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Erlandsson Bygg AB - a complete construction company

“We are located near you to give you the best service possible�

- with focus on young athletes.

*Our sponsorship is focused on social responsibility.

“With highly motivated and trained co-workers, we aim to be the leading company in our field”

älningsplats ID06 2011

Your complete construction partner Knowledge, confidence and efficiency are three key words that more than anything else characterize successful businesses in the building industry today. To us at Erlandsson Bygg AB this is something that is in our DNA and has been so since generations


back. We know that the customers’ success is our




Our sector consists of co-op contracts, traditional contracts and construction service (reconstruc-


We have an unmatched width of capability.

tion, construction on different contracts). Our customers range from the State and municipalities

Our goal is to build a strong brand name and to

to insurance companies and private property ow-

become the largest privately owned construction

ners. We have always focused on flexibility; hence,

company in Sweden. We are located along the

we are one of Sweden’s most complete construc-

entire Swedish west coast. Our philosophy is to be

tion companies today.

located close to our customers in order to understand our customers and to be ready to assist. Through Erlandsson Holding AB we have close access to various specialists and can therefore supply the competence and organization that every unique project demands. As a customer, you will soon notice that our genuine awareness of quality is something that is present in the whole company. We feel proud to be a part of the Erlandsson sphere. We are known to be the locally based company with flexibility – but with the large company’s resources and structure, competent administration and quality control and assurance. This is what we will continue to be.

Markus Brink Markus Brink CEO

Welcome to Erlandsson Bygg AB.

History The building contractor Karl-Erik Erlandsson started the building business in the 1950:s in Kungsbacka, and the company is still owned by the Erlandsson family. In 2016 we estimate to have an annual turnover of about 3 billion SEK and a workforce of 1000 people in Erlandsson Bygg AB together with our sister companies.

The company was founded in Kungsbacka just

and Region Middle. Read more about our subsidia-

south of Gรถteborg and has today developed to co-

ries further ahead in the folder.

ver large parts of the south of Sweden. Part of our growth has been possible by acquisitions. Erlandsson Bygg AB has subsidiaries in several regions in Sweden, which makes us more flexible and located closer to the customers. Our regions are: Region West, Region South, Region East, Region Stockholm

The size of the projects does not matter, the close and straightforward contact with you as a customer has always been the foundation of our quality work.

Erlandsson Bygg



The Group

Erlandsson Bygg

EAST Erlandsson Bygg

The Erlandsson Companies today

Falun Borlänge Ludvika


mainly work in the construction bu-



siness but also in real estate mana-

Uppsala Västerås Enköping


gement and the trade business. Our


business concept is to exist in a limited



number of business areas and to pro-

Skövde Hjo

vide good service through genuine


Jönköping Varberg

The head office of the Erlandsson

Nyköping Norrköping

Erlandsson Bygg



competence and experience.


Erlandsson Bygg



Holding AB is located in Kungsbacka,

Halmstad Ljungby Växjö

just south of Göteborg. Our total turn-

Älmhult Hässleholm

over is about 3 billion SEK.


Kristianstad Malmö

Erlandsson Bygg


Ystad Trelleborg

Erlandsson – The largest privately owned construction company in Sweden

billion SEK

rnover Annual tun Bygg Erlandsso 15 (Group) 20




According to latest statistics, Erlandsson Bygg AB maintains its strong position as the 10th largest construction company in Sweden, as well as the largest private, non-public construction company,

Employees n Bygg Erlandsso (West)

rnover Annual tun Bygg Erlandsso15 (West) 20

excluding installation. It is Sveriges Byggindustrier, the Swedish construc-


380 Employees

billion SEK

billion SEK


Employees n Bygg Erlandsso ) p u (Gro

tion federation, that presents the list of the 50 largest construction companies in Sweden. The list is compiled on the basis of net sales and number of employees in Sweden in 2015. Already in 2014, Erlands-


Budget fo 2016

son climbed three places up from previous year.

The Erlandsson Way Few companies have built a team spirit like Erlandsson Bygg AB. The concept is simple, really. By feeling good and working well together, we know that we do an even better job, which is a fact for everybody in the company; from the CEO to managers to the staff on the worksites. We are not a hierarchal company. On the contrary,

led staff. New ideas and thoughts are shared and

our organization is flat and prestigeless. Everybody

spread within the workforce; consequently com-

communicates with everybody and shares the

fort and well-being is natural and important here at

important responsibility of quality and efficiency.

Erlandsson Bygg AB.

Naturally, we have a clear organization with control over decisions, but we work together and support each other so everybody knows what to do.

The Erlandsson Way has become a concept in the building business of the western part of Sweden. That we are proud of!

This creates a strong team spirit and makes our coworkers highly motivated to do the best job possible. The staff turnover is unusually low, which means that new staff can learn from our skil-

Vision The Erlandsson Way We aim to have professional coworkers who thrive and enjoy their work. Our style of management that is frank and open gives us a motivated staff.

In the construction business we aim to be the first and foremost choice. The present core business will be developed towards house production on design and build contract.

We aim to be the largest company in the construction service field. We will keep and develop our present core business that is construction service and be the largest operator.

Give the customer the best service. We aim to create a business relation that means frequently recurring satisfied customers.

Values Team spirit – the individual creates the group We share our knowledge with our customers and colleagues. We show respect and consideration to everybody.

Responsibility – we keep our promises We show up on time on the site, and we are flexible when it comes to solving problems.

Personal – to feel professional pride We go the extra mile and we take our task seriously. Simply put, the Erlandsson way.

CSR CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) means that companies must take responsibility for how they affect society, both from an economic, environmental and social perspective.

Financial responsibility

Environmental responsibility

• We sign a framework agreement or alternative

For us it is important to avoid the dangerous sub-

project agreements with all contractors, and they

stances that have or may have adverse effects. Our

are checked for assessment against UC, the Tax

waste is taken in by any of the major waste cont-

Agency and the UE 2015, if deemed necessary.

ractors, Renova, Rangsells, Andersson Recycling or

• We check the following points: risks, board of

Sita. We are also involved in TiksPac concept, which

directors, credit, finance, tax form, tax and payroll

is an environmental concept in which stations with

taxes, tax liabilities and collective agreements.

free dog waste bags are placed in selected public

• On suspicion, we use the Knowledge Centre


against organized crime. All employees must sign a so-called Code of Conduct, which relates to the internal ethics. How we behave, our values and how we do business. All officials must undergo a diploma in education in the Code of Conduct.

Socialt responsibility We are members of Unga Jobb (Young Jobs) since many years. Erlandsson Bygg AB has taken the majority of trainees from Unga Jobb and most of them now have a permanent job with us. Foreign technicians and engineers (UTI) is a pre-employment training for people with foreign academic studies in science and engineering. We at Erlandsson Bygg AB intend to take in a UTI employee per year.

Certificate Early on, we chose to certify our business in the areas of environment, working environment and quality, in order to make our customers feel that we genuinely care about the environment and our way of work.

We constantly improve and develop our company by twice a year letting an impartial party scrutinize the business and our way of working.

Our motto – well being Everybody will enjoy working aind feel safe on our work sites. That is when our complete organization is at our best.

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001-2007

Göteborg/Halland Our largest share of the market is currently in the Göteborg area, where we offer contract work and construction service. We have grown because of our constant strive for development. With professional co-workers and satisfied customers we create long and favorable relations.

Göteborg contract, construction- and damage service Henrik Bratt started at Erlandsson Bygg AB in 2008 and has since been responsible for our extensive contract work division. Our philosophy has always been to use our own staff whenever possible. This division’s field of work ranges from Stenungsund in the north to Halmstad in the south and offers everything from new constructions to reconstructions. The division has a turnover of 450 million SEK and about 70 co-workers. Göteborg construction service has general agreements with several different companies and insurance companies. The division has about 70 employees and a turnover of SEK 140 million.

Henrik Bratt Responsible contract, construction- & damage service in Göteborg and Halland.

Halland construction- and damage service Our south construction service organization is based out of offices in Halmstad, Varberg and Kungsbacka. We also cooperate with our daughter company Erlandsson Bygg AB South. We perform all types of construction jobs. We focus on construction service, but can manage both large and small contracts in the area. The Halland region has some 50 co-workers and a turnover of 120 million SEK.

Göteborg contract service Kenneth Ploghed has extensive experience in the industry in terms of both renovation and new construction. Using trained carpenters in construction services and be sensitive towards customer requirements is extremely important for a really good result. As a customer, you get the same quality and treatment regardless of which department you

Kenneth Ploghed Responsible contract in Göteborg.

contact. Construction Services in Göteborg have about 70 employees and a turnover of 200 million SEK.

Bohuslän/Skaraborg Bohuslän and Skaraborg are today strong business areas for Erlandsson Bygg AB. Here we have both building services and construction. With offices in Uddevalla, Tanumshede, Strömstad, Skövde and Hjo we have proximity to all our projects. Skaraborg is our latest expansion, an area of strategic location and great opportunities.

Bohuslän This region is a major business area with local offices in Uddevalla, Tanumshede and Strömstad. Robert Johansson was hired 2011 to organize and manage the region. With the acquisitions of BohusByggarna, Mattson & Nilsson, Erlandsson Bygg AB is now the largest local construction company in the region. The Bohuslän region is a complete organization consisting of about 100 coworkers and a turnover of 275 million SEK.

Robert Johansson Responsible contract & construction service in Bohuslän

Skaraborg Mikael Nyqvist was hired in the end of 2013 with the task to start, manage and organize the region Skaraborg. The division has recruited a number of very experienced coworkers. The office is located on Vasagatan 35 in Skövde, from where we manage all kinds of projects. Our establishment in Skaraborg makes us cover the entire Västra Götaland region, which means that we can offer our services to new and present customers in the whole of western Sweden. Skaraborg has about 30 employees and a turnover of 200 million SEK.

Mikael Nykvist Responsible contract and construction service in Skaraborg

Råda parish house, Mölnlycke.

Contract The diversity of our business makes us strong when it comes to all kinds of building contracts. Every project large and small is interesting, but partnering and cooperation projects are the ones where we best can use our organization’s competence. Here we can fully show the benefits of being the small company with the large company’s knowledge, experience and competence. Together we start by establishing a steering group with representatives from the top management of both the customer and Erlandsson Bygg AB. The role of the group is primarily to look after the customer’s and the projects mutual goals and intentions, and also to guarantee the overall control over the project, which can be to secure the production cost and to find the best technical solutions. The customer’s experience of construction and operation is important, and in cooperation with us, we find the best possible long term solution.

“Our flexibility and short ways of decision let us tailor make your project solution.”

New construction This business is mostly aimed towards offices, industries and commercial properties. We believe in holding frequent short meetings so everybody is informed throughout the building process.

The ”Strömstad model” In a simplified tendering for public procurement, we have developed a concept for the construction of apartments. The first project is now being built for AB Strömstadsbyggen in Strömstad. A project with 44 apartments where we as a developer left a quote. It is unique to Sweden. It is the first time that a municipal housing makes procurement in this way and it’s very exciting, says Göran Wallo, CEO at Strömstadsbyggen.

Reconstruction Reconstruction is often about optimizing a technical solution to achieve the best possible economy in the project. The challenge for the organization within the project is to find reasonable solutions to special problems that can occur in regard to adjacent properties, traffic, decontamination and so on. We have long and extensive experience of reconstruction and we perform all types of project within this field of work.

Project management Project management, execution and follow-up is performed in closely knit teams, which have a close and open contact with customers, authorities, architects, consultants, suppliers and subcontractors. The subcontractors and suppliers that we hire for our contracts, we prefer to call our partners. They are carefully chosen and have worked with us for quite some time. We are all equally dependent to do a perfect job for the customer.

Construction service Good construction service is a bout flexibility and efficiency. We adapt our service contracts to every customer’s unique conditions and needs. In order to achieve best possible cost efficiency, we often sign long contracts, which give the customer security and make us organize our effort optimally.

In the business field construction service we do

We can also work with existing bomb shelters,

all kinds of repairs and maintenance work for in-

since we are authorized bomb shelter suppliers.

surance companies, governmental, municipal and private property owners. We are often hired for reconstruction, repairs and maintenance by the large arenas Ullevi and Scandinavium in GĂśteborg.

Our Employees are not only professionals, but also experts in managing difficult situations that can occur when there is a fire, water damage or other types of decontamination work.

We manage all types of insurance claims, even in private properties. The damages can be due to fire, water, mildew, damp or settlement.

Our total service organization within Erlandsson Bygg AB in Sweden consists of more than 500 fully-equipped cars.

Renovation after a fire in Kortedala, Gothenburg.

We are GVK-certified.

Damage service Safe, convenient and simple. Erlandsson Bygg AB is today the largest company when it comes to insurance claims. We have genuine experience dating back to the early eighties, and we are the contractor of choice for the large insurance companies in Sweden.

We have contracts with most of the insurance

A residential renovation is a trying experience for

companies and we have great experience in eco-

the inhabitants of the property. One can rarely

nomic calculation. We work daily in the programs

imagine how noise and dust will affect the every-

Meps, Winbygg, Scalepoint and In4mo, which is a

day life of the inhabitants. It is of the utmost im-

way of working that generates a flexible and ef-

portance that you understand this as a contractor,

ficient management of the insurance claim, with

in order to meet the inhabitants’ special needs in

availability, trust, feedback and short delivery times

the best possible way.

as a result. We take care of all types of insurance claims, even in private properties. This may involve fire or water damage, subsidence, mold, moisture and more. We have certificates as shelters supplier, which means that we can work with existing shelters.

“Our customers shall feel secure in our company� Our recipe for success is besides having professional staff, to keep the inhabitants informed throughout the renovation process.

Fuel We are the leading company with a strong local connection. At Erlandsson Bygg AB you get personal commitment and knowledge, combined with technical competence.

With 60 years of experience of the construction business and offices over almost the entire

Erlandsson Bygg AB can provide the following services:

Sweden, we can today offer fuel set ups. With our experience, staff, and large geographical coverage,

• All types of fuel set up contracts.

we can give the oil companies a service out of the

• Nationwide cover of construction service and

ordinary, where safety, quality and guarantee are in

petrol station service.

focus. Our staff proceeds from the place closest to

• Nationwide cover of service contracts.

you. That saves time, money and the environment.





Complete Construction We are constantly trying to overcome the narrow sectors of the construction process. Part of this is that we can support ourselves with special expertise in areas such as sheet metal, forging and prefabrication. Erlandsson Bygg AB has a special department with specialized professionals in order to support the process with competence. We have our own staff for sheet metal work, skilled tiler and forgings, as well as two complete halls where we prefabricate wall blocks. Our floor area is one of our specialist departments. Here we have professionals working to easily be able to form a team to be able to individually adjust to the specific task.

General Agreement We have general agreements with municipalities and housing corporations throughout the western part of Sweden.

• Aberdeen Asset Management

• Renova AB

• Gryaab


• Göteborgs Spårvägar AB

• Akelius Fastigheter AB - First Class

• Räddningstjänsten Storgöteborg


• Göteborgs Stad Beställargrupp A, B, C GOLV Hantverkstjänser

• Akademiska Hus

• Arctic Paper • Autotank - Drivmedel

• Göteborgs Stad Beställargrupp A, B, C MUR Hantverkstjänser

• FAB Allum

• Göteborgs Stad Beställargrupp A, B, C PLATTSÄTTNING Hantverkstjänser

• Falkenbergs kommun • Göteborg Stad FKU - Bygg • Fastighets AB LE Lundbergs • Göteborg Stad FKU - Golv • Förbo Golv • Göteborg Stad FKU - Mur • Göteborgs Stad Beställargrupp B • Förvaltnings AB Framtiden

• Älvstranden Utvecklings AB

• Higab

• Göteborgs Hamn m. dotterbolag

• Idrott och föreningsförvaltningen

• Fastighetskontoret

• HSB Mölndal • HSB Mölndal - Golv • Hemsö • Härryda Kommun

• Göteborgs Stad Beställargrupp C

• Park och naturförvaltningen

• Kretsloppskontoret

• Göteborg Vatten

• Göteborg Energi AB m. dotterbolag

• Liseberg AB m. dotterbolag

• Kungälvsbostäder - Golv • Kungälvs kommun • Kungälvs kommun - Golv

• Lysekils kommun

• Stenungsunds kommun - Golv

• Länsförsäkringar Halland

• Systembolaget

• Länsförsäkringar Skåne

• Strömstadsbyggen

• Mölndalsbostäder AB - Golv

• Strömstadslokaler

• Mölndals Stad

• Tanum Shoppingcenter

• Mölndals Stad - Golv

• Tjörn kommun - Golv

• Newsec

• Uddevalla kommun - Golv

• PartilleBo

• Veolia

• Platzer Fastigheter AB

• Västfastigheter - Bygg

• Polismyndigheten Västra Götaland

• Willhem

• Polismyndigheten Halland

• Åklagarmyndigheten Halland

• Preem - Drivmedel • Reitan • Riksbyggen • Skanska Direkt Halland - Golv • Specialfastigheter • Specialfastigheter - Golv • Statens Fastighets Verk - Golv • ST1 - Drivmedel • Statoil - Bygg • Stena Fastigheter Göteborg AB

News Knowledge, trust, efficiency and the importance of quality are the corner-stones in our company. Positive coworkers that know and like their jobs and are ready to do their utmost to make the customers satisfied is what makes the Erlandsson spirit.

Pink vest becomes new industry standard Erlandsson’s rescue exercises with emergency units have revealed the need to clearly distinguish the person in the workplace who has the responsibility and the

First with environmentally firendly diesel

most information. We are pleased that our

Erlandsson Bygg AB is the first company in Sweden

proposal to distinguish that person with a pink vest

that reached an agreement with Citroën to use the

became the standard for the entire construction

fuel HVO 100 in all passenger cars and light trans-

industry, by order of Sveriges Byggindustri.

port vehicles. This means that we as a company can make a tangible and significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

Kolla - Block nr 18 for the environment

Åsa retirement home

Erlandsson is building Kungsbacka’s first sheltered

Crystal chandeliers and sculptures in a retirement

housing for Eksta. It is a partnering project where

home? Sure. Åsa retirement is a reality. Erlandsson

the environment is in focus. Over 60 apartments are

was assigned to build 20 new houses and refurbish

being built as passive houses, according to FEBY 12

the remaining apartments to 40 more modern ac-

specification. The building is classified as Environ-

commodations when Eksta decided to buy housing

mental Building Gold, the highest environmental

for the elderly. Now the 20 new apartments are

classification. This combination has not been built

inhabited and the residents really enjoy themselves.

in Sweden before and will be unique in the country.

Rescue Drills Erlandsson Bygg AB performed the first rescue drill of its kind in March 2014. The drill took place on Hulda Mellgrens gata where Erlandsson built a three-storied office building for Hedin Fastigheter. The drill included a concrete floor structure of over 3,3 tons falling over a shed. On the work site there were builders and electricians.

The CEO of Erlandsson Bygg AB, Markus Brink, is

Several important views emerged during the sub-

glad to have been able to execute the drill.

sequent meeting.

– To us it is extremely important to have the

is responsible and has the most information

opportunity to perform a drill like this. It is necessary

about the work site. This person should wear a

to test our routines, but also to get some practical

reflective vest.

experience, says Markus. He is convinced that it is not a matter of if but

The importance of designating the person that

Workers who have experienced an accident are mandatory to have debriefing talks.

when an accident is going to happen. To drill is therefore priceless and to shut down a work site

happens is vital.

for a day is consequently only natural to Erlandsson Bygg AB. The rescue service, the Police, Swedish Work En-

To cooperate on a work site when an accident

An audible or other warning system that indicates something happened, should always be present on the work site.

vironment Authority, NCC, Hedin Fastigheter, Cramo, Kynningsrud Prefab AB, Previa and Erlandsson

The building business is overrepresented in ac-

Bygg AB participated in the drill together with the

cidents statistics compared to other businesses.

Swedish Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians.

Between 2008 and 2011, an accident per month happened.

Partners rvar Vi se ffs ro p g g by

Stolt leverantör till Erlandsson Bygg AB


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Head Office Gothenburg Mail and invoices: Box 9252 400 96 Göteborg

E-mail: (for supplier invoices to Erlandsson Bygg AB, PDF) 556351-9163 (job applications)

Visiting address: Bäckstensgatan 13 (Mölndal) Tel: 031 - 389 00 00 Fax: 031 - 389 00 01 (general questions) (complaints invoices)

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Erlandsson Bygg AB - a complete construction company

“We are located near you to give you the best service possible�

- with focus on young athletes.

*Our sponsorship is focused on social responsibility.

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