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When and How to Use an Anal Vibrator

There are a number of sex toys on the market, but if you are new to sex toys or how to use them-knowing which to buy can be very overwhelming and confusing. There are thousands of sex toys-all for different purposes, pleasure, and types of people. Take the anal vibrator , for instance. What is it for, how is it used, and how do you maintain an anal vibrator, if this is the sexual toy you decide upon. In the following article, we will discussall that you need to know about anal vibrators, so you can know if this is the right product for you and/or your partner.

To begin, though you may have heard the term anal vibrator , do you actually know what it is and how to use it? Probably not. Anal vibrators are one kind of sex toy that is focused on the stimulation of the anal area of the body. It is similar to a standard vibrator that many women use to stimulate their vaginal area-and is phallic shaped, yet more streamlined and wider at the basethan the tip. These anal vibrators are inserted into the anal cavity and they vibrate to causea pleasurable anal stimulation associated with sex. Though many seem to confuse anal dildos with anal vibrators, there is a glaring difference. Most often than not, anal dildos are simple and shaped like a penis; whereas the anal vibrator is wider at the baseto avoid getting stuck in the rectum. Moreover, anal vibrators are much smaller than average dildos and typically are only 4-6 inches long and one inch thick. Anal vibrators are typically built with more stimulating effects for the consumer, to include: pulsating, rotation, and/or vibrating; and usually have a lot of different speed and levels for customized use and enjoyment. There are also three main styles of anal vibrators: butt plugs , anal dildos , and anal

beads . Depending on the convenience and preference of these vibrators for you and/or your partner; you will find one of these that gives you the right kind of anal sexual stimulation. If you are interested or even just curious about anal vibrators; it is important to explore your options with all of these types, as one will inevitably suit you and/your partner better than the others.

Who usesthem? It really depends. It is a common choice for gay men couples, as well as heterosexual couples wanting to add a new level of pleasure to their relationship. Anyone could benefit from the use of the right kind of anal vibrator , if anal stimulation is enjoyable to them, and/or their partner. The use of an anal vibrator is as simple as you might think-clean and insert into the anus and turn the product on. Once used, you will want to make sure you take strict attention to properly and thoroughly cleaning your anal vibrator, however; as improper cleaning could cause health problems. The biggest problem with cleaning of your anal vibrators is that many vibrators are made of porous materials, which are prone to holding onto bacteria, no matter how thoroughly you may clean your device. This said, it is best to get a vibrator that is made of more quality materials, such as metal, hard plastic, or silicone, to avoid containing bacteria forever in your device. Another option is to use a condom on the device every time it is used to ensure bacteria is not transferred. So, how do you clean your anal vibrator? The best advice depends on the material of device. Most often, you will want to clean your anal vibrators with warm water and antibacterial soap. If the device is made of silicone, it can be put in boiling waters for at least two minutes. Toys made of rubber should always be used with condoms, as they are porous. This said, it is very important that your battery operated anal vibrators should not be submerged in water while cleaning, but instead cleaned under running water without getting any water inside the device.

When and How to Use an Anal Vibrator