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Selection XII



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Two Pronged At t

Selection XII:

The missing link between We-Vibe and G-Vibe? ETO speaks with Netherlands-based Dutch Faun about its unique couple’s vibrator which was (re)launched to the trade late last year and is now available in Europe, the US, Russia, Australia, and Hong Kong - and very soon it will be in the UK too...

Erotic Trade Only April 2014

If you think the product pictured around this article looks a little familiar then you’re right, it is. The ‘revolutionary new couple’s toy’ was originally launched in 2011 at Venus and it looked set to be a strong competitor to We-Vibe - it was designed to be used during sex but it did not require inserting into the vagina. The silicone device could also be used for solo pleasuring, with each of its curved fingers sporting a vibrating motor in addition to the one contained in the central shaft. During intercourse, the fingers were designed to slide between the couple, caressing the penis and massaging the clitoris and both partners’ erogenous zones. It sounded ideal... But there were issues. Between the business partners and with the product itself. In short, it was not ready for market at that time. Now, after a lot of investment and development, it’s back, with a new name and a new manufacturer but still under the stewardship of its original designer. The new product, named Selection XII, received an enthusiastic reception at eroFame last year and it will make its UK debut at June’s ETO Show. Stefan, Dutch Faun owner and designer of Selection XII, told us more about the product and its history...


ETO: What originally prompted you to create this product? Dutch Faun: I had been selling erotic products as a retailer since 2004 and got questions from women who wanted a toy they could use while having intercourse but which did not have to be worn or inserted. At first I did not give much attention to these questions but I started to think about it more seriously and I made the first drawings and prototypes in 2006.

In October 2009 I finally got the patent officially registered. Were you a musician who took your inspiration from the design of a tuning fork? DF: I have been asked this question before and it could have been an inspiration because I love music. But for the idea and design I looked at the curves of the female body and the moves a woman makes to get extra stimulation while making love. Tell us a little about the history of the product... DF: Designing a sex toy for couples is not as easy as people may think. And if you meet the wrong people for your business, as I did, then it makes it even harder. Luckily I also met some people who helped me to get over it, and I designed the couple’s vibrator further into its current shape. The hardest part was to get fingers to open and close with just the right amount of flex and slenderness to move the couple’s vibrator gently back and forth between the man and the woman, while leaving plenty of room for him to slide inside and share the fun. And of course make it whisper quiet with its three engines. What reaction did you get when you showcased the product at eroFame last year? DF: People loved the shape, and some called it “the missing link” between the WeVibe and the G-Vibe. On the last day of eroFame we were sold out completely, and we had to fly in the second batch to save time. Only

the packaging needed some extra attention. So for 2014 we designed a storage box and a beautiful new sleeve. So it stands out more in the shops, and is easier to give as a gift. Apart from the shape, is every other aspect of Selection XII completely different to its predecessor? DF: In 2011 my former business partner and I tried to launch the product for the first time under a different name. The shape looked almost the same but below the sleeve, and the way it functioned, it was 100% different. Now it looks and works as I intended it years ago. It even has a mechanism to easily open the fingers and bring them back in their original position. Why do you think people were prepared to give it a second chance if they had a bad experience with the previous version? DF: After the launch of the Selection XII in Hannover last year I contacted wholesalers who bought the old product and offered to take the bad products back and give them new ones. Not all at once, but one box of free products to start distributing again, and delivering extra products with every new order until all products were exchanged. I did not have to do this, because Dutch Faun is a whole new company, but I wanted to start with a clean slate.

Pulse - six months later



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PULSE six months on

Erotic Trade Only April 2014

It’s six months since Hot Octopuss unveiled its Pulse ‘guybrator’ and ETO finds out from Adam Lewis, co-creator of the device, what progress the company has made since launch...


New toys come and go every month but late last year a new male device arrived with some very bold claims. Pulse was said to use “patented oscillating technology” to give “the most intense orgasms” and that it represented “the biggest industry innovation in decades”. Very bold claims indeed - but rather surprisingly perhaps, the consensus was that it actually delivered what it promised. ETO made it Product of the Month and said: “The closest thing we can compare it to is Fun Factory’s Cobra Libra, but Pulse does the job faster and far more satisfyingly.” Other reviewers were also fulsome in their praise for Pulse. GrittyWoman said: “Pulse is one of the best vibrating sex toys aimed specifically at males that we have tried to date.” Dr Hernando Chavez of said Pulse could also appeal to those who may have erectile dysfunction, saying: “This product can be used with an erect or flaccid penis and induce orgasm, which immediately made me excited for those with erectile dysfunction. I tested it out on myself and was pleasantly surprised. I couldn’t help but be erect... without any stroking whatsoever, I had an incredibly powerful orgasm in about fifteen minutes. This was crazy - a first in my sexual history, to reach orgasm without any sucking or stroking motion, only vibration.” Madame Amrita said: “Oh my God y’all, this is the most badass toy directed at male satisfaction I have seen in a long time... I haven’t seen him ejaculate with such force and height since we married 16 years ago!” TLARaw went even further: “Holy fuck, this thing is awesome... this one’s about to trump [all other male masturbators] and become my number one sex toy. There are days when I get

luxury toy. And it’s worth every fucking penny.” We’d go further still and say its suggested retail price (£69.99) actually seems a little inexpensive given its quite startling results. The clever silicone design fits all girths, it’s USB rechargeable and Hot Octopuss also claims it can be used as a hands-free couple’s toy, with its underside delivering dual-stimulation, allowing partners to focus on each other. ETO asked Adam Lewis, co-creator of the device, about the inspiration for Pulse and how the market had responded to the product... ETO: What was your background prior to launching Hot Octopuss? Adam Lewis: After completing a couple of degrees at university I had no idea what I wanted to do career wise so I moved into banking. As it turned out my happy-go-lucky, hug-giving self meant that the City and I weren’t so well matched. After leaving the City I went into the events industry - much more open to receiving hugs - where I worked my way up from office clerk to managing director in just over eight years. This role was incredibly entrepreneurial, coming up with concepts and rolling these out globally. After having the initial idea for Pulse in 2009 I worked in both events and on Hot Octopuss simultaneously until I finally made the move to working full-time on Hot Octopuss in 2012.

to have some fun and stick my dick inside something really, truly special. It’s seriously like the Lexus of vibrating men’s toys. It’s a

What inspired the development of Pulse - was there a single defining moment? AL: The idea for Pulse was actually a gradual one. I initially discovered the joys of frenulum stimulation when I first brushed past the water jets in my grandparents’

Minimum wage



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From 7th March 2014, the penalty for failing to pay a worker the National Minimum Wage (NMW) became more serious. The change was quick in coming in that it was only in January that the government announced that employers who fail to pay their workers the NMW would face an increased financial penalty of up to 100% of the unpaid wages and a higher maximum penalty of up to £20,000. The NMW was introduced in England and Wales in 1999. As the name suggests, it sets out the minimum level of pay that a worker is entitled to. There are currently different rates of NMW depending on the category of worker: • Standard adult rate - for workers aged 21 or over • (there is no upper limit). The current rate is • £6.31 per hour. • Development rate - for workers aged • between 18 and 20 (inclusive). The current • rate is £5.03 per hour. • Apprentice rate - for apprentices under 19 years of • age or above 19 but in the first year of their • apprenticeship. The current rate is £2.68 per hour. • Young workers rate - for workers aged under 18 • but above the compulsory school age that are not • apprentices. The current rate is £3.72 per hour.

THE CHANGES The government intends to legislate at the earliest opportunity so that the maximum £20,000 penalty can apply to each underpaid worker. In announcing these changes, the Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “Anyone entitled to the national minimum wage

Agency/temporary workers The NMW applies to agency workers with the employment agency usually taking responsibility for paying the NMW. Directors Non-executive directors (so those directors who do not work for the company) are not entitled to NMW. Any director who does work for the company will be entitled to the NMW. Family members Workers who live in their employer’s home, are treated as a member of the family and who are not charged for their accommodation or food do not qualify for NMW. Domestic workers genuinely treated as a member of the family unit have been found to fall within this exception. Homeworkers People working from home are entitled to NMW. This might include people who work from home and ask someone with whom they live to assist with the work. Overseas workers The NMW applies to workers whilst they are working in the UK, even if their employer is based overseas. In addition, a worker who ordinarily works in the UK will be entitled to NMW while temporarily working abroad. Workers in UK territorial waters will also be entitled to NMW. Volunteers Engaging volunteers can be complicated. Employers cannot engage people to work on a voluntary basis if that person would otherwise fall within the definition of a worker. Genuine volunteers will not be entitled to the NMW, but there are specific rules that apply to charities, fundraising organisations and voluntary bodies (such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureaux).

Interns The question of whether or not interns are entitled to be paid the NMW is one that has garnered a great deal of press attention. What is clear is that entitlement to the NMW does not simply depend on what job title they are given. An individual may be told that they are an “unpaid intern” or “volunteer” but this would not mean that they are not considered a “worker” for the purposes of NMW. This is evidenced by a case in 2008 involving an “assistant” working in film production. Although the individual was paid only expenses by the film production company, the tribunal concluded that the assistant was in fact a worker and entitled to the NMW. Similarly, an “intern” in a publishing company was responsible for a team of writers and hired new interns and was found by a tribunal to be a worker and to be entitled to the NMW. The message from these cases is that individuals need to be a genuine volunteer to escape the NMW. Where there is an obligation upon an individual to perform work for an employer - whether as an intern or otherwise, that individual is likely to be entitled to receive the NMW when performing that work. But it’s not all stick and no carrot; the NMW is part of a wider debate about giving people a wage that they can actually live on as espoused by the Living Wage Foundation. Like the NMW, a Living Wage would be set independently and updated annually. However, it differs in that it’s calculated to meet the basic cost of living in the UK. The Living Wage enjoys cross party support in Parliament and those behind it believe that, although voluntary, it benefits businesses through lower absenteeism, increased work performance and employee retention; makes the individual more willing to make workplace concessions while being able to support their families; and for society, it improves family lives. There’s more detail at The circumstances where the NMW will apply are numerous and varied. Care should be taken when considering the appropriate rate of pay for any individual - and it could now potentially cost a great deal more if the wrong conclusion is reached.

Erotic Trade Only April 2014

The limits set out above are reviewed annually, with rate changes usually coming into force around 1st October each year. Under the old regime, the penalty for failing to pay a worker NMW was calculated as 50% of the total underpayment for all the workers specified by HMRC. Where this amount would be more than £5,000, a maximum penalty of £5,000 was applied. The penalty is reduced by 50% if the unpaid wages are paid within 14 days. HMRC can also take steps to “name and shame” employers who fail to pay the NMW. Where an employer is ordered by HMRC to rectify an underpayment made to a worker, it can refer the employer’s details to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) who will then consider whether it is appropriate to name the employer. The employer has 14 days to make representations to BIS saying whether that naming by BIS carries a risk of personal harm to an individual or their family; that there are national security risks associated with naming, or there are other factors which suggest that it would not be in the public interest to name the employer or company. If BIS do not receive any representations, or the representations received are unsuccessful, the employer will be named via a BIS press release.

should receive it. Paying anything less than this is unacceptable, illegal and will be punished by law. So we are bringing in tougher financial penalties to crack down on those who do not play by the rules. The message is clear - if you break the law, you will face action.” It is not yet clear whether the fine will still be reduced if paid within 14 days under the new penalties scheme. In light of the likely increase to the maximum penalty, now is a good time for all employers to look at the rates of pay that they pay to their workers and rectify any underpayments or anomalies. To do this the starting point is to look at which workers are entitled to the NMW. The NMW will be applied to most workers working in the UK over compulsory school age. Employees working under a contract of employment are almost certainly going to be entitled to the NMW but what about the less typical working arrangements?


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