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Imprenta Digital Online From many years it is possible to print your photos in different formats depending on the albums and personal taste. You discover like it is possible to impose print format. The tendency of last year’s is that to print in formats bigger respected to the standard. In fact, to begin from the years 80’, with the to dwell its of print photo laboratory, the 10x15 become reference standard format to the print photographic, and nowadays it is considered like reference format to photos print. In last year’s, the format 13x19 cm is obtaining a great success. Nowadays, it is possible to print your photos online, too. Attention: How to avoid to waste money in imprenta digital online. In the case contrary The systems of imprenta digital online of photos or of albums have automatism that able to optimize your image files. Although. If your photos are wrong like exposure or like framing automatic systems can’t correct them. The main subject has to take up an important portion of the framing. You have to check to the size of the image. Attention, for example, to have not inclined horizon, especially if the horizon is this of the sea. A direct light on the subject is perfect in presence of bright colors, while a light more soft, that creates shadows and it will give an effect more dramatic. In your souvenir photo will want to see again a moment of joy on holiday, for instance. You have not to scare, to take photo to the stay the same subject, in this way, you can see again and to choice the best.

Is the subject of the photo out of focus or moved? The photograph is a passion, and to thank to impronta digital online, we have possibility to take a photo that wish them, and to see in real time the quality and beauty. You have to check your monitor the quality of the image that wishes to print. The subject of the photo has not to be out of focus or moved. To control that the subject is good, you have to enlarge by 100 % on the screen. If you would you like to wish a good imprenta digital online, you have to check to the resolution and to the dimension of the file image. These ones are two values that together contribute to determine the size of the file. It is not

consider only the resolution expressed in dpi, point of inch. Before to print online your digital photo or to realize your albums, also check with attention the framing of the photograph. Te colors of the photographs The color, especially of the landscapes has to be brilliant. On the contrary, the print will be disappointing. When you photograph to outdoor, if you want to obtain photo of good quality, you have to photograph in the first hours of the morning or in last of the afternoon. The sun sunk below horizon, in fact, it puts better in prominence things and people. Every Imprenta Digital online companies have software for each demand of the clients. This kind of software is user-friendly and it is not necessary to have information skills to use them. These ones are format software and are free.

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