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Faith & Basketball Point guard Traevon Jackson’s impressive basketball season with the Wisconsin Badgers was full of joy and difficulty, but his faith in God has remaind constant in all circumstances. By: Erin Ovadal


his past May, Traevon made the decision to become a Christian. He grew up believing in God and attending church, but he placed basketball above everything else in his life. “As much as I came off as I’m just me, I’m just Trae, basketball was my everything.” He said. This made his life difficult, how was going depended on his performance on the court. Other than basketball, he spent his weekends in the party scene, with faith being a backup in his life, “it was always I’ll wait until I’m older to follow God.”

Photo Compliments of Nithin Charlly

handle it.” Traevon said. He looks to reflect Jesus in his everyday life, whether that’s Photo Compliments of the Badger Herald supporting his teammates or respectfully handling judgment that seems to be for no reason. To him these harsh responses make sense. “I was praying about it and God was like, ‘Man, If I could get persecuted, you definitely are going to be persecuted.’”

Since becoming a Christian, Traevon’s outlook and focus has changed completely. Now for This season has taught Traevon how to handle everything Traevon, “he (God) althat comes his way. “I’ve learned without the lows you can’t ways comes first.” Even experience the highs. You just have to count it all as joy.” The though Badgers have had an impressive season, a 16-0 everyrun, a victory over Florida, and a spot in the Final “I’ve learned thing else Four. Traevon experienced personal success in baswithout the comes ketball as well this year, which he attributes to what Photo Compliments of Nithin Charlly second in lows you can’t God has done in his life. For him, focusing on what his life, basketball still is a priority. Not only experience the God, in the Bible, rather than what people say about does his faith give him new motivation as a highs. You just him has made the difference. game, but he views basketball as a way to have to count it When Traevon looks ahead to his future, he wants tell others about his faith. to do something based on his faith, but he wants all as joy” “Three things run the world, music, sports to continue to be involved with sports as well. “It’s and entertainment. I just try to use my not like God wants us to be monks, he put us in platform to spread the gospel, but really when they see me I the world to do things so I want to do things,” he said. His want them to see a reflection of Christ,” he said. passion for sharing his story gives him hopes to one day be Traevon has felt the pressure and criticism more this year a speaker, but even though he is not sure where this will take than his previous two, but he trusts that everything happens him; he has no worries about the future. “I just want some for a reason and he can handle any challenge ahead. “He way to get the message out there. I’m literally going to walk (God) wouldn’t have placed me here if he didn’t know I could by faith and not by sight.”

An Interview with Traevon Jackson  
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