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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

We created a sense of branding throughout our video and ancillary products by having a distinctive theme that was easily recognisable. This would make the audience easily spot the artist. We did this by having the location of the photo shoot for ancillary products in the same location as one of the main in the music video - the forest. We also had the same outfit as the forest location so its almost like it was taken out from the video. This allows audience to make a link between the two and it also creates a sense of branding for the artist. In both of our products, we used the same font with the same colour headings and also the same vector swirls around the font... Again creating a brand for the artist. We was inspired by Amy Winehouse as the name “Amy Winehouse” on all her albums/ancillary products are always the same font. The theme of leaves throughout both products and video.

As we can see, the outfits in ancillary products are exactly the same as the forest scene in video. There is also a strong “leaves/nature� theme going on which is evident in the video and obviously then seen in the ancillary products as the background.

We wanted to represent the artist to appear lonely at first as we wanted to reinforce the heartbreak. She appears to be depressed for over half the video. This is done by having her in isolated areas most the time or even when in busy atmospheres she’s still alone (i.e. brick lane). This really accentuates that she’s distancing herself from everyone. One of the signature parts of the video is the location of the forest (by a tree, lake etc.) which is also used in the ancillary products. This main theme again emphasizes her loneliness and heartbreak.

Towards the end of the video, we lift the mood as it represents her “getting over him” and moving on. We did this by making the shots more happy and also including other people such as the friend. This shows she's beginning to accept and move on. The climax to the change of emotions is when she burns the photo of her and her boyfriend connoting that she’s ready to start over. We did this to lift the mood as if it continued to be depressing it would have been very boring.

In terms of styling, she is represented to be quite old and mature. A young adult. But we also added quite lively colours in her clothing to make her slightly urban and more relevant to a younger target audience. This makes her more versatile and mainstream as an artist. Her hair style also implies maturity as most the time its quite glamorous which is associated with young adults rather than middle aged or really young.

Classy/mature look. Inspired by this image from Google for the forest outfit.

More casual/urban outfit but still mature. Can target more.

In the ancillary products, the representation of the artist could be interpreted in two different ways. In the pictures she is lying looking directly at the camera with no immediate expression on her face. this could imply she has no emotion as she’s depressed and blank distancing herself from the world. It could also suggest she is fierce strong and confident as she stares directly at the camera. This integrates well with the representation seen throughout our music video because we see both of these emotions from her. Therefore the ancillary products and the music video work very well with each other and almost work together to tell a story. Again, this is a good way of creating a sense of branding for our Artist.


The main theme of the video was heartbreak. This was shown through her being lonely and isolated. Another theme of the music video was “moving on” which she showed well at the end of the video as she was happier and demonstrated her interacting with friends again. • We can say that the overall theme was love. We portrayed this in our ancillary products through the font. We used a calligraphy font which flows with the swirls. This shows her freedom and vulnerability but also, the font is romantic which adds to the feminine vibe.. And of course, accentuates love.

MODE OF ADDRESS. Our mode of address is quite formal and mature. As explained in the previous slides, this was done through the clothing, styling, mise-enscene and also the locations as a whole. There is no informal behaviour or any dance as we wasn’t really trying to target an urban audience. Again, this was too replicated in our ancillary products as we kept it sleek, plain and professional.