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INSPIRED Summer 14


We profile the life of the Inspirational Ellie Simmonds Margaret Thatcher: Was she really an inspiration to women?

Is Facebook ruining your wardrobe? We give you tips to revamp your look. Plus much more.

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Message From The Editor SUMMER is finally here and at INSPIRED we want to add a little extra sunshine to your lives. In this issue we look at the achievements of our favourite Paralympian Ellie Simmonds and the spectacular year she has had since last year’s Summer Olympics. Make-up Artist Sara Hill gives us tips on how to get perfect skin and we discover why so many people feel that Social Networking is ruining their wardrobe. Since her death at the beginning of April many women have questioned if Margaret Thatcher was an inspiration to them – INSPIRED finds out the answer. We hope you enjoy this issue and would love to hear from you. You can send messages directly to our office, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Have a great summer!

Erin Reid x

Contents 4. Ellie Simmonds Profile. 6. Make-up Artist Sara Hill Gives Tips for the Perfect Skin.

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8. Is Social Networking Ruining your Wardrobe? 10. Inspirational Decade – 40’s. 12. Inspiration Women Today.


14. Was atcher an Inspiration to Women? We would like to hear from you. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. All information and prices are right at the time of print. All rights reserved.




Ellie Sim

ON the 11 November 1994, a girl was born in Walsall, England that would go onto inspire millions of people worldwide. That girl was Ellie Simmonds. She propelled to fame during the 2008 Beijing Paralympics as the youngest British Athlete to compete. Ellie who has achondroplasia (a form of dwarfism) began swimming at only fiveyears-old at Boldmere Swimming Club in Sutton Coldfield. It was then that Ellie’s talent was spotted and she and her mother moved to Swansea so that she could take advantage of the world-class pool in the city. In 2008 and at only 13years-old, Ellie went on to win gold medals in the 100m and 400m freestyle swimming events during the Beijing Paralympics. If the hearts of the nation were not already warmed by her humbleness after the 100m event they certainly were after the 400m. Instead of parading about showing of her gold medal Ellie went to

comfort Nyree lewis, a fellow swimmer who came in sixth in the race and who Ellie says was inspiration to get into the pool in the first place. Ellie has inspired a whole generation of people and showed that nothing, not even a disability should stand in their way. She famously said: “I don’t think of it as a disability. I’m just a bit

smaller than everyone else.” After the 2008 Games Ellie went on to be the voted Young Sports Personality of the Year and in 2009 she made the New Year Honours list and became the youngest person to receive an MBE at only 14-years-old. WOW! In the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Ellie

became a poster girl for the event along with fellow GB Team Member Jessica Ennis. The crowd went mad for Ellie. To add to her collection that aslo included nine world record titles, she earned herself two more gold medals and bagged another world record by taking five seconds off the 400m world record. She also won a silver and bronze medal. All of this was achieved before the girl had even hit 18-years-old! If that’s not an inspiration then who knows what is! Although Ellie is a genuine, caring person outside of the pool and shows a great deal of sportsmanship towards every competitor - in the pool another side of her seems to come out. She said in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics “They’re nice people and I get on with them, but when we’re in the pool its war.” If that’s what’s helped her to win four Olympic gold medals then we like her thinking! To celebrate her gold’s from London, two Royal Mail post boxes were painted gold. One was in Aldridge and another in Swansea. Ellie should be a great inspiration to everyone who feels that they have drew the short straw in life. People should take a look at what this girl has achieved and take note that anything is possible!



Other Inspirational Olympians

“When we’re in the pool it’s war!”

In 2008 Jess Ennis injured herself missing out on the Beijing Olympics. She came back with a bang in London 2012 and took home the gold in the Heptathlon.

Five Facts about Ellie: 1. Her first name is Eleanor. 2. Her favourite programme is Come Dine With Me... (whose isn’t?) 3. She trains 16 – 18 hours a week in the pool and everyday apart from a Sunday.

Female boxers were allowed to take part in the Olympics for the first time and one of our own, Nicola Adams went on to win the gold.

4. The age limit for swimmers was changed from 14 to 12 to allow Ellie to compete in competitions. 5. She has a massive crush on Justin Bieber!

Martine Wright lost both of her legs in the 7/7 bombings in London. She represented Great Britain’s women’s sitting volleyball team. She also campaigns for better support for victims of bombings and their families.



“My boyfriend is the most inspirational person in my life.”

Get Flawl

SARA Hill should be considered in her own right an Inspiration. In 2011 she opened the Academy of Makeup in Glasgow after noticing the high demand make-up schools in Scotland. The only make-up school in Britain at the time was based in London, limiting the choice for potential makeup artists to there or overseas. Sara has been working as a freelance make-up artist for 18-years and even went to work in Australia for a year. Shortly after this she received her big break and began working on a number of TV sets. She said: “I worked for the BBC for quite a long time and then I worked on a programme called Stargate SG-1 in Canada. I worked in television for quite a long time but that was seven-years-ago and it’s mainly fashion work I do now.” Sara has worked with loads of celebrities during fashion shoots and awards shows like the BRIT’s. She has helped to preen stars such as Kanye West, Emeli Sande and even a Spice Girl – Mel C. Lucky her! Sara believes that applying make-up really is a form of art and takes inspiration from different cultures. She said: “I read a lot of magazines from Sweden and Germany. I think the sort of work that is coming out of there is really inspirational. It seems to be less mainstream and a lot more interesting. I also like to go

Make-up Sara Hill to modern galleries and get inspired by different types of art work and the colours. I even get inspired by . One thing that Sara certainly has is experience and she knows where most people go wrong when doing their make-up. She said: “Skin is always the most important thing. I think finding the right colour of foundation and not using it as a mask which a lot of women tend to do is really important. Foundation should be looked at as a light way to even out your skin tone and using a concealer to perfect the skin rather than using something that is all covering.” This is what Sara says is her top tip. She believes foundation is the most important part of make-up. She said: “When I do someone’s foundation I try and use as little product as possible to try and get the best results. I feel it should look real. I don’t like that sort of fake look.” Sara might be living the perfect life - full of glamour and celebrities, but she really is just a normal girl at

heart. When asked who the most inspirational person is in her life she lets out a giggle and says: “This is going to sound really cheesy but my boyfriend is the most inspirational person in my life. He’s really helped me and kept me motivated in those times when I felt the industry was tough and kept me going. So he’s definitely my inspiration.” How sweet!



ess Skin Talks to INSPIRED. Tips for Flawless Skin: 1. Avoid heavy duty scrubs. These will just make your skin break out. Instead use mild cleansers with a milky or foam base. Look at the label to see if they contain natural, gentle ingredients.

2. Use fragrance free soaps as these tend to break out skin.

3. Use a plant based moisturizer. These will help keep your skin hydrated and the plant extract is better for your skin that manmade ingredients such as petroleum.

4. Eating well and drinking lots of water will keep your skin hydrated ad give u a glowing look.

5. Getting a good night’s sleep can do wonders for your skin. Not only does it make you feel fresh it makes your skin look fresh and gets rid of any dark circles under eyes.



Is Social Networking... FACEBOOK and Twitter – social networking site’s that allow people to unleash their inner vanity. Every newsfeed is full of self-confessed posers uploading pictures through apps such as Instagram to help enhance their beauty. While this app might provide the ideal lighting to make you look flawless, there unfortunately isn’t an app to change the outfit you are wearing in pictures… yet. Research by AX Paris has shown that 72 percent of women would only wear a dress once in fear of being tagged in photos wearing the same outfit. The survey also shows that a third of women would cancel a night out if they felt they had no other option than to wear the same dress twice. Is this an obsession gone too far? Jemma Reid, a 24-year-old nursery teacher from Paisley said: “I only wore a dress once and I felt like I couldn’t wear it again because it was my profile picture on Facebook. I didn’t want people to think I always wore the same clothes. Recession has also hit the high-street hard and clothes are no longer as cheap as they once were. You would think that this would stop women from putting pressure on themselves to have a different look each time but it looks like it has actually made the situation worse. Pride could be the issue. Maybe women don’t want other

people to know that the recession has hit them hard too. Jemma continued: “Clothes are expensive now and people don’t have the money but I still feel under pressure. Seeing other girls on Facebook and Twitter always looking good and wearing new clothes makes me want to be the same.” It is not often that Celebrities wear the same outfit more than once, but when they do we all seem to think it’s amazing and feel like they are really once of us. Dramatic –yes! True -yes! Jemma said: “It’s always made out to be a big thing when celebrities are seen in the same outfit. It does make me feel good and I do think that when you buy something you should be allowed to wear it as many times as you want. However thinking that and actually doing it are two totally different things.” Kate Middleton doesn’t seem to be feeling the pressure. The Duchess of Cambridge has been pictured hundreds of times wearing the same outfits. She was even pictured wearing the same dress as her mum Carole! Let’s be honest the mum-to-be could probably wear a black bin bag and we’d all say she looked amazing but I say if the future queen can wear the same outfits twice then so can we!

The Duchess Shows Us How It’s Done.



Ruining Women’s Wardobes? 3 Inspirational Tips to Revamp your Look: 1. Accessories – Wear different costume jewellery to revamp your outfits. Or why not try a patterned scarf or different shoes. These can add a breath of fresh air to any outfit. 2. Colours – A bright coloured cardigan or blazer can totally change your look.

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Which Came First?

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Put your answers in order from which song came first to which came last in for your chance to win two tickets to the musical WICKED in Glasgow. Send your answers on a postcard to the INSPIRED office or answer on facebook or Twitter. INSPIRED’s decision is final.



The Sloan Sisters Sarah (Sadie) Sloan was only 15-years-old when the war first broke out in 1939. She lived in George Street in Paisley with her father Robert, mother Mary and was the second youngest of 14 children. By 1942 Sarah married Ebenezer (Abbie) Reid, a local man who she used to see every morning when she was going to her work in the thread mill. It wasn’t long until Sadie found out she was pregnant with their first child and then Abbie was called up to serve in Sicily and Burma. He was part of the Seaforth Highlanders. Sadie’s sister Kathleen who was 22-years-old worked as an electric crane driver. Gordon Reid, Sadie’s son said: ‘Kathleen was doing the job of a man who was sent to war.” One day Kathleen was driving her crane and another worker mistakenly pressed the wrong button and the load from her crane fell on top of Kathleen. Gordon said: “She was rushed to the Western Infirmary where doctors confirmed that she had received multiple injuries. She only lived for two hours after the accident.” The Sloan family was devastated. Not only had she left behind her parents and siblings she had also left behind her daughter Noreen. Noreen was only three-years-old and was taken in and raised by Kathleen’s parents. If Sarah hadn’t already gone through enough a few months later her and Abbie’s baby was born. She was also named Kathleen Norah Wallace McCutcheon Reid. After the war ended Abbie returned home to his wife and little girl who was only one-year-old. At first baby Kathleen didn’t recognise her father,

1. but it wasn’t long until she got used to him being around. Sadie and Abbie went on to have thirteen more children and stayed in Paisley for the rest of their lives. Sadie and her sister Kathleen were great inspirational women in their own right and although Kathleen’s life was cut short I’m sure she was a great inspiration to her sisters and even her little girl Noreen. Sadie passed away in 2005 at 81-years-old surrounded by her family. She spent her whole life helping people and not only raised her own children, but took in those who were less fortunate and made them part of the family. She was a great inspiration to people then and still continues to be now.

3. 1.2.




6. 1. Sarah Sloan. 2. Ebenezer Reid . 3. Young Kathleen. 4. Sarah’s mother Mary, Father Robert and Kathleens’ daughter Noreen. 5.Sarah in her later years with sisters Isa and Irene and niece Noreen. 6. Seaforth Highlanders emblem.


The Land Girls BEFORE the 1940’s very few women had careers. Those that did only carried out the ‘women jobs’ such as nursing and secretarial work. It wasn’t until their men were called up to serve in World War 2 that things began to change. Women had to pick up where the men left off. Adverts were shown depicting beautiful women looking femine and sexy whilst working. This was to encourage them to go and find jobs. They began working in factories. They became plumbers and engineers. Every ‘man’s’ job you can think of had been taken over by a women. The ‘Women’s Land Army’ saw women working

for 50 hours a week in farms and fields to increase the amount of food grown. 50 hours a week! And then they were going home to look after their families. Talk about being inspirational! While no words can express how grateful we are to the men who fought for our country – the women of the 1940s saved us in so many ways too! Without them our country would have fell to pieces and the men wouldn’t have had a home to come home to. This is why the women of the 1940’s are truly inspirational!



INSPIRED Takes a look at the world’s most Inspirational Women. Michelle Obama She’s the first African- American First Lady who came from a normal, working-class background and went on to study at Princeton University and Harvard Law School. She grew up in a time where blacks were still considered the lower class in America. Through her role as First Lady she has worked with many charities and military families and helped to promote education and tackle child obesity. It is not only brains that Mrs Obama has. She regularly inspires women through her fashion sense and love of keeping fit.

Aung San Suu Kyi This inspirational woman from Burma has the courage and determination that most people can only dream of. The pro-democracy leader has never given up on her belief and campaigned endlessly and non-violently against one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world. She has sacrificed so much in her own life and has not seen her husband (who sadly died in 1999) and children since 1995. She was also put under house arrest for 15-years. Her courage should be a great inspiration to all women to never give up on their beliefs.

Adele Let’s face it – she got her own back on a guy who broke up with her by turning it into a multi-platinum record and making millions. If that’s not an inspiration to women then I don’t know what is! Her second album, 21, is the longest running number one album by a female solo artist in the UK and is the longest running number one album by a female in Billboard history. What a way to mend a broken heart! Take note girls!



The Queen She has served her country for 60 years after being thrust into the spotlight in 1952. At the tender age of 25 and with two small children to raise she managed to fit into what was definitely a man’s world at the time and prove that she belonged on the throne. Her people have been served with grace and panache ever since and that is why women today should consider her one of the world’s greatest inspirational women to have ever lived.

Oprah Winfrey The chat show host came from an unimaginably poor background and now today she is the first self-made billionaire She has done hundreds of charity work and founded a school in South Africa. Her own network, Oprah’s Angel gives educational grants and she personally donated ten million dollars to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina rebuild their homes. Oprah is a great inspiration to women because she has never forgotten the sort of background she came from.

Who Inspires You? I would have to say my mum. The reasons are she has helped me through some rough times in the recent past, been there to listen to my troubles and help me. Even when she is unwell she is always thinking of others. She is the ype of person who will encourage you to achieve your best and is always willing to help with any problem you have. She is a kind, caring, thoughtful person and is always thinking of others.

My dad is my inspiration. He always knows the right thing to say and has always been there for me. He works really hard for his family. Laura Hayes, 20, Paisley.

My mum is the biggest inspiration in my life. I think all mothers should be some sort of inspiration to their children. My mum has always been there for me and she has shown me how to be a good mother. I hope I have always been there for my children and taught them the things my own mother taught me. Elaine Sloey, 51, Paisley.

Fraser Donnelly, 22, Carluke.



Was Margaret An Inspiration INSPIRED Takes a Look at The Life of the Iron Lady. MARGARET Thatcher was born in Grantham on 13 October 1925. She was the daughter of a Grocer who went on to become the first female Prime Minister of Britain and the only one we have had so far. She was elected in 1979 and stayed in power until she was thrown out by her own party in 1990. Her death on 8th April has proven that even in death she continues to split the country. Carol McGiffin has been very outspoken on her show ‘Loose Women’ saying that she feels Thatcher was a great inspiration to women and even the Philanthropist, Katie Piper has caused controversy by taking to twitter recently to say: “To be inspired by someone, I don’t have to agree with everything they’ve done.” These comments don’t particularly come as a surprise considering these women come from the South of England – exactly the part of the country that the Baroness seemed to favour. While some of the English might see her as being a great inspiration to women, the majority of views from the north of the country are well… somewhat different. I don’t think I have spoken to a single person who has turned around and said they agreed with the decisions she made. What people have said was that she was only for the rich, she did nothing for the country and she never listened to anyone else apart from herself. Elaine Reid, a mother of four from Paisley said: “She wasn’t for the working class. You

would have thought with her being a women she would have had sympathy for the working class people but all she was interested in doing was selling of nationalized service to fat cat conservative businessmen. I would like someone to tell me how she improved the living conditions for anyone north of London.” This view is held by the majority of people in this country who remember the poll tax implemented on the Scottish ‘guinea pigs.’ Looking back at her polices I have also yet to find one that was to the benefit of women or to help and allow them tofollow in her footsteps. Thatcher was ‘invading’ a man’s world and so she had to become stronger than those around her, even if that did mean thinking more like a man than a woman. Elizabeth McLaughlin, Senior Lecturer and programme leader for Sports Journalism at the University of the West of Scotland agrees. She said: “She wasn’t an inspiration in the way you would like to be inspired. She’s inspired women, intelligent women to act in a different way than she did. I think what she did was became more male than the men that surrounded her because women are regarded as the more nurturing and empathetic of the two sexes. She showed no empathy, understanding or nurturing for the society and the country.” Margaret Thatcher undoubtedly ruined lives. She closed Ravenscraig, a steal works in Motherwell putting thousands of people out of jobs. She shut Chrysler, a car plant in Linwood putting 13,000 people out of work.



t Thatcher to Women?

She became the first British female Prime Minister in 1979.

“atcher was a great inspiration to women.” She put generations of families out of work, generations that are still struggling today. Mary Wright, a student at the University of the West of Scotland said: “She was inspirational in some ways but I think she done the country a lot of damage, I mean she didn’t support the miners. There were things she just didn’t do. She didn’t do as much for the country as she could have.” It is not only women who were alive during the 1980s that feel strongly about Margaret Thatcher. Some say that the youth of this country have no right to hold an opinion on someone who they never saw in power, but how come they are allowed to have opinions on people such as Hitler? A bit far-fetched comparing Thatcher to Hitler some might say, but then again others won’t! Sommer Reid, an 18-year-old drama student from Paisley has grown up on stories from her father who had the opportunity of getting into a trade taken away from him because of the cuts to the industries. Her Grandpa was also one of the men made redundant from

Chrysler. Sommer feels that she is entitled to an opinion and that Thatcher could have used her role as being the first female in charge to help make the lives of women easier: “She had a chance to show that women were just as strong as men but she went too far trying to be this so called ‘Iron Lady’. She acted like a man in a man’s world where as she should have acted like a true woman and had a heart. She never had the maternal instincts that you expect every woman to have. It was like her having children and holding one down while helping the other to flourish.” It is clear that the feelings people so strongly felt back when Thatcher was in power still burn bright today. Her final years were spent out of the limelight so no one really knows what sort of women she became. Maybe she regretted what she did and thought that if she could have had the chance to do it all over again, she would have done things completely different ... Then again the Lady was not for turning.


in 1982 Thatcher helped to end the Falkland War.

Riots broke out because of Thatchers Policies.

In 1990 her own party turned against her and voted her out of parlia-


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