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A blogging website where we upload all our work onto each week (written work, vlogs, photos etc…)

(ALL) Preproduction, production, postproduction & evaluation.

We used this website to submit all our work onto each week so that our teacher can mark it. Every week we would also submit a production log which was like a diary of our week.

Very easy to use and a quick way to upload work somewhere for everyone to access.

A site where upcoming artists who are still unsigned upload music onto profiles.


This website was used at the beginning of the year where we had to find an artist to do a presentation on and possibly use to make a music video.

A website that allows you to upload all documents such as word documents, PowerPoint presentations etc. to then embed on places like your blog.

Preproduction, Evaluation.

Research and planning section where I would have PowerPoint’s on analysesand other research. Also my pitch at the beginning of the year and any other PowerPoint’s/documen ts throughout planning.

A good way to choose music of any genre to use without having to worry about copyright issues(even though we still had to ask permission from artist, they were obviously easier to get hold of than a signed artist) They look professional and neat on the blog with a nice page flick way of viewing.

As I was very fussy with my post layouts, I would want to move imagesto certain places and blogger doesn’t allow you to move photos easily. Other than that, it was fine. It was quite difficult getting hold of the artists to ask for permission to use their song as some didn’t even put up an email.

A website that allows you to upload videos available for everyone to view and comment.

Preproduction, Production & evaluation.

Used in pre-prod when uploading inspiration vids, pitch video and also any feedback videos. Used in production to upload the final music video. Used in evaluation to upload director’s commentary and also audience feedback.

Very easy to upload videos and always an effective way to upload a video that’s easy to share links around for everyone to also view.

A social Networking site allowing you to upload photos, videos, make statusesand interact with

Planning , production & evaluation

we posted a link to our survey for people to fill in on our status and we also posted up a link to our music video to get feedback.

We all already had an account and were very familiar on how to use it. Easy way to

Wasquite hard to use at first in terms of uploading because there was a lot of sections you had to fill in before it allowed you to upload. Bit of a long winded process. It doesn’t let you upload more than 15 mins worth of video which was a problem because one of mine and my partners work is 21 minutes long :-/

Not exactly the most instant way to receive feedback as it all depends on which of your friends are online.


use of NMT table

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