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Once upon a time, there lived a mermaid named Ariel. She was a lovely young woman who never forgot to say thank you and always ate every last vegetacoral. Ariel's father, Neptune, was the King of the Sea. Neptune wanted the best for his daughter so he made the constitution to protect her and the rest of the mercolony's individual rights. Neptune raised Ariel with very high standards, which he could do because of the ninth amendment. Ariel was always an inquisitive and curious mermaid. Most of her day was spent scavenging for new belongings to store in her secret cave. Ariel traveled too far one evening, but found an entire room full of whozits and whatzits. With her arms full and her bag to the brim she swam away as happy as a clam. Waiting for her at the mouth of the cave was grouchy old Ursula. Ursula bellowed at Ariel, "How dare you steal my belongings?" Ariel managed to faintly reply, "I am so sorry, I did not know these belonged to anyone." "I'll have you put in jail for stealing you scoundrel!" Ursula howled. "I said I was sorry and it won't happen again," Ariel pleaded "I promise!" "Enough, what's done is done" Ursula countered. The following week, complying to the fourth amendment which was search and seizure must be done with a warrant, Ariel's house was searched. Because of the sixth amendment, which called for a quick and speedy trial, the trial was scheduled for one week after the incident. Ursula met Ariel in court. Ursula told the judge Ariel deserved to be beaten for punishment. Ariel was found not guilty on behalf of the fact she did not know it was private property. The jury voted Ariel not guilty, and if Ariel had been guilty, cruel and


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