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Techniques Of Giving A Perfect Blow Job Using Blowjob Cream I have always found blow jobs to be extremely satisfying. Not only it seems great to feel the male hardness inside my mouth, but his moans and the very sensation of the pulsating penis shaft tickling mt tongue knocks me down till a mouthful of his cum takes me on the cloud nine – its hot taste being astoundingly delicious. However, whenever we have oral I make sure that we use the right kind of blowjob cream that makes the entire process so much erotic. My partner like any other males simply loves oral sex and the cream that I use really drives him crazy and that’s what I like the most when I see him begging for some more activities with his cock. As for me, I simply like my clit to be sucked and tickled by his warm tongue and that helps me to have an intense orgasm and takes me to the verge of almost squirting! Let us discuss some tips that will make your man simply crazy for some erotic blow job as well. Cleaning This should be the first step to be absolutely sure that none of you is injecting any disease to the other. In order to ward off the strong odor of his dick, it is ideal to have a shower together. Get to a comfortable position Find out which should be the best position for you and your partner for giving the blow job. The best position is when he stands or sits on a stool and you have to kneel down in front of him with your knees on a pair of pillows to reach out to his dick.

Foreplay Instead of getting into the act straightaway, you should indulge in some foreplay. Turn your attention on the other adjoining portions like inner portion of his thighs, testicles and the perineum, hips and groins. Use the blow job cream you prefer and cover those places with the cream. Now either fiddle those places with nice strokes of your finger tips or use your tongue to wipe off the cream with some brisk thrust or some fast butterfly strokes. In order to increase the sensation, you can play with his balls with your fingers and caress them mildly to bring him into the mood you want you want him to be in. This will harden his cock and once it gets hard and it is standing, your real test commences. The act Now that you have enough of the cream on the dick, start off by gently licking the tip with some swift movements of your tongue, occasionally running it down the shaft and gulping the entire ‘stick’ into your mouth only to take it off at the very next moment. Swing your head up and down and sideways to bring a variation in the movement. Occasionally, it is ideal to spit on the tip and then make the spit run down the shaft and follow it up by wiping it off by your tongue. As you are using the cream you will get the flavor of the cream all along and this will make you feel more comfortable than usual. At times, you can take the genitals in your mouth, suck them and softly bite the tip of the dick. This will make him mad. As you progress, increase the speed of sucking and licking and continue till he cums. Whether you gulp his white cream or not is entirely your discretion. If you do not like to swallow tell him to warn you so that you can take the dick off from your mouth before he ejaculates. You will find a variety of these creams on the online sex toy store websites. Just browse through them and place an order for the one you like the most.

Techniques Of Giving A Perfect Blow Job Using Blowjob Cream