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July 29, 2012

Sunday News

In dark quarry, death lurks

S e r v i n g LANCASTER C i t y



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Human trafficking for sex or labor is a hidden crime. ‘We need to get people past [thinking] this is happening in Thailand, or India or Atlanta,’ a local anti-trafficking advocate says. ‘You may not see girls being prostituted [in] Lancaster, but is it happening? I have no doubt.’


What went wrong in the depths at Bainbridge for Maryland diver?

Obama gambles on not holding back the negative on Romney, who gives it right back.

By Jon Rutter

Sunday News Staff Writer

On the day he died, police said, Louis Zerwitz had planned to explore a sunken ocean shipwreck. Weather canceled the July 22 trip, so the Baltimore man drove instead to a popular Lancaster County dive spot. He checked in at the Bainbridge Scuba Center and swam close to the floor of the quarry there. Shortly before 1:30 p.m. something went wrong. An unidentified “dive buddy” helped Zerwitz get to shore, according to Lt. Stephen Englert, of Susquehanna Regional Police. Zerwitz was taken to Memorial Hospital, York, where he was pronounced dead a couple of hours later. An autopsy performed Monday at Lehigh Valley Medical Please see DIVER, page A12

PSU chief: Got coverage WASHINGTON (AP) — Penn State is adequately covered to handle lawsuits stemming from the sexual abuse scandal that has enveloped the campus, its president said, repeating that the university hopes to settle many of them “as quickly as possible” even though its insurer has sought to limit claims. Rodney Erickson told CBS’s “Face the Nation” program in an interview taped for broadcast Sunday that the university has general liability coverage like any institution of its size. “We believe that we are adequately covered,” he said in

PRICE: $1.75

By Jeff Zeleny

N.Y. Times News Service

CHICAGO — As President Barack Obama pushes Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns, a television comRELATED mercial from his campaign bluntly nPoll shows says, “Makes Obama is better you wonder if liked than some years he’s paid any taxes at Romney. A10 all.” In another spot, Obama’s campaign stops short of calling the Republican a tax cheat, but stirs suspicion by declaring, “Romney’s used every trick in the book.” With 100 days remaining nSen. Rob before Election Portman, of Day, there is an air of apprehen- Ohio, a possible sion around the vice president Obama campaign on the Romney headquarters ticket, will be here. Yet there in Lancaster on are few regrets Monday for a about the tone rally. B1 of the race, only a conviction that the circumstances — a frail nColumnists on economy, intense the campaign. Republican P1, P2 opposition and a well-financed negative campaign from Romney and his allies — left Obama no option but to fight back even if it sullies his image as a candidate of hope and change.

The Associated Press

This photo uses a model to illustrate that children and teens are being caught up in human trafficking around the world and being sold into the sex trade. By Mary Beth Schweigert Sunday News Staff Writer

Things weren’t going so well at home, the teenage girl confided to her new online friend. Come stay with me, he offered. I’ll take care of you. I’ll help you find a job. The plan sounded like a welcome escape to the girl, who had never left Lancaster County. Her first couple of days in Philadelphia unfolded exactly as her friend promised. But then, he announced, it was time to go to work. The man turned out to be a pimp, who forced the girl to sell her body on the city’s drug- and crime-infested Kensington Av-

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enue. She was beaten or raped if she refused. Hugh Organ met the girl and another county teen while doing street outreach work for a Philadelphia youth crisis center. Both told a familiar story. “It starts out as the promise of something good, a better life,” he says. “Then people end

up in nightmares.” The girls were victims of human trafficking, a shocking, mostly hidden crime that has crept closer to the county, where a growing number of advocacy groups are determined to do something about it. “Trafficking victims can be found pretty much anywhere,” says Organ, associate executive director of Covenant House. “You just have to know what to look for.” But most people don’t. Many have heard of women forced to sell their bodies in Cambodia or Thailand. But trafficking victims also can be teens from disadvantaged or dysfunctional homes right here in Pennsylvania. Please see TRAFFICKING, page A4

Monday, Part 2: Mount Joy teacher Tim Bradley’s crusade against human trafficking.

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Survive a shooting spree? Homeland Security gives pointers, even produces a booklet, for what to do. A victim who survived Virginia Tech massacre questions its value under fire.

By Jeff Bliss Bloomberg News

WASHINGTON — For those caught up in the chaos and horror of a shooting spree, the Department of Homeland Security has a survival plan. With seminars, online courses, posters, a booklet and even a pocket card highlighting salient points, the department is educating mall owners, office managers and the public on how to lessen the likelihood of becoming a casualty. The pointers include yelling at

or subduing the shooter in some situations. The online course consists of quizzes and assignments such as telling how to respond during a gunfire assault. While the guidance may seem reminiscent of advice given to 1950s’ schoolchildren to hide under their desks to survive a nuclear attack, security professionals say people need to prepare for the increasing deadliness of mass shootings. “The only method of response is for citizens to understand their options to cope and respond to Please see SURVIVAL, page A11


The Associated Press

Travis Hirko mourns at a cross with the name of a friend who was one of the 12 victims in Aurora, Colo. The crosses were set up across the street from the movie theater.