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Erin Swift Student Curriculum

Form Follows Function “ - That has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.�

-Frank Lloyd Wright

(Left) Image shows presentation board, second floor of a day camp. The second floor allows the camp manager to reside and work at the camp.

To Whom It May Concern, My name is Erin Swift, and I’m a senior at Mount Ida College for interior design. Eager to learn more, I am looking for an Internship that allows me to observe and learn from the best in the industry. As education in the Interior Design field comes from both book and hands-on knowledge. To me Interior Design is more then furniture placement and how the-pillows-looks- good-onthat-couch, it’s a puzzle. As Designers we are problem solvers. Solving the jigsaw puzzle of your clients needs, taste, and budget requirements to create a welcoming environment for those you are designing for. Our job is to not only create a visually appealing space but also protect the safety and well-being of those who are in the environment. Throughout my education these philosophies are what drives me in the design process. As you flip through this booklet you will see a sneak preview of my work, which includes digital renderings, a presentation board, a construction document, freelance work and hand sketching skills. I would be happy to send you a more indepth portfolio if needed I genuinely look forward to the opportunity of a personal interview to get to know you, the firm and capacities required to make this internship a success. Sincerely,

Erin Swift

(Left) Image shows perspective of a proposed south end restaurant. Renderings done in Revit 2014

Design Student. Scarf Lover. Cupcake Baker Aficionado. I have been passionate about Interior Design for as long as I can remember. I have always been an extremely observant, visual, and detail-oriented individual. In high school I channeled my creative talents into art classes. Ever sense I was young there was no doubt in my mind that Interior Design was my future, so declaring a major was a simple task. I studied at Wentworth Institute of Technology for a short time. However during that time I absorbed as much knowledge as I could about the basics of design. I continued my studies at Manchester Community College obtaining an Associates degree in Interior Design. During my time at MCC I earned a spot on the academic honor society Phi Theta Kappa. I currently have a senior standing at Mount Ida College pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, in which I actively participating in the student ASID chapter. During my academic years I have learned to chase a “new” American dream, one that doesn’t involve climbing a corporate ladder or holding out for the latest Michael Kors bag – instead, paving my own road, learning new things, living fully, and taking on new challenges each day. Outside of my design life I enjoy white wine, dinner with friends, yoga, and baking mouth-watering cupcakes.

AutoCAD Tutor Mount Ida College, Newton MA (Jan 2014 - May 2014) •

Assisted students in need of AutoCAD skills both on MAC and PC

Intern Terrat Elms Interior Design, Boston MA (Feb 2013 - May 2013) • • • •

Organized office space, sample rooms adn stroage areas Assisted in various client projects with site measuring, construciton documents, client books, presentation boards Met and acceded all clients needs and goals Answered the phone

Interior Designer Freelance Renovation, Kingston NH (Dec 2012 - Jan 2013) • • • •

Managed contractor scheduling Selected all finishes and furniture Met and acceded all clients needs and goals

Communicated effectively with floor plans and sketches

Design Product Specialist Sherwin Williams, Stratham NH (Dec 2011 - Aug 2013) • • • •

2010 Wentworth Institute of Technology Interior Design

In-store, in-house or on-site color consultations for both homeowners and contractors Wallpaper and Faux Finishes Specialist Maintain color card supplies Assist customers with their project needs

2012 - 2013 Manchester Community College Interior Design - Associates Degree

2013 - Present Mount Ida College Interior Design - Senior Standing

(Above) Image shows perspective in pencil of winery lobby – 2010 Drawing 1

(Above) Shown after images from the Lamoly condo renovation, Kingston NH

“My association with Erin is primarily through her class work and her active participation in the classroom. She did an excellent job with her many projects and has shown real commitment. Erin has exhibited a superb understanding of presenting a concept for selling products and services. As a student she has excelled at space planning, ADA and egress code compliance, appropriate commercial finishes and material selections, as well as custom cabinetry and lighting design. Erin has taken the program very seriously and has done very well. I wish Erin the best of luck on her new adventures.”

“Several times, customers have met with me after [Erin] had helped them. They tell me that the service that they received from [her] is the reason they shop at Sherwin-Williams and the reason that they keep coming back. [Erin] supports the team by readily backing up and supporting the efforts of other employees. [She] frequently does more then what is asked of [her], approaching job responsibilities without prompting. [Erin] consistently demonstrates a positive attitude. This helps with the store morale as well as our customers’ confidence in [her] advice. I thank her for the efforts she has provided us with our team and store.”

Sally H. D’Angelo, ASID Professor, MCC

Ryan Howie Manager, Sherwin Williams

“Over the course of two months, I gave Erin the role of project manager, overseeing the renovation of my new condo. She worked diligently with the contract team she put together to orchestrate a smooth renovation. I am grateful how Erin handled the project listening attentively to my needs, wants, taste as well as budget. She was successful in meeting the deadline and goals we had set, which was crucial due to my daughters pregnancy, as she was to move in before the arrival of my granddaughter. I currently reside in London, UK with my husband as my daughter occupies the house in Kingston, NH. I appreciate Erin’s efforts in the renovation, as I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone. She was a wonderful team player!” Eileen Budgen Condo Owner

Platform: Mac OSX & PC Windows 7 Can provide own laptop if needed





90% InDesign





80% Google Sketch-Up

100% Microsoft Office

Erin Swift

23 Buck Circle Danville, NH 03819


Lets Talk! (Left) Images shows the finishes schedule which is apart of a single set of constrction documents. Completed in AutoCAD

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