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Know your acne scars in a much better way? So the zit that you got on your-face got your night’s rest away has gone. Gear up for the traces which it'd have surely leave behind in the shape of scar. Even after attempting anything you could, it were able to leave a scar. Since you can’t do much about these marks, they certainly keep you helpless. If you don’t know, these scars are caused due to injury of collagen under the skin from the inflammation caused due to acne. Even those these scars aren't going to be in your skin for the remainder of one's life, you'll need to carry them for several years. If you're also struggling with the issue of repeated acne and its ugly scars, it'd be ideal for you to feel the following article. Different kinds of scars Usually the area covered by acne becomes the scar. Based about the development of the scars, it is possible to divide them in to three groups namely:

- Light scars - Boxcar form scars - Deep and narrow scars Along with these three types of scars, people with a lighter skin tone develop redness or erythema within the area of the scar. If you've a dark complexion, your scar might produce hyper-pigmentation while getting darkened.

Why acne scars become worse Your human anatomy has several methods to recover these scars but there are several external factors that not just interrupt this therapeutic process but also darken them. Read onto understand what those factors are:

1. Damage brought on by sun: Sun rays are potentially harmful for not only your skin but for your scars too. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are accountable for excessive production of a colored pigment which darkens your scars and are also the purpose behind the discoloration of your skin. Ensure that the sunscreen that you select has lively zinc oxide and a broad-spectrum SPF extortionate of 30. Don’t overlook to reapply your sunscreen after every two hours or every time you sweat to save your valuable skin. Since the sun is at its worst throughout the morning, move out only when it's inevitable and make use of a hat or scarf to truly save yourself. 2. Rough managing of acne: It is difficult to resist pricking or squeezing acne. What you don’t know is those two habits are worst to your acne as picking leads to help damage of the skin and elongates the healing process. Similarly, squeezing the acne may cause pus and bacteria to penetrate a few layers of skin and ergo distributing the collagen damage. 3. Topical Vitamin E application: There is without doubt that Vitamin E is a tonic for your skin, but this really is not the case with scars. In fact, you should be extremely cautious as there have been cases by which people have developed contact dermatitis once they used topical vitamin E creams over their scars. Even although there's little you can do to avoid and cure marks, you can definitely decrease the incidence of acne by adhering to a rigid skin care regime.

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