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Long-lasting and functional living environment

Architecture and engineering bureau Erknord Ehitus PLC was founded in 2009 with the aim to offer different design work for buildings and constructions from drafting to work projects. The company drafts necessary project documentation for new buildings and also for building, reconstructing and renewing already existing buildings and constructions. Our reference objects are varied. Our architecture bureau has not focused on a narrow market sector, so we can create designs for a wide range of projects (shopping centres, industrial structures, apartment blocks and complicated renovations and drafts). REA registrations: ◦ EEP002289 - Designing ◦ EEJ002803 - Project management

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Mission Long-lasting and functional living environment

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Vision By 2015 we are an architecture and engineering bureau operating in Estonia and neighbouring countries that offers our clients a complex service of designing buildings and constructions.

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General contracting of designing Architectural designs Designing constructions Designing special parts (water, sewerage, heating, ventilation, electricity, control engineering and other) Drafting plans Visualisation (3D-images) Creating digital models and automatic conformity/mistake check Interior decoration Geodetic work

General management ◦ 2 people

Project management ◦ 2 project managers

Architectural designing ◦ 3 architects

Constructive designing ◦ 3 constructors

Designing special parts ◦ 3 engineers

Team summary: ◦ The personnel consists of a total of 13 team members; ◦ Our architects and engineers have an average experience of 15 years.

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Autodesk Revit Architecture Suite /*3D or model(BIM) design software/ Autodesk Revit Structure Suite /* 3D or model(BIM) design software/ Autodesk Revit MEP Suite /* 3D or model(BIM) design software/ Autodesk AutoCAD /2d design software/ ArchiCAD /3D or model(BIM) design software

*BIM Definition 

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle Designing with BIM technology creates a building’s information model by using different softwares, which includes: ƒ ◦ geometry – the model consists of objects (foundation, bean, wall, window, etc.) ◦ Important characteristic of the building – the object has designated characteristics (material, Uvalue, colour, price, etc.)

Goals for 2012: ◦ Find 2-3 larger clients. ◦ Turnover goal is 250 thousand euros.

Goals for 2013: ◦ Find 3-6 larger clients. ◦ Turnover goal is 350 thousands euros. ◦ Increase the team to 20 team members.

Some samples of earlier works from our designers.

Juhkentali st.1 multifunctional business centre

Rakvere Sports Hall

Rakvere Stadium and tribunes

L채채nev채rava shopping centre in P채rnumaa

FEB sales centre in Tallinn

Apartment block in Maardu Draft and 3D-model

Apartment block in Maardu Draft and 3D-model

Tallinn alcohol detox centre

Tallinn alcohol detox centre

EuroOil standard filling station

Mokter AS filling station awnings in Rae county

Residential building in the outskirt of Tallinn

Apartment block in Tallinn Work project for reconstruction

Residential building in Tabasalu

Residential building in Tabasalu

Residential building in N천mme

Apartment block in Tallinn Draft and 3D-model

Residential building 3D-model

Erknord Ehitus OÜ  

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Address: Laki tn 11E 12915 Tallinn, Estonia

GSM: (+372) 56 824 890 E-mail: Webpage: Registry code: 11733007 VAT ID no.: EE101507020

Arhitektuuri- ja Inseneribüroo Erknord Ehitus OÜ  

Arhitektuuri- ja inseneribüroo Erknord Ehitus OÜ

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