focus areas on which they can develop common positions as well as work with the other sectors to discuss and agree on cross-sector activities. Throughout 2011, Partners were very active within ERTICO, attending a range of meetings, workshops, webinars in addition to the General Assembly and Extraordinary General Assembly in Lyon in June. Meetings were also held with individual Partners, in particular to facilitate the introduction of new Partners and discuss areas of shared interest and potential collaboration.

ERTICO puts a strong focus on providing Partner satisfaction and added-value for the Partnership, through the close monitoring of Partner participation in all activities. 96% of the Partners participated in activities which range from Sector Platform activities, Deployment Platforms, Projects and proposals, Task Forces, Workshops and other Partner meetings in addition to i-Mobility Network events with 71% involved in current projects or approved proposals. Four new applications were approved by the Supervisory Board during 2011 to join the ERTICO Partnership:

For more information about the ERTICO Partnership, please contact:

Rasmus Lindholm, Head of Partnership Services & Communications, +32 (0) 2 400 07 39,


Bordeaux (represented by Topos)

Newcastle University Xerox During the first quarter of 2012, the Supervisory Board approved the application of Ficosa International, Okan University, Istanbul, Ford Werke GmbH and IDIADA. Consequently, ERTICO currently has a total of 100 Partners. For information on the ERTICO Partners, please consult the ERTICO website

Anna Limbrey, Partnership Services Manager, +32 (0)2 400 07 19,

Laura Johnstone Partnership Services Assistant, +32 (0)2 400 07 55,


Service Providers




Mr Theo Quick

Mr Mircea Cotoros

Global Head of Intelligent Transport Systems Practice

Manager of Brussels Branch

Mr Jacques Amselem

Technolution BV

CEO Allianz Telematics SpA


Applus IDIADA Group (New Partner 2012)

Mr Jan van der Wel Mr AndrĂŠs Aparicio Product manager, Advanced Driving Assistance Systems

Mr Giorgio Maldini

Chief Executive Officer

R&D Homologation Manager


R&D Department Mr Filip Ballegeer

DEKRA e.V. - Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug Ueberwachungsverein


Klaus Schnell

Mr Oliver Deiters

Director CPM EMEA

Managing Director, Representation of DEKRA e.V. to the European Union

Location & Commerce

WirelessCar (representing Volvo Information Technology)

Head of Global External Affairs and Public Policy

PluService srl

Mr Martin Rosell

Ms. Monica Giannini

Managing Director

Ericsson AB

PTV Planung Transport und Verkehr AG

Program Manager Telematics Business Unit Networks Mr Eric-Mark Huitema Smarter Transportation Leader Europe

Strategic Marketing, TomTom Automotive Enterprise & Government

Head of International Cooperation

Mr Anders Fagerholt


Director Solutions Architecture

Mr Magnus Johansson Director Business Development

Dr-Ing Michael Ortgiese

YGOMI Deutschland GmbH

Research & Innovation

Mobility Systems

Mr Andras Csepinszky

Vice President

Partnership Manager



Denso Europe BV

Panasonic Automative Systems Europe GmbH

AVL List GmbH

Mr Jean-Michel Henchoz

European Affairs & Business Development Manager

Mr Ralf Dirk Becker

Dr Josef Affenzeller Director, Research Coordination Cinterion a Gemalto Company Mr Marcel Visser Global Vice President Automotive Cobra Automotive Technologies SpA

Info&Safety Engineering FICOSA (New Partner 2012)

Robert Bosch GmbH

Ramiro Quintero

Dr Peter Biesenbach

R&D Director, Advanced Communications

Senior Vice President

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Europe

Head of Central Division External Affairs, Governmental and Political Relations

http://global.mitsubishielectric. com/bu/automotive/index.html

Continental Automotive GmbH

Mr Jan Billig

General Manager

Mr Helmut Matschi Member of the Executive Board Continental AG Division Interior

NEC Europe Ltd Dr Heinrich StĂźttgen Vice President, NEC Laboratories Europe

Dr Frank FĂśrsterling

NXP Semiconductors

Sales&Portfolio Innovations

Interior Electronics Solutions

Mr Frank Daems Director Business Development

Peter Saeger Director Cross Divisional Systems

Mr Patrick Pype

Systems & Technology Automotive

Director European Affairs

Dr. Thomas Salbert Public Private Partnership Systems & Technology, Automotive

R&D Department

Prof Dr Gunter Zimmermeyer Senior Advisor / ERTICO Chairman


Traffic & Transport Industries ASFA (Association Professionnelle Autoroutes et Ouvrages Routiers)

Kapsch TrafficCom AG

Ms. Karin Kaindl,

Marketing and Communications

Mr Josef A. Czako

Sector Infrastructure and Cities, Division Mobility

Vice President, International Business Development


Mrs Michaela Harrich

Ms. Marta Lipczyk

Executive Director

Manager International Organizations, International Business Development

Siemens AG

Mrs Annie Canel

Mizar Automazione – Swarco Group

Director of Operations

Mr Jean Mesqui

Mrs Malika Seddi

Innovation Director

Mrs Gwenaelle Toulminet

European Projects Manager

Mr Siebe Turksma Product Manager Research

Q-Free ASA

Dr Josef Fiala

Managing Director ASFINAG Service GmbH

Mr Knut Evensen Chief Technologist

Mr René Moser

Efkon AG Mr Daniel Ulz International Marketing Manager Egis Mr Martial Chevreuil Innovation and Development Director

CC GA EU T-Systems International GmbH/ Satellic

Peek Traffic BV

Head of Strategy, International relations and Innovation

Government Affairs

Mr Gino Franco Director of International Affairs


Representation Office Brussels

Siemens AG Mr. Hauke Jürgensen CEO Intelligent Traffic Systems

Friedemann Kirn Account Director Satellic Telematic Services Thetis SpA Mr Marino Mazzon Manager ITS Business Development Vialis Mr Rudi Lagerweij Manager, Strategy & Business Development

Sector Infrastructure and Cities, Division Mobility



Cees de Wijs

Mr. Robert Sykora Group President, International Transportation and Government

Director Investment and Ventures Sector Infrastructure and Cities, Division Mobility IC MOL ST IV, Munich

Richard Harris Solution Director, International Transportation and Government



Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA

Robert De Beukelaer

Solution Delivery Director, International Transportation and Government

Dr.-Ing. Joachim Scholten

Dr Stephan Herbst

Strategy, Product and Communality Definition

Senior Principal Economist

Mobile Network Operators Orange Business Services International M2M Center Dr Stéphane Petti Automotive Business Development Director Telecom Italia S.p.A. Mr Marco Annoni Senior Project Manager

Development Abroad, Type Approval and Traffic Management

Verband der Automobil Industrie E.V. (VDA) FIAT S.p.A. Dr. Luisa Andreone Centro Ricerche FIAT, Project Management, Collaborative Research Ford-Werke GmbH (New Partner 2012) Mr Duncan Burrell Manager Ford of Europe Connected Services Solutions Organisation


Honda Motor Europe

Service Platform Innovation ( ITS & Logistics )

Mr Filip Sergeys


VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) Government Relations – Regulations - Dr Michael Niedenthal Head of Transport Department Volvo Car Corporation Urban Kristiansson, PhD Senior Tech Advisor Volvo Technology Corporation (representing Volvo Group) Mr Daniel Zackrisson Technology Area Director – Intelligent transport systems & services Bruno Chazalette

Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd – Belgian Branch

Mr Günther Weber

Aftermarket & Soft Products

Vodafone Group Research & Development

Mr Jun Watanabe

Group Trucks Sales and Marketing EMEA

Vehicle Manufacturers


ACEA (Association des Constructeurs Européens d’Automobiles)

Mr Makoto Ikeda Manager, Regulations and Technical Affairs Renault

Mr Ivan Hodac

Mr Christian Rousseau

Secretary General

Corporate General Secretary Mobility & Transport Policy Director

Mr Eskil Sturesson Director Regulatory Affairs

VP Strategic Planning


Public Authorities

Denmark - Danish Road Directorate

Hungary – Ministry of National Development

Austria – Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology

Mr Åke Egemalm

Department of ITS

Mr Lajos Szűcs

Head of Department

Ms Evelinde Grassegger

Finland – Finnish Transport Agency (FTA)

Department for Transport Infrastructure

Head of Unit, Mobility and Transport Technologies

Mr. Aapo Anderson

Mrs Sznezsanka B. Szlatényi

Project Manager

Deputy Head of Department

France – Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing

Department for International Relations

Mr. Martin Russ Managing Director AustriaTech Belgium – Flemish Government, Department Mobility & Public Works - www.mobielvlaanderen. be –

www.developpment-durable.gouv. fr/MEDDTL/DGITM/SAGS/MTI Mr Jean-François Janin ITS Task Force Manager

ir Nele Dedene

France - Bordeaux, Aquitaine (represented by Topos)

Afdeling Verkeerscentrum, Departement Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken

André Perpey

Czech Republic – Ministry of Transport / Dr. Václav Kobera

President Germany – Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau- und Stadtentwicklung Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development

Director of Space Technology and Satellite Systems Department

Head of Division

Mr Martin Pichl

Transport Optimization & Telematics in Transport

Deputy Director of Space Technologies and Satellite Systems Department and Head of Galileo, ITS & GMES Unit Denmark – North Denmark Region (Region Nordjylland) Mr Svend Tøfting Head of ITS Sector

Ms Sabine Dannelke

Ireland – Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport Italy – Ministry for Infrastructures and Transport Dr. Massimiliano Zazza Directorate General of ICT, Statistics and Communication Luxembourg – Administration des Ponts et Chaussées - Mr Georges Simon Deputy Director, Division des travaux neufs (DTN) Norway – Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA)

Mr Reiner Wünsch

Mr Ivar Christiansen

Vice Head of Division

Director,Traffic Management Section

Transport Optimization & Telematics in Transport

Mr Eirik Skjetne

Germany - Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln (WDR) Mr Thomas Kusche Senior Editor

Director, ITS Section


Poland – General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways

Tatiana Mahrová Director of Road Safety Unit

Mr Lech Witecki

Slovenia – Ministry of Infrastructure & Spatial Planning

General Director Mr Dean Herenda

Mr Ziemowit Cyndrowski


Head of International Co-operation Section Mr. Przemyslaw Rzezniewski Chief Specialist

General Secretary, ITS Spain

Mr Iñaki Arriola López

Mr Ernesto Gasco Gonzalo

Ms Maria Luisa Nunes

Vice-Minister of Transport and Public Works

Head of Unit


General Manager, MLC - ITS Euskadi

Traffic Information Services Mr. Mats Petersson Head of Unit, Eng Abdullah A. Al Mogbel

Spain – Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT)

Deputy Minister of Transport

IRF Chairman ITA-CET Foundation President

Mr Federico Fernandez-Alonso Deputy Director on Traffic

Market and Planning Mr. Kent Olsson TCC Coordinator, Road Traffic Management

Mrs Monica Colas Coordinator Observatory Road Safety Spain - Ministry of Development

Mr Marian Hanták

Manel Villalante i Llauradó


General Director, Directorate General of Land Transportation

Road Department

Senior Advisor/ President and Spokesman ERTICO – ITS Europe Mrs. Mari-Louise Lundgren

General State Counsellor

Mrs. Monica Sundström

Mr Rui Ribeiro

Richard Vojna

Transport Director Mr Jose Viteri

Sweden – Swedish Transport Administration (STA)

Mr Mikel Díez Sarasola

Slovak Republic – Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development

Area Manager - Headship of Projects, Directorate General of Land Transportation

Saudi Arabia – Ministry of Transport

Ángel Cabo Astudillo

Jaime Huerta Gómez de Merodio

Regional Minister

Portugal – EP-Estradas de Portugal, SA

Deputy Director of Management, Analysis and Innovation of Rail and Road Transport, Directorate General of Land Transportation

Spain – Basque Government - Department of Housing, Public Works and Transport

Portugal – Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes Terrestres (IMTT.IP)

Head of International Relations Department

Benito Bermejo Palacios

Switzerland – Directorate General of Swiss Customs Mr Bruno Hofstetter Engineer


Switzerland – Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO)

Users Mr Markus Riederer

ADAC e.V. (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club)

Expert Standardisation

IRU (International Road Transport Union) Mr Umberto de Pretto Deputy Secretary General

Mr Johann Grill

Mr Michael Nielsen

Director, Consumer Protection and Public Policy

General Delegate, IRU Permanent Delegation to the EU

Mr Ronald Adams

Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB (Dutch Automobile & Tourist Association)

RACC Automobile Club (Reial Automobil Club de Catalunya - Spain)

Strategic Advisor for Network Management

Mr Ferry Smith

Mr Josep Mateu

Manager Public Affairs

Director General

Wil Botman

Mr Miquel Nadal

Senior Advisor Public Policy

RACC Foundation Director

The Netherlands - Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment http://english.verkeerenwaterstaat. nl/english/

United Kingdom – Department for Transport Dr Peter Browne Head of External Research Investments and Leverage International, Strategy & Environment

FIA Mr Jacob Bangsgaard Director General, FIA Region I

Mr Lluis Puerto RACC Foundation Technical Director Mr Josep Laborda RACC Foundation ITS Projects Manager



Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)

ISMB (Istituto Superiore Mario Boella)

Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH)-Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT)

Riccardo Scopigno

Dr Angelos Amditis

Head of Multi-Layer Wireless Research Area (MLW) - Prof George A. Giannopoulos Director of the Hellenic Institute of Transport Ms Eliza Gagatsi Transport Engineer, Hellenic Institute of Transport

Research Director, Member of the Board of Directors

SINTEF ICOOR – Interuniversity Consortium for Optimization and Operations Research Mauro Dell’Amico CEO IFSTTAR – French Institute of Science and Technology, Development and Networks Mr Per J. Lillestøl Research Director Tecnalia Mr Alberto Peña ITS Unit Manager

Mr Evangelos Mitsakis

Associated Researcher

Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal

TNO Mobility

Director General

CTAG – Automotive Technological Centre of Galicia (Spain)

Ms Muriel Attane


Mr Luis Moreno Diéguez

Deputy General Director

General Director


University of Newcastle – Transport Operations Group

Mr Phil Pettitt

Professor Phil Blythe, CEng, FIET

Chief Executive

Professor of Intelligent Transport Systems

Mr Francisco Sánchez Pons Electronics and ITS Director DLR - German Aerospace Center

EU Manager Mobility

Director: Transport Operations Research Group

Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds

Dr Christian Piehler

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Program Director Transport

Prof. Oliver Carsten

Professor of Transport Safety

Ms Merja Penttinen

Institute for Transport Studies

Senior Scientist, Team leader

Dr Frank Köster Head of Department of Automotive Systems Institute of Transportation Systems

ERTICO – ITS Europe 326 avenue Louise, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium Tel +32 (0)2 400 07 00 Fax +32 (0)2 400 07 01

ERTICO Annual Report 2011  

ERTICO Annual Report 2011

ERTICO Annual Report 2011  

ERTICO Annual Report 2011