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Issue 10 Feburary 2014

Official Newsletter of Division 44 of the Pacific Northwest District Â

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Divisional Happenings

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February DCM

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International Trustee

DCON 2014

DCON 2014

DCON 2014

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DCON 2014

LTG Elect

Eliminate Project

Eliminate Project

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Officer Contact Info

Officer Contact Info

Kiwanis Contact Info

Welcome Hello all! Congratulations for completing first semester! We are now officially halfway done with the school year. As many of you know, the DCON materials have been released. Begin looking to see if you will be attending, and I know that I would love to see you all there. Please talk to either your club officers or myself for more information. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all of the upcoming club officers and Christina Chow, our LTG elect for Division 44. I cannot wait to see all the wonderful things you will do in our clubs, schools, and our communities. However, there were also many members that were unable to become elected. I am humbled by your courage and commitment to serve in Key Club, and I encourage you to continue this service. In Service and Caring, Ernie Tao

LTG Contact Information:


Cell Phone: (360)-213-9359 Home Phone:(360)-980-8653 Email: Address: 15207 SE Northshore Dr. Vancouver WA 98683

Divisional Happenings Important Dates: February 5th: Secretary Report Due February 10th: Newsletter Published Kiwanis DCM February 14th: Valentines Day February 27th: Key Club DCM April 4th – 6th: DCON

Divisional Info What is Key Club?

Key Club International is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. It is a student-led organization that teaches leadership through service to others. Members of the Kiwanis International family, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities.

Who are we? We are the Beastly Butterflies of Division 44! Our Division is comprised of six key clubs including Camas, Evergreen, Fort Vancouver, Union, Mountain View, and Heritage.

The district that we belong to, The Pacific Northwest District is geographically the largest district in Key Club International. The district spans from Alaska to northern California: with British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Washington, Oregon, and even the “pan-handle” of Idaho in between. With over 40 divisions, this district contains about 330 Key Clubs and over 12,000 members. Our official mascot is the butterfly and our official colors are teal and silver.

November DCM What is happening?

What’s a DCM?

With DCON coming up in a few weeks, it is time to prepare for the event! We will be making hug me cards, decorations, and other spirit wear and materials for DCON. Anybody who will be attending DCON will also receive important information so be sure to attend!

A DCM stands for Divisional Council Meeting. Here key clubbers from each of the schools will attend to meet each other and to hear divisional news from the Lt. Governor. There will be lots of fun and games, and I am so excited to meet you guys!

Location: Cascade Park Library Date: Saturday, February 27th from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM Who should attend: club officers, members, and friends.

International Trustee Meet Your International Trustee Hey everyone! My name is Roshni Chandwani, and I will be your International Trustee for the 2013 to 2014 service year. I joined Key Club my freshman year, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! I’m currently a rising senior at Cypress Falls High School in Houston, Texas, and I’m also involved in Debate, Red Cross, and Student Council. In my free time, I love getting boba tea with my friends, listening to music, or watching TV shows (like Suits). This year, I want to be more accessible to club members and officers. As a Club President, I didn’t want to contact my trustee at the time because I thought she would be too busy to answer any of my questions, but that definitely is not the case. If any of you have questions or just want to say hi, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at! Also, please join the Sister Districts Facebook Group: ( to stay updated on everything Key Club related!

DCON 2014 Are you ready for DCON 2014? Prepare for a weekend full of celebration and fun in the Seattle Convention Center! Members will be staying at the Seattle Marriot, a short walk away from the convention center.  

Explore Downtown Seattle with its restaurants, waterfront, museums, and other attractions should you choose to arrive early.

Experience the massive Seattle Convention center and its many amenities. Also, no more overflow room!

DCON 2014 Hear Joseph Vincent perform. Starting as a youtube musician, he now has over 71 million views on his videos. He has toured internationally and has appeared on shows such as Ellen. He will be releasing a new EP sometime next year.

Save lives by donating blood through the Cascade Regional Blood Services. The need for donations is always high, and you will be providing necessary infusions of blood for sick or injured patients.

Participate in a service fair with college representatives and local nonprofit organizations to learn about more opportunities for yourself and your club.  

DCON 2014 Get awards for your clubs dedication and service over the past term. Awards include distinguished officer and club service awards. Go for the Diamond!  

Let your voice be heard in the House and Delegates to vote on new policy for Key Club and in the Caucusing rooms to choose the next leaders for the District.

Meet 2000 other members all across the PNW District to share ideas and make friends.  

DCON 2014 How do I sign up? 1. Talk to your club officers for all necessary forms, information, and pricing. 2. Turn in all materials by February 14th, 2014. 3. Attend the Pre-DCON DCM to hear final details and make DCON gear.

We’ll see you in Seattle! Warmly, PNW 2013-2014 District Board

Introducing the LTG Elect

Eliminate Project

One baby  dies   every  9  minutes   from  neonatal   tetanus   160  babies  die   each  day  from   neonatal  

38 countries   remain  at  high   risk  for  MNT  

Kiwanis will  help   save  or  protect  more   than  61  million   mothers  and  their   future  babies  

On average,  health   education  and  a   series  of  three   doses  of  tetanus   vaccine  cost  $1.80  

Eliminate Project Lanyards 5 dollars

Introducing Eliminate Project merchandise! These will be found at the Area Rallies and given to the LTGs for sale during the school year. However, the tank tops will only be found at the Area Rallies. Be sure to buy them before they run out!


T-shirts 15 dollars


Tanks 15 dollars

Officer Contact Info Camas President: Vice President:

Lindsay Weinberg

Recording secretary Corresponding secretary Treasurer: Historian Facebook Editor Faculty Advisor: Kiwanis Advisor:

Kammie Sumpter Haley Kendall Emily Joy Kenzie Nohr Azita Footohi Amara Le Tracie Smith John Neumann

Evergreen Position President: Vice President: Secretary/ Editor: Treasurer: Faculty Advisor: Kiwanis Advisor:

Name Lucy Lo’Re Cindy Nguyen Vivian Chong Chelsea Wilhite

Email Address

Richard Reinhardt Cindy Swanson

Fort Vancouver   Position President: Vice President: Secretary/ Treasurer: Bulletin Editor: Faculty Advisor: Kiwanis Advisor:

Name Alex Johnson Lilian Tran Jenin Reyes Jessica Waleske Nicole Hannum Steve Hecker

Email Address

Officer Contact Info Heritage Position President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Bulletin Editor: Faculty Advisor: Kiwanis Advisor:

Name Chris Kites Amanda Mar Jeffrey Wu Sooah Choi Ho Jeong Lee Michelle E. Vawter Cindy Mael

Email Address

Mountain View    

Union Position President: Vice President: Secretary/Editor Secretary/Editor Treasurer: Webmaster Faculty Advisor: Kiwanis Advisor:

Position President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Bulletin Editor: Upperclassmen Director Underclassmen Director Faculty Advisor: Faculty Advisor: Kiwanis Advisor: Kiwanis Advisor: Kiwanis Advisor:

Name Christina Chow Nicole Blake Dana Fulk Hannah Haney Daniel Rodricks Victor Chang Justin Tanner Jeanie Harman

Name Waverley He Chris Xue Nick Hill Angela Young Hunter Morales Anav Gagneja Stacie Tao Kathy Last Joyce Vierck Patty Downey Michael Downey Clyde Holloway

Email Address

Email Address

Kiwanis Info Camas, Mountain View, Union Cascade Park Kiwanis IHOP on 164th Ave. 7:30 am Thurs. Mornings

Heritage Boulevard Kiwanis Elmer’s – 7105 NE 40th St. 7:00 am Tues. Mornings

Ft. Vancouver and Evergreen Ft. Vancouver Kiwanis Bill’s Chicken and Steak House 220 St. Johns Blvd 11:30 am Wed. Mornings

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