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German Clothing

Traditional German Clothing ď‚— To actually understand the German clothing of the

years gone by, it is important to understand the concept of tracht. Clothes helped identify a person's standing in society. Along with accessories, the style of facial hair, and adornments, the entire outfit and way of presentation was called tracht. It allowed people to know certain things about another person. These details included their marital status, their place of origin, and also their trade.

Traditional Dress Today ď‚— Wearing tracht today is a sign of national and ethnic pride, especially in areas of southern Germany, Bavaria and Austria. Special occasions like holidays, weddings and festivals, such as Oktoberfest, readily lend themselves to the donning of traditional clothing. Both young and old enjoy wearing lederhosen and dirndls at festive occasions.

German Fashion Industry ď‚— Industrial production of tracht thrives today in Germany. Contemporary influences seen in colors, fabrics, trims and shapes add variety and a bit of modern panache to the traditional garments.

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Traditional german clothing