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Only through the shoulder blade but through the LAT and he's gonna initiate point through the elbow squeeze the shoulder blade back finish hold and then repeat what’s really important here make sure you're finishing with your shoulder blade too often people end up thinking that more motion is good motion and they can do a lot of damage to the front their shoulders so think about leading with the elbow Spanish in with the shoulder blade and getting and I squeeze in the town with a rule my third exercised the dumbbell pullover not only is this a fantastic exercise for isolating in developing the lads but if you do it the way I'm gonna coach Craig you can also get some anterior core stability and strength as well as improving your shoulder mobility because a lot of people struggle getting overhead safely and effectively so am I have Craig do here go ahead he’s already got the dumbbell lined up he's gonna go ahead and lay on his backend then from this position where I Q my clients to do its exhale heartbreak so big breath and exhale hard you can see his ribcage come down here to hold this ad contraction and as he goes over heading into work hard to maintain this when he holds this position is going to get a really nice stretch on is lax he's gonna make sure he the developing to uphold range of motion when the big issues if somebody start son March their back really hard their laps are never getting that stretches you're not going to get the same kind of grow season go and put back over awesome good 11 exhale hardened abs tight good whole battle hold back and then get that nice stretch on the silencing parking can come back law who'll meaning mom final exercise we're sure you guys here today is called a baseball as kind of a hybrid movement it's not really a vertical ports not really a horizontal pull but that's nice because it gets a shootout those standard planes emotion and it breaks up the training a little bit so I'm gonna have Craig do here is gonna go and spin around he's gonna grab the rope and old at really important you want to do this with your thumbs up you got a very small space here for your rotator cuff to brief and if your hands are facing down justkinda chokes out your rotator cuff she want to make sure you give it space your thumbs are up you got your shoulders and a really good position seta really shoulder friendly option so from this position he's gonna set his upper back gonna lead with his elbows and think about squeezing the shoulder blades together see a nice squeeze finishing with the elbows approximately in line with the body and then go ahead go again think it's a nice stretch through themed back and then leading with the elbows squeezing the shoulder blade bat so it's not a traditional mover maybe one you're familiar with that this is a fantastic option for building the upper and the midback I'm the after watching this video we should have a PhD in muscle building the hope you guys are going to take this stuff that we've learned in the video and apply it to your training in the gym with that being said I can take one thing or had you take one thing away from this video it's that the back works as a seamless integrated unit got to have a nice stable for at six pineland then we put your scapula we put your shoulder joint when you create all that movement in one seamless fluid motion that when you're gonna get the most out your back training the muscular the Testostorm

mechanics the skeletal system punch the best exercises to do mass knowledge is power tell yourself to bid he'll sell kill yourself the best mind muscle dams for freshen Bovet some board a lot and most important word sumbodybelly without honest banning up nutrition you'll never be able to control your weight you shape your muscles and how your laws up pay careful attention to what the body bowlers tell you listen carefully to what the Champions thank you because without that knowledge you’ll never a look your best I'll probably the most distinctive thing about the in shape competitive bodybuilding busy even more than the incredible amount of well-developed shapely proportional must is the extreme deposition that bodybuilding stars are able to achieve when the contest ready bodybuilder pose he or she ends up looking like an anatomy chart every muscle in the body clearly define you see striatum in places you didn't even know people muscle donor use to see seat in this kind of shape the result can be pretty shocking when you hear people talking about how on natural bodybuilders look for women looking pained in explaining how rose you can bet they are reacting tithe big muscle it's Paul bed ripped to shreds definition however most people don't realize that this is a normal.

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