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Chabad of Northridge

Gala Dinner 2011 Honoring

Yaffa and Ezra Samara Recipients of the “Chesed Award”

& Marc and Susan Swirsky Recipients of the “Leadership Award” The Olympic Collection

11301 West Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, California Musical and Comedic Entertainment by

Johny Yune Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Rebbe’s inspiring leadership, boundless love, and saintly wisdom, forever changed and uplifted the destiny of our people. May his spiritual presence and energy continue to lead us up to the coming of Moshiach now, Amen..

Chabad of Northridge

Rabbi Eli Rivkin, Director Rabbi Meir Rivkin, Associate Director Tzippy Rivkin, Program Director Claudia Lax, Office Manager Yaffa Samara, Catering Lucy Hernandez, Janitorial

Chabad Hebrew School Tzippy Rivkin, Director Rabbi Eli Rivkin, Teacher Raizel Brook, Teacher Simi Rivkin, Teacher Dini Engel, Teacher Leeby Dubinsky, Teacher Chaya Hecht, Teacher Dina Shabat, Assistant Bianca Seta, Assistant Mushka Oster, Assistant Chana Bart, Assistant

Chabad @ CSUN

Rabbi Chaim and Raizel Brook, Co-Directors

Chabad of Granada Hills

Rabbi Meir and Simi Rivkin, Co-Directors

Chabad @ CSUN

Hebrew School

Hebrew School

Women’s Circle


Bat Mitzvah Club

Mommy and Me

Mini Chefs

Café Chabad

In loving tribute to

Susan and Marc Swirsky Your genuine character, your dreams, your vision, and your love for helping those in need, are true hallmarks of leaders. With compassion and with grace, you have consistently stepped forward when the need has been great. You are indeed a solid foundation upon which Chabad of Northridge is enabled to stand tall and to build even bolder for the sake of the community. With deepest admiration, we thank you. With appreciation and respect,

The Rabbis and Staff of Chabad

In loving tribute to

Yaffa and Ezra Samara With your loving spirit, and your manifold talents, you embody the traits of kindness and compassion. With selfless chesed, you are always there when the need is great. You generously share of your talented love with so many. Our community occasions are so enriched by your dedication. We admire you and we thank you. With appreciation and respect,

The Rabbis and Staff of Chabad

In Respectful Tribute to

Rabbi Joshua and Deborah Gordon Founding Shluchim to Chabad of the Valley As true and dedicated shluchim of the Rebbe, you continually teach and inspire us to think big and to always dream of a better and brighter tomorrow. You sowed the seeds that have now blossomed into the magnificent and fruitful tree of Torah and Yiddishkeit that is Chabad of the Valley. May you merit to continue seeing an abundance of success in all of your sacred endeavors, together with good health and tremendous nachas from your beautiful family. With gratitude,

Rabbi Eli and Tzippy Rivkin Rabbi Chaim and Raizel Brook Rabbi Meir and Simi Rivkin

We gratefully salute all of the dedicated committee members of the Gala-Dinner 2011 Honorary Chairpersons

Steve and Ivy Ann Giles Dinner Committee

Richard and Dayna Bliss Rona Berger Randy DiSimone Amy Flores Susan Fields Gail Miller Pam Richman Paul and Sharyn Sassoon Paul Selski Mariel Seta Jill Silver Kenneth and Sherri Spector Albert and Cecilia Tabibian Your fine example of commitment, assistance, and generosity toward Chabad of Northridge during this milestone campaign, serves as an inspiring source of motivation for us all and is deeply appreciated. May the Almighty continue to crown all of your worthy endeavors with success. With deep appreciation

The Rabbis and Staff of Chabad

Thank you so much to

Susan and Marc Swirsky and

Yaffa and Ezra Samara for all that you do to support and nurture our Chabad Community. You are generous and supportive people and we are blessed by your commitment and devotion. We feel honored to know you and very lucky to have you in our lives. Mazal Tov on this wonderful evening! With much love and appreciation,

The 2011 Gala Dinner Committee

Dear Friends, Family and Rabbi Eli and Tzippy Rivkin, We want to thank you for bestowing this honor upon us. We are truly humbled and appreciate the consideration. This opportunity has changed our lives for the better. We also want to thank the Dinner Committee for all of the love, work and energy that they have put into this evening. These events do not go off without a tremendous amount of volunteer time and effort. We know that you have done all of the heavy lifting! Most importantly, we want to thank our parents; Linda and Terry Byers, Peter and Judy Kost and Sandy and Judy Swirsky. Obviously, without you, none of us would be here tonight. We love you and thank you for showing us how to be the people we are today. Lastly, we wish Yaffa and Ezra Samara, our co-honorees, Mazel Tov. Their quiet dedication is inspiring as they perform acts of kindness that few see, or could ever duplicate. This evening is truly about community and it is you, our community that matters so much in our lives. Rabbi Eli and Tzippy, your leadership and dedication to all Jews, near and far, make Chabad of Northridge what it is today. We thank you for always putting us (of course after the kinder) first in your lives. We thrive because of you. Please enjoy your evening, connect with, or make new friends and let’s all celebrate life together. Yasher Ko’ach and L’Chaim! Susan and Marc Swirsky

Dear Friends, Amazing Community, and Wonderful Synagogue Members,

We would like to thank you so much for this great honor. We would like to take this opportunity and gratefully salute Susan and Marc Swirsky on receiving the Leadership Award this evening. We would like to salute the dinner committee for their great efforts and outstanding job on putting this beautiful Gala dinner together, and making this evening such a success. We would like to express our gratitude to Rabbi Eli and Tzippy Rivkin for continuing the Chabad tradition and being the best shluchim possible. Not too long ago (a little over 20 years) we moved to Northridge. We were very happy and excited to find out that there was a Chabad Synagogue near our new residence. Over the years we have seen community members and Rabbis come and go. One thing remained constant and that is this Jewish community’s thirst for Judaism. Continuing with the Chabad tradition, we were sent new Shluchim, a Rabbi and his wonderful family; Rabbi Eli and Tzippy Rivkin have been a blessing sent from G-d. With their young perspective and fresh attitude they have helped move Chabad of Northridge toward a bigger and stronger community. Through their dedication, generosity, motivation and Hashem’s blessings this community will continue to grow. You are a fine example of the accomplishments possible when good meets goodwill. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. With Love, Yaffa and Ezra Samara

Chabad of Northridge, Thank you for all that you do.

Ivy Ann and Steve Giles

“If there is no flour (sustenance), there is no Torah. If there is no Torah, there is no flour” (Pirkei Avot – Ethics of our Fathers)

Best Wishes to

Chabad of Northridge

We are proud to be part of your sacred work. Best regards to our dear friend,

Larry Block We admire you!

Isaac Guedalia Universal Bakery North Hollywood, CA

We proudly join the

Chabad of Northridge Community In honoring

Susan and Marc Swirsky and

Yaffa and Ezra Samara You are all superstars and we thank you for your dedication and commitment to Chabad. Fondly,

Susan, Ben, Michelle and Michael Fields Joyce Eliasoff The law office of

Koszdin, Fields, Sherry and Katz

I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar. -Robert Brault


Eli, a cherished friend.

Yanky and Rivkie Goldstein

Yaffa, Thank you for everything you do. You are just great! Love,

Nancy and Ron Schwartz

Congratulations to

Chabad and the worthy Honorees. We lovingly honor the memory of our father

George Brown, of blessed memory. His generous spirit and eternal love for Chabad and the Jewish community, continues to inspire us. Best wishes to the children of the

George Brown Chabad Hebrew School. Fondly,

Joan Brown Larry and Debbie Belkin and Family Mark Brown and Family

Mazel tov!!

Susan and Marc Your continuous involvement and generous support of the community is an inspiration to us all. Your friendship is so very dear to us.

Yaffa and Ezra

Your tireless efforts and selfless contributions keep our shul going. We are truly appreciative for all you do.

Rabbi and Tzippy

You are the glue that holds us together as a community. You continue to guide and inspire us and for this we are grateful.

Paul, Eva and Benjamin Selski

Susan and Marc

Spiritual fruit are conducive to material fruit. May G-d fulfill your heart’s desires, in lieu of all your efforts for Chabad and the Rivkin crew.

Yaffa and Ezra

May Hashem grant you many long years of Hatzlacha in your work with Chabad and with our grandchildren. Fondly,

Itchik and Chana Rivkin Brooklyn, New York

Mazal Tov,

Eliyohu & Tzippy, Mushka, Raizel, Mendel, Sholom, Toba and

The beautiful Northridge community You all pull together as a team. The friendship and warmth of the Northridge Chabad community is outstanding! May Hashem grant each of you the strength, health, enthusiasm and abundant means, to continue in this wonderful path, until we are all together in Jerusalem with Moshiach NOW!

Bluma and Zelig Rivkin New Orleans, Louisiana

In loving memory of our dear father and grandfather

C. Neil Shepard MD.

an admirer and supporter of Chabad

At this time, we are glad to share the well deserved recognition of

Yaffa and Ezra Samara and

Susan and Marc Swirsky

for their support and devotion to our community

Steve, Dana and Courtney Merriam

Dear Mom and Dad, Congratulations on such a great honor. We are so proud to call you Aba and Ema. You’ve both been such wonderful role models in our lives. You two are caring, giving, and thoughtful in everything that you do. We’ve known that all along and now others are recognizing it. Our community is so fortunate to have a couple like you involved in it. Mom, everyone knows that you make such delicious food and are thankful for every bite they take. Dad, the little (and big) things that you do (not everyone is aware of them, but we know) are truly appreciated. Thank you for all that you two volunteer to do. Chabad of Northridge wouldn’t be the same without you. Chabad has been such a big part of our lives for so long now. We celebrate our family’s biggest milestones at the Chabad of Northridge: Holidays, Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Shabbat Chatans, Engagement Parties, Baby Namings, and recently, a Bris. We’ve all grown up at Chabad. Mom and Dad, thank you for bringing us closer to the religion and showing us how being a part of a Chabad family is so fundamental. Again, thank you for all you do for Chabad and our family. We are thankful to you and are glad that our children get to have such a wonderful Saba and Savta. We hope that when they grow up they will be full of Chesed just as you are. We are proud to be your children. With love and great appreciation, Your Children: Abraham, Shelly, and Solly Your “Adopted” Children: Eli and Merav Your Grandchildren: Daniella, Shani, Liat, and Aviv

With heartfelt appreciation for the extraordinary love and friendship of

Susan, Marc, Yaffa, and Ezra We send our love. Kol hakavod,

Chaya Leah and Dovid Diamand

Dear Ezra and Yaffa, Both of you have been a blessing in my life. Yaffa, I want to tell you that since I came to the synagogue in Northridge, you have been a great friend. In the beginning I felt out of place, but thanks to you, I started feeling more and more at home. I am glad you get this recognition since you are a key person at the synagogue. May Hashem continue sharing His blessings with you and keep you safe in all of your endeavors. Dear Mark and Susan, You were the first couple that I met at Chabad, and it was a pleasure chatting with you. Thank you for the big heart that you have for the synagogue. You have been a wonderful blessing . May Hashem bless you with happiness and prosperity. Lovingly, Claudia Duque

Congratulations to

Marc and Susan and

Ezra and Yaffa for this well deserved honor. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Your commitment is a sign of hope and light that makes us proud to be a part of this Chabad community. Best wishes

The Klein Family; Barbara, Mark, Matt, Erica and Anne

“Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” Albert Camus I consider both Marc and Susan friends; the kind that never judge and are always there. It is an honor to join with them in their journey of service to the Jewish community. A more deserving couple one could not find. Your friend, Marty

Mazal Tov and Best Wishes to

Chabad of Northridge and the worthy honorees. From,

Avner and Laura Friedmann

Susan has always had a beautiful spirit. Congratulations

Susan and Marc on receiving the “Leadership Award� Love,

Mom and Terry

Kenn Cleaners salutes

Chabad of Northridge for their dedicated service to the community.

Jake Parunian Owner

Thank you to

Chabad of Northridge

for serving the Jewish community with dedication. Warm wishes of Mazal Tov to our friends

Yaffa and Ezra Samara Love,

Ayelet and Gil Naor and the team of

Gil's Electrical Service, Inc “For all your electrical needs� (888) 713-1199

We extend our sincere Mazal Tov to two special couples

Susan and Marc Swirsky and

Yaffa and Ezra Samara for their dedication, devotion and service to

Chabad of Northridge and the entire community.

May their support and caring continue long into the future. May Hashem’s blessings always shine on them. Best regards,

Carol and Mel Maller

Best Wishes to

Chabad of Northridge We appreciate and recognize your vast contribution to Jewish life in the North Valley. May you continue to succeed to even greater heights. Mazal Tov to the deserving Honorees who have made this evening possible.

Dr. George Balfour Valley Orthopedic Surgery

Mazal Tov and continued hatzlacha to

Chabad of Northridge Thank you for doing so much for so many in the community.

Oded and Meital Zilberberg

We salute tonight’s worthy honorees

Ezra and Yaffa Samara Best wishes from

Tamir and Ann Zipori Universal Pool and Spa 800-95-POOLS

Mazel Tov to

Yaffa and Ezra

on this well deserved honor. From,

Eli and Mira Baruch Tampa Auto Parts

A hearty Mazal Tov to

Chabad of Northridge, and

Yafa and Ezra Samara, and

Susan and Marc Swirsky. Thank you for your support and dedication to our community. Fondly,

Melissa Motkin and Family

Best wishes to

Chabad of Northridge

In appreciation of all you do for the community.

Arie and Robin Genchel

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Congratulations to

Chabad of Northridge In appreciation of all you do for the community Warm welcome to

Rabbi Meir and Simi Rivkin

Wishing you Hatzlacha in all of your endeavors

Jonathan and Debbie Sabag J. Sabag Electric Services

Thank you Best wishes of

Chabad of Northridge For everything you do

The Lipman Family Paul, Debbie, Joshua & Jacob

continued success to

Chabad of Northridge From,

Jan and Earle Cohen


Best Wishes from .

Marc and Susan

We admire and respect your dedication to ensuring the success of Chabad. May your family, friends and the entire community follow in your footsteps to help perpetuate the great work of Chabad in our community. We wish you continued success in all of your endeavors. Mazal Tov! With much admiration,

Erika and Roger Rees and family

Mazal Tov


Marc and Susan

Susan & Marc


Yaakov & Elisheva Potesky


Ron Kabrins

Best regards from,

Kim Koury

Our best wishes of success to

Chabad of Northridge in the wonderful things you do for our community! Sincerely,

Judy & Robert Jackson

Thank you Chabad for everything you do! We look forward to many community celebrations.

Albert and Cecilia Tabibian “For all of your joyous occasions�

Congratulations to

Marc and Susan Swirsky From,

Mazal Tov to

Marc and Susan From,

Barry Renow

Ron Means

Best wishes



Selma Farkash Mazal Tov to


Thank you for welcoming us so warmly to the community.

Elan and Narcissa Levy-Mayer


Susan and Marc From,

Sue and Nate Arnold Beachwood, Ohio

Marc and Susan

We're so proud of you! Love,

Jesse, Sue, Bob & Liz Congratulations to

Marc and Susan Swirsky From,

Richard Bass and the Bass Group To Chabad and our worthy honorees: Thank you for all of your hard work and devotion. We are so grateful to you. May you always be able to give and care for those in need. Mazal Tov.

Bev Edelstein

Joseph Z Salon & Day Spa 8850 Corbin Ave Northridge, CA 91324 (818) 993-1166

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