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ERIC RITER Academic Architecture Portfolio

Graduate School Graduate Studio II

Warehouse District Music Revitalization Botanical Metropolis Graduate Studio I Kirtland Park Bridge Expansion

Undergraduate School

Academic Work

4th Year Studio Wind Slice: River Parc Office Tower Ascension: Oberlin Hotel and Culinary School Excavation: Tri-Towers Rotunda Retrofitting Oasis: Arizona Zero Energy Residence 3rd Year Studio Florence Mediatheque Ocracoke Multi-Family Gathering 2nd Year Studio Tremont Spa and Recreation Center Akron Film Institute Akron Biophilic Pavilion Photography and Resume Photography Resume

Spring 2013

Fall 2012


(2010-2011) (2009-2010)


Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (2012-2013)

Kent State University (2008-2012)

Masters of Architecture Emphasis in Urban Design Bachelors of Science in Architecture

Graduate 4

School 5

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Spring 2013 COLD Studio Location: Cleveland, Ohio Instructor: Professor David Jurca




est W

Warehouse District Music Revitalization

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The Warehouse District of Cleveland at one time was the center of Music and Entertainment, with various establishments and hotels. Our site, between West 3rd and 6th, and Superior and Saint Clair has traversed the course of time, being a host to theaters, commercial storage buildings, abandoned warehouses, to a commuter parking lot in the present day. The aim of this project was to revitalize the music that once called this site home by implementing a theater and many establishments that can host musicians, a common area plaza with a stage, and a recording/practice studio; condos, townhomes, offices and retail spaces can also be found on the site. Some of the challenges met with this project included the new RTA station being constructing on the site, and relocating the 900 parking spots being removed in construction.

Warehouse District Transformation 1872-2013

1872 1896 Commercial and Musical Cleveland Warehouse Center District

1959 Post War Abandonment

1965 District of Disrepair

1971 Warehouse Demolition

1994 Downtown Nightlife

2013 Downtown Parking

Warehouse District Transformation 1872-2013

1872 1896 Commercial and Musical Cleveland Warehouse Center District

1959 Post War Abandonment

1965 District of Disrepair

1971 Warehouse Demolition

1994 Downtown Nightlife

2013 Downtown Parking






Botanical Metropolis

Sustain | Environment

Grow | Economy

Share | Community

Create | Innovation

Green Roofs Green Pedestrian Corridor Hydroponic Farming

Rooftop Camping Live/work Space Shared Courtyards

Retail Jobs Office Jobs Armory Retail Center

Maker Spaces Public Art Urban Agriculture

Land of ten thousand lakes and emerald parks that define our city, we, Minnesotans, cherish our time outdoors. The Botanical Metropolis neighborhood in Downtown East unites urban living with the natural world featuring indoor greenhouse assets that quite literally bring the forest to your doorstep, all year-round.

Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River, Minneapolis has been a city that Spring 2013 defines the idea of bring nature into the urban setting, and embracing nature ULI Compeition through its highly active and healthy population. With this concept in mind, my Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota ULI Competition team, Team 1818, set out to further embrace that natural Advisors: Professor Ellen Sullivan & outlook, and bring it into the downtown. Urban camping, a hydroponic brewery, full green roof coverage, and facades that reflect the current seasons are just Mr. Damon Taseff some of the features that this “Botanical Metropolis� encompasses. People of all generations and demongraphics and organic/green companies will find themselves at home in this natural downtown center.


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green spaces


stemming from the roots Anna | 27, Single Mom

Works at the hospital, low-income, transportation is the driver for why she is moving to Downtown East

John | 23, Explorer

Jim | 58, Empty Nester

Cynthia, John, Will & Emma | Family of Four

Allan | 42, Ecologist

Enjoys traveling to new and unique destinations like the botanical metropolis, where he can experience different environments in one location

Cynthia works in HR for one of the Fortune 500. John is an engineer. Will & Emma go to prep schools

corporate lawyer, has season tickets, he and his wife want to move out of the suburbs to enjoy downtown living

An ecology professor that is studying the growth and reaction to plant species in an urban environment through the University of Minnesota.


activity levels

phase I

armory - botanical city brewery treehouse hotel bur oak aparmtnets aveda experience

phase II

mountain ash condos grocery store

primary and seconday

phase III

mapleside apartments spruce living apartments laundromat


phase IV

affordable housing incuabtor offices

bus and transit routes

structured parking


financial summary


current site value square footage developed total project cost projected site value (year10) Project NPV (12% Discount Rate) Unleveraged IRR Leveraged IRR

$43,663,242.81 4,291,409 SF $510,803,533.93 $1,251,240,262.43 $418,062,603,.48 33% 47%

Greenspace/ Open 15% Residential 34% Parking 15%

Hotel 4% Market-rate Rental 14%

Commercial/ Office 18%

Square Footage by Program


Kirtland Park: Bridge Expansion Fall 2012 Graduate Studio I Location: Kirtland, Ohio Instructor: Professor Ellen Sullivan & Professor Charles Frederick


Kirtland Park was at one time, a prosperous lakefront greenspace, where warehouse workers took breaks and children played; events and shows were performed at its hillside amphitheater. Ever since the construction of Interstate 90, and the depopulation of the industrial area, the park has gone into disrepair, sparcely visited by anyone. The Kirtland Park Bridge Extension project seeks to restore this dilapidated park by connecting it with Saint Clair Avenue to the South, and reconnecting the park with the Lakefront. Hydrological and Ecological emphasis will also be placed in the project, using the bridge as an alternate way to transport runoff water back to the lake, and utilizing the bridge surface as a green space with multiple species of plantings.




Undergraduate 22

School 23

Wind Slice: River Parc Office Tower Spring 2012 Integrated Design Competition Location: Pittsburgh, Pensylvania Instructor: Professor Joseph Ferut


The Integrated Design Competition is one of Kent State’s prides in accredidation. The semester long group project consists of solid research and site analysis, conceptual designing, building design, eco friendly design, and the ‘integration’ of all of those aspects with mechanical, structural, electrical, and plumbing systems. My partner and I decided to have the design of this building revolve around the wind flow of the site, and a strong heirarchy of public and business designated spaces. The project, Wind Slice, was one of the ten finalists for the competition and we were recognized as having the most unique sustainable design entry in the competition.






Ascension: Oberlin Hotel and Culinary School Fall 2011 4th Year Design Studio I Location: Oberlin Ohio Instructor: Professor Lee Goodman


The city of Oberlin has always been a prosperous location for innovation in not only architecture, but also culture and education. Recently, the college has demonstrated its commitment to persue a sustainable campus and hopes to eventually incorporate the entire city. Part of this expansion includes the current Oberlin Hotel, a 1950s “truck stop” that is a scar on the city’s downtown image. With the help and guidance of the Living Building Challenge, a new hotel could be designed that lives up to the green movement that is dominating the city.




Excavation: Tri-Towers Rotunda Retrofitting Fall 2011 4th Year Design Studio I Location: Kent, Ohio Instructor: Professor Lee Goodman


The Tri-Towers Rotunda has ever since its construction in the 1970s, been a gathering space for the students of Kent State University. Its self image however has not caught up with time. This project was meant to reimagine the Rotunda and create it into a modern day gathering space, while updating its mechanical systems, solar intake, and creating a more central entry point into the building.




Oasis: Arizona Zero Energy Residence Fall 2011 4th Year Design Studio I Location: Casas Adobes, Arizona Instructor: Professor Lee Goodman


The city of Casas Adobes in Arizona is in the southern desert. The excessive heat and cool evenings makes for expensive HVAC costs. The challenge with was to create a single person living quarters with connecting art studio that uses no mechanical energy. Using passive and active systems were used to counter the use of mechanical systems. Water is excessively used in the design, not just for visual and audio means, but also used for heating and cooling. Conceptual ideas revolve around buildings and housing in the southwest desert region, with a new taste using the passive systems.




Florence Mediatheque Spring 2011 Florence Design Studio Location: Florence, Italy Instructor: Professor Fillipo Caprioglio


The Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy was once used as the defensive castle of the city. Over the years it has transformed into a convention and event center, cut off from the rest of the city. Using the concept of Old vs New, and Connections, the mediatheque will bring the city inside the fortezza and bring the fortezza out to the city visually. The mediatheque also has concepts from traditional Italian culture, such as towers, a central piazza, and garden space with fountains.




Ocracoke Multi-Family Gathering Fall 2011 Third Year Design Studio I Location: Ocracoke, North Carolina Instructor: Professor Daniel Vierya


The city of Ocracoke in North Carolina is a village, on its own small island, that is chopped full of history and culture. Basing our research around this, we were tasked with designing a living complex on the bay that is meant for any type of family visiting the island for vacation; from RV, to cabin, to condo. Program was supposed to mimic many times of vacation house types, the RV site, the cabin complex, and the single condos. The design was embedded deep in the concept and design of many houses that already exist out there: lifted up off the ground not only to avoid flooding during storms, but also to receive incredible views of the Outer Banks oceans and sunrises/sunsets.




Tremont Spa and Recreation Center Spring 2010 Second Year Design Studio II Location: Tremont, Ohio Instructor: Professor Maurizio Sabini


Tremont has always been a location for culture in the Cleveland area. This is shown through its parks, renovated houses and business establisments, and many restaurants and churches. With this and the many new and up and coming people moving into the city, a central location for relaxation and activities was necessary. The Tremont Spa and Recreation center is the perfect answer for what the city is in need for. Using the concept of churches and important buildings being placed on pedistals, I created a layered building, that also focuses on unique lighting and views from the upper floor.




Akron Film Institute Spring 2010 Second Year Design Studio II Location: Lock 3 Park, Akron, Ohio Instructor: Professor Maurizio Sabini


Populated by parks, stadiums, and theatres, Main Street in Akron, Ohio is undoubtedly its cultural center. A positive addition to this bustling city would be the expansion of its Civic Theatre next to the Lock 3 Park and canal. The challenge surrounding this was space. The site was located on a small section of steeply sloped land on the east side of the park and had to consist of theaters, office space, classrooms, and a media library while adding our own x-factors to make the space an invited place for both people on the street and in the park.




Akron Biophilic Pavilion Fall 2009 Second Year Design Studio I Location: Lock 3 Park, Akron, Ohio Instructor: Professor Chris Gaone


The biophilic pavilion is a place of study of natural sciences. The best location in the city of Akron for natural pavilion is within the city’s largest and most prominent green space, Lock 3. Conceptually, the building reflects one of nature’s most prominent energy sources: water. Public spaces within the structure implement the concept with curved spaces and curtain glazing walls with views of the canal. Structural beams reflect the shape of leaves. The circulation of the biophilic pavilion gives the city additional connection between Akron’s Canal Park Walkways and between the north and south ends of the canal.


Photography 60

and Resume 61

Photography Fall 2010-Spring 2013


Once entering college, my interests in the arts certainly expanded from what I had known in grade school. I took a particular interest in the art of photography. Self teaching myself how to work with a camera and learning about space through architecture and sketching, I feel that I have become a very talented photographer. Only taking images of sunsets and sites through the first few years was fun, but my interest especially grew with my study abroad semester in Europe and still continues to thrive when I visit new locations.





Work Experience


7602 Wilton Lane North Royalton, Ohio 44133


Cell: (440) 832-1335 Home: (440) 230-9621



Operations of the CUDC laser cutter, fabricating student models, assisting with laser cutter CAD files. Antonio’s Pizza: Strongsville, Ohio May 2011 - August 2011 Delivery Driver Open/Closing shift duties, Delivery Schedule Management, Time Management, Guest Service and Relations. Cinemark Theaters: Strongsville, Ohio May 2007 - May 2011 Usher Open/Closing Shift duties, Guest Service and Relations, Cross-Trained, Inventory tracking, Time Management North Royalton City Schools: North Royalton, Ohio May- August 2008 Drafter Contracted by the school district to digitally update all out of date building blueprints.


Joseph Ferut Architect, KSU Professor

2012 Integrated Design Competition Finalist Spring 2012 Semester long group project where the team of two had to design a sustainable office building and all of its mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and structural components. Community Development Put-in-Bay Charette Fall 2012 Intensive weekend project in which students and Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative faculty worked with the community of Put-in-Bay to set design guidelines for future projects on the island. Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition Spring 2013 Urban Land Institute sponsored two week long competition in which a team of 5 must complete a design and pro forma for a chosen site.

Fillipo Caprioglio Italian Architect, KSU Florence Professor filippo@caprioglio. com



Lee Goodman Architect, KSU Professor

January 2013 - Present

Kent State University: Cleveland, Ohio Laser Cutter Operator

Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative Pursuing a Masters of Architecture with Emphasis in Urban Design Relevant Courses - Graduate Design Studio I, II - Urban Systems - Theories in Architecture Kent State University Bachaelors of Science in Architecture Relevant Courses - Architecture Studio I, II, III, IV - Intro to Structures - Systems Design - Structural Systems I, II - Site Design - Sustainable Design Kent State University Florence Program Study abroad semester at the Kent State Campus in Florence, Italy Relevant Courses - Architecture Studio III - Sketching and Drawing

August 2012-Present - Community Development

-Forces that Shaped Cities

August 2008- May 2012 - Computer Applications in Architecture I, II - Environmental Technology I, II - Methods and Materials I, II

- Art History I, II - Architecture History I, II, III - Beyond Western Architecture January 2011-May 2011

- Urban Design

- Forces that Shaped Cities

Computer Programs Autodesk Adobe Other Operating Systems AutoCAD Photoshop Google Sketchup PC Revit InDesign Microsoft Office Mac 3DS Max Illustrator Virtual Environment Ecotect Premiere Pro Climate Consultant Vasari HEED


Skills in computer building and tech troubleshooting


Academic Architecture Portfolio  

An updated compilation of my work from my undergraduate degree at Kent State University and my graduate degree at Cleveland Urban Design Col...

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