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BrokersLink offers a broad

BrokersLink is a clientd r iven o rganization comprised of members representing the different geographies around the world. Regional events take place on a regular basis throughout the year gathering all members from the same geography to a d d re s s re g i o n a l issues, train and share regional know-how and experience.

BrokersLink’s members are leading independent brokers in their country. They have true experience in local regulations and compliance issues, as well as a deep understanding of their local market operations. All members brokers and specialized re s o u rce s p rov i d e r s , leverage each other’s local expertise via the global knowledge platform.

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THE BROKERSLINK ADVANTAGE BrokersLink is present in over 80 countries and is one of the largest independent insurance brokerage network in the world. Fueled by the passion to deliver expert knowledge and best in class services to its international clients, the organization offers deep local expertise and global member synergy to seamlessly address all types of risk exposure. The portfolio of solutions addresses a broad range of risk exposures such as environmental liability, business continuity, cyber risk, risk engineering, captive services, special risks, employee benefits and

80+ COUNTRIES catastrophe risk to name a few. As a result, BrokersLink has become a premier provider of insurance risk solutions worldwide. The annual premium placed by the insurance brokerage operations exceeds USD14 Billion. The large number of insurance professionals and specialized resources at BrokersLink continues to grow and spans across many vertical industries. This gives the entire network the confidence to address any risk exposure for today’s multinational businesses.



The majority of Brokerslink clients are multinational companies operating in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America & Latin America. They expect BrokersLink to assist in assessing the risks their business faces and in designing cost effective insurance and risk management solutions. Any BrokersLink member has the ability to provide its clients with detailed advice regarding local regulations and compliance issues as well as unique exposures: expertise that is highly valued by our clients. Brokerslink’s global reach allows to support any client operating virtually anywhere i n the world. The members use the leading edge private website at BrokersLink to obtain relevant updates of the global program that could affect their clients’ business.

BrokersLink’s contribution is more than just the mere delivery of products and services. It is our shared passion for client service, the tenacity and business acumen that we bring to our work, and most importantly, the relationship we have developed enable us to provide a key ingredient -- an emotional commitment to our clients and to each other -- that is unmatched in our industry. We believe that commitment to our clients is both a necessity and a benefit that provides us clarity when setting plan objectives and priorities. As a global organization, we are united in our aspiration to provide our clientele a superior experience in managing their risks from beginning to end, with the most up-to-date knowledge in the industry, a broad range of in-house experts and the best in class client service anytime, anywhere. 3

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In - House Experts

Thousands of insurance professionals covering 80+ countries Every day we move towards a stronger and more influencial position in the insurance market, delivering ever-better solutions and services while forging meaningful new connections. We’re continually attracting an increasing number of new members and rising interests from prospective clients as well as insurance carriers. The diversity and talent of our members help meet the market’s needs in a practical and valuable way, hence providing an exciting outlook on BrokersLink’s future.

BrokersLink has become an exceptionally professional and friendly organization. All members are deeply committed to global collaboration and the pursuit of excellence in client service. These are BrokersLink core values and the team’s success relies on BrokersLink’s reputation to deliver solid advice, best in class services, and optimum financial results for our clients.

Global Conference Madrid, Spain


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BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Board of Directors meets on a regular basis to design strategy, review the state of the business and address all issues related to global operations. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the organization has the leadership and the right level of resources to reach its business goals. The Board of Directors includes five Directors representing North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East Africa, Asia Pacific.

MANAGEMENT TEAM The Management Team reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for developing the business with multinational clients as well as managing the business operations with all members at the geography level. The team includes the Chief Operating Officers for Americas, Europe Middle East Africa and Asia Pacific.

From top left to bottom right: Steve Jackson CEO of CooperGay, Latin America: Jamie Crystal, Executive VP at Frank Crystal: JosĂŠ Manuel Fonseca, MDS Group Chief Executive & Chairman of BrokersLink; Patrick Chan Director and General Manager at Nova Insurance Consultants Limited & Chief Operating Officer of BrokersLink Asia Pacific; Gregory Allard Executive VP at Filhet-Allard; Paul Bitner BrokersLink Chief Commercial Officer & Chief Operating Officer Americas; Jacqueline Legrand Chief Operating Officer at MDS Group & Chief Operating Officer of BrokersLink Europe Middle East Africa.


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OUR JOURNEY BrokersLink was created in 2004 in Porto, Portugal where main founder MDS was joined by Artai, and few other local brokers. Initially focusing on the European markets, BrokersLink slowly began to expand and soon welcomed two regional broker networks from Asia Pacific and Latin America. In 2008, BrokersLink global insurance alliance is officially formed as a global network of independent brokers with true global representation and knowhow. Since then, the member roster experienced an incredible growth and the first BrokersLink Annual Global Conference took place in Hong Kong in 2009. Significant new members in North America and around the world helped the network achieve

greater presence, while the work of prominent industry executives strengthened BrokersLink and contributed to move the organization forward despite difficult economic conditions and fierce competition. At the core of this well-established yet still-growing network is the combination of specialized insurance risk expertise with local kow-how and a broad, global standard for quality. BrokersLink continues to prove its worth to members, partners, and clients, however complex their expectations and needs are. Today’s BrokersLink is stronger than ever thanks to the dedicated work and vision of those who have helped it emerge from its humble beginnings.

BrokersLink is one of the largest global alliances of independent insurance brokers and related specialized risk solutions providers


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EVENTS • The Annual Global Conference is a proprietary event for all Brokerslink members, selected partners and clients from all around the world. • The Regional meetings are geography based events for Brokerslink members and selected partners to discuss region specific solutions and services. • The regional training seminars are opportunities for members to leverage BrokersLink experts’ knowledge and experience. • BrokersLink has been maintaining a continued presence at RIMS and FERMA Forum for the last decade.

$14 Billion Today’s multinational clients require insurance brokerage providers to have a deep expertise in the local environment to serve their needs at the highest level of accuracy. Addressing local regulations and compliance issues necessitates up-to-date knowledge and years of experience in building relevant solutions that meet global clients expectations.

BrokersLink comprises leading independent insurance brokers who are well established and recognized in their country and insurance markets. These BrokersLink members offer innovative solutions and provide true local expertise and cultural awareness that they use to deliver brokerage and risk management services to major local businesses on a regular basis.

To know more about BrokersLink ability to serve your needs, please contact the BrokersLink global executive in your country or write to us.



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80+ Countries BrokersLink is present in the following countries: Angola Argentina Australia Bahamas Bahrain Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Cayman Is. Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Dubai Ecuador Egypt

El Salvador Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Guatemala Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Korea Kuwait

Lebanon Latvia Luxembourg Macau Malaysia Malta Mexico Morocco Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Oman Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar

Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovakia South Korea South Africa Spain Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Turkey Ukraine UAE United Kingdom United States Uruguay Uzbekistan Venezuela Vietnam

More to come...

Specialized Resources

WEBCBG - New York

BrokersLink boasts a large pool of specialized resources providers among its members. These specialists offer their expertise to the entire alliance and its clients. Catastrophe Risk Solutions Claims Management Special Risks Consultants Risk Engineering Services Captive Services Employee Benefit Solutions Self-Insurance Mechanism Business Continuity Mgmt Cyber Risk Management Risk Consulting Legal Services Related to Employment Š2013 BrokersLink – All rights reserved.

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