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Asset and Maintenance Management Solutions for the Wonderware Environment eRPortal is the only integrated CMMS solution designed specifically to operate within the Wonderware environment.

Operators have access to real-time maintenance information for equipment in their InTouch view.

The eRPortalTM Asset and Maintenance Management Solution adds exceptional value to your Wonderware investment. It incorporates a proven computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) into your Wonderware ecosystem without the need for expensive, time consuming configuration and implementation. Only eRPortal integrates completely with three of Wonderware’s major components — InTouch, Historian, and System Platform — to create an asset and maintenance management system that leverages your operation’s best practices. Now you can rapidly achieve your strategic maintenance objectives by utilizing the rules, conditions, settings, and operating criteria already programmed in your Wonderware environment. eRPortal’s asset management solution interfaces with Wonderware’s factory automation suite through two key points: SQL Server connectivity to the Historian and Alarm database and a purpose-built ArchestrAbased application object residing in the Wonderware

system platform. This integration permits maximum operator visibility to maintenance practices, schedules, and events with minimized productivity loss. Now operators can view open work orders, upcoming preventative maintenance (PM), and maintenance history, without having to make calls, send emails, or leave the InTouch environment. eRPortal allows for reliable, real-time work order creation and less manual intervention. No other asset management solution gives Wonderware users so many features and benefits: • Schedule PMs based on equipment utilization such as machine run-time hours, valve open-shut cycles, machine cycles, etc. • Create work orders from within InTouch that appear instantly to maintenance personnel • Update equipment utilization automatically for utilization-based maintenance • Generate condition-based work orders automatically based on real-time conditions (vibration, current, flow rate, temperature, or any value being monitored by Wonderware) • Structure work orders to require multiple conditions or specified minimum durations before triggering • Set up an unlimited number of condition-based work order triggers for each asset • Import existing asset and tag information from the Wonderware environment eRPortal allows maintenance personnel to determine which conditions require maintenance intervention without the need to open a Wonderware application. And they can be confident those work orders will be generated automatically without operators needing maintenance knowledge.

eRPortal offers web- and mobileenabled maintenance management functionality.



eRPortal gives Wonderware integrators a new asset management opportunity About eRPortal eRPortal is a developer and leading provider of asset management, maintenance management, and materials tracking software solutions that enable companies to better manage their operations and strategic assets. Its software applications have been developed with an architecture that delivers ease of use and flexibility to accommodate any work process requirements. In addition, the software is built on an architecture that provides every level of eRPortal user — from managers and analysts to stockroom and shop floor operators — with a unique interface and user profile based on their industry, organizational policies, daily tasks, and responsibilities.

eRPortal allows systems integrators and ArchestrA developers to easily add an asset and maintenance management application to any Wonderware customer’s solution. Now developers can set up and configure a proven, best-practice CMMS that incorporates the operating knowledge of the Wonderware solution. Our asset management solution can be quickly implemented without knowing eRPortal’s database structure or API. Its interface is built as a self-contained ArchestrA object using the latest Object Toolkit 3.1. Installation only requires a few simple configurations, such as the eRPortal URL, to be made in the primary derived template. Settings then are copied to all derived instances of the object. eRPortal’s asset creation feature allows integrators to automatically generate assets and sub-assets hierarchically simply by dragging and dropping objects within the ArchestrA IDE.

Exposed attributes on the object allow for manual creation of work orders generating at runtime through scripting in the ArchestrA IDE for even more sophisticated or multi-asset, condition-based triggering. An InTouch plug-in allows visibility of eRPortal maintenance information within the InTouch application by adding one ActiveX or ArchestrA graphic component and setting some basic configurations. Exposed properties and methods on the InTouch plugin allow scripted manipulation to filter results and create work orders in eRPortal through scripting. The interface communicates to eRPortal through dedicated Web service, which allows for interfacing and work order creation from any Internet-enabled environment. Only eRPortal provides integrators with a best-practice asset management solution for customers that builds on the advantages of their Wonderware investment. eRPortal’s Asset and Maintenance Management Suite also features: • A complete Web/browser-based architecture • Multilingual capabilities • A powerful parts and tools management system • Asset inspection and condition assesment capabilities • XML and Web services protocol

Using eRPortal’s interface to Wonderware Historian or System Platform, maintenance work orders can be triggered based on asset utilization or conditionbased rules.

© 2009 eRPortal Software Group. All rights reserved. eRPortal is a trademark of the eRPortal Software Group. Wonderware,ArchestrA,and InTouch are trademarks of Wonderware Corporation.

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Asset and Maintenance Management Solutions for the Wonderware Environment  

eRPortal is the only integrated CMMS solution designed specifically to operate within the Wonderware environment.

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