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Experiencing Theatre with London Theatre Tickets Vouchers There are different kinds of London theatre tickets vouchers to provide various kinds of theatre experiences for everyone. You can get vouchers good for the purchase of tickets if you want to treat someone you know to a day at the theatre. This can help a parent take a child to see Shrek the Musical or Matilda the Musical just as you can get someone that much closer to Thriller Live or We Will Rock You. While you can use vouchers for individual ticket purchases, you can also use them toward a theatre gift package for a fuller experience. The great thing about many of these packages is that they are made for couples, so you can take someone you love or give vouchers to a couple you know will appreciate a theatre experience for an afternoon, evening or day. This is especially nice if you know the recipient will appreciate a trip to the West End to see one of the more popular shows. For instance, you may look for an afternoon tea and matinee package. Before going to the matinee performance, you and a guest will enjoy tea and snacks at one of the West End's eateries. If you are not in the mood for a performance, you can ask if there are vouchers for tours of Shakespeare's Globe. These tours last about an hour and end with tea and snacks as well. However, dinner and a show may sound more appealing to those who have their hearts set on an evening show. With this type of package, two people can get dinner from one of the restaurants right in the West End then head to the theatre to see a great show. Those who live further away from the district may appreciate a hotel and a show package in which they can stay overnight in a centrally located three, four or five star hotel rather than drive home right after the show. Even though these London theatre tickets vouchers can be a great gift, they can also have some restrictions. For example, many of the combination packages may only be redeemed by those 18 or over. There may also be certain days in which the vouchers may not be redeemed. You must also look carefully at which restaurants and hotels are joined with which theatres. Even with these restrictions, these vouchers can be a great way to get someone to experience theatre. More Ideas: