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OVERVIEW My name is Erin I live in Buffalo New York I study architecture at Miami University in Oxford Ohio




MEDITATION SHELTER I worked on this project during a 2nd year architecture class. The objective was to create a small 150 sq.ft shelter that would incorporate natural elements and engage users with the landscape. Working in a small group, we developed a space that brought the outside in. The butterfly roof directs rainwater into the large rock wall that functions as a structural element and a drainage system that can be seen from the interior. The glass and wood materials work together to frame views to the landscape.

let in nature


NOVOLI URBAN CENTER Novoli is a small industrial community that is situated 10 minutes outside the incredible city center of Florence, Italy. This adaptive re-use project called for the transformation of an old factory into a urban and cultural center. The program included highlighting the history of Florence while also displaying new projects in the area. My concept for this project was to blend the old and the new, reflective of the projects displayed within the building. The brick is the original structure while the translucent concrete is the new, the two parts are connected by a circulation ramp that winds throughout the building. I was very happy with my interior development and planning on this project, but looking back I would love to continue research on the material chosen for the exterior on the new expansion. I chose translucent concrete for its ability to allow for a soft light to pass through to the interior. However, integrating a vegetative wall, or wood for the exterior walls would have created a more aesthetically pleasing experience for the exterior of the center.




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First Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan


connect the old & the new


SQUARECIRCLE OFFICES Smaller portions of the roof directly irrigate the green walls

With the incredible eclectic culture of London and the abundance of things to do, this city quickly became my favorite. One of the best things about London was that it offers such a variety of architectural and design styles. The studio I was in focused on the study and implementation of sustainable architecture, Squarecircle is a digital design firm in London and they indirectly posed as our client for this project. We worked in partners to integrate sustainable systems and evoke the whimsical nature of the Squarecircle company. We developed a system of vegetative walls to utilize rainwater and act as insulation. On the southside of the building, we designed mechanical solarpanels that would move with the angle of the sun. The Squarecircle brand evokes a very fun and engaging atmosphere . We complemented their working environment by designing a circular, monumental staircase and orienting it next to the lobby seating area (with black orthoganal seating). In plan, this organization is reminsiscent of the Squarecircle logo.

Rainwater moves through central axis to the cisterns at the back end of the building

storage tank

shell around water tank for vegetation climbing plant storage compartment at base

Cista Rainwater Harvesting Concept

RAINWATER STORAGE Opaque Glazing by Reglit

Economical. (Macrosandblasted) Renewable. Clean. Light Maintenance.

Crystalline Silicon Solar Photovoltaic Power Modules by QSolar

The glazed facade that holds the solar panels is dynamic in that is is able to move in accordance with the angle of the sun.


Renewable. Clean. Light Maintenance. Economical.


summer sun


winter sun

make green playful


LONDON STUDIO SHOW After spending several weeks in London, I developed a love/hate relationship with my daily subway commute. While riding on the "tube" you learn quickly that there is no such thing as personal space, but it's worth it because the train gets you almost anywhere in the city you want to go quickly and easily. When the time came to develop a gallery show for our Squarecircle projects (see page 12-13), I proposed the idea that we should bring the tube to life. The idea stuck and I worked with several people to make this idea a reality. We used rigid foam insulation and cardboard to create our own London train. Our project models were displayed in the "windows" of the train and our posters, with more indepth information about our projects, were mounted on 4'x8' masonite boards and hung from the ceiling using wire cables.

bring the experience home


XS STUDIO SHOW This project is the one that I am most proud of. The studio that I was in focused on the study of process. The story behind this project isn't incredibly long, but the two weeks that it took to develop, build, and present were so educational and inspiring for me. Most of my architectural education has taught me to develop some ideas, come up with a plan, and execute that plan in the best possible way. This project taught me that you don't always know from the start how a project will turn out, and sometimes the best outcomes emerge from a process of action and reaction. When my partner and I found a material that we were interested in using for our final project, we went out and collected as much of it as we could. We began to play with it , and learn what it was capable of. Through manipulation, we discovered a couple different aspects of the material that we really wanted to highlight; the growth rings that you could see in the cut of the wood, and the rugged shapes of the exterior. Eventually we came up with an orchestration that showcased both of these features. So why is this my proudest moment? Because someone liked our work so much, they wanted to buy it. Regardless of the money, it was so exciting for my partner and I to see other people as pleased and engaged with the outcome as we were. To find out more about this project visit my blog: and look for the post titled 'An XS Story'

a study of process




a story of inspiration, trial and error, manipulation, and discovery

brought to you by


of an art piece




display it


construct it


play with it


modify it


play with it


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play with it

find a material



This is a graphic that I developed to help visually explain the process that my partner and I went through in creating our sculptural wood piece. (See pg. 16-17). It was meant to help communicate our learned idea that process is not about moving from start to finish, but moving in a cyclical pattern of constant re-evaluation, understanding and development.

The gallery show for my studio, in which the wooden sculpture piece was displayed, was a collective exhibit with work from students in my class as well as work of other artists in the building. Our studio was titled the XS (extra small) Studio because it dealt with small scale development and material. We decided to refer to the other artists in the show as the XB (extra big) Studio. This is the logo I created for our show. It was implemented on a few promotional flyers, as well as on the Facebook event and Twitter account that were used to spread the word about the event.


This graphic piece was developed for a women's studies class. My partner and I came up with a research/infographic idea to study the correlation between fashion trends, and events in the gay and lesbian rights movement. While we both had input on the research involved, I was focused on layout and organization of the the content in this graphic. On the left are the events in fashion history that we discovered, and on the left are the gay and lesbian movement events. Some interesting conclusions emerged from this juxtaposition. For instance, the connection regarding advancements in the gay rights movment and the cooresponding shift towards male fashions worn by females.

things are not always as they seem

My blog, titled Espyrial, is all about the discovery of materials in design, and showcasing examples of innovation through the use of material. This graphic is intended to visually communicate how a creative mind can design beautiful objects from unconventional materials.

EnPieza’s Volivik Chandelier made from recycled Bic Pens











CONTACT ME phone 716. 880. 5213 email address 11 Lakeridge Dr. Orchard Park NY 14127 twitter!/ErinMichaela facebook 41

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