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How to Select the Right CMMS Software Maintenance Management otherwise known as Asset Management, has assumed great significance in recent years. As organizations spend more money on technology and other assets, maintaining these assets efficiently becomes more and more challenging. In order to facilitate systematic management and maintenance of assets, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), otherwise known as Enterprise Asset Management Systems, are being widely adopted by organizations. The growing popularity of CMMS software proves its benefits beyond a doubt. But with a large number of vendors offering CMMS solutions, organizations have to be aware of which one would best serve their needs. Since choosing the right CMMS solution is the key to effective asset management, organizations have to carefully assess the capabilities and benefits offered by these solutions and make the right choice. A key feature that makes for a good CMMS solution is the capability to schedule preventive maintenance work orders. This is an integral component of an effective maintenance management. This feature can help reduce maintenance costs while also minimizing emergency repairs and asset downtime. This in turn contributes to overall profitability. In addition to this feature, while selecting CMMS software, certain other parameters also have to be considered: Program Features: Depending on the maintenance goals of the organization, specific program features may be needed. For instance, some organizations may have just the basic requirements of listing equipment, entering preventive maintenance tasks and generating work orders, while others may have more complex requirements such as customizable reporting, bar-coding of inventory etc. Hence when choosing a CMMS solution, organizations have to bear in mind their specific requirements. Some vendors offer solutions with basic features with the option to customize and add more modules as and when required. This may be beneficial in the long run. Vendor Stability and Support: Organizations often get carried away by the features and cost of a CMMS solution and fail to consider the stability of the vendor and the quality of support they can offer. And more often than not, organizations learn this lesson the hard way. It is therefore essential to consider factors such as the reputation of the vendor, the number of years they have been in this business etc. Also, vendors who offer quality technical support during implementation and on an on-going basis, make for a good choice. This is because merely implementing maintenance management software is not sufficient. Vendors should also extend support for periodic software updates in order to keep the asset management system up to date. Cost Consideration: This is another major factor in determining the choice of CMMS software. Even the most effective preventive maintenance software may be useless to an organization if it is not affordable. Most maintenance management departments work within budgets and therefore the cost of the software solution is a key determinant. Good CMMS software solutions have the capability to complement and enhance the asset management initiatives of an organization. And therefore choosing the right CMMS software that meets the needs of the organization can help achieve optimal results.

How to Select the Right CMMS Software  

Maintenance Management otherwise known as Asset Management, has assumed great significance in recent years. As organizations spend more mone...

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