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Two White Rabbits By: Erin Knauer


But something there was something missing. Something the rabbits needed but didn’t have.


Once upon a time in a sunny and green field, lived two white rabbits. The two white rabbits loved each other very much, and they loved their sunny, green field very much.


The two rabbits wanted to share their love with a little rabbit. They wanted a little rabbit to bound in the field with when the sunshine was bright. They wanted a little rabbit to cuddle every winter night. They wanted a little rabbit to show what carrots to eat and a little rabbit to show how to run from big dogs. The two white rabbits wanted a little rabbit to become a big rabbit, a big rabbit that knew their special kind of rabbit love.


The problem was this: the field where the two white rabbits lived was messy and polluted with what the other animals called “bad rain�, so the two white rabbits could not have a baby rabbit of their own.


But this did not stop the two white rabbits. They wanted a little rabbit to love, so they travelled to nearby fields where the rabbits didn’t have the bad rain. The rabbits in the other fields could have little baby rabbits. Their fields weren’t messy.


Miles and miles away, many fields away the two white rabbits found a little brown rabbit. The little brown rabbit had a momma rabbit, but she asked the two white rabbits to take her baby.


The two white rabbits were overjoyed! They had traveled so far, and had not given up on their dream of having a little rabbit to raise. And now their perserverance was paying off.


The two white rabbits traveled back to their home - their sunny and green field - but this time they had a little rabbit with them.

“I’ve been sick for a long time,” the momma rabbit said to the two white rabbits. “And I can’t keep up with my little rabbit anymore!” So the two white rabbits helped the momma rabbit and brought her little rabbit into their home.

The message conveyed in this children’s story can be further researched at the discretion of parents in the articles: Amanda L. Baden, Lisa M. Treweeke, Muninder K. Ahluwalia. “Reclaiming Culture: Reculturation of Transracial and International Adoptees.” Journal of Counseling & Development (2012). Brandi Hawk, Robert B. McCall. “CBCL Behavior Problems of Post-Institutionalized International Adoptees.” Clinical Children’s Family Psychology Review (2010). Jane S. Wimmer, M. Elizabeth Vonk, Patrick Bordnick. “A Preliminary Inestigation of the Effectiveness of Attachment Therapy for Adopted Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder.” Child & Adolescent’s Social Work (2009).

Two White Rabbits  

A children's book intended for the parents of adopted children.

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