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March, 2012

The Beacon A PUBLICATION OF ERIN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 200 Lockett Rd. — Knoxville, TN 37919 — (865) 588-5350 —

PASTOR Rev. John Stuart

SESSION Vacant Clerk of Session

CONVENERS Kim Pennington, Fellowship

Charles Snodgrass, Discipleship

Rickey McCallum, Stewardship

Mike Pierce, Outreach

Susan Miller, Creative Expressions

David Stinnett, Property

STAFF Nancy Berry, Organist

Michele Meer, Administrator

Cindi Stooksbury, Nursery

Joe Jaynes, Choir Director

Joy Bornhoeft, Family Ministry

Beth Snodgrass, Youth Director,

A Message From The Pastor

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the Name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. Colossians 3:17

Dear Friends, Rev. John Stuart At the end of last month, my sister Anne celebrated her 56th year. However, all of the cards that she received wished her a very happy 14th birthday! You see, Anne was born on the 29th February, 1956, so she only gets to really celebrate her birthday every four years. She laughingly says that she’s looking forward to her 84th year, when she will be able to celebrate her 21st birthday. And, being a Leap Year baby, she never has to lie about her age. Did you know that some born-again Christians celebrate two birthdays every year? They acknowledge their actual birth day when they were born into this world, but they also emphasize their re-birthday when they were born again by giving their heart to Jesus. It’s a time to give thanks to God for their salvation and, instead of focusing on themselves, they do something special for Christ and something beautiful for God. This month I’ll be 55 years old, but on June 15th, I’ll be 35 years old as a born-again Christian. I know that term is not popular and is looked upon suspiciously by some people, but I cannot deny what happened to me on June 15, 1977. On that day, God opened my heart and I gave my life to Jesus. The process saved my life and that spiritual event awakened my soul. It was a pivotal moment for me; it was a total rebirth of my life. At Erin, we have also experienced a rebirth in recent years. The whole process of renovation has renewed our commitment to Christ and this year we will bring this modernization to an end. At Easter, we will see some substantial differences in the sanctuary and, by the end of the summer, we will have accomplished what we set out to do in the Name of Christ. It will be a great occasion to give thanks to God and to become reborn in our faith, to be renewed for mission, and to be ready to begin Christ’s Great Commission in our congregation and surrounding community. Thank you for all of your support, your prayers, and your giving. May the Lord bless you for the blessings you have brought to Christ’s church at Erin.



MARCH BIRTHDAYS 1— Kim Jaynes 2— Kristi Bailes 3— Kari Matthews 10— Autumn Major 11— Steve Foster 13— Bayard Erskine 13— Eleanor Jaynes 14— Mike Massengill 14— Kenleigh Pennington 15— Kayla Scarbrough 19— John Stuart 22— Emme Ritchie 25— Cynthia House 26— Happy Hilty 28— Dale Webb NEWSLETTER Submissions to “The Beacon” are due on the 20th of each month. Your articles may be submitted by calling 588-5350 or by sending an email to

PRAYER CHAIN Would you like to receive weekly prayer requests by email, phone, or even text message? Call or email the Church Of0ice to sign-up for the communication of your choice!

UPDATE YOUR INFO If your contact information has changed, please call or email the Church Of0ice to update your information. address, and email for you? If not, please call the Church Of0ice and/or complete the enclosed form to have your current information recorded in our database.




FAMILY MINISTRIES Dear Friends, My family and I joined Erin Church Dive years ago and immediately found a home here. Truly, Erin is like my second family and so I am especially honored to join the staff as Director of Family Ministries. The Director of Family Ministries, formerly called the Christian Education Coordinator, is now a part-time position that focuses on Christian Education for children through Difth grade and their families. In this position, I will work to manage and develop the Discipleship Team programs, such as Sunday School, Planet Worship, Wednesday Night Pioneer Club, and Vacation Bible School. This is a busy time in our church year. In the weeks ahead, I will work to update the Discipleship volunteer roster, to grow and develop the Planet Worship program, and make plans for this year’s VBS. The strength of our children’s programs lies in the support and dedication of our congregation. I welcome your input and contributions and will be available Monday through Friday, 9 am to Noon, in the church ofDice. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve in this way. I look forward to an exciting and fruitful year!

~Joy Bornhoeft

For the next few months, we will be highlighting each member of the newest Elder class. P. Donald Quinley Statement of Faith I know that I am a sinner justly deserving God’s wrath. I have broken His commands and sought my selDish ends. But, my heart is thankful that He did not leave me in that state of rejection I so deserved. He intervened through His Holy Spirit to extend me grace for the payment of my sins by the completed work of Jesus Christ, His son, my savior. I believe that God calls believers to be a community of faith to demonstrate His love for a rebellious world. To live in a community that is redeemed, not capable of demonstrating anything of God apart from His love and power in us. That is the Good News…. God knows us and yet chooses to love us and call us to himself by the work of His Son. Being raised in the Presbyterian Church, I became a Christian at an early age receiving conDirmation at the age of twelve years. My calling to serve in the church was conDirmed upon returning from military service and being ordained a deacon and then elder in the Presbyterian Church U.S. and later the P.C.A. My journey has not always been that which I can lift as an example to follow in all endeavors, but God has provided His grace through a loving wife of 43 years, four adult children and their spouses, Dive grandchildren and an extended family that has loved and encouraged me throughout the years despite my many shortfalls. Through His provision, God has allowed me to have a rewarding professional life

as an architect experiencing the joy of creation in His world.

~P. Donald Quinley

The furniture ministry on 2/18/2012 was a success thanks to the Erin volunteers. We picked up donations including sleeper sofas, end tables, and area rugs. We then delivered furniture including washer/dryer, sofa, refrigerator, TV, and beds to four families in our community. Thanks to everyone that donated items and their time to the furniture ministry.

The One Great Hour of Sharing special offering, which beneDits the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Hunger, and Self-development of People programs, comes this year on Easter, April 8. If you can't be at church, please send your contribution to the church ofDice.

It is time to order lilies for our Easter service. To place a lily in the sanctuary in memory or in honor of someone, please complete the order form and place in the offering plate. The cost of a lily is $15. Lilies may be picked up following the Easter worship service on April 8th. Name:____________________________________________________________________ Number of Lilies________@ $15 each = $____________total. In Honor Of:_____________________________________________________________

In Memory Of:___________________________________________________________ (This form will also be available in the weekly bulletins leading up to the deadline to order)


Online at Erin Erin has its own website on the internet at You can read about our ministries and missions, projects and programs, staff and beliefs on the various pages of the website. Current and archived newsletters can be read online and a whole host of other material and links is constantly available. The pastor also has various websites and blogs on the internet. His regular devotions can be found at his Heaven’s Highway blog at http:// His collectible artwork and latest drawings can be viewed at his site called “Stushie’s Art.” You can Dind this at

The Souper Bowl Sunday event was an overwhelming success- we raised over $400 for FISH Pantries of Knoxville!! A big thank you goes out to everyone who donated for your generosity and support. Way to go, Erin! In February, the Middle School Youth group gathered at the Gahans’ house for football, fun, and fellowship during the Super Bowl game. The 8th grade students took an overnight trip to Camp John Knox to learn about baptism, conDirmation, and the Presbyterian Church. We even went on the ropes course! The High School Youth group is going to Presbytery Youth Summit in Gatlinburg March 2-4, and this year’s theme is Occupy Youth Summit, featuring keynote speaker Brent Ronald. On March 11, the Middle and High School Youth groups will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast at 8:30-9:30 am. All proceeds will support the students’ upcoming trip to Montreat Conference this summer. Tickets are only $5 for adults and $3 for children under 12, and will be on sale February 26 and March 4 before and after church. It’s daylight savings day, so save some time by having breakfast with the Erin Youth! Also coming up this spring are Middle School and High School lock-ins, volunteering at the FISH Pantry, the Silent Auction, and the 30-Hour Famine, so stay tuned!


Connections Class for March

Let’s Do Dinner! Breadbreakers Dinner Our next dinner is Saturday, MARCH 17 at 6:30 pm. Please call Suzanne Levering at 766-0909 for location information or to host an upcoming dinner. Remember: If you will be needing child care, please let the church ofDice know at least 48 hours prior to the dinner.

FIRST FRIDAY GAME NIGHT! March 2, 2012, 7 pm Fellowship Hall Join us for First Friday Game Night this Friday. Children, age 5 and up, can join the adults and bring their own board games or cards. Nursery Care may be requested for pre-school age children. Please contact the church ofDice by Wednesday to request Nursery Care.

My eight-week forced hibernation is over, and you made it more tolerable with cards, food, and calls! My ankle will soon be good as new!. Thank you so much Erin Family!

~Sonja DuBois

Tuesday, March 6 at 5:15 pm Parkside Grille Peters Road Contact Mary Scarbrough at 691-8658

MARCH 10 at 8:30 a.m. Fellowship Hall

March 19-March 23 is Knox County Schools Spring Break. There will be NO Wednesday Night Dinner, Art Club, Oasis Bible Study, Pioneer Club, or children’s hand chimes on March 21.

Senior Adult Ministry will be having a meeting to plan 2012 activities and recommend ways to use the $12,000+ bequest dedicated to S.A.M. All seniors are urged to attend March 15, noon for bag-lunch, in the Noah's Ark room. If you can't attend, let Allyson Streckfuss of Donna Schall know your ideas.

Every Sunday, the pastor teaches a Sunday school class in the Noah’s Ark room from 9:45AM to 10:30AM. Each month, he chooses a different theme and enables lively Biblebased discussion to take place among the participants. Throughout March, he will be discussing some of the Gospel characters who played pivotal roles during Holy Week. The schedule is as follows: Mar 4 Caiaphas, the High Priest Mar 11 Pilate, the Roman Governor Mar 18 Judas, the Betrayer Mar 25 Peter, the Apostate Everyone is welcome to attend the classes. If you cannot make it on Sundays, you can Dind weekly study material and questions about the themes on the internet. The website is called “Connections” and can be found at the following link: 5

The scripture tells us in Luke 9 that “Jesus set his face to go to Jerusalem.” That means, he was determined to go through with whatever was ahead, even if it meant that he would die. Jesus was DETERMINED! And his reason was his love for you and me. He made up his mind. That is what WE must do. We must make up our minds. One thing we know we can do for the love of Jesus and to Honor God, is to give, generously and sacriDicially. We can only do this if we are DETERMINED to do it. So, let us make up OUR minds to follow the one who died for us.

GENERAL OPERATING BUDGET Profit & Loss Year-to-Date Comparison (Through February 28, 2012) Jan 1 - Feb 28, 12

Jan - Feb 11



Income Creative Expression Income Discipleship Income Fellowship Income Stewardship Income Memorial Income














Total Income



Outreach Income

Expense Creative Expressions Ministry



Property Team



Discipleship Team



Fellowship Team



Outreach Team Stewardship Team Worship Team Pastoral Ministry

4,581.00 23,234.48





Memorial Expenses






PW expenses



Payroll Expenses







Total Expense Net Income


3,271.15 17,773.92

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: Profit & Loss Report (Through February28, 2012)

Through Feb 28, 2012 Income 40000 · Capital Campaign 83,599.04

41800 · Non-Pledged Giving


41900 · Pledges


45000 · Memorials


Total Income Expense 60000 · Expenses


60100 · Administrative

104,593.67 148.880.99

60200 · Building and Property Security Total Expense


Net Income

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: Statement of Cash Flow (Through February 28, 2012 Through Jan 27, 2012 OPERATING ACTIVITIES Net Income 20000 · Accounts Payable Net cash provided by Operating Activities

882,053.53 52,349.35 929,400.73

INVESTING ACTIVITIES 13001 · Building 13002 · Kitchen

-1,323,248.35 -30,932.20

Net cash provided by Investing Activities


FINANCING ACTIVITIES 25000 · Line of Credit Net cash provided by Financing Activities Net cash increase for period Cash at end of period

480,709.62 480,709.62 60,931.95 60,931.95


March 2012 SUNDAY







4 Worship, Nursery, & Planet Worship 11:00 am

5 AA 7:30 pm

6 Let’s Do Dinner 5:15 pm

7, 14, 21, 28 Body Recall 4:00 pm

1 VBS Planning Mee1ng 7:00 pm

2 Game Night 7:00 pm

12 PW Circle IV 7:00 pm

Friendship Force 6:30 pm

Handchimes 5:00 pm

3 Sonshine Co. Spacecamp Hunstsville, AL 9:30 am

Discipleship, Fellowship, & Property Team Mee1ngs 7:00 pm

Kids Art Club 5:00 pm (No Art on 21st)

13 PW Circle II 10:00 am

(No WND on 21st)

Communion 11:00 am CEX Mee1ng 12:30 pm 11 Youth Group Pancake Bkfst 8:30 am 4, 11, 18, 25 SS & Nursery 9:30 am (Pastor-led SS at 9:45 am)

20 Newsle(er Deadline 26 PET Stewardship Commi(ee 5:30pm 5 12, 19, 26 Body Recall 4:00 pm

Staff Mee1ng 6:15 pm Stewardship Mee1ng 7:00 pm

Wednesday Night Dinner 5:45 pm

DaySpring 3:00 pm

Oasis Bible Study 6:45 pm

Pioneer Club 6:30 pm

(No Study on 21st)

Such Is The Kingdom 5:00 pm (Extended rehearsal on 11th 3pm-6pm)

Erin Express 6:00 pm EPC Youth H.S. 7:00 pm **1st Sunday of month, NO CEX Programs


Body Recall 4:00 pm AA 8:00 pm

22 MOPS 9:15 am

Choir 7:30 pm

10 Men’s Breakfast 8:30 am Fellowship Hall Reserved 12pm-5pm Sonshine Co. 1:00 pm 17 Breadbreakers 6:30 pm

SonShine Co. 6:30 pm (No Sonshine on 21st)

(No Club on 21st)

EPC Youth Middle School 5:00 pm

15 SAM Lunch 12:00 pm

Adult Handbells 6:30 pm

Worship, Nursery, & Planet Worship 11:00 am

Journey 7 4:00 pm

8 MOPS 9:15 am

2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Bulle1n Team 10:00 am

31 Sonshine Co. 10:00 am HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH SUMMIT MARCH 2-4


If you would like to be included in the volunteer pool for Greeters, Ushers, Readers, or Guides, please call the church of?ice at 588-5350, or email to Thank you!

ERIN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 200 Lockett Road Knoxville, TN 37919-4808 Ph: (865) 588-5350 Fax: (865) 584-7775



OUR VISION: To be a hearth of faith; a lighthouse in our community; a beacon of God’s Word.

March 2012 Newsletter  

March 2012 Newsletter

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