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I put a premium on rhymes

-- how could I

Not living the ti mes of the Supa

Emcees wh ere styles are def, lyrics fly,

Tight the wa y our minds move over Beats and gro oves. Our brain matter’s Amped, mic-c hecked so we non stop. My spirit feels echoes thanks to hip-hop.

from “Erie” b y Major Jackson

The rhythm hits you like a slow punch. There's the DJ, hunched over turn-tables, leaving

his crates & crates of vinyl;

one hand holding his head,


in agreement to the beats’ unbroken enthymatic claims,

the other s pinning moods & vibes so intoxicating

you throw back y our gin & tonic & head for th e dance-floor.It’s time to lose yourself.

The whole city is here swiveling on a throb. from “Silk C ity” by Major Jackson

My City, 2014.  

Images by Erin Patrice O'Brien Words by Major Jackson