İstanbul, TR

Ersa,has an important position with its reliability and quality among office furniture manufacturers of Turkiye joined the sector in 1958. Managed in part by 3rd generation family members, Ersa manufactures seating units such as chairs and couches in addition to office furnitures. Among its products are desks, multiple work team groups, consoles, pedestals and coffee tables in addition to divider panels, document, archive and dressing cabinets. Convinced that productivity which is counted among the most important characteristics of contemporary work life is achievable through motivation, Ersa aims to increase happiness in the work environment with designs that are functional, practical, ergonomic and individualizable. Embelishes its products for the benefit of users with feel-good details such as natural materials, lighting units and components which integrate technology devices. It raises the energy level of the work environment with colorful and occasional fun designs.