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Toward the Tap The Process. The Problem. The Solution.

2 Toward the Tap

Problem Defined

Primary Audience


Visual Solution


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4 Toward the Tap

Brainstorming Observation was key in developing the problem. We knew we wanted to look at current events and research something that we all had personal experience with, so we asked ourselves a few questions. What are we interested in? What applies to populations of all kinds? Where can we look? We decided to look at the news for inspiration. Articles of all sorts popped up under the categories of “health” and “education,” the themes that we decided we were interested in. After some primary news browsing, we mindmapped topics we were familiar with.

Section 5



Education Affirmative Action


High School

College Students Admissions

Summer Programs

Financial Aid



Physical activity





Science Healthcare Research





6 Toward the Tap

Water is universal Everyone drinks it. The most common issues with water today are access and cleanliness. We see various campaigns attempt to provide clean water to poorer nations, or companies create products such as filters, bottled water, and purification tablets. There are many existing services that work to provide clean water to areas that don’t have the direct resources to access to it. While we knew that campaigns like this were available, we needed to research how they worked. We wanted to serve a local community while emphasizing the negative aspects of bottled water (environmentally and financially). We liked the idea of encouraging people to make smart decisions about water, but we didn’t have concise problem yet.

Research 7

People Water

People Water works on a platform of buy-one-donate-one. Their treat their service as a movement or a call to action. Customers can see how their purchase helps the lives of others via QR code. They can scan their water bottle purchase and they’ll be shown the exact water project their money has helped fund. This project is very admirable, but we knew we wanted to work more locally and less globally. We also knew knew we wanted to target the environmental issue of plastic water bottles.

P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water

P&G has a campaign that works to aid children of nations that lack clean water. Using the technology of purifiying powder, P&G entices the audience to donate to a large cause. This is a valuable service, but also targets a population of people much larger than we would like.

My Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act comes off as this “cool” website that strives to bring knowledge to the public about the reality of our water systems. Their vision is to create partnerships with colleges and universities to improve the availability of clean and abundant water supplies. However, this organization is very ambitious and has a variety of programs to do this. Their website suggests their scope is rather large and not specific to any venue of action.


TapWater advertises their purchasable water bottles and as a result, create a variety of points at which you can refill your water bottle. Targed towards the UK, the company finds a variety of venues that will allow for pedestrians to fill their water bottles. The organization is non-for-profit and we knew that this was a good starting idea. However, the design and purpose of this program did not seem compelling enough to us. This is where our design could really flourish.

8 Toward the Tap


Primary Audience


Visual Solution


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Problem Defined

10 Toward the Tap

Narrowing our focus We were ambitious. We wanted to focus on the environmental impact of water bottles and looked up all sorts of statistics and facts. This prompted our research of tap water, an alternative to bottled water. We weren’t sure of the cleanliness of tap water and contacted a stakeholder who had small experience in the tap water industry.


Americans spend more than $15 billion dollars annually on bottled water, buying 2.6 billion cases.

Bottled water can cost as much as $10 per gallon, making gasoline cost less than bottled water.


It will take 400 to 1,000 years for plastic to degrade in the environment.

Most water bottles are made of polethylene terephtalate (PET) plastic at 12 – 30 grams each.

2006’s figures to package/bottle 8 billion gallons of water took 900,000 tons of plastic.

86% of single-use plastic water bottles become landfill or litter in the U.S.


Americans spend more than $15 billion dollars annually on bottled water, buying 2.6 billion cases.

66 million water bottles will go into the garbage or litter today.

Problem Defined 11

“Bottled water isn’t that much cleaner than tap water...we don’t know how pure bottled water really is.” –Christopher Lau, stakeholder

12 Toward the Tap

It’s all in the bottle A lot of people prefer buying bottled water. Convenience, availability, and mobility seem to be key factors in peope’s decision to use it. But why? We developed a chart of pros and cons based on personal experience to being understanding the appeal of the product.

Tap water

Bottled Water Easy to transport

Environmentally friendly

Relatively inexpensive

Reliably available

Reliable taste

Locally sourced

Can store in masses

Taste can fluctuate

Produces lots of waste

Not readily transportable

Expensive to recycle



Misleading in benefits


Essentially same as tap

Problem Defined 13

People think bottled water is better and we want to prove them wrong.

14 Toward the Tap


Problem Defined


Visual Solution


Section 15

Primary Audience

16 Toward the Tap

Targeting the people Who and where were the next questions we asked ourselves. We found some demographics and originally wanted to focus on a population of 18 – 34 year olds, but knew that such a range would be difficult to hone in on. At what age do we develop opinions? Where can we find people in groups? What unifies them?


Consume bottled water


Consume bottled water


Tap water isn’t safe!

Don’t consume bottled water

Don’t consume bottled water

Tap water’s perfectly fine.

A demographic study of consumers in the 18-34 age group.

Section 17

Regionally, Los Angeles and San Diego

drink the most bottled water during the course of an average day. (3.2 servings)

Most water overall (servings) San Diego Dallas Los Angeles New York

6.9 6.5 6.4 6.4

18 Toward the Tap

“Due to the older generations’ matured tastes, they seek more natural, less caloric beverages. Younger Americans who are increasingly active and have literally grown up with bottled water are beginning to understand the importance of drinking water for better health and overall wellness.” –Frank Salazar, SBDCNet

Primary Audience 19

We concluded our primary audience must be: Young (18+) Easily influenced Able to make independent decisions In Southern California Within a strong community setting Drinking lots of bottled water

20 Toward the Tap

College students. Young (18+) Easily influenced Able to make independent decisions In Southern California Within a strong community setting Drinking lots of bottled water

Geoffrey, 22 U.C. San Diego ’11 Honestly, there’s a strong bias against tap water. There’s a lot of random stuff that goes in it and makes it taste bad. You also have to realize that people here are pretty wealthy, and will be more inclined to buy a $5 bottle of Voss instead of drinking tap water like a poor person. College students like to be trendy, they’ll do something to make them look good.

Primary Audience 21

Nick, 22 U.C. Irvine, ’09 Almost everyone drank bottled water...the water has to travel from Norcal and after going hundreds and hundreds of miles, it’s going to taste different. There was also something about buying water that suggested you were of higher class.

Ellie, 22 Claremont McKenna, ’12 The water down here tastes bad and it never comes out the faucet cold enough. I use a large Brita filter most days with a reusable water bottle, and I occasionally buy water bottles when I away from the house. I almost never drink water straight from the faucet. From my experience people in Los Angeles love their plastic water bottles. I also think that people in Los Angeles aren’t as environmentally conscious as those in the bay area, so buying crates of plastic water bottles doesn’t really seem like a big deal.

22 Toward the Tap


Problem Defined

Primary Audience

Visual Solution


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24 Toward the Tap

Finding the logic While taste was important in Southern California’s experience with tap water, based on my interviews with previous students from the region, the image that is associated with drinking tap water was also a big factor.


We wanted to show students that tap water could be delicious, healthy, and give a new image of being conscious, mature, and fun.

Purchases water



Front End


Back End


Sells water

Filters water

Communicates with vendor



C c


plays water

ticizes bottles

Convinces customer

Concept 25



Easy access to it


Marketing branding

CANNOT compare to tap water

Names water

Convinces customer

Packages water

Gets water, finds sources

Prices water

Recycles bottles ($$)

Diagramming the interactions between a user and a bottled water company allowed us to understand the most important factors for developing a service.

26 Toward the Tap

A lightbulb moment We wanted to follow certain trends and make them unique – something that was beyond a Twitter hashtag or just a mobile app to keep people interested. A physical object would draw people’s attention and need to confront a person in a friendly way. And it would have to be applicable to various campuses in the Los Angeles county. We needed to find a rising trend that in today’s youth.

Section 27

And who doesn’t love a food truck? There are 339 active food trucks in L.A. 105 Chuck Wagon    A Los Crepes A Bite A ROCKin ICE AfterSchoolTruck Ahn Joo    All American Gourmet Grill    Almoosal Aloha Fridays Antonia’s Nuts Asian Cravings Attack of the Killer Carnitas    Auntie’s Fry Bread B Sweet Mobile B&R Burger Truck Babys Badass Burgers BACON MANia Bakery Truck Barcelona On The Go Belly bombZ Beth & Tim Big Chewy Big G’s Roadhouse BITE ME FOODS BOLLYWOOD BITES Boo’s Philly Steak Bool Border Grill Bowers Sausages Brats Berlin Breezy Freeze Brew Coffee BurgerMonster Buttermilk Truck Cafe Con Leche Cafe2U Calbi BBQ CaliBanhMi CaliforniaGrillTruck Cambalache’s canter’s food truck Caridad Cuisine Casablanca Trucks Chasing Paradise    ChastellisFoodTruck cheerburger Chef Joe’s Tasting Spoon CheTruck Chicago Meats LA Chomp Chomp Nation Chunk-n-Chip

Chunky Chiller Clean Street Food Cod Save The Queen code 3 concessions Cool Cow COOLHAUS LA Corazon de Jah Corn Heaven Cousins Maine Lobster Crazy Creole Truck CreativEATS Crepe de Ville Crepe’n Around Crepes Bonaparte Crepuscule    Crispy Waffle&Frite Cupcake Place Cupcakery Cupcakes a GoGo Curb A Peel Curbside Cravings Currywurst Truck LA Da Burger Boss Dante Fried Chicken Dave Kerin Deano’s Deli Debi Rocha Del’s Lemonade - LA DesiAmigo    Diamond Garrett Discussion Truck DoghouseTruck Dogtown Dog Dogzilla Hot Dogs Don Chow Tacos Dos Chinos DOSAtruck Dumpling Station Eat Phamish Eat ‘Em Up el burger luchador elantojo Famous Bratwurst FATBURGER La Cienega Firehousechefs Truck FISH HAPPENS! Fishlips Sushi Five Diamond    flatirontruck Flavor Rush Truck Flippin Yolk

Flying Pig Fox Pizza Bus Franken Stand Fresh Fries Front Porch Pops Frysmith FukuburgerTruckVegas Game On! Gourmet Garlic Food Truck George’s Greek Get Shaved Shave Ice GetToasted Global Soul Glowfish Good Greek Grub Gourmet Genie GourmetGrill Masters Gravy Train Poutine Great Balls On Tires Green Truck Grill Em All Grill Sergeant    Grilled Cheese Truck Gringos Tacos Gringos Tacos (West Covina) Gyro Gone Wild Gyspy Toast Truck Haleiwa Shave Ice HandaRollaMasta Hang 10 Tacos Haute2Go Heirloom LA Holy Aioli Home Skillet Truck HotShotHotDog Hula Moon Hungry Nomad India Jones In-N-Out Burger (Catering only) Jody Maroni’s Truck Jogasaki Burrito Jose O`Malley’s Juice on the Loose Just4Halibut King Kone King’s Corner    Kiyoko’s Teriyaki Knockout Taco Truck Kogi BBQ komodo Krazy BBQ

L A SNOWIE SHAVE ICE la guera tamalera lardon Lee’s Philly Let’s Roll It LetsBeFrank Lidia’s Dominican Kitchen    Little Frenchie    Lobsta Truck Lomo Arigato Truck longboards Longboards Sprinter Los Saigon Louks To Go Luckdish Curry Ludo Truck M.O.Eggrolls Mac and Cheese Mama’s Food Truck Mambo Juice    Mandoline Grill Mangia Ristorante Marias Truck Maui Shave Ice Truck Maui Wowi LA Me So Hungry Meat The Greek MEETnPOTATOES Mighty Boba Miss Barbie-Q Mossie Lee’s Mr. Greenz Mr. Nacho Mun-Chee5    Mustache Mike’s My Delight Truck My Delight CupCakery N’AWLINS FOOD TRUCK Nacho Truck Nana Queen’s Truck NIKUMAN-YA NinjasWithAppetite No Jodas Kitchen No Tomatoes!    Nom Nom NoReservationsCater NY Ice Connection O Street OG Tempura    onoliciousbbq Oooh La La Crepes

Pacific Shave Ice Palazzolo’s Gelato Panfiniti Food Truck PapasTapasCatering Papaya King Paradise Cookies PattyWagon Philly Please Phydough    Piaggio Gourmet On Wheels Pie n Burger Pies And Fries Truck Pig’s Feet Under Pinoy Jeepney Pitapusher Pnut Butter Bar Pogi Boy Truck RaginCajun On Wheels Rancho a Go Go Rancho a Go Go LA Random Treats    Rasta Taco Rebel Bite Red Robin YUMMMMobile Refresh    Rice & Roll Onigiri    Ricky’s Fish Tacos Rockin’ Roll Truck Roll’n Lobster Rolling Rainbow Rolling Sushi Van Romolo’s Italian Cuisine    Rosa’s Bella Cucina Rounds Burger Truck Royal Red Velvet Scarecrow    Schmuck Truck Seabirds Truck Seoul Sausage Co. Sexy Burger Shave Ice Shave It Ice ShortRibBBQ shortribtaco Shortstop BBQ Shrimp Pimp Sky’s Gourmet Tacos SLAMMIN SLIDERS Slap Yo Mama SliceTruck Slider City

Sloppy Gourmet The Slummin’ Gourmet Smokin’ Willie’s SOHOTACO South Philly Exp Spice Island Sprinkles Mobile Spud Runner Stackers Steel City Sandwich Strati Organic Streets of Thailand Suite 106 Cupcakery Super Q Food Truck Surf Riders Shave Ice    Sweet Arleen’s Sweet Beats Sweet Es Bake Shop Sweet Wheels T’s Hot Sauce Truck Ta Bom! Taco María Tainamite Food Truck Takosher Takoyaki TANOTA Tamarindo Truck TangoMango Tapa Boy Texas Chili Pie The Boba Truck The Burnt Truck THE DIMSUM TRUCK The Feast Truck THE FLIP TRUCK The Fluff Ice™ Truck The Fry Girl The Garbage Truck The Gastrobus The Greasy Wiener The Lobos Truck The Manila Machine The Munchie Machine The Pit Stop The PitStop Grill The S’Cream Truck The Shrimp Guys The Surfer Taco The Sweets Truck The Tailgate Truck The TK Truck

The Wien Hot Dog Co. The Yummy ONE The Lime Truck The Vine Gourmet    thebuntruck ThePokeyTruck TJ’s Woodfire Pizza TNBBBQ Tornado Potato Tortas 2 Die 4 Trailer Park Truck Tropical Shave Ice Truck Norris TwistBurgers Umami Burger Uncle Lau’s Uncle Lau’s BBQ    Urban Oven Valentino’s Pizza Vchos Vegitup Grill Viking Vizzi Truck Waffle-icious Waffles de Liege Wake N Bake Wagon We Heart Froyo WheresTheFirePizza White Rabbit Wicked Wienerz Willoughby Road Yalla Falafel Truck ZZ Truck

28 Toward the Tap

Free Exciting



Keeping it relevant A system of mapping was essential. We all individually thought of words that could apply to our service. Afterwards, we collaborated our lists of words and began thinking of a way they all connect to one another. We strived for something catchy, not too cheesy, and more literal than figurative. H2GO was born.




Section 29


Do good


Socially aware


Scientific term Quick Casual Convenient

On-the-run Direction



Waves Arrow


Fresh water Tap water

Clean Vibrant



Transparent Clear

30 Toward the Tap


Problem Defined

Primary Audience



Section 31

Visual Solution

32 Toward the Tap

The interaction We wanted there to be a continuous interaction – something that was beyond a Twitter hashtag or just a mobile app to keep people interested. A physical object would draw people’s attention and need to confront a person in a friendly way. And it would have to be applicable to various campuses in the Los Angeles county. We needed to find a rising trend that in today’s youth.

Section 33

WEEK 1 The Tank drives around campus, providing free tap water without revealing our identities/mission.

WEEK 2 A brochure is delivered residents of the university. Our mission is revealed and we provide a QR code that leads to another product. A free water accompanies it.

WEEK 3 Students will begin using the application on a daily basis and they will return to the Tank.

EVENTUALLY ...we will promote the use of filters so students will become used to the idea of using refillable water bottles and drinking locally sourced tap water.

34 Toward the Tap

1st Iteration filtered water on wheels

2nd Iteration

3rd Iteration

The branding We wanted to use unique but familiar imagery – but we didn’t want to invest in using too generic or cliché metaphors. Being a service associated with water, it was easy to use the shape of water droplet to ground our logo. But, it was important that it wasn’t what was the center of our image. Our final design reflected the icons that we used for our mobile application.

Visual Solution 35

Logo Designs by Mary Yang

36 Toward the Tap

The mobile app The application was secondary. It was a good way of furthering the interaction between the user and our service. It also kept our program contemporary and “cool”. Figuring out the app architecture was difficult but we still needed to pin point its main function. In the end, we thought we would need something that could locate the truck, and a feature that would let you see keep track of your daily water intake. That way, the app could become personal.




The Truck


My Water

Today’s Water

Track Water Intake









Visual Solution 37

Prototyping via wood cut outs of iPhones and computer sketches Designed by Erin Woo

38 Toward the Tap


Problem Defined

Primary Audience


Visual Solution

Section 39


40 Toward the Tap


Launch It starts with the truck. Otherwise, known as the Tank. By branding the vehicle with a name, it can easily become a known entity amongst a community. We would let the Tank supply water to campuses without sharing any information on who we are or why we are doing it. Inserting ourselves without any context allows people to grow more curious in our existence.

Applications 41

Brochure design by Abby Pribble


Reveal You’ve got mail – something that was beyond a Twitter hashtag or just a mobile app to keep people interested. A physical object would draw people’s attention and need to confront a person in a friendly way. And it would have to be applicable to various campuses in the Los Angeles county. We needed to find a rising trend that in today’s youth.

42 Toward the Tap



October 23

We’ve given away

500.2 gallons

The Tank

The Tank

Interface designs by Erin Woo


Discover Staying modern. The accompanying application would keep the service fun and contemporary. Anybody could download the app and keep track of their daily water intake, see how much resource they’re saving by drinking in a refillable water bottle, and find out where the Tank is if they want some crisply cold and free water.

My Water

Applications 43





24 oz.

3, 2012 12:00 PM


Hillgard and Westholm

October 23, 2012 12:00 PM

We’re here from

I’ve had

300 oz.

Check In

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

...since August 31, 2011

The Tank Daily water intake

I’ve saved

Today’s water is from Walnut Valley Water District 16 14 12 10 8 6

40 more oz. to go!



The Tank

My Water




Plastic (lb)



The Tank

My Water



44 Toward the Tap


Engage Drink smart. Stay cool.

Section 45

46 Toward the Tap

Section 47

Statistics bottled-water-industry Featured Designers Erin Woo Mary Yang Abby Pribble The copy/design of this book was created by Erin Woo at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts. The creation of H2Go was not modeled after any existing service. Any other existing programs of the same or similar name is because of pure happenstance. Visual Info | Fall 2012

48 Toward the Tap

Toward the Tap: The Problem. The Process. The Solution.  

A book that documents the process of coming up with the idea for H2GO and the resulting visual solutions that we developed.