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Chan, Lien-Feng Education National University of Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Sept. 2005 - June 2009

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Major in Semiconductor Devices EC Design School

Mar. 2013 - Dec. 2013

Industrial Design Pre-sessional Courses

Work Experience Advanced Business Incubation Center, National University of Kaoshung

June 2008 - Dec. 2008

R&D engineer (Part-time) All-in-one circuit integrated the MP3, mobile, microphone and broadcasting device Vita Hardware Ltd., Taiwan

July 2010 - Mar. 2013

Management Associate Vita Hardware Ltd., UK Technical Engineer (Expatriated) Sort out customers’ complaints and feedback to the factory

Jan. 2012 - Dec. 2012

Language Mandarin Chinese




Skill Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Autodesk Alias


Autodesk AutoCAD






Mind Map Chinese calligraphy Mongolian

Chinese characters







Scooter Life



Kung Fu Building

Chinese Herbology

Bruce Lee Temple Fujian Tulou Yin Yang



World Heritage generation to generation, which become part of our culture that can be seen in everywhere in our daily life. The Chinese calligraphy is not just the painting in black and white; it manifests our virtue, spirit, and soul. To preserve this fortune, I decide to use this as my project’s theme.

As inscribing on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2009, Chinese calligraphy has always been more than simply a tool for communication, incorporating as it does the element of artistry for which the practice is still valued in an era of computers. The art of Chinese calligraphy is recognized by its practitioners as a symbol of their identity and is passed on from

Evolution of Characters Dating back to 6,000 years ago, Chinese

transmitted to the next dynasty.

calligraphy has evolved and transmitted

Nowadays, the character ć°¸ is widely

in many different styles. In beginning,

considered to be the basic strokes to

most characters are created by sketching

practice the Chinese calligraphy, which

the item called Pictograms. Then, each

called the Eight Principles of Yong.

emperor simplified the stroke and

Into Daily Life Chinese calligraphy has been along with us for a long time, it merge into our daily life and become the symbol of our culture. I believe that culture is built on things that we familier with. So I determine to combine with sonething that western people use everyday to promote this marvelous skill.

Observation I

In table setup, all kinds of spice shakers are essential, we can season the food by our favour. But sometimes the amount we put in is hard to control, which inspired me to design fixed-amount shakers.

Observation II

Time-consuming to measure

We all have experience that cook by following the steps on the recipe. What bother us is that it is hard to measure how many spoons or teaspoons of seasonings. Although we got tools, it takes time to control in exact amount.

Delicate Music Shaker



Coarse By researching most products in market, I categorized them into four parts, which are delicate, coarse, contemporary, and traditional respectively.

into the kitchen

No just decorations on the table anymore

Like a Cook, Like a Musician

to be really concentrated on what they do,

Someone have said that cooking is like playing

without missing any detail. On top of that, they

the music. There are some similar characteristics

always try to excess themselves and are full of

that musician and cook have. Both of them need

enthusiasm to perform better.

The King of Instruments I wanna manifest that with the appearence of instruments, the salt and pepper shakers could let everyone make a masterpiece in cooking.



After calculating, every one-sixth of the area would be 1/4 teaspoon, 5/4 ml. So this design can control the emitted amount. 3.0902

unit : cm

Energy Crisis Since the early 2000, the demand of fuel had offically surpass the support that caused energy crisis. The oil price are higher and higher, some experts even estimated that oil will out of use before 2060.

Every country developed the technique to overcome this problem. The most productive way is renewable energy, which like solar power, wind turbine system, or geothermal power....

Alternative Energy

Current Situation in Taiwan 12.6% Nuclear 6.3% Hydroelectric 6.8% Renewable 能源使用分布,火力....

1.5% Cogeneration

72.8% Coal

Around Us Because most of electricity still depend on burning

Thermal Energy 100%

coal to generalize, it is hard to change over night. Then, Me and Tony tried another way to save energy. We began with our daily life - lots of SCOOTERs. According to the Ministry of Trasportation in Taiwan,

Engine Cooling 30%

the total amount of vehicle have exceeded 22 million in the end of 2012 and still increse right now. (shown in

Waste heat 40% Engine Output 30% Friction Loss 5%

the chart below)

Amount 25

Driving Vehicle 25%

20 15 Amount


A study published in journal, energy, confirmed that nearly 40% of the heat created by burning


gasoline were emitted into the air. So, we were


wondering if there any possible to take advantage of

unit : million





Waste Heat can OVER 249 degrees celsius According to the manual of oven, 250 degrees is definitely enough for baking, even a whole chicken merely need 225 degrees for half hour baking. So the idea is possible to achieve.

A study had shown that the temperature of tailpipe can be over 249 degrees celsius, average in 148.7 degrees. It is hot enough for cooking. Then we decided to combine the oven with motorcycle back box to become the “Mobile Oven�.


Locks Sketch

Waste Gas OUT Catalytic Converter

For reacting the toxic pollutants

Waste Gas IN

CMF Transparent


Heat Perservation

Mirror Reflection Mirror used to be a mysterious item that reflect the object in front. Contributing to the effort of physicists, we knew that the virtual image is due to the reflection of the light. The illusion is nothing but simple principle of physics.

Reflection Principle

θ1 Object


θ1 = θ2


Seeing is Believing? Human being commonly have Not-Invented Here (NIH) syndrome, which manifests an unwillingness to adopt an idea or product because it originate from someone else. Trying to express that not everything we saw and what we think is true, it is vital to consider other`s ideas. I use the Image Numbers = 360/θ - 1

simple principle of Physics, reflection of light, to elaborate the idea.


How many sticks ?


Team Work

Urban Regeneration Station In recent years, Taipei city promoted the cultural and creative activities for providing citizens a better environment. The project URS (Urban Regeneration Station) wanna break the barriers between concretes, connect the living with community and city, enjoy the life.

The JFAA (JUT Foundation for Art & Architecture) signed a contrast with government to run the first URS for 3 years. Trying to perserve this place, we start a project to host a concert for speading the importance of art and culture to everyone.

Map of Taipei City

ABS Stick

Stone Paint

Foamcore Board

Static Grass

1:100 scale model






5 meters centimeters

Atari Punk Console

The Design for 5 Senses The impetus for me to study design is that me saw the CD player of MUJI for the first time. For me, I

am obsessed with Naoto Fukasawa`s design, so I

never realized that one thing could be presented

did futher reseaches about his projects. The fruit

in different forms by chaging the way you look. I

juice package designed for the firm IDEO inspired me to study the Design for 5 Senses.

Visual and Acoustic Electrical Engineering Major


Electrical components


4 6

1 2 3

1. Uncover 2. Press terminals 3. Soldering 4. Molex connectors 5. Assemble 6. Finishing