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The new screen printing studio Athousandarms will be an engaging and visual shop in Seattle, Washington a few blocks north of the Space Needle. It welcomes visitors to stop by, purchase merchandise and also watch as it is created from the beginning to end. This space has dark steel, plywood and concrete as the main materials. At first glance it is hard to decipher because the hall gets smaller. This will allow visitors to become curious about the space and want to know what is inside.

When you enter the first thing you see is the retail space. This space will display the shirts, hats, and posters they have already created. If you continue walking you will see the studio space. I placed steel framed windows in between the studio space and the retail space to allow the visitors/ customers to view the process of screen printing.


Plywood Panels

Painted Stone

Concrete Flooring

ALKI ROW HOMES These row homes were built based on the structure of a leaf. The leaf represents life and how we are built in the same way. There is the Chlorophyll, which absorbs light, represents the public spaces such as the front room and the kitchen as shown in the perspectives on the next page. Next you have the Xylem, allows the water to travel through the leaf, gives direction in the home allowing people to get around easily. Finally you have the Stomata which gives the clients their private spaces such as the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The highlights of the space are going to be where theye will be entertaining their guests, the kitchen and the front room. There is fireplace which reaches to the second level allowing the people on bothe leaves to enjoy it in multiple spaces. There is an open concept between the kitchen and the front room but because of the height in the floor it allows the rooms to still be their own.

Kitchen Island



White Marble

Dark Oak

THE PETERSONS CONDO Daniel and Abby Peterson are a newly married couple and have just bought a condo in Windermere, Washington with Abby’s Aunt Jeni and are looking to remodel it. Dan is 33 years old and has been working full-time at a high-end restaurant in downtown Seattle for almost 6 years now. Abby is 30 years old and works full-time as a nurse at the Children’s Hospital. Jeni comes over to visit during the summer time. When she was a child, she was hit with a baseball that paralyzed her from the waist down.

Since both Daniel and Abby work full time jobs, they would like to come home to a relaxing environment and unwind from their day. Dan has always been a cook, so he spends most of his time in the kitchen coming up with new recipes. Both enjoy the relaxation from sitting in the library and reading a good book. They also like to host little gatherings with their friends and family in the kitchen/dining room, so they will need an open space.

The design solustion plays on dark against light, with an industrial look, but also playful colors, to create a professional yet inviting environment. Black steel is placed throughout the fixtures such as the trim and window frames. This allows each room to be connected and gives a pop of color allowing it to be its own separate space.










Peter Miller has designed a book store within a space using a modern take to the space. With the excess space he wanted to create a restaurant so the customers could get a bite to eat while enjoying a lovely book. We decided to keep with the glass so all the new wall are glass. Also the tables will have glass tops and steel legs. Peter likes the color red but we din’t want to stick to just using red so he decided that turqoise would be a great color to go with red. Instead of designing a waiting room for the customers to sit around right outside the bookstore he wanted to have an Art Walk for the customers to admire. This will be seasonal so each season there will be a new topic to go off of.




The northern lights is one of the reasons people to visit iceland. The guest room is designed with glass which allows you to view the northern lights when you are eating in the kitchen or just laying in bed. Although the space is small it still allows for space for storage and a place to eat. In the bed room you have light oak floors and black steel framed windows. When you walk out of the bedroom you have the bathroom on one side and a closet for storage on he other. When you walk straight through you will be walking into the kitchen which also has a large window with steel framing that allows you to view the norhtern lights.

2030 HOME With new inovations in the future, our homes are going to be run by batteries. So with my design we are looking at the moving battery in our vehicles. Istead of wasting the extraelectricity we could be moving it to the next thing we use such as from our house to our car and at the end of the day from our car to our house.